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We are to allow God to appoint us to an area to work in for our. “works of service” as to what He knows is best for us (that will make us happy and fulfill our heart's. Understanding the Anointing [Kenneth E. Hagin] on bestthing.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is divided into three sections. New Birth, Holy. A powerful week of Holy Spirit-anointed preaching and ministry. • Dynamic Services featuring Kenneth and Lynette Hagin and international guest speakers. Service TimeS where my understanding and ability fall short. Without Him, I.

We do not all have the same function Romans Through the anointing exchange. Are you ready and willing to join your gifts and anointings with others? Here are four ways you can access the anointing exchange and experience power in every area of your life. In the Church, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of fellowshiping with one another and connecting with like-minded believers. No one person—not even the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor or the teacher—has it all.

No one man or woman of God has the complete manifested Anointing of God. But together, we do.

Each one of us has a God-given supply of anointing to offer the rest of the Body. However, in order for that anointing to flow among us in its greatest potential, we must join together. We must become divinely connected. We must access the anointing exchange.

It is a covenant relationship based on the blood of Jesus. That means, whatever anointing you need in your life today, you have access to it through the Body of Christ via the anointing exchange. When you join in fellowship—partnership—with a person or ministry, the anointing that is on that person or ministry will come upon you. The principles of partnership are the keys to our victory in the last days.

They are the keys to supernatural increase and maximum effectiveness in the end-time harvest. They are the keys to the coming together of the Body of Christ in unity and full manifestation of the ministry gifts.

Once we, as believers, begin walking in the resources and power available to us through partnership in ministry, the Church will absolutely explode with power. And as we hook up through partnership to all the anointings God has deposited in and on ministries and churches, every one of us will become fully supplied…lacking nothing. In Philippians 1: It describes a covenant relationship between two parties who have common interests. The purpose of their partnership, or covenant relationship, is to accomplish something that neither of them could do alone.

This partnership is the act of being deliberate in pursuing the anointing. It was a lot of money, but they knew it was something they needed to do. What happened? There is another verse which relates to the authority or anointing upon believers to carry out the Great Commission. Remember in Matthew chapter 28, after Jesus rose from the dead, He said that all power or authority was given unto Him. The Greek word translated "power" here also means authority.

Then in the next verse He immediately authorized the Church to go tell the good news to every nation. As we've said, Jesus not only said, "Go" to the disciples, He's saying it to all His disciples everywhere He's saying it to the whole Church the entire Body of Christ. In other words, everywhere we go, we are to tell the story of Jesus and His redeeming power. God not only wants us to go tell the good news, but He wants us to be witnesses endued with power from on High before we go.

Understanding The Anointing by Kenneth E. Hagin

Believers are to be endued with power from on High, just as Jesus was endued with power from on High. However, as we saw, Jesus had the Spirit without measure, and believers receive the Holy Spirit in a measure. So we understand that Jesus told believers to be endued with power from on High so they could be witnesses unto Him, and believers were also authorized or anointed to fulfill the "Go y e " of the Great Commission.

Every one of us in the Body of Christ is to be a witness! We know this isn't just referring to the disciples because it wasn't just the 12 disciples who were in the upper room when the anointing came and the Holy Spirit was poured out.

The Bible says believers were gathered together in that upper room. Therefore, all believers are supposed to tell others about Jesus. Does that mean everyone in the Body of Christ is supposed to be a preacher?

Emphatically, yes! I didn't say everyone is called to one of the fivefold ministry gifts in the Church Eph. But every Christian is supposed to be a preacher in one sense, because "to preach" means to proclaim or to tell the good news of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. So in that sense, yes, everyone in the Body of Christ is to be a preacher!

As we've seen, Jesus is also anointing people in the Body of Christ today to stand in the fivefold ministry offices of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher. However, not everyone in the Body of Christ is called and anointed to stand in one of these offices. But no matter what God calls you to do in life, He will equip you and anoint you to do it. Chapter 3 New Testament Kings and Priests God is still anointing prophets and preachers, and He's also still anointing all His people to witness about Him.

And God is still anointing kings and priests New Testament kings and priests. When the word "priests" is mentioned, most people think about the ministry of intercession, because a priest intercedes to God on the behalf of the people. Under the Old Covenant, the people did not go directly to God for themselves. Every male thirty years of age and older had to present himself in Jerusalem every year. God's Presence was kept shut up in the Holy of Holies in the Temple.

