Kristen Ashley - Unfinished Heroes 01 - KB. Kristen Ashley - Unfinished Heroes 02 - KB. Kristen Ashley - Unfinished Heroes . Way too young, eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor,. Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley Mystery Man . Read Creed read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Creed is a Romance novel by Kristen Ashley.

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Creed. Series: Unfinished Hero Series, Book 2. By Kristen Ashley. Adult Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html. First 5%. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kristen Ashley grew up in Indiana, but has lived in Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed. They have all my titles, including foreign translations! Knight. The Knight. View Title · Creed. View Title · Raid. View Title · Deacon. View Title · Sebring. View Title.

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Apoorva Singh pinned post 25 Oct Plzz can u get me epub of Knight by Kristen Ashley? Ade Feyin pinned post 15 May Please I need billionaire fake girlfriend part 2 and 3 by sierra rose. Sonja Salie. Did you perhaps find this books already? They plot to leave their lives behind, the town they live in that will hold them down and the histories they share that, unless they break free, will bury them. With Creed gone, Sylvie is forced to endure a nightmare and do the unspeakable to end it.

To deal, she develops a hard shell with sharp edges that very few can break through. So when Creed again finds his Sylvie, he discovers the girl he loved is locked away and he has to find his way back into her heart without getting shredded in the process. Create Widget. Unfinished Hero Series , Book 2 Category: English ISBN: About Kristen Ashley. Learn more about Kristen Ashley. Also in Series: Unfinished Hero Series. Also by This Author.

Readers of This Book Also Read. New to KA's novels. This book grabbed my attention from the start and couldn't stop reading Enjoyed the journey of both characters SM Craig reviewed on on March 27, Nikki GM reviewed on on Feb.

I loved it; it was unexpected, sad, funny and best of all HOT! Leah Burns reviewed on on Jan. Great story. Interesting characters. Sometimes hard to take but never the less one that will get read a few times over.

Natasha Burton reviewed on on Dec. I loved this book. One word comes to mind Although it bugs me a bit that they knew each others as kids, and then they got torn apart, only to come back into each others lifes Im not sure I'm into that type of thing Not one of my favorite KA's, but I certainly wouldn't have foregone reading.

So, I finished it. I did like the tension with Creed winning Sylvie over.

Jean Clark reviewed on on Nov. I was disappointed. It was all too melodramatic and the emotions too feminine in the male characters that I kept thinking about the plot rather than getting lost in it.

I should know better than to read a book with the plot line " boy meets girl and then breaks up for 10 years before gets back with her". I absolutely hate ALL books like this and have not read other Kristen books with the same theme. Virgo York reviewed on on Oct. Great book, definitely recommended. Sina Sena reviewed on on Oct. I did not care for this book that much, which is sad to say because I love this author.

I really did not like Sylvie at all, I felt like she was to "hard". To me it felt like there was something missing between Creed and Sylvie, not sure what it was, but did not really feel a "i can't live without you" connection. It is still a good book, and if you love Kristen its worth it to read.

Just not one of my top 10! A great read that focuses on both sides of the relationships and past and present. Another KA winner. Great story, great characters. I love KA books and can't wait for the next and the next. Ramona Nakashima reviewed on on Oct. Another great book by Kristen Ashley. If you are a KA fan you will not want to miss this book.

Denise Zbierski reviewed on on Oct. I can't get enough of Kristen Ashley's books!!! I love all of her series!!! Keep them coming!!!!!! Jennifer Dwallibee reviewed on on Oct. I really liked this book! Love all her books - can't wait for the next one! Foxylutely Books reviewed on on Oct. This is the second book of the Unfinished Hero series.

He promised her he would always be there for her, to love and cherish her, continue to give her peridot pendants on her birthdays for eternity. You wont' stay away and you won't let me go because, baby, you can't breathe without me. A woman who took all the shit that was given to her in life and as Knight said that she could have come to him 2 ways Thankfully to her strong personality she chose the strong one instead of an easy one.

I will miss this sweet but dark story of Creed and Sylvie. We're survivors.

We can carve out our pieces of happy, and, I swear to God, baby, right now, you got my vow, for you and for me, the rest of our lives, I'll bust my ass to carve our piece of happy.

Nothing like smut-ateers doing their thing and dissecting the books: View all 55 comments. Sylvie and Creed, both victims of bad parenting and awful childhoods, were about to run away together when she turned 18 when her father managed to separate them in the cruellest way. Sylvie now works for Knight Sebring and Creed is brought in on the case and they are thrown together and have to deal with their past.

