GHOSTS OF ONYX The author and publisher have provided this e-book to you without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied so. GHOSTS OF ONYX. ERIC NYLUND. A TOM DOHERTY ASSOCIATES BOOK. NEW YORK. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx Books by Eric S. Nylund. Continuing the saga of the award- winning Xbox™ game!The Spartan-II program has gone public. Tales of.

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Halo Download eBooks. Halo: The Fall of Reach · Eric S. Nylund. of 18, users Halo: Ghosts of Onyx · Eric S. Nylund. of 9, users. Further exploring the corners and characters of this rich and detailed universe, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx takes readers and gamers into the next front of humanity's. HALO has 94 entries in the series. 48 of 94 Next · cover image of Fractures: Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon (). cover image of Ghosts of Onyx.

This is exactly what Tom had trained for since he was six years old-years of drills and war games and schooling.

But that might not be enough. He heard the crunch of gravel under a boot.

He spun, rifle raised, and saw Lucy. The angular shifting camo pattern of the SPI armor was one part legionnaire mail, one part tactical body armor, and one part chameleon. Tom, however, recognized Lucy's short, careful gait. He made the two-fingers-over-faceplate gesture, the age-old silenced Spartan welcome. She gave him the slightest of nods. Tom handed her a Jackal shield unit and two plasma grenades. Adam arrived next, and Min ten seconds after that.

When all their appropriated shields were in place, Tom gave Team Foxtrot a series of quick, sharp hand gestures, ordering them to move ahead in a loose arc formation.

Stealthy, but fast. As he stood, thunder rumbled, fire flashed in the sky, and a shadow covered them-and vanished. Two teardrop-shaped Covenant Seraph fighters roared over their hiding spot.

A line of plasma erupted a hundred meters behind them-an inferno that billowed and blossomed straight toward his team.

Tom leapt to one side, activating his Jackal shield, holding it between him and the three-thousand-degree flames that would melt though his SPI armor like butter. The force field flared white from the radiation; his skin on his palms prickled with blisters.

The plasma passed. The air cooled. Covenant air support was already in play. That made the situation a hundred times worse.

All members of Team Foxtrot showed skyrocketing pulses and blood pressures. But they were all still green. All alive. He sprinted. Stealth was no longer an operational priority. Getting to the factory where they couldn't be strafed was all that mattered. Behind him, Lucy, Adam, and Min fell in line, covering the rough ground in long powerful strides at nearly thirty kilometers an hour. Covenant Seraphs on another attack run.

More than before.

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Tom glanced to either side and saw his comrades, hundreds of Spartans running across the broken ground. The dust from their charge filled the air and mingled with the smoke from the last plasma blasts. They fired. Missiles streaked into the atmosphere, leaving snaking trails of vapor.

The first bounced off an incoming Seraph's shield; the missile exploded, not damaging the craft, but buffeting it nonetheless into its wingman.

Both craft tumbled, lost fifty meters of altitude, and then recovered-but their leading edges scraped the ground, dissipating their weakened shields, and they spun end over end erupting into fiery pinwheels.

The two other missiles struck their targets, overloaded shields, leaving their target Seraphs covered in soot, but otherwise intact. Tom could see the Seraphs wave off their attack runs. A small victory. Tom slowed to a trot and watched as the remaining six Seraphs dipped and released their plasma charges, then pulled up, rolled, and vanished in the haze.

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Each charge of dropped plasma was a brilliant pinpoint that elongated into a lance of boiling sun-fueled sapphire. When they hit the ground, they exploded and fanned forward, propelled at three hundred kilometers an hour by momentum and thermal expansion. A wall of flame appeared on Tom's left, and it made the camo panels of his SPI armor shiver blue and white.

But he didn't move. He remained transfixed on the other five fires enveloping scores of Spartans. The plasma slowed, still boiling, and then the clouds cooled and thinned to a dull gray haze, leaving crackling glassed earth and bits of charred bone in its wake. Lucy sprinted past Tom. The sight of her snapped him back to action, and he ran. There'd be time for fear later.

And for revenge. When they blew this factory there'd be plenty of time for bloody revenge. Tom shifted his focus off his TACMAP on his helmet's faceplate and farther ahead to the primary target, now only five hundred meters distant.

From the center of the city-sized factory the blue glow was too intense to stare directly at, casting hard shadows in the web of pipes and the forest of smokestacks. The structure was a kilometer square with towers rising three hundred meters, perfect for snipers.