Everyone could not go into the Presence of God; only the priests could, and the priests went only with great precaution. The priest made sacrifice for his sins and for the sins of the people. The blood of innocent animals was shed which was a type of the blood of the sinless, spotless Lamb of God who would one day come and shed His blood for the sins of all people.

The priest entered into that earthly Holy of Holies with the blood of a sacrificial animal, and his sins and the sins of the people were atoned for or "covered" for another year. However, the shedding of the blood of that sacrificial animal did not cleanse the sins of the people; it could only cover their sins. Then the people could breathe a sigh of relief and go away with their sins atoned for or covered for another year until the next year when again the priest had to present himself in the Holy of Holies for his sins and the sins of the people.

The Book of Hebrews tells us that He entered into the heavenly Holy of Holies with His own blood to obtain an eternal redemption for us! Now every born-again believer can go into the heavenly Holy of Holies and present himself before God anytime he wants to! Under the New Covenant, when we confess our sins, the blood of Jesus actually washes away, remits, or cleanses our sins.

Thank God, we've been washed from our sins in His own blood! For further study of this subject, see Rev. Kenneth E.

Hagin's minibook entitled, Three Big Words. People ask, "Do you understand how that takes place? But I'm rejoicing in it anyway and enjoying the reality of it! Jesus washed our sins with His own blood.

After our sins were washed in His blood, then as born-again Christians we are made kings and priests unto our God. In the Book of Revelation, the Bible tells us that a special millennial reign is coming upon the earth, and that we will reign with Jesus for a thousand years Rev.

However, we are already made kings and priests unto God now in this life. Romans tells us that we already reign and rule in this life as kings and priests. When shall we reign? In the sweet by and by? In this life! God has anointed you and me the Body of Christ to rule and reign as kings and priests unto our God! God also anoints some people to stand in the fivefold ministry, but He has anointed every one of us to preach or to witness about Him.

You don't pray the prayer of intercession for yourself. When you are walking in your rights and privileges in Christ, you know that you can go into the Presence of God. The Word of God says that we are to come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need Heb. An intercessor is one who intercedes on behalf of unbelievers those who have no rights or privileges to go into the Presence of God for themselves.

Some might wonder about praying for other Christians. Isn't that intercession? No, that is supplication. We are exhorted in Scripture to exercise both intercession and supplication. God has anointed every Christian to be a priest. The Bible doesn't say that only a few in the Body of Christ are made priests unto our God, or that only a few Christians are made kings. No, it says, ". Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood," and He ".

Also, the Bible doesn't say that He is going to make us kings and priests, but that He has already made us kings and priests unto our God. God is still anointing His people! He is still anointing kings and priests! God has anointed His people to be priests. A priest speaks to God on behalf of other people. Some people say, "God has called me to be an intercessor! He didn't just call you. Intercession is not a special calling.

Every Christian is supposed to offer intercession and supplication. Some Christians may not have entered into it yet, but they are supposed to.

Some have responded more readily to the Holy Spirit than others have, but God has anointed every one of us to be priests unto our God. The devil thrives on ignorance, and because some people don't know what the Bible says about being priests unto our God, when they do begin to enter into prayer and the anointing comes, then they get lifted up in pride and they think, I ' m somebody!

I'm special because I operate in the anointing! That's exactly what the devil wants them to think. That's the same way Lucifer sinned. He was lifted up in pride thinking, I ' m special. He said, ". He was lifted up in spiritual pride. But God has anointed all of His people to be priests unto their God. Instead of thinking they're "special" when they pray, people should just say, "Praise God, we're all anointed to be priests; let's just get after it and pray!

They get lifted up in pride and get off into error, thinking they're a special "class" of people, and that no one else in the Body of Christ is like them. Let's see what the Bible says about the whole Body of Christ being priests unto our God. We are all special in the Body of Christ! You see how people can get off into wrong thinking. We are all called to be kings and priests unto our God! Certain ones may be taking advantage of what belongs to them more than others, but our inheritance as kings and priests belongs to all believers.

