Professor Shonku series all books by Satyajit Ray pdf download free at Free download or read online ✅Shonku Shamagra bangla book from the category of Satyajit Ray. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Shonku. Satyajit Ray introduced Professor Shonku in his story “The Astronaut's Diary. All books of Shonku Somogro: Professor Shonku, Professor Shonkur.

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Free download or read Shabash Professor Shonku PDF Bangla book. Satyajit Ray is very popular Shabash Professor Shonku (All-Story). Ashcharya Pranee . All these works prepared the ground Ray's Brilliant for modern In the year , the first Shonku story 'Byomjatrir Diary' (The Diary of an. SCIENCE fiction stories are always miserably for at least 33 hours. Prof. Shonku wrote down this story in a diary form from all materialistic greed, ferocious.

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The Incredible Adventures of Professor Shonku

Scan qualities very good. Satyajit Ray created Professor Shonku character in a series of Bengali science fiction books.

His full name is Trilokeshwar Shonku, and by occupation, he is an inventor. Professor Shonku is the son of Dr.

Tripureshwar Shonku. Trilokeshwar Shonku is the real name of Professor Shonku. He has a cat named Newton and a male-servant named Prahllad living in the house.

Tilu is the nickname of Professor Shonku. At the age of 12, Professor Shonku passed matriculation examination. For downloading problem please contact me.

For any further inquiry email me. Professor Shonku , Samagra , Satyajit Ray. Subscribe via RSS Feed. Bangla E-books Free Download: Download pdf ebooks all types.

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Later in his life, Shonku discovers the remains of a dinosaur in a cave along with an assistant. The curse starts to take effect and the dinosaur comes back to life. Shonku gets hold of a mysterious sphere which changes its color spontaneously and emanates various sounds.

In fact, the sphere is a planet from another solar system and it has brought extraterrestrial life along. The Professor is haunted by a repeating dream where he along, with his friends, are stranded on a beautiful exotic island without any inhabitants. His friends also experience the same dream.

It is as if the mysterious island is beckoning great scientists of the world to it. Shonku goes to Tibet, to find out about a Unicorn which is reported to be seen there.

Professor Shonku

In the adventure, Shonku discovers a place where everybody's dreams come true Shonku tries to prove that human civilization has prospered thanks to the help of some alien civilisation that comes to Earth every years and teaches them something extraordinary.

What are they going to reveal this time?

Nokurbabu has the ability to make others see what he is thinking. He and Shonku are caught in a chain of events that lead them to the deep jungles of South America where El Dorado has always eluded discovery.

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Several sightings of UFOs makes headlines worldwide. However, this news is outdone by the news of the demolition of some of the greatest monuments of mankind.

The Eiffel Tower and the Angkor Wat are destroyed, and the aliens are blamed. Nokurbabu joins Shonku and other scientists who discover that the UFO has its base in the Gobi desert. They find the UFO and go aboard.

They are captured immediately, not by the aliens, but by a mad scientist who is the present owner of the UFO and who is in fact the destroyer of the monuments, driven because he was denied his due honour in the scientific community. His next target is the Taj Mahal. Some of Professor Shonku stories has been made into comics and published by Ananda Publishers.

In the Sunday Suspense Series of Actor Dhritiman Chatterjee , who acted in a number of films by Satyajit Ray , would portray the title role in the film, to be produced by Shree Venkatesh Films. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.What are they going to reveal this time?

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By his own admission, Satyajit Ray had based Prof. You can guess the end that some of the stories have same plots which may bore some readers. Shanku is worth reading. Similar titles.

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