So the story is told in the now and in the past as we get Sylvie and Creed now and then. Creed is very much a typical KA uber-alpa hero — he talks the talk and behaves pretty much as all her other heroes. The story is entirely Sylvie and Creed. They are working a case for Knight trying to find a mole in his operation but this plot line never really revs up and is resolved fairly quickly and quietly.

It became repetitive with Creed and Sylvie saying the same things over and over and having sex and her getting to know his kids. You could probably have skipped the second half of the book entirely and not miss anything.

For more of my reviews, please visit my Sinfully Sexy Book Blog View all 24 comments. May 21, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Her books completely beguile me every single time and this was certainly no exception.

Never mind that I had boxes to unpack or a gazillion other things to do because Creed simply demanded my full attention Creed and Sylvie are both broken and battered with horribly tragic pasts, but they find healing and forgiveness through their resilient, enduring, and unconquerable love for each other. Big 5 stars! Most sigh-worthy moments: The necklaces The view spoiler [proposal scene with roses on the bed hide spoiler ] The epilogue Minor criticisms: Creed naming his kids view spoiler [with another woman the same names that he and Sylvie had planned on hide spoiler ] made my heart break.

Talk about a hot poker to the chest! His reasoning was awful, twisted, beautiful, and tragic, and although things eventually worked out, it was still hard to take. After waiting so long for the flashback scene to reveal the moment that Sylvie view spoiler [finally lost her virginity to Creed hide spoiler ] , I was very disappointed that it faded to black.

View all 20 comments. This was just wow! There's a ton of reviews on this already so I'll just express my thoughts and feelings. So forgive me in advance for all the blabbering. Sylvie is in my top 5 favorite heriones! This was one bad chick!

She was rough, raw, real, dirty-talking, could hang with the guys, sort of gal. She was definitely an alpha-female, a lioness. And I loved her.


Life made her rough, but I love how through the story she softens up and allows love into her life. This story was so raw and edgy. Sylvie and Creed loved each other from a young age, but horrible circumstances pulled them apart for 16 years!

And yet their love never fizzled. This story touched my heart in ways I didn't think possible. The characters were all so solid and well rounded. I loved how Knight was apart of the story.

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And Creed He's my book-husband. He loved Sylvie with a consuming, passionate love and his devotion to her was beyond incredible. Words can't describe this alpha.

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He makes my heart go a-flutter. I don't know how KA does it, but she writes a mean epilogue! I was like this at the end of it: If I had to describe this story it would be this: Love can stand the test of time. View all 36 comments. Sylvie works for Knight protecting the girls in his stable.

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She keeps her life private and has only ever loved one man, Tucker Creed and she has loved him since she was 6 yrs old. Sylvie met Tucker Creed when she was six years old, she would run into the woods with her constant companion her dog Bootsie , she would run away from the ugliness at home. On one of her nighttime escapes she runs into eleven year old Tucker Creed whose home is just as ugly, they become friends and each others safe haven when Tucker tells Sylvie that they will take care of each other when the ugliness comes.

Eventually the fondness they have for one another turns into love and continues to grow with each year that passes.

Until her 18th birthday when he vanishes The story of their past and the mystery that kept them apart is revealed throughout the book. There were a couple of things that bothered me, like the fact that Creed never checked up on Sylvie, it was later explained and made complete sense but I still found it hard to get past. Creed moved on with his life, he married, he created a family, and eventually divorced because he was never in love with anyone other than Sylvie.

There is more to that story but you'll need to read about it and form your own opinions. Knight has a pretty substantial role in Sylvie's life, his relationship with Sylvie was amazingly heartwarming, and I loved seeing what the two of them shared. Creed is narrated by MacKenzie Cartwright who does a fantastic job!! Originally Read: September It's Kristen Ashley - need I say more?

View all 17 comments. Oh the angst! Oh the anguish! Oh the sex! A mildly suspenseful plot that had Sylvie and Creed both working together they're both PI's for Knight really just sort of fizzled and had some loose ends. While I did Oh the angst! While I did enjoy Creed immediately c'mon, who wouldn't! But I did eventually enjoy her and respect her. The book didn't flow so smoothly for me. And I hate to admit it, but half way through I found myself wondering "is anything going to happen in this book--they seem happy--now what?

It was sad and horribly painful those no good parents! I think that would've made even more of an impact.

I wanted to read what Creed did when he finally escaped from Sylvie's rotten father. Did he ever try to look for her? Or did he believe that 'promise' he made? And why didn't he look for her years later, if he was so obsessed? Sylvie and Creed I did enjoy seeing Knight! And while I thought the sexual relationship between Sylvie and Creed was flamin' hot , dare I say that maybe there was a bit too much of a good thing?

