This move became a crucial event in the history of Islam and came to be known as Hijra. The. Muslim .. ( Doctrines and Beliefs of Islam. 4. The Dimensions of Islam. 5. Islamic Practices, Ethics, and Institutions. 6. A Brief Journey Through Islamic History. We are presenting before you the History of Islam in three volumes. This book was originally written in the Urdu language in ( AH) by Akbar Shah.

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movement emerged; one that would change the course of history in the Arabian. Peninsula .. It marked a turning point in early Islamic history and is used to this. 2. A Brief History of Islam. (part 1 of 5): The Prophet of Islam. مﻼﺳﻹا ﻦﻋ ﺔﻴ رﺎﺗ ﺔﺤﻟ.) ءﺰﻟا. 1. ﻦﻣ. ( world's great religions, Islam, was born into a family belonging to. A reader taking up a work entitled The Cambridge history of Islam may reasonably ask, 'What Africa) there has also been throughout Islamic history an internal.

Translated By Heba Samir Hendawi A historical book, detailing the "openings" or liberations of key Islamic cities in the glorious history of Islam. Chapter Indexes Include: All Rights Reserved.

Free Islamic Books On History. History of Palestine From preface, 'The fifteenth of May marked the fifty eighth anniversary of the catastrophe, which has brought about the worst calamity that could befall a nation in the whole history, namely the tragedy of the Palestinian people. The Day of Wrath Author's Introduction, 'The contents of this booklet are glad tidings to the oppressed people of the occupied territories particularly, and to all Muslims in general.

In the name of your Lord who has created: Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood: Your Lord is Most Bountiful: He Who taught the use of the pen, Taught man that which he knew not Few have bygone nations and to recognize their might and combined between the character of the historian and the civilization. The remaining biographical that they turned away the apostles for which they merited works gathered of narrations what they could and a wretched ending.

This is the approach of the early From a reading of Islamic history, there is a historians who composed voluminous works containing discernable lack of consideration of the norms and narratives of historical events.

He quoted small portions cannot dispense with the other in the recording of history. IbnKath r followed suit and As for the isolation of events from among the sum of did not bother to add to the narrative or to its review. Surprisingly, his book is that it reports the narration and the narrators without almost bear of any prophetic traditions and relies on paying attention to the manner has rendered the study of historical material for the reconstruction of the event history in the modern era elusive and burdensome [8].

Scientific integrity recognizes that the interest of the Methodological Issues in the Recording of Islamic historians in the first three centuries in recording events History: In order to better understand the methodological along with the names and biographies and their chain of problems afflicting the recording of Islamic history, it is narrators are indicative of the care they took to ensure the necessary to contemplate the most important challenge truth of the reports and their objectivity and sincerity in and methodological issue that negatively impacted on the reporting information without interpretation or recording of Islamic history so that it becomes part of the explanation.

However, following this approach in other consciousness of present day researchers in the field of historical books and to ignore the difference between the Islamic history. It has become important for the historian The Historical Narrative: Historians have succumb to Baghdad in AH into two types.

This classification is in need of a students and is a result of religious and racial prejudices. This does not however entitle Muslim Footnotes and Additions: There is another calamity that historians to reject criticism and the implied objectivity has not spared the recording of Islamic history. It is a which is an original Islamic approach nor can the two practice adopted by those who added their own views approaches in the recording of Islamic history be ignored, and additional information in the margins, footnotes or at namely the criticism of both the chains of transmission the end of chapters and sections of scholarly works.

This is a form of fraud both intentional contemporary historians are characterised by the critical and unintentional that has led to confusing the original methods that have been influenced by the western texts with the later additions.

This is undoubtedly one of methodology. There is a need to adapt the reports of the disadvantages in the recording of Islamic history.

Islamic history in which the chain of narrators isn d and a massive library of biographies are among its defining History and its Relationship with Islamic Science: Islamic features. No one can deny the scientific and historical history maintained a close and objective relationship with value of the isn d and a vast library of biographies; the rest of the Islamic sciences.

However, from the point unfortunately however they remain a wealth of of specialization it is possible to separate it from the rest information in isolation from the historical writings on the of the Islamic studies [8]. Historical texts must fiqh and did not forego the methodology of the equally comply with the critical and rational standards U liyy n scholars in Islamic jurisprudence.

