"Bears comparison to the brightly illuminating fictional works of Ring Lardner and Jack London. FRIDAY. NIGHT LIGHTS is a book about lust and longing. Hear Bissinger discuss the book and more on the Longform Podcast. And in less than two weeks, on the first Friday night in September, the march to state—to . Buzz Bissinger is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of four books, including the New York Times bestseller 3 Nights in August and Friday Night Lights.

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Friday Night Lights A Town, a Team, and a Dream. Home · Friday Night Lights Dream of a Spring Night · Read more Friday - Robert A Heinlein. Read more. Return once again to the timeless account of the Permian Panthers of Odessa-- the winningest high-school football team in Texas history. Odessa is not known to . A high school quarterback prepares for a big football game in this excerpt from Friday Night Lights, a book based on a true story that chronicles a season of the.

The author of the highly acclaimed A Prayer for the City, he has written for the tele We want your feedback! Click here.

Bissinger ebook. Return once again to the timeless account of the Permian Panthers of Odessa--the winningest high-school football team in Texas history. Odessa is not known to be a town big on dreams, but the Panthers help keep the hopes and dreams of this small, dusty town going.

They had come dressed up for the event, not in black tie or anything outlandish like that, but in Permian Panther black—black caps, black shirts, black pants, black jackets. They cheered for Ivory Christian, the hulking middle linebacker who preached on Sundays. They cheered for Brian Chavez, the tight end who was as good in the classroom as he was on the field.

They cheered for Mike Winchell, the painfully shy quarterback who hated crowds.

Of all the players on the team, he was the one most destined to be a star. Fullback James Boobie Miles ran with flair, and at six feet and pounds, he looked imposing in a football uniform. But it was something extra that made him a blue-chip college prospect, a kind of inextinguishable fire that burned within him, a feeling that no one on the field, no one, was as good as he was.

A person like me can't be stopped. If I put it in my mind, they can't stop me See if I can get a first down.

Keep pumping my legs up, spin out of it, go for a touchdown, go as far as I can. That was how it was when Boobie got the ball and tucked it under his arm.

It was a magical feeling. As local real estate agent and loyal Permian booster Bob Rutherford put it, echoing the sentiments of thousands: For 65 years, since the discovery of oil in West Texas, Odessa had been caught up in the unstable cycle of boom and bust. It had become a town of transients, a place to go to make money when the boom was on and then to leave as quickly as possible when the bust inevitably set in. There wasn't much else to entice a person to stay.

Situated miles west of Dallas, Odessa was—even to those who lived in it—unusually ugly: Larry McMurtry, in his novel Texasville, called Odessa the "worst town on earth. The magazine Psychology Today , in a ranking of U.

But from the s through the '80s, whatever Odessa had lacked, it had always had high school football. They get kicked around on the social fabric. They get kicked around on the terrain—it is flat and has no trees. But they sure play great football. In , as story after story in the Odessa News heralded new strikes in the oil fields, the only non-oil-related activity that regularly made the front page was the exploits of the Odessa High Yellowjackets.

In , when the population of Ector County was about 30,, Fly Field in Odessa was routinely crammed with 13, fans, many of whom saw nothing odd about waiting in line all night to get tickets to a football game.

In the '60s and '70s and '80s, after the tradition of great high school football was transferred from Odessa High to Permian, people didn't just wait all night for tickets; sometimes they waited two days. Among the devoted was Ken Scates, who in refused painkillers after heart surgery in Houston so he could stay awake to receive regular phone updates on the score of Permian's game with archrival Midland Lee.

Then there was Carl Garlington, who spent hours poring over microfilm of old newspapers at the Odessa public library to prepare a book that contained individual and team statistics for each game that Permian had played since it opened in And there was Beverli Everett, who in her divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Eddie Echols, had it spelled out that she would get two Permian season tickets and he would get two.

And there was retired grocery store executive Jim Lewallen, who said that Permian football "is just something that keeps me goin'. It helps you survive all this sand, the wind, the heat. I wouldn't live any other place.

Such devotion helped create one of the most successful sports dynasties in America. From to , the Permian Panthers won four state championships, went to the state finals a record eight times and made the Texas high school playoffs 15 times.

Over that time span their worst season record was Expectations were high every year, and in they were, if possible, even higher. The Associated Press, in its preseason predictions, had chosen Permian to win the state title.

See a Problem?

There were many reasons to think that it would. The team was loaded with returning starters. But there was one reason in particular.


Then he gave the answer. There was always something special about him, even the way he was born, on April 16, , en route to St. Luke's Hospital in Houston with a police escort.

