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Read story Swami and Friends by azad with reads. flung the note- book in Swaminathan's face, and drove him back to his seat. 1. Swami and Friends [R.K. Narayan] on bestthing.info *FREE* Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked. bestthing.info: Swami and Friends, The Bachelor of Arts, The Dark Room, The English Series) (): R. K. Narayan, Alexander McCall Smith: Books.

About the author

For some Cricket Monthly readers, Swami and Friends was a bedtime story, or studied in school days, or perhaps you watched the television show. Published in , it is the oldest book to be examined, so far, in this series. Dense cricket novels of multifaceted meaning and abstraction are really only the stuff of this century. We enlightened beings live in a progressive age where one can write fancifully on cricket and not lose face, perhaps even gain a bit of cachet.

However, our forebears forbore from the subject. It's a curious feature of the genre that literary heavyweights who adored the game, such as Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter, didn't touch on cricket in their work. To previous generations, cricket in fiction was restricted to works for the young or for mirth and satire.

Narayan's novel is elegant, written with rich allusion and warmth of characterisation, where a bully and a martinet and a bigoted scripture master are as endearing as a granny. Children's cricket fiction is an ancient and venerable tradition.

Nor are contemporary players slow to capitalise in placing themselves themselves in the pages of youth fiction, with both David Warner and Glenn Maxwell recently bestowing their names to children's book titles.

Given that we're naming cricketers not generally celebrated for their noggins, it perhaps seems scanty praise to declare Swami and Friends the finest work of cricket fiction for young people. This subtle book of gentle, genial humour transcends any limitations that may be associated with that tag.

Swami and Friends Summary by R.K.Narayan

It's a beautiful read, and the fact that it appeals to young people and features cricket is merely a wonderful supplement. However, it is a queer mission to commend Swami and Friends as a work of cricket fiction. The novel is an anomaly of the genus in that there is a great deal of talk of the sport but very little of it played.

It's the vital auxiliaries of a cricket side that are dwelt upon.

A strenuous pursuit, too, is obtaining equipment. The boys enter negotiations with a Madras outfitter, only to become bogged down in the transaction of payment for goods.

Swami and Friends

Young Tate's scholastic obligations, with drill following class, become so onerous that he is denied the four or five hours' daily practice necessary to acquit himself with leather. As the grand match approaches, this becomes a crisis, with the champion bowler unable to cultivate rhythm, line and length.

Swami's attempts to gain exemption from extracurricular activities lead to him departing school in a dramatic manner, becoming lost in the woods and missing the match altogether. His friends, far from understanding, disown him.

Notwithstanding the hefty consequences, this is a pleasing novel and it gives ever more gratification and meaning as one dwells upon it. Swami and his chums' antics, such as taking revenge on a defrauding coachman's impudent son and bungling it , aren't the most adult of topics.

Neither is Swami and Friends the most exhaustive work of cricket fiction to be penned. Who's to care, though, when reading splendour? Swaminathan's disappointment was twofold: At other times he would have shouted at her. Not only is Swami forced to switch to a more strict and rigorous school, but Rajam is hurt by the actions of his friend, making their friendship unstable.

In order to fix his friendship with Rajam, Swami must atone for his actions; he decides to partner with Rajam to create their very own cricket team called the M. Rajam threatens to never speak to Swami again if he misses the match of the year. Despite his best efforts, Swami is forbidden by his strict headmaster from leaving early to go to his daily practices. Then, terrified of the repercussions, Swami decides to run away from Malgudi for good and never return.

While fleeing, he becomes lost and wanders aimlessly until he is rescued. He has missed the M.

Swami and Friends

Already knowing his best friend may never speak to him again, Swami finds out from his friend Mani that Rajam is leaving the next morning to move to a new city with his family. In a desperate attempt to make amends, Swami rushes to the train station the next morning with a book he intends to give to Rajam as a way to make peace. Mani must hand him the book, as he would not take it from Swami. The story ends as the train pulls away and Swami is left wondering if his friend will write and if he is forgiven.

This book is a thought-provoking read, perfect for a child between the ages of 7 and The conflict that arises throughout the book between Swaminathan and his friends are problems that many children face today. For example, towards the beginning of the book, Swami and his four original friends do a great job of seeing the positives of their differences, but struggle to see the good in Rajam. It is important to show young readers the importance of making new friends and adjusting to changes that may occur among the friends you already have.

Another lesson that is present in the book is the importance of using your words to express how you feel, rather than your actions.Just looking at the cover art and reading the title transported me back to my childhood days. Swaminathan, quickly and with great relish, disposed of both. Before he could utter a word the train leaves but he succeeds in giving the gift to Rajam. However, Rajam convinces Swami to run away only briefly before participating in the match and then leaving for good.

The story follows the adventures and misadventures of a ten-year old boy Swami and some of his friends, in and out of the school. Narayan's words takes you to a world, which you wish you could be a part of. These are short stories

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