The Giza Power Plant, ISBN , by Christopher Dunn. HISTORICAL REMOTE VIEWING is best done under CRV protocol, but that involves 2 or 3. The Giza. Power Plant Technologies Of Ancient Egypt Christopher Dunn [PDF] [EPUB] (PDF) What was the actual function of the Egyptian. the giza power plant technologies of ancient art of ancient egypt - wikipedia mon, 25 mar gmt ancient egyptian art is the painting.

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(c) >>> page 1 of 9 PDF File: 5f58d9 The Giza Power Plant: Technologies Of Ancient Egypt By Christopher. The Giza Power Plant Technologies Of Ancient Egypt has actually been available for and install with the kind of pdf, rar, site, zip, txt, ppt, as well as word. Lost Technologies Of Ancient Egypt by Christopher - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book The Giza Death The Giza Power Plant.

Dunn proposes that the pyramid structure was a power house of an ancient civilization to produce wireless electricity, and goes on to investigate each of the unique features and find a perfect fit to his theory. Quite elegantly so, Dunn explains his theory based on simple principles of physics- and how the pyramid was designed as a microwave-amplifier coupled-resonator power plant, using the natural rhythm of the earth to activate it.

The ascending chamber plugged with granite-blocks acting as feedback mechanism, the grand gallery equipped with 27 banks of Helmholtz resonators, and the ante-chamber with portcullis forming a granite acoustic filter.. This resonance causes creation of an electromagnetic field from the quartile igneous rocks in the chamber due to piezo-electric effect.

The interaction of the electromagnetic resonance and the hydrogen gas results in a highly concentrated microwave energy at the wavelength of hydrogen atoms; due to maser effect of ion-acceleration of hydrogen atoms. Production of environmentally clean wireless energy, that Tesla could not produce.

The signal input in the form of hydrogen microwave energy of a wavelength 8. Perhaps the entire northern and southern shafts were in-lined with gold for efficient transfer of energy input and output.

The power input of the 3-stage microwave amplifier, arrives as the acoustic energy and hydrogen gas through the grand gallery and the acoustic filter.

Oct 11, Debasish Das rated it it was amazing Somehow I tried to refrain myself from boring you with the technical nuances and minute details of this theory, but amazed as I am just like millions of readers, could not stop myself from highlighting the aspects that I liked in the book.

The author writes with simplicity yet with authority, and it is a pleasure to appreciate the logical reasonings.. The pictures and diagrams in the book are excellent in explaining the many concepts described in the rather short and succinct book of pages.. All this tells a story of advanced civilization who were aware of detailed features of the earth and astronomy, and also were capable of building such mammoth structures with mathematical precision.

But the usual suspects are the pre-historic barbarians in the Bronze Age, only primitive copper and stone tools in hand, not yet credited with the invention of wheel, let alone advanced machines and cranes!

Yet, when Dunn examines — in agreement with English archaeologist Flinders Petrie- the machining details of extremely hard igneous rocks such as granite and diorite blocks, he explains the proof of advanced tools used such as lathe machines on sarcophagi lids; cutting concave and convex spherical radii; hollowing out the insides of granite coffers using mechanized tubular drills; and ultrasonic drilling in quartz crystals.

The question therefore aroused by many, including Hancock and Dunn, is what is the real purpose of this great structure that was built thousands of years back? Was it to demonstrate or show-off their technological advancement to a future race , or was it built by some megalomaniac king as a mortuary temple?

Cenotaph, Tomb or Monument? Some simple drills, Reality and Hamlet. Personal Responsibility which should at least get a person their Enlightenment as in Buddhism, Hinduism and Zen. The cure for paranoia.

Total Personal Responsibility for one's actions. Handling Hexes and Remote Responsibility. You may be paranoid but they are still out to get you. Bite them back and neutralise your enemies and anyone else who sends bad vibes.

You may have no enemies now, but you will have once you leave the safety of your own little universe. This is a secret no else will tell you as it allows you to get back at your masters. If you wish to leave any cult, use remote responsibility. This is top down responsibility orientated. Location in Space, Time and Infinity. The Remote Viewing meditational drill. This is top down Space Time orientated. Using Psi Lists. The polite way to go into remote viewing.

This is top down Spirit orientated. Section M The Anatomy of Minds. The above procedures will eventually run out of effectiveness.

When this happens one must make up one's own procedures. There is plenty of material below to help, but one must use plenty of intuition. Memes, Zodiacs, Creation and Destruction. Example of a Meme.

The 10 Commandments. ETs and their activities - Updated August The Rules of Telepathy - Notes August Viking Remote Viewing.

Remote viewing is a new name for an old ability. Remote viewing is the ability of a person to project their conscious observation to a distant location to see or sense what is there. Distance is no object as even the stars are within reach. It was rediscovered and used by the Russians in the s.

The Americans rediscovered it around Now every other intelligence agency is using it to flesh out data from other sources. Remote viewing violates all the moral codes of science and religion. The occult and black magic are now obsolete, and both are past their sell by date. Remote viewing can be classified as either psychokinetics or a secular path to enlightenment or both. Be your own X-file investigator.

Introduction to Remote Viewing. Section R Using remote viewing. Remote Viewing. CRV versus Locating by Emotion. The Rules of Psychic Warfare. Telepathy, ETs and Psychic Warfare.

