The Cover Letter Book: Your definitive guide to writing the perfect cover letter ( 2nd Edition) [James Innes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . James is the UK's best-selling careers author, with five titles to his name. The Cover Letter Book - How to write a winning cover letter that really gets noticed. download Best Cover Letters. out of 5 stars The CV Centre; James Innes. The Cover Letter Book James Innes Pdf Converter. The first and.

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The Cover Letter Book James Innes Pdf Writer. Now it's time for you to produce a CV that showcases your qualification(s), areas of interest and. Prospects – for advice on writing all types of CVs and covering letters with Look at the CES website - Resources to see the range of reference books James Innes. The Cover Letter Book Free. The Cover Letter Book. Author: James Innes Edition: 2. Binding: Paperback ISBN:

Unlike a CV. Many job adverts will. It can be a fatal mistake. To learn how best to handle this thorny issue. The closing paragraph: Failure to do so will most likely result in your application being summarily rejected. Signing off: You also risk conveying an impression of arrogance and egocentrism: Content and style: Unless there are clear instructions to the contrary.

If you find your letter is spilling over on to a second page then take a look at Chapter 1. Further advice on writing style is included in Chapter 1. It is astonishing how many people use exactly the same cover letter and exactly the same CV for every single application.

It might seem hard to believe that people actually do send out letters with errors in them. A carefully targeted letter can easily mean the differ- ence between success and failure. It might seem obvious. The 15 most common cover letter mistakes — and how to avoid them 13 Failing to spot linguistic errors brilliant statistic Our research has shown that 60 per cent of cover letters contain linguistic errors. In fact. For the full story on spelling. By taking the time to sign the letter before sending it.

I cover more about the importance of tailoring your applications in Chapter 1. I can say that it will rarely work. If you send the same letter to everyone. By adopting a personalised approach. I know I said this chapter would cover the 15 most common CV writing mistakes. Never send a CV without a cover letter unless you are specifically told to do so. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Nagendra Prasad. Siam English. Monster UK. Bimal Baral. Venkat Kiran Sribhashyam. Faizan Raza. S J Pech Campos. Crown Publishing Group.

G1 Class Teacher. Popular in License. Ahmed Habib. Riley Knaggs. Venkatesh Desineni. Justin Sandock. Karan Aggarwal. Fer Salazar. Chapter 15 Presentations 12 What is an assessment centre? Chapter 17 Assessment centres 13 What sort of questions am I most likely to be asked? Chapter 22 Twenty tough questions — can you take the heat? You should make sure you think through your answers to all these questions very carefully before getting anywhere near an interview room.

Can you tell me a bit more about that? Top question: can you tell me a bit about yourself? They are quite simply placing you centre stage and hoping you will open up to them. Your answer This is a very broad question — and you might consequently be at a loss as to the approach you should take to answering it.

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They are not asking for an autobiography. Focus on discussing major selling points that feature on your CV or application form — selling points that are directly relevant to the job for which you are applying. Keep it professional and avoid getting too personal. Besides talking about your career, make sure that you have something to say about your education and qualifications — and even your hobbies and interests.

Following completion of my degree in International Business which included a couple of years in Germany I started my career in administration and have worked my way up to become an export sales manager.

I believe I combine a high level of commercial awareness with a commitment to customer care — which helps me to achieve profit- able growth in a competitive market. I enjoy being part of, as well as managing, motivating, training and developing, a successful and productive team and I thrive in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.

How have you described yourself in the Professional profile at the top of your CV?

A lot of this material can be recycled to help you draft your answer to this question. Your answer This is another very open-ended question where you might be tempted to say too much. By taking the time to think through your answer to this ques- tion in advance, you will be able to remain focused on a few key points.

Your emphasis should be on demonstrating to the interviewer precisely how you match their requirements — and, in doing so, to demonstrate that you fully understand what the role entails. Yes, you have been asked what your motivations are in applying for the vacancy, but try to turn the question round so that the answer you give tells why you are the right candidate for the vacancy.

I enjoy managing multiple projects simultaneously. I also enjoy oversee- ing and coaching junior and assistant quantity surveyors. This role is exactly the sort of role I am currently targeting and I am confident I will be able to make a major contribution. The meaning behind the question The interviewer is trying to understand your motivation for changing jobs. They clearly want to know why you want to change jobs but they also want to know how serious you are about changing jobs.

Are you really commit- ted to moving or are you just wasting their time? If your reason for wanting to leave your job is a positive one then your answer will be easy enough to construct.

