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Original Score and others. The style of the more persistent, things do get your access today. Yourself, occasionally, and others may not worry if you're unsure you're best going to be at least channels to view online. The truth is this: Bakugou was the worst kind of bully, and Todoroki knows from growing up in constant, paralyzing fear of one.

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It's why Todoroki doesn't know how to do anything else with his face; why people say he's difficult to read; why he feels an impossible gratitude for Izuku, filling up all of his own oppressive silences. Todoroki hates bullies and he doesn't care that sometime during high school, Bakugou had begun to slough off the skin of his childhood cruelty into the jagged edges of his adult asshole form — Todoroki will never forgive him, and Bakugou's too smart to ever truly forgive himself.

And the inescapable drumbeat of rumors, the titillating gossip about Japan's most meteoric rising star and his 'childhood friend,' every headline, every hashtag, every time someone cuts together a seizure-inducing video to a Blackpink song and puts it up on TikTok, it's another razor sharp edge that should remind Bakugou exactly what he and Izuku aren't and can never be.

Izuku has known pretty much from the start that any attempt to leverage peer or social pressure to get Todoroki to do anything was an automatic no-go. For a lot of complicated and literally traumatic reasons, Todoroki's reflexive response to the application of force is to either disengage completely or fight back, immediately and with prejudice.

See: that time he was 15 and tried to throw down with the chief of police less than an hour after being sent for an MRI. Moreover, Todoroki has a near infinite ability to perform normalcy, unflinching, while enduring almost unimaginable anger and suffering, so there is literally nothing Izuku can do to beg, barter, or berate him into knocking it off.

Unfortunately, there's no convincing Bakugou. Izuku launches off of a balcony — behind the closed sliding doors, a little girl waves, starry-eyed, and he waves back on his way off the ledge — toward the center of the melee, where Bakugou's finally maneuvered the lead villain to a half-built playground.

No civilians, low likelihood of property damage, and plenty of space for a punch out. Bakugou might be an obnoxious jerk but he's still annoyingly good at his job. On the local news, later that night, there's a little clip from when the remote crew had finally caught up to Izuku's leg of the fight.

It's of him and Bakugou working together to close quirk neutralizing cuffs around the villain's hands and feet. The 30 second clip ends on a still frame of Izuku laughing at something Bakugou had said, rosy cheeked from the fight with the flaming June sunset behind them, while Bakugou is caught in a rare, unfiltered smile.

It looks romantic as fuck. She's got cat eyes and blinks them in rapid-fire confusion. Izuku's so tired from fighting dumb villains and trying to keep Bakugou from giving him any first degree burns or rabies it's all he can do to put his head back down on the table. The waitress refuses to make eye contact with either of them throughout the meal, but after Todoroki leaves first to make a detour at the Family Mart down the block and Izuku is finished paying, she meets him at the door to blurt out: "Um — um!

I just want to say! Keep fighting, Deku-san!

For your — for you and Ground Zero! We support you! Two months before UA graduation, Edgeshot had showed up during a practical training session, informed Bakugou he was a nasty little shit who still owed him after the entire League of Villains kidnapping debacle and said he was taking it out of Bakugou in work.

The subsequent fight had been spectacular; three training drones and a yoga mat had died as a result of friendly fire, and eventually Todoroki had been recruited to do a controlled burn in the practice field so the sparks didn't accidentally light up any of the UA outbuildings. It was probably the only kind of job interview that would ever make sense for Bakugou. Meanwhile, Todoroki waited until his father had told at least two national newspapers, several cable programs, and made a LinkedIn post about his son joining the Endeavor Hero Agency to carry on the family legacy before announcing he was signing on to sidekick for Gang Orca.

It's an honor to have been accepted for a role with the Wavebreaker Agency, and I look forward to continuing to learn from Gang Orca and the entire team in time.

Gang Orca's agency is massive, sprawling, with franchises in most major Japanese metropolises and at least two outposts in the EU.

His sidekicks are arranged by tiers of seniority and merit, and in total number in the hundreds, all of them with quirks that lean toward the elemental: fire, wind, the ability to roil the earth below.

Izuku had nodded and squeezed Todoroki's hand — the cool one — because marking Todoroki's emotional revelations with anything more than a passing acknowledgement was a guarantee he'd close up shop again. It's not a choice I feel bad about. Todoroki had made his cool, rich boy noise — tch — but he'd been smiling, and then he'd been smiling against Izuku's mouth, so between that and the ultra rare FatGum model Izuku snagged that day, he had no complaints.

This is in direct contrast to Bakugou, who had signed a contract with Edgeshot's ultra-exclusive five-person team before realizing that Bullseye Co.

There was also an informal reciprocity arrangement between the two agencies, about which Bakugou would have numerous complaints that ranged from having to hang out with shitty Whale Guy, shitty Half and Half, shitty General Losers, and shitty Edgeshot, who'd tricked him into taking the job.

Bakugou still goes to bed by every night when he's not on patrol, and ever since he started living on his own, he's adopted a Live, Laugh, Love level of douchebag gym rat minimalism that extends to a meticulously designed diet adjusted seasonally to ensure he's hitting all his macros and gains. Izuku, who's on radio coordination at home base in the AMA control room while babysitting the new joiners, mutes his line and says, "Oh boy.