When I start thinking "maybe I'll skim over this" that isn't a good sign for me They were hot together But oh boy, that epilogue? Not my absolute favorite from this author, but still a must read for her fans. And any potential new fans--this can be read as a stand alone. View all 7 comments. Jul 11, KatLynne rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was enthralled as the story weaves back and forth in time, taking me from present day Colorado back into a small Kentucky town twenty eight years earlier.

There I met six year old Sylvie and eleven year old Tucker Creed. Through the hardships of their childhood, a deep abiding friendship blossoms. Creed becomes her protector and as the years go by this special relationship develops into a beautiful and unwavering love.

They both agreed they had to leave this town to escape the monsters that also lived there. For Sylvie, one was called Dad and the other was referred to as stepmonster. Creed had one too, and her name was Mom. So they plotted and planned, excited and looking forward to the day they could launch their future together. All packed, the meeting place and time arranged, the hope in their hearts is palpable.

She's devastated and overcome with shock and grief. The Creed I had come to know would never leave his Sylvie waiting. She was his love, his heart, the very breath he needed to survive. The manner in which the author reveals his layers had me falling for him slowly, bit-by-bit up until my total surrender. The agony of living a life without Sylvie has left a man who merely exists. When circumstances once again change his life drastically, he steps up to the plate to do what is right.

We find Sylvie in Colorado doing work for Knight Sebring. She takes no crap and is capable of taking care of herself in almost every way. Her background of horror is overwhelming, leaving in its wake a determination I admired. Kristen Ashley has once again given us a story that drew me in completely. I easily became submerged into the life of this couple.

I felt their joy and hope as they made plans for a future together and then the despair and desolation when separated. The hardships they endured as children and the incredible pain they each suffered as adults brought me into their darkness. With everything shattered, we get to see how life has molded each of them. Their love conquered the demons and we are given an emotional, heartbreaking yet triumphant love story.

The epilogue is right up there among her other greats and the small inclusion of Hawk made my day! In all the world, there is no love for you like mine. Mia Angelo View all 38 comments. So as I started this book, I thought that I wasn't going to like it. I heard KA say that she almost called the book Sylvie and I get why. I loved that she was an ass kicker.

I loved the parallel stories of Sylvie and Creed in childhood versus Sylvie and Creed present day. I loved the necklaces. I loved the epilogue, KA is a badass when it comes to epilogue-ing!

The story built in a very unusual way for KA and it was a departure, but one that I loved! Now- on to the sex. Could someone explain to m So as I started this book, I thought that I wasn't going to like it. Could someone explain to me view spoiler [ about the oiled up anal sex scene on the couch between Creed and Sylvie? Her knees on the back of the couch, her hands in the cushions.

He asks her to spread wide. So is Kit writing that the couch is freestanding and not against a wall, I'm assuming? Is the couch back low? The geometry doesn't seem to add up. Sylvie is 5'2 and Creed a foot taller. Then, while in that position she was asked to rub her clit. This sounds like a health club boot camp to me. Pelvis and knees on the back of the couch, one hand on the cushions, holding your weight and one hand at your clit?

That's some military drills, if you ask me! I read that scene like a cocker spaniel hearing a dog whistle. Anyone else feel that way? I loved the book! Definate recommended read. View all 35 comments. Jun 04, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's madness!

Love Sylvie and Creed, reading this again made me realize I forgot how badass Sylvie was - one of my favorite kickass heroines ;. View all 6 comments. Sep 25, Choko rated it liked it Shelves: Another week, another macho alpha The circumstances of their childhoods were as rough and hostile as they could get, so thank goodness 6 year old Sylvie and her fateful pup were able to meat the 11 year old Creed one evening close to a lake and a pier He was her Knight is a shining armor then and he was who kept her sane through the years of her growing up, but he was not there to protect her once she became 18 and Sylvie felt betrayed She did not see him for the next 16 years and by that point had found ways to become a tough, self-reliant, strong woman, who had developed some very unhealthy habits in order to deal with her past And apart from the heart of gold she has reserved for the few in her circle of friends, Sylvie is low on virtues Actually, I didn't have many virtues but patience definitely wasn't one of them.

He created a life, love and lost since, but she was always the one his soul yearned for. The Sylvie with the smart mouth, habit of bossing and one night stands, a big attitude and a big gun, this Sylvie was not the one he remembered from their youth. But there are the moments when his Sylvie shone through, and he knew she had a hold of his heart just as back in those far away days And he is willing to be patient and do anything he could possibly do in order to give them another chance.