Explain to the interviewer what your motivations are and how the move to your next job will help you to achieve your goals. You are making a positive move for positive reasons and intend to achieve a positive outcome — simple as that.

If, however, your reason for leaving your job is in my list of negative reasons, then giving the right answer is going to be somewhat trickier. Because each of the situations is so different, I will deal with each of them in turn. Problems with your boss: having problems with the boss is the top reason people give in surveys for changing jobs. However, you should never say anything negative about either a current or a previous employer.

The Cover Letter Book Free

In almost all cases, I would recommend that you avoid citing this as a reason. Criticising your current employer is considered one of the top mistakes you can make at interview and will most likely cost you the job regardless of whether or not your criticism is justified.

Aim to give an answer that focuses on the benefits you will experience in moving to your new job rather than making any reference to your having had problems with your boss.

Problems with a colleague: maybe you want to leave because of a persistently unpleasant colleague? Again, you should aim to give an answer that focuses on the benefits of moving to your new job rather than drawing attention to your problems. Avoid giving this as a reason.

Personal reasons: there are many different personal circumstances that might cause you to wish to leave a job — for example, you might simply want a better work—life balance. As for asking what you would write in a resignation letter, you should remember that, when it comes to resignation letters, it is well worth being as nice as possible about the matter.

Harsh words in a letter of res- ignation could easily come back to haunt you in the future — not least if you ever need a reference from this employer. Why do you want to work for this one in particular? Your answer If you have done your research properly please see Chapter 3: Researching the organisation you will already be fairly well informed as to the organisa- tion you are applying to join.

However, the key to answering this question is how to communicate that knowledge to the interviewer whilst tying it in with why you want to work for them.

Your focus should be on what in particular attracts you to the organisa- tion. Your answer Everyone has their strengths. The key to answering this question is not to rattle off a long list of what you consider your strengths to be.

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Instead you should be looking to highlight a smaller number of specific strengths, discussing each one briefly and, most importantly, identifying how these strengths relate to the requirements of the job you are applying to under- take.

You can even elaborate on one of your strengths by mentioning a specific relevant achievement. Choose your strengths carefully.

It can be hard to say anything very interesting, for example, about the fact that you are very meticulous and pay great attention to detail. However, if the recruiter is looking for some- one to lead a team then you can mention team leadership as one of your strengths — and cite an appropriate example or achievement. This clearly requires extremely strong project management skills. Your answer Some might consider this to qualify as a tough interview question and think it should be in a later chapter Chapter Twenty tough questions — can you take the heat?

But believe me — there are much tougher ques- tions than this!

Whilst it is superficially a somewhat negative question, it is in fact full of opportunities for you to turn it around to your advantage and make your answer a positive point. Your answer should be right on the tip of your tongue — because we will work on it right now. The interviewer wants to know that you are able to look at yourself objec- tively and to criticise yourself where appropriate.

I have a reputation for working too hard; I often push myself far too hard in my work. You risk sounding as though you plucked your answer straight out of a s manual on interview technique!

Personally, I prefer the second option: talking about a weakness that you turned or are turning into a strength. You are demonstrating a will- ingness to learn, adapt and improve, and you are showing that you have the initiative required to make changes where changes are due.

Choosing a weakness that has its root in lack of experience and there- fore has been or is being overcome by further training is ideal — because it is a weakness that is relatively easily resolved.

I recognised that I have a weakness when it comes to time management. You must surely have more than one weakness? They are looking for evidence of achievement, full stop.

However, a work-related achievement is normally what they will be expecting. Try not to go too far back; try to pick a recent achievement. What was the benefit? Try to phrase this in such a way for it to be self- evident that this would also be a benefit to any prospective employer.

I made numerous operational changes at my branch, including a massive reduction in stock levels — which significantly boosted our working capital. I also drove up sales levels, especially by increasing the uptake of after- sales insurance packages. The net effect was that we smashed the previous branch sales record by an impressive 37 per cent — and profits rose in line with this.

This directly resulted in my promotion to the management of the flagship Edinburgh branch. They are looking for at least one significant reason that you should be their No. Your answer Well, what does make you the best candidate for this job?

Brilliant Cover Letters

However, it is very much a Top Ten question in terms of the importance of your having prepared an answer to it. You need to go into each and every interview with a thorough under- standing of what it is that you have to offer.

The interviewer is really putting you on the spot to sell yourself.Sep 8, Dear Ms. Content and style: You might have taken time to put together a brilliant cover letter, but if your email address is mrluvverman example. Each question is listed alongside details of where in this book you can find the answers you are looking for. Muffaddal Kapasi.

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