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In qualcuno che li capisca, in qualcuno con cui parlare e con cui confidarsi, qualcuno che li ascolti. Qualcuno con cui correre — David Grossman Few novels are so ready to take full advantage of what it is to be fiction, to walk the shimmering cul between the desperation we all feel not to fail utterly in our everyday selves and the deep-in-our-heart dreams of what we might be if only we had the courage to live our lives like the stories we love. To ask other readers questions about Someone to Run Withplease sign up.

I kind of did this time, only there was a shadow behind me. They have to be willing to hear it, to take it.

He and the dog Grossmzn have the connection. The wind in the hair from standing still and others are running. It has to have an interesting structure and characters that are brave and flawed and cool.

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His books have been translated into over 25 languages. He has also published several books of non-fiction, including interviews with Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.

How is this for one of those dreams that grossmman heard before and it sounds so damned good anyway? I had to make a sacrifice. Trivia About Someone to Run With. No, it's not like that. I wonder if anyone read that and felt let down that he reads her diary. I had forgotten he did that and I started to feel let down again. It's a little like that, a little of a betrayal though he doesn't know her yet. When Assaf is young he asks his mother what she has to write about in her diary all of the time that she has to have for herself for no one else to see.

He asks her if she writes about him. She tells him that anything she writes about him she would recite to him by heart. He eventually gives up and knows this outside version of his mothers insides, as a trust. I loved that it was kind of okay that he did this, this diary reading, because he wants to be able to find Tamar. He imagines or not imagines the dog Dinka is against this act. I loved that he thinks about what she's writing and later when she thinks it is more important for her to know what Assaf would think of the version of the "if you do what I want you to" false friends.

He even says to her back what his mother said about reciting from heart to share with her he doesn't have a diary. It felt to me like that, because he tells her that he read her diary. He always asked his mother. So Assaf felt that her idea was a feeling "as if from a great distance, something like a tiny blister on his heart" that's a great description.

He feels he would not mistake his little sister for any other little girl in the world. Do you ever feel like that about other people's families?

That some people are incredibly lucky to have what they have and then about all of the people who have never had that or have it no longer? Tamar has been toughening herself up to go on a rescue mission.

She breaks her own heart, shaves her head, goes underground. No, don't think about that. Don't think about THEM, the boy she loves with the other girl, the so-called friends to overcast her. Her diary where she wrote about herself in the third person.

Her dreams hurt. I think the first time I read Someone to Run With I was wrapped up in Tamar's mission to go undercover as a street singer to get ensnared by the sleazy Jerusalem underworld Pesach and his toothless parents didn't scare me too much, nor did the Elvis lookalike goons hired to drive the kids from gig to gig. Her brother, the gifted guitar player with the chip on his shoulder to freeze you with, made a scared call to her for his salvation plea that he didn't altogether mean.

Tamar already knows what's waiting for her if she can get him to the hiding place. Shai is addicted and buried alive. I used to do that, the being there for the recovery, and I wouldn't be telling the whole truth if I said I didn't still blame myself for failing. It was eating me alive and this book doesn't tell me that it happens maybe Shai goes back but it was there and I wanted it desperately.

On the streets, to be able to get to where Shai is, Tamar has to let go of the part of herself she's hiding into her singing. They won't find her and she can't play it safe now. When she's in the cave and they've found each other Assaf says the perfect thing when someone gets it.

He knows that the hard part is what you have to give of yourself to someone else when you're performing. I've been feeling for a long time that you don't really GIVE it someone else.

It wouldn't have been my perfect thing, I guess. They have to be willing to hear it, to take it. You don't lose it then. If it is right then it is shared.

That's the scary part if no one is going to want to do that. No matter what you do, if no one wants to do that, then it won't matter. Well, it won't be running. If you can still hope that some day it will still happen then you can keep on giving and if you lose that then it is really scary to do it anyway. I imagine that David Grossman knows this. When Assaf is running he becomes something that he never had before.

Qualcuno con cui correre - David Grossman

He and the dog Dinka have the connection. When Assaf is following Dinka to the people that Tamar has touched in her life he gets to know her, and also their stories I'm having one of those sinking feelings "No, don't do that, Mariel! When Tamar says goodbye to Assaf when he has to leave the hiding place where his solid body is supporting her in what she could not have done alone even though he swears he will return at three o'clock that same day I had one of those book moments when I could have been reading myself on the page.