Boobie lived with his parents until he was three, when his mother left him with his maternal grandmother in Houston, went off to Oklahoma and never returned to get him.

When he was about five, Boobie went to live with his father, James Sr. He was working two jobs, as a truck driver and printing-plant laborer, and Boobie spent a great deal of time alone. Later, his father started seeing a woman who, Boobie claims, physically harmed him.

One day when he was seven he went to school, and officials there, believing he had been abused, would not let him return home. He was placed in a foster home in the Houston area, and eight months later he was put in the care of his uncle L.

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Miles in Odessa. Their first year together was not easy, and L. He found it when he asked Boobie if he wanted to play on the Vikings, the Pop Warner football team that L.

V had not played football in high school because in his hometown, Crane, only the white school had a team. But he had played two years in the Marines and one in college.

Through football, L.

Ruby worked for a department store in the mall. From the spring through the early fall of '88, college recruiters wrote Boobie. Some sent glossy football programs, while some favored personalized Mailgrams. But all of them gushed and fawned, and it was impossible not to be blinded by them:. The Houston Cougar football staff has been putting together the top list of high school senior football players in Texas Booby [sic], we feel that you are one of these few select players You had an outstanding junior year at Permian and I am sure your senior year will be even better.

You are in a situation that many young athletes dream about We are in New York preparing for the Kickoff Classic and enjoying the sights. Good luck in your first game. Looking forward to watching you play later this season Most people who met Boobie agreed that he was one of those kids for whom the game of football had become as indispensable as a part of the body.

Taking it away from him would have been like amputating a leg. Some in town wondered what might happen to him if he had to stop playing.

They saw something dangerous in this, because Boobie's role as a black star in a white-dominated town was a precarious one. It was only in , after a bitter fight in federal court, that the schools in Odessa had been truly desegregated.

The school was closed as a means of achieving desegregation, and its students were distributed between the town's remaining two high schools, Odessa and Permian. Most whites had never had much use for Ector. The less heard about the Southside the better. But with Ector's closing, whites suddenly began to see enormous value in some of the school's black students. It had nothing to do with their academic potential.

It had everything to do with football potential. There was remarkable interest in which school, Permian or Odessa, would get the greater number of black students, and thereby the greater number of black football players.

In the end, the curious zigs and zags of the boundary line between the two school districts gave Permian a clear edge over Odessa High. I think it clouded their vision. We spent more time talking about the athletic program than the curriculum.

As a result of this desegregation, football became the one arena in town where blacks could be sure to gain acceptance.

It's the only place in Odessa where people interact at all with blacks. But once we get off the field we're not equal.

It was because of this that some in town worried about Boobie. Others, all of them white, didn't worry about him at all. Without the ability to run with a football, they gleefully suggested, Boobie might as well get a broom and start preparing for his other destiny in life—sweeping the corners of storerooms. I bought a lot of boots. I bought stiletto boots. I bought leather jackets. I had over leather jackets, and probably close to pairs of leather pants. I mean, in your lifetime you probably can't wear all that stuff.

On how the leather addiction is a sex addiction Leather has become kind of a sexual icon to me. The reason why?

I became obsessed with it at a very young age. I had a difficult relationship with my mother, who always wore leather gloves. There was a teacher in kindergarten who wore leather gloves and thought I was stupid, so I fixated on that.

I don't know. But I fixated and I tried to repress it. And I did not wear a stitch of leather until I was 40 years old.

Friday Night Lights

I was very good at repressing things. And then I began when I was 40 and in my 50s it became completely out of control. It was a complicated sexual addiction — that was the diagnosis when I went into rehab I was playing around I didn't really care. On how his gender identity relates to Caitlyn Jenner, whom he profiled in Vanity Fair I think I do have some gender confusion, but actually, in doing the Vanity Fair piece on Caitlyn Jenner I learned a lot about transgender men and women and I learned about various psycho-sexual conditions, because I remember asking Caitlyn Jenner, "Do you get a sexual charge from wearing women's clothing?

For me I was born a woman, I happen to be in a man's body, so to speak, but I was born Caitlyn Jenner. For me it is related to a kind of sexual turn-on. Do I have gender confusion? Am I more open about this because I feel that we should gender-bend?Tonight at Ratliff Stadium, we're gonna stomp on Lee! He decided to let Boobie continue.

Friday night lights

Oh my God, how racist. In the movie, district play began in week 2. When Boobie got up he was limping and could barely put any pressure on the leg. Moore didn't mind the school's emphasis on football. There were many reasons to think that it would.

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