Tom forced himself to run faster, ahead of Lucy, Adam, and Min, darting from side to side. They understood and mimicked his evasive tactic. Plasma bolts exploded near his foot. He weaved back and forth through a hailstorm of high-angle trajectories.

His suspicions about snipers had been correct. He dodged, kept running, and squinted ahead at the edge of the factory. His faceplate automatically responded and zoomed to five-times magnification. There was another threat: And in the shadows, the arrogant eyes of a Covenant Elite in purple armor, staring straight back at him. Tom skidded to a halt, grabbed the sniper rifle slung on his back, and sighted through the scope.

He stilled his labored breathing.

Ghosts of Onyx

A plasma bolt sizzled near his shoulder, crackling the skin of his SPI armor, singeing his flesh, but he ignored the pain, irritated only that the shot had thrown him momentarily off target. He waited for the split second between the beats of his heart, and then squeezed the trigger.

The bullet's momentum spun the Elite around. The articulation of its neck armor exploded off the creature.

Tom shot once more, and caught it in the back. A splash of bright blue blood spattered the pipes. Jackals emerged from the shadows at the periphery of the factory, crawling out behind pipes and plasma tubes. There were hundreds of them.

And they all opened fire Tom rolled to the ground, flattening himself into a slight depression. Adam, Min, and Lucy dropped, as well, their assault rifles out in front of them, ready to fire. Plasma bolts and crystal shards crisscrossed over Tom's head-too many to dodge. The enemy didn't have to be able to see them.

All they had to do was fill every square centimeter of air with lethal projectiles. His team was pinned, easy picking for those Seraphs on their next pass. How had the Covenant mustered such a counterresponse so quickly?

If they had been detected earlier, their drop pods would have been vaporized en route. Unless they had had the extreme bad luck to get here when a capital ship had been docked at the factory. On the blind side? One of Lieutenant Commander Ambrose's first lessons echoed in Tom's head: Machines are easy to break. All other teams ready to move.

And the only cover was dead ahead in the factory. From the field six smears of vapor lanced forward to the factory. The M19 SAMs detonated on contact with pipes and plasmas conduits-exploding into clouds of black smoke and blue sparks. The enemy fire slowed. That was their opening. Tom rolled to his feet, and sprinted for the thickest smoke.

Team Foxtrot followed. Every other Spartan on the field charged as well, hundreds of half-camouflaged armored figures, running and firing at the dazed Jackals, appearing as a wave of ghost warriors, half liquid, half shadow, part mirage, part nightmare. It r This book would have worked in its own universe, but for some reason it was shoved into Halo. It reads like fan fiction.

No, this is the script of a hogwartian Japanese Anime.

Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

The worst part is how preachy the book gets. The main character hates aliens. This is understandable as her parents were killed by the alien empire that every non human was a member of. A 30 year war humans humans Those aliens almost wiped out humanity and would have if not for a schism among their leadership. But over and over our Molly is preached at and harrassed for her prejudice. But rather than have Molly interact with said aliens and over time learn for herself that maybe all aliens aren't murderous monsters the author has people literally sit out Molly down for a long lecture Am I really supposed to believe this?

Hitler and the Nazi's are still hated over 70 years later but no one would ever begrudge a holocaust survivor for being prejudiced against Nazi members.

But all these characters who fought and lost so much to and were nearly wiped out by the covenant are lecturing a war crimes victim about hating aliens who only recently defected because they were demoted.

This is not believable. Other ridiculous and impossible hijinks ensue that strain incredulity. At one point a couple of young teenagers are bullying an Elite. Not believable. Not only would the Elite even if one was a pacifist from a warrior culture not put up with it but this guy is the monster of their nightmares and their parents' nightmare when they were young.

Elites thst are naturally stronger than than the genetically enhanced Sparten II's While her planet is being glassed Molly is somehow conveniently saved my a main character, Johnson.

Molly is lectured by 3 main characters including Mendez and Lucy. Having a heart to heart with a civilian teenager. Lucy, the spartan3 who was so traumatized by watching hundreds of her comrades being torn apart by aliens that she spent years as a mute. All out of character. I don't mind the message of peace and love, just the vehicles and methods used to convey said message.

Murderous Aliens are somehow able to infiltrate Onyx that A main antagonist "Jul" is known to to have used not long before When molly doesn't return to school a frickin Spartan is sent to check up on herWatch Queue Queue.

The Human-Covenant war rages on as the alien juggernaut sweeps inexorably toward its final goal: A wall of flame appeared on Tom's left, and it made the camo panels of his SPI armor shiver blue and white. Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear. Halo Custom Edition.

He spun, rifle raised, and saw Lucy.

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