Special Functions of Mathematics for Engineers, Second Edition. Author(s): Larry PDF ISBN: | Print ISBN: DESCRIPTION. Special functions of mathematics for engineers / Larry C. Andrews. p. cm. Originally published: 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, c ISBN 4. Special Functions of Mathematics for Engineers, Second Edition. Author(s): Larry C. Andrews Softcover, $, $ PDF, $, $

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FUNCTIONS. OF MATHEMATICS. FOR ENGINEERS. Second Edition. LARRY C. ANDREWS. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. OXFORD TOKYO MELBOURNE. sis on this course is to introduce students the special functions of mathematical physics with emphasis on those techniques that would be most useful in of graduate studies in the sciences or the engineering discip- lines. Special issue of Mathematics: Special Functions and Applications combinatorics, astronomy, applied mathematics, physics, and engineering.

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Special Functions in Applied Mathematics

Single Year. Clear Form. Google Scholar 5.

Google Scholar 8. Some authors refer to this procedure as the method of Frobenius. The term appears to have a more restricted meaning as used by H.

Jeffreys and B. Google Scholar The importance of working with generalized functions of any kind stems from the fact that most special functions are simply special cases of them, and thus each recurrence formula or identity developed for the generalized function becomes a master formula from which a large number of relations for other functions can be deduced.

New relations for some of the special functions have been discovered in just this way. Also the use of generalized functions often facilitates the analysis by permitting complex expressions to be represented more simply in terms of some generalized function.

Operations such as differentiation and integration can sometimes be performed more readily on the resulting generalized functions than on the original complex expression, even though the two are equivalent.

Finally, in many situations we resort to expressing our results in terms of these generalized functions because there are no simpler functions that we can call upon.

Our treatment of generalized hypergeometric functions is brief. Although we have chosen specific examples from the fields of statistical communication theory, fluid mechanics, and random fields, the techniques we use are sufficiently general that they apply to a wider range of applications. As before, we assume only a working knowledge of the subjects in order to follow the exposition. Random noise, which appears at the input to any communications receiver, interferes with the reception of incoming radio and radar signals.

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Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

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Add to cart. You may be able to download this paper for free. Check Access. Book Description. Copublished with Oxford University Press. Softcover version of PM Date Published: PM49 Errata. Table of Contents.

Chapter 1 Front Matter This front matter contains the table of contents, preface to the 1st and 2nd editions, and notation for special functions. Chapter 1 Back Matter This back matter contains the index and author biography. Chapter 3 Other Functions Defined by Integrals 3.

Chapter 4 Legendre Polynomials and Related Functions 4. Chapter 5 Other Orthogonal Polynomials 5. Chapter 7 Bessel Functions of Other Kinds 7. Chapter 8 Applications Involving Bessel Functions 8.

Chapter 9 The Hypergeometric Function 9. Chapter 10 The Confluent Hypergeometric Functions Chapter 11 Generalized Hypergeometric Functions Chapter 1 Bibliography. Chapter 1 Selected Answers to Exercises.

Terms of Use. Email or Username. Forgot username? Forgot password? Remember password.As before, we assume only a working knowledge of the subjects in order to follow the exposition. Landen, but virtually the whole theory of these integrals was developed by Legendre over a period spanning 40 years.

Although similar in definition to the standard Bessel functions, the modified Bessel functions are most clearly distinguished by their nonoscillatory behavior.

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Each polynomial set satisfies several recurrence formulas, is involved in numerous integral relationships, and forms the basis for series expansions resembling Fourier trigonometric series, where the sines and cosines are replaced by members of the polynomial set.

The major development of the theory of the hypergeometric function was carried out by Gauss and published in his famous memoir of , a memoir that is also noted as being the real beginning of rigor in mathematics.

Some of these functions were introduced in Chap. Even the most recent names are too numerous to mention, but MacRobert and Meijer are among the most famous. Elliptic functions have the distinction of being doubly periodic, with one real period and one imaginary period.

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