Wilderlands of High Fantasy By Bill Owen and Bob Bledsaw Note: These Judges Guild PDFs are scans of actual original classic print products produced 20 or. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to order the Wilderlands of High Fantasy Color Maps. The PDF for the Guidebook is included in that download. PDF Support: bestthing.info and bestthing.info Adventure Games Publishing, Wilderlands of High Fantasy, and respective logos are trademarks.

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logo and Wilderlands of High Fantasy Campaign Setting are trademarks of Necromancer Games, Inc. Judges Guild, the. Judges Guild logo and the Wilderlands. Wilderlands of High Fantasy Game Aid. This Game Aid has been approved for use with Dungeons & Dragons TM by TSR. Look forward to more Judges Guild. Wilderlands of High Fantasy is a supplement for fantasy role-playing games published by Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

It has info on the Planes of Existance, the Netherworld and a general overview of the Wilderlands. From there you can make the world your own and branch out for more details as you learn of them and look for more products that fit your interests in the Wilderlands. It's worth noting that the Wilderlands of High Fantasy, Wilderlands of High Adventure and the Majestic Wilderlands are all based on the same concepts, but are slightly different from each other.

Each author put their own spin on the material originally presented by Judges Guild. If you want to use the Wilderlands of High Fantasy you are better off waiting for me to put out some locales. Sun Jan 10, pm The box set is amazing. The Players Guide is nice, and usually cheap, but has nowhere near the same amount of info. If any books bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

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Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Watermarked PDF. Average Rating 10 ratings. JG48 Note: Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd.

[PDF Download] Wilderlands Of High Fantasy (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying

Reviews 5. Please log in to add or reply to comments. George F February 27, 5: Are there any plans in cleaning up Books and digitally recreating them?

Elyjah W. The pdf contains a handful of useful pages, but honestly this is a terrible quality scan.

There are pencil marks on some pages, one page is just blue, and some are crooked. There is good content in this book, but I feel a little cheated with how low qu [ Julian W. This has some extremely poor scans.

The pages were not touched up to remove the dark spots left by the reflection of the paper type by the scanner, nor were the black spots removed from scanning the product in book form. This isn't exactly a rare tit [ Ron A.

I found myself waxing nostalgic while reading this product. Maps 1 - 5 must be downloadd seperately, however it is a tremendous value all the same. The original Wilderlands is ment to be used with 1e or 0el.

Wilderlands of High Fantasy

For 3. Wesley A. A decent product, probably not that useful as far as rules go, but plenty of intriguing details for lovers of the Judges Guild world. I wish i had found this sooner. There more to come! Where would i find some info on the world itself? Things like politics, religions, races, history etc. Or is it up to the GM to come up with all that? Either way These maps are fantastic!!There are demons and fire elementals here, and the whole thing started as a breeding project by fucking aliens.

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Tarantis[ edit ] The pirate land, nominally governed by the city-state of Tarantis, and the Tarantine Merchant's Association therein.

Hide my password. Silver Skein Isles[ edit ] A land of constant war, both the holy and the naval sort. So if you think you just bought the print only option. These eBooks are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner.

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