Another error many Christians have fallen into is that because they think they have a special "calling" or "ministry" to be an intercessor, then they think they've got to perform and work something up in the flesh when they pray. Instead of praying in line with the Word of God, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit and praying by the unction and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they try to perform and work up something in the flesh, and they get off into error.

People need to pray in line with the Word of God and by the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit. If people do not put the Word of God first if they do not pray in line with the Word of God they can go off following what they call the "spirit" apart from the Word of God and be misled. You can't follow the Spirit apart from the Word of God because the Spirit and the Word agree for additional teaching on this subject, see Brother Hagin's book, The Art o f Intercession. Every Christian is to be a priest!

The Bible says, ". That verse is talking about every one of us in the Body of Christ not just a few especially "chosen" ones.

Every one of us, if we are born again, have been called out of darkness into light, not just a few. You can readily see the error of thinking that only a few special members of the Body of Christ are part of this royal priesthood.

Some people may not be taking advantage of it, but every one of us is a part of that royal priesthood! God is still anointing priests! So one function of a priest is to pray for others.

What is another function of a priest? We will look at this in more detail in Chapters 6 and 8. Who is God anointing to be kings? Every member of the Body of Christ! That means all of us! This verse shows us an area where the Body of Christ is missing it. Most Christians have put off all the reigning until the millennial reign! Thank God, we're going to reign in the Millennium, but on the other hand, the Bible says we are going to reign as kings now in this life.

As we read before, Romans says: ". We can see something else about reigning as kings in this life by looking at King David's reign. David as a king living under the Old Testament or Old Covenant didn't try to reign without the anointing. Remember we read that when the priest anointed David to be king, the Bible says the Holy Spirit came on him from that day forward 1 Sam. The Spirit of God that came upon David to enable him to reign as king in the Old Testament is the same Holy Spirit that lives inside believers in the New Covenant and enables them to "reign in life by Christ Jesus" Rom.

That means all of us! Many of these unsaved husbands came back to me and said. There's just no use in me trying to be a Christian. Just give your life to Jesus! I tried it out to see if I could live a holy life. Over the years. They try to live the Christian life without the anointing! After all. How do people try to reign without the anointing? One way is that many people try to live the Christian life without the help and the aid of the Holy Spirit.

Christians need to be endued with power from on High. God anoints those of us living under the dispensation of the New Testament too. God will change you on the inside! And we need the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon our lives! It's the anointing that will put us over in life. God is the One who anoints us to reign! Just like He did in the Old Testament. We will also see that there are fresh anointings that all believers are to receive which will enable them to fulfill God's purpose for them on the earth.

Their wives had been after them to get saved. New Testament Kings and Priests 25 Many times people get into trouble by trying to reign in the natural. I've had people tell me. God is still anointing prophets. Then as we've seen. We've seen the anointing with oil in the Old Testament on the prophet.

Israel hewed out for themselves broken cisterns which couldn't hold water. Here God is saying that Israel committed two evils: One evil was they forsook God.

In this passage of Scripture in Jeremiah. The second evil was they hewed out for themselves cisterns — 33 broken cisterns which could hold no water. Now we need to look at another aspect of the anointing.

God was speaking to Israel. We've seen that God is still anointing all believers with His Holy Spirit to go into all the world to preach the gospel. According to the dictionary. Chapter 4 Empty Cisterns or Full Reservoirs: We've looked at the anointing in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. God doesn't want His people to be empty cisterns. That is. The Bible is saying in these scriptures that by following man-made plans.

And because their own plans were man-made. They couldn't prosper because they didn't have God's plan. A "reservoir" is a place where water is collected chiefly in large quantities so as to be able to supply the needs of a city or a community.

The Healing Anointing

We've looked at the anointing in the New Testament in the life of Jesus and also in the life of the believer. O ye heavens. Full of the Word Christians are to be. The psalmist said. Just a little? To a small degree?

Just enough to get by? If the Word is to dwell in us. If God wants us to be full reservoirs. Believers won't be able to be full reservoirs for God's glory without the anointing of God upon their lives. How can believers maintain the anointing of God on their lives so they can prosper? The answer to this lies in the fact that believers are to receive a fresh anointing to equip them to fulfill God's purposes for them in the earth.

