Feb 15, Download Cross Justice (Alex Cross) by James Patterson PDF, ePub, Mobi, eBook, Cross Justice PDF. Cross Justice: (Alex Cross 23) (Alex Cross series) by James Patterson. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Overview. The toughest cases hit closest to home. Alex Cross left his hometown, and some awful family tragedies, for a better life with Nana Mama in.

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Values-Based Practice Applying a values-based lens Class discussion One of the assertions that undergirds the CRSJ counselling model is that all counselling is values-based. We cannot escape our values; however, we can shape, evolve, and selectively express our values in the best interests of our clients. In many cultures, values are transmitted through storytelling.

In this exercise, a parable is introduced as a medium to help you to examine how values influence your work as multicultural counsellors.

Please read the parable carefully. Rosemary is a girl of about 21 years of age. The problem she faces is that between her and her betrothed lies a river. No ordinary river, mind you, but a deep, wide river infested with hungry crocodiles.

Rosemary ponders how she can cross the river. She thinks of a man she knows who has a boat. So, she approaches Sinbad, asking him to take her across. Her reunion with Geoffrey is warm. But on the evening before they are to be married, Rosemary feels compelled to tell Geoffrey how she succeeded in getting across the river.

Weeks, P. Pedersen, and R.

Brislin Eds. Use this Parable template to list the characters, starting with the name of the character whose behaviour you approve of the most through to the character whose behaviour you approve of the least.

Then, add 2—3 words each to describe the behaviours, attributes, and values that you associate with each character and that led you to assign your rankings. The parable is deliberately vague, so try not to self-censor. The point is to act upon your own assumptions and cultural lenses. Then, engage together in debriefing this activity.


You may choose any of the following prompts as a starting point for dialogue. Listening to the end of the news report, he could still hear Matteo's voice from that tragic afternoon: Roscoe wouldn't rest until Matteo Ginevra was behind bars. His attention was drawn to a teenage girl hurtling out of the front of the building. With no regard for her own safety, she ran through the airport traffic, slamming her hand against the hood of Roscoe's car.

Roscoe's driver jammed on his brakes and Roscoe was hurled forward against the cab's partition, only his outstretched arm breaking his fall. And then, almost instantly, the cab was hit from behind. Roscoe was tossed forward, his head crashing into the divide. He felt a pain rip through his right shoulder.

Roscoe turned to see two police officers exit the terminal building in pursuit of the girl. She can be beholden to me any time she likes,' he added, laughing to himself. The driver's last comment was lost on Roscoe, who was already opening his door. Car horns blared and frustrated drivers shouted at the stacked-up vehicles around them, as he ducked through the traffic in pursuit of the girl. He glanced behind to see the two police officers now with their weapons drawn.

With more snow now lying on the ground, he saw one of the officers take a Bambie-style slide across the road, his feet suddenly flying above his head. Car horns sounded with greater intensity in apparent celebration of the officer's undignified fall. The girl was running across the rail track that encircled the airport to ferry passengers from terminal to terminal.

Roscoe doubled his pace. Let me help you,' he shouted again.

The girl turned and looked over her shoulder. Roscoe could see genuine fear etched into her young face. But she did not stop. Instead he could only watch as the girl climbed the barrier that edged the elevated road so that she was standing precariously on the concrete ledge. Roscoe slowed to a stop. The girl was staring down at a hundred-foot drop below. Blinded by the snow, he moved closer. He could just see the girl's bleached-blonde hair, much of it tucked beneath a Chicago Bears cap, contrasting with her dark, Mediterranean skin.

She half turned to look at him and he caught sight of the desperation in her deep brown eyes. Quickly, she turned back and edged forward to the drop. Looking round, he could see the police officers quickly coming up behind him. Knowing they would only succeed in spooking the girl further, he turned and held up his hands, showing them he was unarmed.

The officers slowed and Roscoe turned back to the girl. She continued to balance perilously on the ledge, refusing to face Roscoe. With the girl standing on the very precipice he shouted again, frantically trying to make himself heard above the noise of another departing plane. Roscoe edged forward until he was standing directly behind her.

Car horns started to blare out once again. Even at six foot four inches and over two hundred pounds, catching hold of the girl as she was about to fall tore into the shoulder he had jarred when his cab had been hit from behind. Ignoring the pain and holding on to the girl, he set her down on the ground. Car horns rapidly sounded and voices cheered as watching airport passengers celebrated the rescue.

When she looked up at him he could see she was fighting back tears while she desperately tried to catch her breath. Seeing the two police officers approach, he once again raised his arms to show he was no threat.

As he did, he noticed his driver taking his bags from the trunk of the car and dumping them on the snow-covered sidewalk. I've got a living to make. I'm a retired cop,' Roscoe continued, having served fifteen years as a member of London's Metropolitan Police, 'and I thought I might be able to help get everything straightened out.

Cross the Line by James Patterson

Thank you for your intervention, but we're able to handle things just fine,' said the younger of the two officers, who Roscoe thought must be straight out of the academy. Is that responding accordingly? Now, please step back and return to your vehicle.

She reached up and touched his forehead. As Roscoe turned, the officers stepped forward and led Cal away. Another horn blared and Roscoe moved from the road.The scene Roscoe had discovered when he returned an hour later was one he could still see each time he closed his eyes. But on the evening before they are to be married, Rosemary feels compelled to tell Geoffrey how she succeeded in getting across the river.

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Both men were killed when the crane jammed and they fell fifty floors to the ground. While Roscoe had sat and eaten lunch by the river, an intoxicated Ginevra had returned to the construction site. As the car slowly made its way into the city's O'Hare Airport, Roscoe's mind drifted while he gazed through the window at the wintery scene. It was a moment's decision that had stayed with him every day for the next two years.

With the girl standing on the very precipice he shouted again, frantically trying to make himself heard above the noise of another departing plane.

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