I wish she had believed Assaf would come back before he came back of course he came back!

Qualcuno con cui correre

I knew why she didn't. I loved that it didn't change anything, as much as it frustrates him that boy who lay down with the dog sighs , that he comes back. When Assaf stops judging his sister for not loving her boyfriend Rhino I'm kind of in love with him too for the way he'd sneak out of sabbos to watch the football game hours before it started.

Then he'd feel empty until the next week. I feel like him right now, not having this book "saved" anymore as much as he loved her. Maybe it was the too much love, the not enough "space", the constant asking just by loving her so much. It's another way to read someone's diary, to follow them to their secret places, just by connecting their own love experience when you've finally fallen in love yourself.

I think I'm jealous. And I wish that I was like I was once and I was happy and it felt good and I wasn't so sure that it will never happen for me. I belong in this book, I mean. If I belong in any author's books it is a David Grossman book. He writes things that I wish I could ask people "Do you ever think that So why do I feel like that blister? The far away feeling and no one is on the other end? Don't get me wrong it's not all the way jealous. But it is enough for me to feel rattling around in my bones.

Hollow like a birds, only flightless. The wind in the hair from standing still and others are running.

I can almost taste it. It doesn't feel right to be jealous at all. David Grossman books to me are the place to be unafraid. He knows so much, wears the heart on the sleeve to cover you.

If I'm going to be like that would I know when to lay down with the dog? I am so damned happy when it ends like they could go off the pages, though.

How is this for one of those dreams that you've heard before and it sounds so damned good anyway? It can't be a cliche because you just want it and you could hear it settling in the bones of those lucky enough to have it.

What now? Tamar noticed that she had never met a person she felt so comfortable being silent with. View all 15 comments. Jun 26, Isidora rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was utterly enjoyable read. I will try to write down some of the reasons why this book is highly recommended: David Grossman is a wonderful storyteller in a classical, precise and deep way of telling things.

It is adventure, coming-of-age, love story and a story about modern Israel. It is thrilling, fast-paced after the first fifty pages and emotional read. The chara It was utterly enjoyable read. The characters are fascinating, some of them are animals. There are several other arguments and different experiences are possible magical realism, philosophical, historical, parenting.

You just have to let the story be your guide. View all 6 comments. Nov 28, Mariel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I'm watching and hating August Rush on tv right now.

Watching and really hating this schmaltzy and embarrassing exploitation of street kid musicians movie reminded me of how much I liked David Grossman's Someone to Run With when I read it in It's a great dogs are awesome, street adventure, finding someone you wanna run away with story. After they save the tragically gifted and drug addicted street musician brother, that is. In my inner fantasy while reading it [the whole book played out i I'm watching and hating August Rush on tv right now.

In my inner fantasy while reading it [the whole book played out in my mind as an elaborate instant inner street fairy tale] the brother became my guitar hero John Frusciante. I'd want to hide in the natural history museum. My dog would prefer an art museum with preferably good furniture to chew on, but I'm not about to let him pick. My running away fantasies stem in part from reading From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil Frank E. Weiler, hence the museums. Anywhere beautiful will do Morvern Callar.

They sent me a cool space dog. Now I think I'm probably the spacedog. Too whiney. I'd get road fever and quickly sick of stopping to constantly pee. Labs would be the best running away with dogs. Labs seem a heroic breed, especially the golden ones. And bigger dogs have bigger bladders? Except for my damnation, who is most definitely is NOT invited. I read a bunch of Grossman's books in '05 and ' Like my similar J.

Donleavy gorge fest around the same time, folks would grab my books and then sadly conclude I should be reading something else instead the cover of this one was the back head shot of the shaved scalp [What was with the trend of back of head shaved scalp book covers? Parrots were infesting cover art for a while, too]. At least no one said August Rush or I'm afraid I'd have had to crack some shaved skulls.

Not really. I'm too cowardly lion to say anything. The dog would know I was pissed. Two barks for really pissed. This review is in need of some lists. Best cities to run away to? Best cities to be a street musician in? I've only seen a couple of street musicians in G'ville. There was this blind guy that played an accordian for freaking years think he's dead now.