Sample Remote Viewing Protocols and Sessions. Playing God. This section contains the writer's full works from to With the discovery of the Matrix of the Third Eye, there may be little point in reading obsolete material. However there may be a few gems of wisdom for anyone interested. These sections will no longer be maintained unless they are in the short index. This long path lacks the elegance of simplicity. A Personal View of the Viking Gods..

Written The Sagas were written by shamans and other leaders to define the social, spiritual and psychic objectives of the race.

Where an image produced inspires Man and is acceptable to spirit guides, then those spirit guides will use the image as an interface and bring it to life, thus creating an archetypal God. The fossilised Gods of monotheism on the other hand are just political, mental or psychic control mechanisms stuck in time until dismantled. Spirit guides do not have a brain and need you to do their thinking and meditation for them.

If one serves the Gods, then they will serve you. There are no free lunches. The Ragnarok The relationships between Man, Honir, Surt and the Ragnarok.

Reflex, Zone or Foot Therapy.. Something appreciated by the ladies. Links Remote Viewing links.. Forbidden Archaeology and Forbidden Science links..

UFO and Crop Circles links.. Viking and Pagan links..

Tomsk, Gateway to Mysterious Siberia - links.. List of Dowsing links.. Water divining, etc. List of Green and Psychic links.. All Spiritualist churches perform healing.

Healthy Living, etc. Firewalking links.. It is a good way of demonstrating mastery over primordial fears. Once one has walked on fire, dealing with any other fear should be easy. On Line Books..

The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt

Archived Books including the Prince by Machiavelli. Free-zone Scientology, and Allied Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists.. This is for those who complain that the entry point to the webmaster's work is too high. List of National Mensa Sites World-wide. Nexus - The singles social group for the widowed, divorced, separated.

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This group is for the purpose of discussing all aspects of building and using the classic orgonite Cloud Buster CB , also known as a ChemBuster, as well as other similar orgone producing technologies. Orgone Energy. A place to share orgone energy information, research, articles, discussion, and other topics in Orgonomy. Orgonomy is a science created and developed by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone Biophysical Research Lab: Orgonomy and Wilhelm Reich www.

Orgonomy - The American College of Orgonomy is a non-profit educational and scientific organization devoted to setting and maintaining standards for work in the field of orgonomy. Medical orgone therapy has proven to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of emotional and physical illnesses. Reichian Stuff. Details efforts to develop free energy sources, and motors that require no fuel, to prepare for the new millennium, and its exciting new scientific discoveries. Not your average construction project.

Lost Technologies Of Ancient Egypt by Christopher Dunn.pdf

Free Energy antigravity physics cold fusion overunity. Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy. Please report all errors, omissions and alleged libel to the webmaster. Index Complete Index up to and including August This includes everything missing from the front page.

Book List. The sections below are written with psychic self defence as priority one. Miscellaneous Notes. Tables of Emotion for Body, Mind and Spirit.

Table of Spirit emotions. Forbidden Psychology - Notes August The Various Human Minds and their attributes.

Updated February The Way of Spirit. Communication, Flows, Harmonics and Dynamics. How to use Women in Social Psychotherapy. Dinosaurs Eggs and the Origins of Good and Evil. Humour on the Origins of Good and Evil. Psychotronic Enlightenment, James Spottiswoode and The Legality of Owners, the Source, etc. The Curse of all Religions, Philosophies and Cults. Too Many Souls. Electromagnetic and Psychokinetic Energies. Fire, Engrams, Telekinetic Power and Paranoia. A Model of Paranoid Schizophrenia and Remedies.

Paranoid Schizophrenia is at the heart of the occult, and all religion and government.

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Memory, Identity and the Acquired Memory Syndrome. Mutual Telepathy and the Evolution of Psychic Ability. Paranoid Schizophrenia, Ability, Curse or an ability gone wrong.

Poltergeists and Physical Telekinesis. This may be another case like epilepsy and paranoia of natural born ability gone wrong. Contents of Minds, or Rubbish they would like you believe.

The following was written by the Webmaster before he knew better but he now almost disowns them. They are best regarded as the contents of minds trying to justify their own existence. Section G Memes, and Atma and Buddhi, the 2 Akashic Elements yet to be discovered. The Creation of Universes and The Creation. February This is really a Reptoid download.

Unfortunately he has discovered and fortunately for you that he was in a mental loop. Spirit is King and not minds.

Remote viewing the Greys.. Extra terrestrials of UFO fame - based on work done December This document does assume that the reader wants to work for the good of Man, that he wants to keep his sanity, does not wish to have a strait jacket and does not wish to become a drug addict. Psychic Warfare and the Law. Anyone wishing to indulge in psychic warfare must have expertise in psychic self defence.

Your enemies will undoubtedly try to knock you down and put you in your place.

Psychic warfare is not subject to the Geneva Convention. In countries where there is a Witchcraft or Blasphemy Act, the first thing one has to defend oneself against is the Law. In countries that have intelligence agencies most , it is necessary to defend oneself against those agencies, or if one is a member of one then to defend oneself against rival agencies.Although the Hindu religion has roots in Sumer, it seems to have escaped the worst, with the exception of the Caste System.

Not your average construction project. The number needed to support a viable advanced technology may be more like a million. Memes, and Atma and Buddhi, the 2 Akashic Elements yet to be discovered. This resonance causes creation of an electromagnetic field from the quartile igneous rocks in the chamber due to piezo-electric effect. The sections below are written with psychic self defence http: However the Nordics being spiritually perfect did not give up and gave the Elohim a great deal of their technology.

A bit of flattery often pays. With speech the Elohim did not need to be telepathic and the Nordics lost control over them.

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