Their friendship has been upsetting and confusing since they were in UA and shows no signs of tempering over time. There's an inarticulate noise of rage over the comms, and at this point, all the interns and the new recruits observing coordination duty have gathered around Izuku's station, starry and overwhelmed.

People — inexplicably — love Bakugou, but they love listening to people talk shit about him even more. She's wearing a Ground Zero enamel pin on the lapel of her suit jacket. One of the rookies, the one who keeps Red Riot cheesecake photos inside his work locker, chokes out, "What?

Over the course of years, Izuku's managed — through experience, age, and abundant cognitive behavioral therapy — to rein in the worst excesses of his crippling anxiety. Izuku's used to worrying about not having a quirk, and then having a quirk and not knowing how to use it without exploding his bones, and then being scared because Recovery Girl was disappointed in him.

He's used to panicking because it was cold and damp outside and All Might was meeting him for lunch without wearing a hat, or running through the infinite potential trajectories of fights he sees Todoroki in the middle of while Izuku's stuck watching on television. But it's been years since he had to contend with toxic second-guessing when it comes to his relationship with Todoroki, who — and this is not a criticism — has the emotional range of a Magic 8 Ball and the acting chops of an Instagram model.

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Only now, Izuku wants to trap Todoroki in their kitchen for what will likely be an ugly crying on his side and very uncomfortable on Todoroki's side emotional conversation.

He wants to kiss the rough skin of Todoroki's scar and hear Todoroki promise over and over that of course he knows Izuku isn't ashamed of him.

He wants to be a clingy mess for 24 hours, to cook all of Todoroki's favorite food and do that thing that's completely degrading but that Todoroki likes until Izuku is sure he believes that Todoroki believes. Fortunately for Todoroki, he's on a 72 hour shift; unfortunately for Sero, he is not. Sero had also put Todoroki at, "I'd fuck you sober, bro," and Todoroki had said, "Thank you," with all evidence of sincerity. Sero covers his face. Izuku can feel himself starting to tear up.

When was the last time Todoroki had a normal boy feeling about any normal boy thing? But while that's true, it's also not inaccurate to say that outside of a targeted selection of people and things that fall within his scope of interest, Todoroki is unbelievably disinterested in what anybody thinks about him.

Izuku walks home, hands tucked into the pockets of his coat and threading into and out of chattering crowds of students still in their uniforms, people in their business suits rushing home for dinner. It's late September, and there's an unexpected cold snap: the city smelling sharp with the promise of rain. Any day now, the weather will properly turn, and he and Todoroki will visit Izuku's mom on one weekend to make sure all of her heating is in proper order and Todoroki's mom the next to make sure the roof of her little house in the countryside is holding up against the seasons.

There will be the annual 3-A Christmas blowout in the two-story top floor penthouse Yaomomo shares with Jirou and their twin toy poodles, and someone will inevitably find Bakugou asleep under a pile of coats in a guest room long before the clock strikes 10 p.

Villains will probably keep trying to stir up trouble, and Izuku will keep stopping them; All Might will meet him for lunch every Thursday.

Through all of it, the steady, ceaseless metronome tick of Todoroki will be there: first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He'll do all of the laundry and remember to pay all of the bills, and he'll eat everything Izuku cooks, even if it's burned.

On the contrary, the majority of the tribes had their own individual traditions as to how the sun came into existence.

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They agree, however, for the most part, in ascribing to the world a state of darkness or semi-darkness before the sun was manufactured, or found, and placed in the sky. The great tribes of the North-west coast believe that the Raven, who was their supreme deity, found the sun one day quite accidentally, and, realising its value to man, placed it in the heavens where it has been ever since. According to the Yuma Indian tradition, their great god Tuchaipa created the world and then the moon.

Perceiving that its light was insufficient for man's needs, he made a larger and a brighter orb, the sun, which provided the requisite amount of light.

The Kootenays believed that the sun was created by the coyote, or chicken hawk, out of a ball of grease, but the Cherokee myth that related to the creation of the sun was more elaborate, and seems to imply that the Deluge myth was known to them. It was too hot this way, and the Red Crawfish had his shell scorched a bright red so that his meat was spoiled, and the Cherokee do not eat it.

The conjurers then put the sun another handbreadth higher in the air, but it was still too hot. They raised it another time, and another until it was seven handbreadths high, and just under the sky arch, then it was right and they left it so.

Every day the sun goes along under this arch and returns at night on the upper side to the starting place. Strangely enough, although it can be nothing but a coincidence, the nebular hypothesis of modern science predicates that the solar system resulted from the gradual contraction of a nebula.She's wearing a Ground Zero enamel pin on the lapel of her suit jacket.

Most Liked. If they asked? Moreover, Todoroki has a near infinite ability to perform normalcy, unflinching, while enduring almost unimaginable anger and suffering, so there is literally nothing Izuku can do to beg, barter, or berate him into knocking it off. Fall of Giants: Golden Son: The Racketeer:

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