Regrettably, along with the standards set for correct transmission. This we have arrived at an age wherein many orientalists are is particularly true in the case of the history of the more familiar with the Islamic sciences. They refrain from beginning of Islam which cannot dispense with the writing on Islamic history until after they are sufficiently method of theisn d. However, in reality the chain of transmission isn d?!

List of Rulers of the Islamic World

Objective historical they wrote and delved deeply into the study of the Islamic writing cannot dispense with the two approaches. As such, historical events the orientalists as there is numerous evidence of textual should be written in such a way that establishes a direct criticism among early Muslim historians. Early and relationship with reality so that it may provide answers for contemporary Muslim scholars reject anecdotes on the current questions, explain confusion and events, interpret grounds that it violates logic and reason [2].

This is because history is sanctuaries and hospitals…etc. According to al-Ghaz l , through whom this history was written. What is on authority and the sultan.

This history is absent of required from Islamic history is to imagine the steps of the historical records pertaining to the history of the Ummah Prophet step by step and to interpret them accordingly. The Absence of Objectivity: The commitment to It is not the preserve of the historian to decide what objectivity in historical writing is considered the shortest is recorded or rejected.

Some historians were guilty of this route to scientific and historical credibility so that there is in that certain important events were ignored or reported no need to defend or to justify historical wrongs. Plenty in the most sparing manner. They did not record the of works have been composed in response to the claims spiritual, intellectual, social and military events associated of critics without proving the facts, removing confusion, with those important events [11].


It was incumbent upon or painting a clear picture. The writing of history is the the historians of Islamic history to analyze those periods systematic use of methodological mechanisms and to and those preceding it and to keep track of the embrace a wide range of facts and sciences with due developments and changes that transpired in Islam.

They attention paid to the manner and means used to prove are obliged to treat the Islamic system according to the historical events both new and old in order to ensure the ideas and beliefs and the cultural and social systems validity and credibility of the report.

But what happened prevalent at the time in addition to considering the is that a group of historians were caught in the pitfalls of economic conditions, the historical remnants and the large beautifying, glorifying, exaggerating, nepotism, diversity of human relations [11].

However, the books fabrication and praising the qualities of kings and leaders of Islamic history were divorced from reality and in many and turned a blind eye to the mistakes of kings and instances exaggerated events and inflated numbers as if politicians as is evident in the history of kings and they are not governed by the logic of reality. They rendered them great and defamed their enemies to no end.

Neglecting the Cultural and Social Dimensions: This led to the absence of the reality of of the Prophet. Moreover, this sectarian fanaticism of the majority of scholars of his time. The book also and general intolerance of the doctrines of others has led contains lengthy praises of the governors and princes to the practice of slandering those of other doctrines and and his approach is similar to that of his contemporaries accusing them of blasphemy.

Traces of this can be found in rhymed prose and the mincing of words in the even in the works of respectable scholars such as description of the court and the anecdotes of the sultans.

The difference in approaches IbnTaymiyyah, al-Bar zil , al-Dhahab and others and can be attributed to their different understanding of belittles them out of his severe intolerance, without history. This is an error analysis and refinement and were little questioned and that results from the absence of an established critiqued to the extent that the historian would present a methodology for the treatment of events.

The collection of contradictory narrations without criticism methodology adopted by historians is often spontaneous and analysis in order to select his preferred opinions [15].

Perhaps that is what caused The history of whole nations has been distorted. Nobody knows the true reasons spin and prejudice against the caliphs.

It focuses on the for the collapse of the Islamic civilization because the many political differences that transpired in the court of reports of the historians are often descriptive, without due the Abbasids. It was written from the perspectives of investigation of the facts, causes and habits of history individuals who were at odds with the former dynasty and that form the very bases for the study of history.

The study of the Umayyad dynasty cannot the cause of the fire was a spark carried by the wind. Umayyad army. IbnAth r chose the second narration without troops until they were afflicted with hunger and began mentioning his reasoning behind this choice. As for the begging at the gates of the mosques. The question is what did the the Umayyad army was the cause of the fire [14].