How can we receive a fresh anointing from God. They need to be anointed by the Holy Spirit so that everything they do will prosper as they fulfill God's plan for their individual lives. PSALM Let's get God's plan! Let's find out what God's plan and provision is for His people to be full reservoirs! I believe God wants every one of His children to be a full reservoir to His glory. First of all.

And God has made provision for all believers to be full reservoirs at all times. The Word is to dwell or live in us. If we get God's plan. Continually receiving a fresh anointing will enable God's people to be full reservoirs to His glory. The Word of God is to dwell in us richly! He wants us to be full of the Word of God.

We will be looking at these aspects of the anointing in the following chapters. If you put a sponge in water.. Imagine a sponge that is put into water to soak up the water. That's exactly how we are to be in every situation in life — full of the Word of God!

Soak up the Word until you're so full of the Word that if you get touched on any side by any difficulty. It says the Word is to dwell in us richly in all wisdom. They misuse the Word and. Full of the Spirit. Why didn't the Bible just say. But this verse also adds something else: Let the Word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom.

Then if we are touched by any circumstances in life. Notice something else about this verse in Colossians 3: The Word of Christ dwells in some people. This verse in Romans says that we are not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think. There is another area where we are to be so full of the Word that nothing but the Word comes out. If you get touched by criticism.

If you get touched by tests or trials.. We've determined that the Word of God is to dwell in us richly. If you get touched by persecution. That means we can be so full of God's Word that no matter what touches us in life — even if it is the praise and honor of men — nothing but the Word will flow out of us because that's what's in us!

Be so full of the Word that no matter what touches you in life — if it's tests and trials or praise and honor — nothing but the Word of God flows out of you! We are to soak up the Word like that. We are to "soak up" the Word of God just like a dry sponge would soak up all the water it can.

The Bible doesn't just say the Word is to dwell in us richly. You have something to do with being aglow with the Spirit. And in this passage of Scripture the Holy Spirit is admonishing us through Paul to be fervent in Spirit as saints of God who possess joint seating in heavenly places with Christ. To be fervent in Spirit.

You couldn't very well be fervent in Spirit without being filled with the Holy Spirit. These scriptures are written to the saints at Rome. What else are Christians to be full of? Full of the Word first. This same passage reads a little differently in a number of different translations. You couldn't very well maintain the glow of the Spirit unless you were filled up to overflowing with the Spirit.

God wants us to stay filled with the Spirit so we can maintain the spiritual glow of the Spirit. But I like one translation better than any of them. Christians who are living today are just as much beloved of God and called to be saints as the Christians who were living in the days of the Early Church. If God wants us to maintain the glow. The King James Version says. And the Bible teaches that.

To be full o f the Spirit means to be fervent in Spirit. Maintain the glow! God wants us to maintain the glow of the Spirit. I t says. It will help us to understand this concept of many refill-ings of the Holy Spirit. Paul is saying. The will of God for us is to be filled with the Spirit! Let's see what being filled with the Spirit involves. I want you to notice that our text said. There is a biblical principle here. Is it possible to know what the will of the Lord is?

Yet some folks are continually asking. I n the literal Greek. We will now look at New Testament examples of the Early Church receiving a fresh anointing.

Chapter 5 New Testament Pattern Let's look at several New Testament examples of be being filled with the Holy Spirit or being continually anointed with fresh oil. After a person is born again. I must not be wise because I don't understand what the will of the Lord is for me. He couldn't very well be anointed with fresh oil. For one thing. We can see this pattern in the New Testament of an. After the lame man was healed. I n this passage we see that the persons who were gathered together in Jerusalem were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Then we come to Acts chapter 3 where Peter and John were going into the Temple. Then they let them go S e e Acts chapters 3 and 4. The lame man was healed. I n the name o f Jesus Christ o f Nazareth rise up and walk" Acts 3: Peter spoke to the lame man and said. Peter and John were taken into custody and questioned by the priests and the rulers of the Temple.

There was a lame man at the Gate Beautiful who was healed. ACTS 2: The Jewish leaders threatened the disciples not to speak or teach in the Name of Jesus. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. ACTS 4: They were anointed with the oil of the Holy Spirit from on High in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they spoke with other tongues.

