CBR Reader - the most popular comic book reader. Informations. Windows 64 bits. Use this version on a Windows 64 bits computer only. You need this version if you want to see comics book thumbnails in the. Comic books as a medium seem tailor-made for tablets, even if the timeline The reader supports double-page views to best emulate comic.

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List of readers and viewers for CBZ and CBR documents on Windows. If you're looking for a comic book reader to use on your Windows 10 computer, read this guide to learn what are the best tools to install in All comic aficionados need a proper comic book reader for all digital copies available these days. Here's our list of top 5 comic book readers for.

Download this comic book viewer here. ComicRack is a free comic reader that offers customization options to view the pages.

It offers fast navigation, auto scrolling, auto rotation, multiscreen option and multitab. It supports both manga mode and western mode.

It also has a robust library that lets you group your favorite comics and sort them. It offers quick search and smart lists to manage your comics well.

You can edit comic, change the reading order and add additional information to the page. ComicRack enables you to adjust the color and sharpness of the comic pages.

It also converts your comics to the desired format and supports batch editing. Download ComicRack for Windows here. YACReader offers a simple way for reading your comics on Windows desktop.

Soda PDF Anywhere

The comic viewer can be easily customized to adjust image options like color and contrast. The reader automatically opens the comic page that was last opened while reading.

Manga Meeya is a simple comic book reader for Windows, and, as the name suggests, it is designed exclusively for manga style mode. However, it is still a great option to read comics in western style mode. It offers various viewing options to read multiple pages for both regular comics as well as manga comics.

Comix stopped development a few years back, and MComix has been updated with a few new tricks, bug fixes, and stability improvements. The reader was designed to handle sequential images in a simple interface that works really well for comic books. All of the pages run down the left side of the screen, and a large pane on the right shows you the current page. MComix is lightweight, free, open-source, and gets the job done.

5 best comic viewer software for Windows PC

Some package managers already include Comix, so installing it may be a terminal command away on your Linux system. Windows users can just fire up the installer and go. MComix was a pretty popular nominee, with a few of you highlighting the fact that it's the natural continuation of one of the best comic readers available, and it's a great image viewer for other types of files and folders as well.

Simple and lightweight, and multifunctional, so you can use it even when you're not reading comics. You can read more in its nomination thread here. The only Chome app in the roundup, Astonishing Comic Reader is actually cross-platform and works just about everywhere Chrome does.

There's also a Windows 8 app , but those of you who nominated Astonishing Comic Reader specifically called out the Chrome app.

Astonishing Comic Reader also has an Android app , which also has Chromecast support so you can read your comics on virtually any screen, large or small. Plus, it's completely free, and ad-free.

Those of you who nominated Astonishing Comic Reader specifically highlighted the fact that it's ideal if you want to read comics on a computer where you can't install anything, like a work computer or you're using a locked-down account, but a Chrome extension is okay.


One of you specifically mentioned that you carry your comics on a USB drive and like to read at work, but can't install a heavier comic reader. You also mentioned that both apps remember your place, and can open comics stored in cloud storage services or on local media. Read more praise in its nomination thread.

6 great comic book readers for Windows 10 users [UPDATED LIST]

MangaMeeya hasn't been updated in a while, but it's still a great option for Windows users looking for a great comic reader. The reader is and has been maintained by fans at Manga Underground, although its origins are a little mysterious.

Regardless of where the original utility was born, the program works especially well for manga fans, who often have to deal with translation notes and often read from right to left the way the original manga is published.

That isn't to imply that MangaMeeya is only good for manga. The app is a great comic reader and image viewer for all images, and allows you to read multiple pages at once, customize key commands to browse images, and works just fine as a sequential image viewer even if you're not reading comics or manga.

In its nomination thread, some of you noted that MangaMeeya is super-fast, super-lightweight, and runs on just about anything you throw it on. However, Icecream Ebook Reader does not include a rotate tool. Nonetheless, basic functions work as expected such as single, double-page, full-screen reading; and zoom, first, previous, next and last page navigation.

6 great comic book readers for Windows 10 users [UPDATED LIST]

While Sumatra PDF is not a dedicated comic viewer nor does it support a wide variety of file formats, it still ranks among the best comic readers today for its open source architecture and adware-free nature. Plus, the tool is compact and includes a portable version. Sumatra PDF also includes various viewing and browsing options like zoom, rotate, book mode, full screen.

ComicRack is a popular comic viewer for Windows, complete with features including multiple views formats, user definable Keyboard shortcuts, and thumbnail generation with customization.

The app sports a three-paned interface that you can customize to navigate through files and folders inside the program, browse your comics in a single pane, and read pages in another. The app also supports full-screen reading for a more immersive view.


Other features of the app are as follows:. Despite delays in its updates, MangaMeeya still looks great for fans at Manga Underground. The app works well for manga comics, which require a great deal of translation and reading from right to left.

On top of manga comics, the app is also optimized as a comic reader and image viewer for all images. It also lets you read multiple pages at once, browse images by customizing key commands, and functions well as a sequential image viewer.

Comic Seer is a comic reader that supports various platforms including Windows and Linux.Full screen reading mode with two page display, various zoom modes, auto rotation for tablet PCs , etc. While reading traditional paper comics is always fun, we may have to forgo the physical copies to the digital comic to avoid the mess. ComicRack also has an intuitive multi-tab UI. Reading comic books is something that everyone enjoys. This can come in handy as it saves you opening the comics again each time you restart the software.

MComix also gives users multiple comic views such as double-page, fit image to window or manual zoom modes. These are transition effects displayed when you scroll through cover thumbnails as in the snapshot below. Image tools to enhance pictures with, bookmark support and customizable slideshows are a few more of the great things MComix includes. Emmanuel Johnson.

The app supports and can export almost any comic book file, and also supports image viewing through ZIP, RAR, and 7z archives so you don't have to unpack them first.

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