I felt sorry for his seeing-eye dog having to listen to that sombre Dick Van Dyke shit all day long one bark for "At least learn one polka song". The other dude was an electric violin player. I was too scared for him playing in that tiny road barrier in heavy traffic. I also wasn't going to risk my life to pay him he wasn't Owen Pallett.

The term is busking, Mariel!

Elsewhere they are always so earnest, and like to play Oasis. I'm not paying for that, either. Maybe they were beaten and forced to play Oasis! Maybe they'd have preferred Blur. Who knows? I was going to do best songs about running away. I had half a list done. It all went wrong when I asked my twin for suggestions and she started singing dozens of bad '80s songs about teen runaways. Those songs are all in my head and I can't think of anything else.

Running away movies! Morvern Callar 2. Rain Man shout-out to Kristen! The dance piece is a journey thorugh sounds as well…. Often people are more inherited and much more resembling their grandparents than parents. How do You feel something from Your grandmother in Your own human and artists face? Is that feeling strong and obvious? A lot of people always told me that I look like her. Her pupil Marinella Santini, a great dance teacher now, she told me that when I teach and dance or even when I just talk I have movements and attitude she used to have.

But Mirdza had beautiful green eyes and instead I am more mediterranean as colours. I met an old dancer she is in her 90 that started her carrer at the Opera in Rome when my grandmother was still there and she said that I look like her but I am taller!

But I think that is the passion, love and dedication for dance and life that is bringing us together.

While I was working on this piece I had this strong feeling. Sometimes I felt I am finishing somehing that she left undone.

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Please tell about Your family — are Your parents also dancers? How You made choice of Your profession and how You found Your own way in dance world?

No one of my parents are dancers. They always supported me but never pushed me either. I always danced, even before to start studying ballet. I started in the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome doing ballet, but since when I was teenager I felt that I was interested more in contemporary dance and that was what I wanted to pursue. And so dance it become my life.

Other books: site SHORTCUT ICON

When I was a younger dancer I always prefered to work as freelancer to have opportunity to experiment dance and theatre in different directions and perspectives, more than to be in a repertory company.

I choose mostly of the time to work with choreographers and directors that can create on me and that could give me space to bring out my own personality.

I felt in love with Yoga in when I moved in NY city. I was going to take class in all the main dance studios at that time from ballet to all kind of contemporary and modern tecnique and at the Trisha Brown studio I tried a Yoga class as well and I just discovered a new world and a new love!

Sometimes people ask me if I prefere Dance or Yoga. I also see, that You are leading retreats and You are Reiki practicioner. Please, tell about that! Do everybody can learn to do that or there needs very rare talent? Yes I love to lead yoga retreats, we all need space to recharge, to heal our lives. The big revelation for me when I started to practice it was that for the first time in my life I was moving my body like It really was, not working in what I was missing often in dance is like that.

The website you are trying to access is unknown in the system.. Search pintarello's books? And I love to teach yoga because I find it is a very democratic discipline: It is not really about what you do but the quality of attention and intention you give at what you are doing. It is not really about doing but more undoing, to give us different perspectives and possibilities.

I saw, between three Your favourite figures in art You have mentioned world wide famous visual artist Mark Rotko, who also came from Latvia. Please, comment Your special interest of his art and opinions. It was summer and I was dancing and teaching in Buffalo. So I started to search more for his work, and in New York I was able to see a lot of him, and to read his memories. I would love to go in Daugavpils, next time I will come in Latvia.

I feel the intensity of his words, of his choices, and actually for that piece I used some Beethoven Music as well! What I love of these two artist is their intensity, generousity, the great humanity that transpire by their work. They were honest, they were living for what they believed, like a vocation.

Beethoven was the first free lancer composer of the Music History. I think that is great!

And what about music styles and composers of today? Do You like, if new music is written specially for You, for Your performances? I do love contemporary music of course and I feel really blessed when I can have music written for my piece.

I adore to work even with live music in performance of improvisation, in site specific work or even in concert.Wistful sigh. They were honest, they were living for what they believed, like a vocation.

Grossman has written seven novels, a play, a number of short stories and novellas, and a number of books for children and youth. Like my similar J. Trivia About Someone to Run With. Take a chance on this one! Samantha Morton, best actress ever, starred. It's a little like that, a little of a betrayal though he doesn't know her yet. Astra is still helping me to go through documents. I had detailed fantasies sprung alive out of me, to carry me far, like running.

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