But this alpha male, gorgeous and gentle, is not giving up and maybe this is what will give her the peace she has craved for a long long time I get you. I made the diplomatic decision not to look. Overall, it was a pleasant read, but apart from the story of their love, the plot was just so-so She tends to set us up with drama and we get all prepared for big show-downs, than everything seems to get resolved as an afterthought and you are left a bit cheated by the resolutions So, not much of a closer here We got to see Knight and his woman, as well as some positive light on Nick Sebring KA does follow-up on characters great, almost as great as she writes children!!!

And as always, we got a long, very comprehensive Epilogue, which is usually where she gives us the most information and as such are my favorite parts of her books.

I wish you all happy reading and a beautiful Fall Weather!!! View all 5 comments. He was also a great dad to his kids.

Not ever. View all 10 comments. Every freaking book of hers has blown me away and left me wanting more!! Sure, there are Kristen Ashley stories that I like more than others, but that is based solely on the characters!! I am definitely addicted and I hope that I continue to be. I think it is a true sign of how AWESOME a writer is when you can continue to reread their books and it is like reading them for the first time and this always happens for me with her books. Kristen Ashley has a way of writing her characters unlike anything I have ever read.

And I am so happy to say that Creed is no different. Creed hit me with such an emotional punch that it had my heart aching through the journey between Sylvie and Creed's past and present.

I should have known better, Kristen has a way of totally making you hate the hero and then has the ability to make you fall totally head-over-heels in love with him. And, for me, this continued with Creed. He definitely is one of my favorites heroes of hers. Just absolutely loved him!!! And then there was Sylvie.

Definitely my favorite heroine of hers. Loved her!! Such tortured souls that I needed desperately to have their HEA together. Kristen just knocked me out with Sylvie and Creed and their story stayed with me long after I was finished. I was on an emotional roller coaster with this book and I was worn out by the end!!

But, oh, how I didn't want it to end!! I loved seeing Sylvie and Creed in the past, but I was biting my nails as Sylvie grew closer and closer to her 18th birthday!! Thank you, Kristen, for another book that took me to a world that I didn't want to leave and can't wait to return to!! Creed absolutely has a place in my keeper pile, right next to Knight, to be reread. Just hot Once again Ms. Ashley brought it home with the 2nd installment to this series. Yes this was us.. And when we finally got our Creed..

LOL so you get the idea. It was certainly well worth the wait I must say.

Creed (Unfinished Heroes #2) by Kristen Ashley [MU]

I truly enjoyed this one and could not be moved from my laptop. It took me a bit, but not too long to really become entralled with this story, though I was not sure how I was feeling about Sylvie. I like her. She's a strong cookie, but I wasn't sure how I was feeling overall about her purpose or place within this story.

And Creed, I was blown away and conflicted and eager to know why he and Sylvie suffered and was ultimately torn apart for so many years. I was suprised that we got to see alot more of Knight in this one than I thought we would. And there were a few heartfelt, heartwarming just OMG! I loved this. And I loved Anya in this as well. But ultimately Knight will always just leave me beside myself..

Which was a bummer for me cos this is what dominated the story for the 1st 11 or so chapters. And Knight's brother Nick??? WTHeck happened there? And Why? And of course the build up to what led to Creed being Sylvie's first was great, but when it actually happened I was like "Really? That's it? So there were things in this one that I felt needed to be a bit tighter within the story to give a little more balanced feel to it. But I do love their story. It was beautiful, it was frightening at times.

But over all just a beautiful, spiritual journey. And I loved it. The growth that you see happening with Sylvie as an individual and a woman in love, was done superbly I think. And the responsibility you see on Creed's shoulders, how he handles and tackles their demons and not just on his own, I thought shown through beautifully.

Another great installment. View all 30 comments. May 25, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it Shelves: Sophie and Creeds lost years and love story still resonate with me and I was glad to see a heroine suffering in a real way from PTSD and her sexual abuse. Not all girls just shut their legs and let no one in. Some go far in the other direction and use sex as a weapon almost. Great look into how people cope with trauma differently.

Who needs sleep? The heroes are more anti-heroes teetering on the line between good and bad.

Their jobs and tactics might be a bit questionable. There is also something a little guttural or less polished about the words they use, almost caveman like grunting at times. Then there is sex, sex and more sex a lot more than in Knight.I just love you, baby.

Unfinished Hero Series , Book 2 Category: And I loved Anya in this as well. I love Kristen Ashley and her characters are quirky, deep, and just so believable.

And Creed, I was blown away and conflicted and eager to know why he and Sylvie suffered and was ultimately torn apart for so many years. Kit, I am very sorry. I L-O-V-E stories where the H and H have known each other since they were kids and that they grew up loving one another. Jun 07, Mysza rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yes, it is emotional, yes it has a bit of suspense, yes it has great romance and yes, the love scenes are a bit spicier than the norm , but this is like an Epic Love Story!

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