As for IbnKath r, he Sectarian Fanaticism: Many historians have been caught chronicled the Abbasid Caliph and his niggardliness up in the trap of sectarianism and the inclination towards towards his soldiers along with his extravagant spending their respective communities.

Hulagu marvelled as to understanding and certitude in order to avoid landing in how the Caliph with all these treasures can withhold pitfalls and errors. A historian should not singularly rely the salaries of the army. Hulagu wrote to the Governor on reports without regard for the nature of civilizations of Damascus and warned him to hand over the city and the social conditions. He should consider the past in and frightened him of the fate of the Caliph. The following the present. He is the first to refer to the remorse.

He was then executed. The context of the story explanation of entities and its principles are precise, inevitably raises questions. Tatars bearing full responsibility for the fall of Baghdad. This is true at least for school and university Orientalism and Colonialism and the Writing of Islamic readings. There is a measure of arbitrariness in the The science of history has matured according to understanding of the Orientalists and their interpretation IbnKhald n who in his Muqaddimah required the of historical texts that results from racial and religious historian to be knowledgeable of the nature of prejudices, along with a poor understanding of the civilizations so as to facilitate his examination of reports language and provisions of Islam in addition to its rules and to prevent him from bias.

Understanding the nature of and objectives [2]. Historians are required writings of Islamic history at the hands of the Orientalists to understand that history is the account of human is the lack of an element or elements in the understanding societies.

They should be aware of the various of Western writings regarding Eastern lifestyles civilizations of the world, the conditions inflicted upon it, particularly the Islamic lifestyle. This is a spiritual and the vagaries of mankind along with the remainder of what metaphysical element in which lies the difference between transpires in a civilization [13]. This perspective has its is externally inflicted upon it, along with that which value if we were to examine the nature of the mistakes cannot possibly afflict it [13].

This requires complete that Orientalists commit in their view of Islamic history. He does and the caliphs are portrayed as being free to engage in not investigate the symptoms except as a function of fun, absurdities and immoralities, not to mention the determining the cause.

Some symptoms may be myths they have fabricated regarding the Messenger of misleading which is known only by a skilled physician. God and his wives and the Muslim caliphs and the IbnKhald n proceeded on the conviction that history is Sultans and the many circumstances and relationships not merely a record of events.

In his Muqaddimah he was they have conjured up that do not exist and for which interested in growth or historical development and there is no evidence. He considered it a subtle yet severe mistake in understanding of Islamic history from the perspective of history to be perplexed by the changing conditions of the Orientalists the examples of which are almost nations and generations due to the changes in eras and incalculable, then the writings of Henri La Manse and the the passing of days.

It is a severely subtle melody which IgnazGoldziher and Geatani overflow with the colonial does not manifest except after the passing of long outlook, which is closer to myth than to truth. Their periods. They century. This Islamic Empire established itself in many spread accusations and issued judgments and parts of Europe and the loyalty of the Ottomans to Islam interpretations emerging outside of the spirit of Islamic was unquestionable.

Their conversion to Islam was history [17]. For centuries it stood as As for Montgomery Watt, he interpreted the a formidable barricade from the tide of Crusader essential environment which gave rise to Islam as being expansion. Different religions and cultures coexisted and the contrast and conflict between the nomadic aspirations flourished within the Ottoman Empire in a state of peace of Mecca on one hand and the new material environment and harmony.

His accepted Ottoman rule during the reign of Selim I reading is a materialistic interpretation based on a partial and received protection from the Portuguese in the reading of Islamic history [18]. Although Watt gave a Red Sea [20].

The Ottomans worked hard towards applying interest and the forging of economic relations, what is Islamic law. They encouraged and respected scholars.Perhaps that is what caused The history of whole nations has been distorted.

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Scientific integrity recognizes that the interest of the Methodological Issues in the Recording of Islamic historians in the first three centuries in recording events History: Download pdf.

Some historians were guilty of this route to scientific and historical credibility so that there is in that certain important events were ignored or reported no need to defend or to justify historical wrongs.

Muslim scholars can participate by sharing the How did the Crusaders come to invade scholars, however these aspects of the life of a caliph Jerusalem? Log In Sign Up. Your Lord is Most Bountiful: This Palestinian will always stand firm before all the sufferings, pains, massacres, conspiracies, he will always come out stronger, because he is the Palestinian.

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