Metals & Engineering Training Package: Weld Using Gas Metal Arc Welding Process, . For this reason, gas welding and flame cutting fumes should. Oxy-fuel welding, commonly referred to as oxy welding or gas welding is a To be suitable for welding operations, a fuel gas, when burned with oxygen. for Gas Welding acetylene hose oxygen cylinder with pressure reducer welding rod oxygen hose welding nozzle welding torch acetylene cylinder with pressure.

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When the heating is provided by gas, naturally, the term used is “gas welding.” Oxyacetylene and oxy-MAPP (methylacetylenepropadiene) welding are two types. gas welding. 1. GAS WELDING; 2. Gas Welding • Gas welding is a welding process that melts and joins metals by heating them with a flame. Active Gas welding, Unit 6; Oxy-fuel cutting and Unit 7 Plasma arc cutting. In this unit you will be introduced to oxy-acetylene welding and the safety precautions.

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Production Engineering. April 16, February 15, Admin 6 Comments Fasteners , gas welding , liquid state welding , types , Welding. Sharing is Caring: Gas welding is a type of liquid state welding process in which fuel gases burns to generate heat.

Gas Welding: Advantages and Applications | Metallurgy

This heat is further used to melt interface surfaces of welding plates which are held together to form a joint. In this process, mostly oxy-acetylene gas is used as fuel gas.

This process can be done with or without help of filler material. If the filler material is used, it is fed directly into the weld area manually. Gas welding is a most important type of welding process. It is done by burning of fuel gases with the help of oxygen which forms a concentrated flame of high temperature.

This flame directly strikes the weld area and melts the weld surface and filler material. The melted part of welding plates diffused in one another and create a weld joint after cooling.

Gas Welding Report

This welding method can be used to join most of common metals used in daily life. Welding torches are most important part of gas welding. Both the fuel gas and oxygen at suitable pressure fed through hoses to the welding torch.

There are valves for each gas witch control the flow of gases inside the torch. Both gases mixed there and form a flammable mixture. These gases ignite to burn at the nozzle. The fire flame flow through nozzle and strikes at welding plates. The nozzle thickness depends on the size of the welding plates and material to be welded. For proper burning of fuel, appropriate amount of oxygen required.

This oxygen supplied by a oxygen cylinder. Mostly oxy acetylene gas is used for all general purpose of welding. Normally these cylinders have Maroon line to indicate it. The fuel gases passes through it.

Pressure regulator: Both oxygen and fuel gases are filled in cylinder at high pressure. These gases cannot use at this high pressure for welding work so a pressure regulator is used between flow.

Goggles and Gloves: These are use for safety purpose of welder. It protects eyes and hand from radiation and flame of fire.

Gas Welding : Principle, Working, Equipment, Application, Advantages and Disadvantages

Working: Gas welding process is quite simpler compare to arc welding. In this process all the equipment are connected carefully. The gas cylinder and oxygen cylinder connected to the welding torch through pressure regulators.

Now the regulate pressure of gas and oxygen supplied to the torch where they properly mixed. The flame is ignited by a striker.


Take care the tip of torch is pointing downward. Now the flame is controlled through valves situated in welding torch. The flame is set at natural flame or carburizing flame or oxidizing flame according to the welding condition.

Now the welding torch moved along the line where joint to be created. This will melt the interface part and join them permanently. Application: It is used to join thin metal plates. It can used to join both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Gas welding mostly used in fabrication of sheet metal. It is widely used in automobile and aircraft industries.There is about kPa psi pressure in the tank when full.

The adjustment knob of the regulator is sometimes roughly calibrated for pressure, but an accurate setting requires observation of the gauge. Embeds 0 No embeds. This will melt the interface part and join them permanently.

Image Source: Actions Shares. It should not chemically react with the base metal. When the secondary reaction does not burn all of the reactants from the primary reaction, the welding processes produces large amounts of carbon monoxide, and it often does. This flame directly strikes the weld area and melts the weld surface and filler material.

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