You remember the story. Then in Acts 2: When this occurred. Look at verse That means the whole house shook! There was such a manifestation of God's power that the very building where they were gathered together to pray was shaken. In verse Just because you got filled with the Spirit perhaps years ago.

Moody once said. Why did the heathen rage. They got a fresh anointing! There is one initial filling with the Holy Ghost. But we read that these Christians were already filled with the Holy Ghost in Acts 2: We need to ask ourselves.

What about now? What's m y testimony now? Am I filled with the Holy Spirit now? Let's look at another New Testament example of Christians receiving a fresh anointing.

And that's where some folks have missed it. Paul told them about Jesus — about His death on the Cross. All they knew about was John's baptism in water. In saying this. Paul explained to these Ephesians that what they had as a promissory note through John the Baptist.

When Paul initially came to Ephesus. Unto what then were ye baptized? And they said. Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him. Paul is writing to these same born-again. We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. Then in Ephesians chapter 5. They received Jesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit Acts His burial.

Unto John's baptism. John the Baptist had preached. Paul writes this same group of people and tells them to be filled with the Spirit. He's giving them further instruction on the Spirit-filled. Paul is not telling these Christians to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit again. His resurrection. Paul said to the Ephesian Christians. Spirit-filled saints in Ephesus and he's instructing and encouraging them to be being filled with the Spirit. John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance.

Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: ACTS I t comes back to this: Are God's people maintaining the spiritual glow of the Spirit in their lives by staying full of the Holy Spirit?

Are they fervent in Spirit? Are they empty cisterns or are they full reservoirs? For example. And just because he initially got drunk. We need a fresh anointing today. For someone to stay drunk on wine.

But just because you were initially filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke with other tongues. The Bible is using the example of someone who is so full of wine that he's drunk.

There is one initial infilling of the Holy Spirit in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I'm making all the right confessions. Get anointed anew with fresh oil! Don't be drunk with wine. If these Christians here in Ephesians needed to be filled again. There is one initial filling in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Paul is talking about a continual experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

He's saying. Then we're to get drunk on the Holy Spirit this week. You see. That's why we need to stay continually filled with the Holy Spirit every day. We're to get full of or drunk on the Holy Spirit today. God's people need a fresh anointing! The Church Today I think that is where we are missing it in the Church today. If you get full of the Holy Ghost. Water is a type of the Holy Spirit. We're to stay full of the Holy Spirit!

Get drunk on the Spirit! Stay in God's Presence long enough to get a fresh anointing — until you get filled to overflowing in the Spirit. But over the process of time. Christians are not to be drunk with wine. They don't understand that they are to stay in God's Presence and stay in the Word of God until they get a fresh anointing.

Vessels can leak. You hear so-called "faith" people say. Christians aren't staying filled up to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

After the meeting. Some of the most marvelous things happen when you're filled u p with the Spirit. He would ask for corn instead of potatoes. I don't know too much about people being drunk. When he arrived for dinner.

The Anointing Changes Things We were holding a meeting in a certain city and as some of the singers got to singing. I could hear those singers laughing. He'd had an experience with God. You talk about getting high in the Spirit! When you're full of God's Spirit. There was a woman in the service who later told us that one of her sons wasn't just exactly where he should be with God.

I remember I was visiting some folks. I haven't been around many people who were drunk. Have you ever noticed that when you're drunk on the Holy Spirit. He had been born again. I thought about this scripture in Ephesians 5: Things just look better when you're filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit! You see people through the eyes of the love of God.

Stay drunk on the Spirit of God! You can get so drunk on the Holy Ghost that you stagger around like a drunk man. You'll find that many people you may have thought were unattractive. Then the singers began to laugh too. He laughed all through the meal. You're full of thanksgiving and your heart continuously has a song unto the Lord. Get filled u p and stay filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit!

There's one initial filling. This fellow was a new convert and perhaps not yet as developed as he should have been in his understanding in certain areas.

New Testament Pattern 35 happens. He said to his mother. The joy of the Lord so filled that place that I began to laugh. On one occasion. You have to keep refilling a vessel to keep it full of water.

Not an empty cistern. They got so full. His relationship is totally restored with the Lord. When I ' d lift my hands to praise God.

When the Holy Spirit starts moving. I've seen some of the greatest things happen when people were filled up — like a full reservoir — with the Spirit of God. I knew nothing about the move of the Spirit. He dedicated and consecrated his life to God! Since then I've been in services where the power of God was in manifestation so powerfully that the very atmosphere seemed charged with the power of God.

But wait until the building starts shaking! Then they will really get excited! If Christians in the Early Church needed a refilling. We need a fresh anointing! How long has it been since you've been filled up to overflowing with the Holy Spirit? How long has it been since you received a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit?

One Accord. That happened because the Holy Spirit not only filled them. Some folks get excited sometimes about people falling under the power. I came over among the Pentecostals. That is one of our problems in the Church today.

His mother told us later. Full of the Holy Spirit! Pastors should get so full of the Holy Spirit that their churches are full reservoirs to spiritually feed and water a whole city!

Now let's look again at our New Testament pattern. I was raised Southern Baptist and in the course of time I got filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke with other tongues. With people praying together like that in one accord.

But there's just something about united prayer that brings the power of God in demonstration in a greater measure. New Testament Pattern 37 How do Christians get a fresh anointing?

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

How did these Christians get a fresh anointing in the Early Church? I think we're missing out on some of the " b e being filled" with the Spirit by not taking time or having the facilities to pray together in one accord as a church family in some of our church services. I sometimes think we've lost a lot in some of our big meetings where we don't have room for folks to gather around the altar and pray. I t used to be that you'd give an altar call and people would come around the altar and kneel down and pray.

On the other hand. Here in Acts 4: We need to see the results of being anointed with fresh oil and the characteristics of those who maintain a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Tests and trials come to us all in life. Chapter 6 Characteristics o f Those With a Fresh Anointing How many of our problems would be solved in the church today if Christians had a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit upon their lives!

But when you stay filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Christians are to maintain a constant experience of being filled with the Spirit so they can be full reservoirs instead of empty cisterns. Stay in the Presence of God until you get a fresh anointing! We have seen from the Scriptures that it is God's will for His people to be filled with the Spirit.

Now let's look at the characteristics of those who are continually " b e being filled" with the Spirit. Let's look at those verses which show us this. Supernatural Utterance First.

That doesn't mean there won't be tests and trials in life. All of these are examples of supernatural speaking. You can also speak supernaturally in psalms. We can also see by Ephesians 5: Notice particularly the words: When you get filled with the Holy Spirit. We've seen that a characteristic of one who stays filled with the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. Now let's look at Ephesians 5: We will see this as we study Ephesians 5: And we see here that the disciples spoke the Word of God with boldness.

If you are filled up to overflowing with the Spirit — if you maintain a fresh anointing of God upon your life —. And in order to maintain the Spirit-filled life you ought to keep on speaking in tongues. We remember that prophecy is inspired utterance in a known tongue. Now let's look again at Ephesians 5: Whatever is in your heart is going to come out of your mouth. The companion scripture to this verse. Colossians 3: It says. But if you're filled with the Spirit.

I t is talking about a supernatural utterance given by the spirit of prophecy. If you've got a song in your heart. Singing When the Bible talks about psalms. We know that every Christian can be filled with the Spirit and prophesy. A psalm is a spiritual poem or an ode.

There are two things I want you to notice in this verse. If it's not coming out of your mouth. You speak or sing these psalms and spiritual songs to yourself. Remember also the Bible says. The simple gift of prophecy is not to be confused with the ministry o f a prophet. But because every member of the Body of Christ can prophesy. Whether we speak or sing in psalms. But since I don't sing. That means if you didn't know what the psalm or hymn is instructing — then it's teaching you.

They got filled with the Holy Ghost and they spoke with other tongues. I just recite the psalm or the hymn that comes by the inspiration of the Spirit. If you did know it. According to Colossians 3: But there is more to the supernatural power of God than that.Staying full of the Word and full of the Spirit is how we constantly maintain a fresh anointing in our lives.

He is still anointing kings and priests!

Kenneth E Hagin - A Fresh Anointing.pdf

But if you live for God. The Anointing for the Priest's Office The Bible also talks about the anointing with oil to equip men to stand in the priest's office.

If you will offer the sacrifice of praise. In this passage of Scripture in Jeremiah, God was speaking to Israel.

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