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available like a absolutely free, downloadable pdf. la maison des feuilles by mark z danielewski casa di foglie by mark z. danielewski das haus by mark z. Readers' questions about Casa di foglie. 30 questions answered. Casa di foglie book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Un libro-labirinto, a metà strada tra horror e thriller psicologi.

I often felt my brain would combust. One of my old English professors in college said that a poem is a piece of writing where it matters what is the first word in each line. But it is clear from the circumstances of his death and coglie intriguing experiences danielewskki Mr. The old man, Zampano, who was blind, left some of his work in a trunk and some of it on half-burned papers around the apartment.

The writing methods used were brilliant. Shipping to the US is rather expensive! February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Holloway is presented as the consummate outdoorsman: I was less enamoured with the footnotes and the appendix and the coded letters.

Very engaging and surreal, meta-fiction to the letter. Revisiting houseofleaves danielewski 14 1 9: Just like the book is not containted in itself, and is composed of quotations, other accounts and records. It is an excellent platform for discussion on influence, interpretation and meaning, and literary and structutal tradition. To think about what it means to track allusions in a novel.

Literature as an art and history depends on us being able to do something with these allusions, have something to say about them - how we, as readers, make sense of them when we're looking at the evolution of the art form. This is why studies of literature consist also of historical and cultural studies, and students read from a historical range of works which represent major historical periods and movements, and have to learn, acknowledge and understand the literary tradition.

Novels depend on novels written before them; this one is just a bit more virtuosic representation of this fact. And the funniest thing I left right for the end - because of its crazy layout the book is smaller on the inside than it appears from the outside. Get it? Hats off! Meanwhile, you can check out the nice and condensed version and analysis at the same time: Torching Leaves This is a long review. I declare that I have oficially ran out of words that Goodrea View all 50 comments.

My first introduction to House of Leaves was a list of top Horror books in which, along with a few others, I promptly added to my trusty cell phone book list. On my next trip to the book store I came across the book and, as is my habit, I carried it, along with an armload of others, to a nearby chair and started to skim my selections.

If you haven't already, skim through the book the next time you see My first introduction to House of Leaves was a list of top Horror books in which, along with a few others, I promptly added to my trusty cell phone book list.

If you haven't already, skim through the book the next time you see it and you'll understand my reaction. Well, you know the old cliche about curiosity killing the cat. It seemed like every time I went to the book store I would run into House of Leaves and it was like coming upon an accident and telling yourself you are not going to slow down and look but are unable to help yourself.

I started checking out reviews again and finally decided I had to read it. And now that I have, I am reminded of another cliche I often see on Goodreads.

Sorry if I burst any bubbles but the story is a work of fiction; a very jumbled, mind fucking, yet entertaining, work of fiction. Actually, for someone like me who would probably be diagnosed with ADD, someone who reads 10 pages of 1 book, then switches and reads 20 pages from another, then watches 15 minutes of one of my multitude of recorded DVR shows, then scrolls through Goodreads, then reads What was I saying?

Oh, yeah, House of Leaves.

Well, it turns out because of the way the book is formatted, it was a perfect read for me And now that I think about it, I should have just turned the damn book upside down! It would have saved me a kink in my neck. There were times when I had to read it side to side, upside down, diagonal, and inside out. And further help to the ADD in ME was the fact that this was a story within a story with footnotes within footnotes.

I'm enjoying this review, and no folks, I'm not on acid The heart of the overall story is about a house that There are some moments that make the book being a great horror, understandable.

And other than the family who owns the house and live through an experience that would twist the the most stable of minds, there is another dark hallway of mystery concerning a young man who found the manuscript in a truck hidden away in an apartment he rented.

On the outside, House of Leaves is intimidating in its mass, but considering there are pages after pages within that contain a single word or sentence, the book is really not nearly as massive as it seems.

For a book that brought a O, hell no. Now that I have seen the madness, the twists, and know the story, I would be interested to give it another go. I'm not going to bother recommending this book to anyone. Take what I have said with a grain of salt, and make your own decision whether to want to dive in to this one. And remember, you can just turn the book upside down View all 33 comments.

Footnote lovers, Non-linear style lovers, Blair Witch Project lovers. For some reason, the house expands and contracts, but only on the inside. My review is going to suck. If you want to read a good review, click here: If you want to read my review, please continue. When I first started reading House of Leaves , I had nightmares of being trapped inside of creepy houses.

I thought if the dreams kept up I would have to stop reading the book, but they stopped after two nights. I'd watch all manner of horror movies, but the house movies scared me the most. I guess because of all places, we're supposed to feel safe in our homes. You strain to hear anything, but all you can hear is the silence. I did with this one. Many times I suddenly became aware I was clutching the book. View all 26 comments. Little solace comes to those who grieve when thoughts keep drifting as walls keep shifting and this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves moments before the wind.

Experimental meta-horror best entered with a blank slate. An experience that absorbed me like the house. I'm also at a disadvantage because I'm reviewing the book nearly two weeks after I've read it I don't like to do this, because my memory of details is usually best right after reading a novel.

But I had no choice as my computer was out of commission for nearly a month. Read Physical Book Unusally for me, I read the actual physical book via the wonders of inter-library loan.

There are no audio versions and I couldn't find a digital one. Besides, with all the visual stuff hereblank pages, upside down type, collages, illustrations, etc. There are lots of layers of meta. In addition, there are the comments mostly in Zampano's footnotes of various academics, shrinks, and critics pertaining to "The Navidson Report".

This film includes interviews with various folks, such as a psychiatrist, a structural engineer, a computer scientist, Camille Paglia, the feminist critic, novelists Anne Rice and Stephen King, critic Harold Bloom, Steve Wozniak, Jacques Derrida, Hunter Thompson himself: These are quite humorous at times. And I'm not sure if all of these people actually exist, although most do. Everyone hits on poor Karen she is an ex fashion model , including Paglia.

Bloom comes across pretentious, the shrink ends with "More importantly Karen, what does it mean to you? In an attempt to save their failing relationship, Karen, her partner, Pulitzer prize winning photographer, Will Navidson, and their two children, Chad and Daisy, move into the house. But the house, which has a mind of its own, starts exhibiting all kinds of weird behavior, including the appearance and disappearance.

There are a number of deaths, near deaths, and injuries in this entire process. Zampano Meanwhile, the one-named Zampano, a blind old man, who lives in a tiny squalid apartment in L. Johnny Truant Johnny Truant becomes obsessed with piecing together the sections of the book in a coherent way, translating various segments that are in foreign languages, etc.

One of the book's many appendices, II. Pelafina idolizes Johnny and elevates him to god-like status.

The fear engendered by the whole thing seeps into Johnny rendering him paranoid and agoraphobic, unable to even leave his apartment to go to work. He loses his job, of course.

Johnny becomes an increasingly unreliable narrator as his mental health deteriorates. He even wonders--not without reason--if he's inherited his mother's mental illness. Although most of his observations seem realistic, there are those here and there, which are questionable including the notes on Zampano's stuff which "Ed.

Some of these lapses are inadvertently humorous, as when Johnny--in footnote on page , makes fun of Zampano's ironic comment on Holloway leaving Jed to care for the wounded Wax. Zampano calls this, "Une solution politique honorable".

Johnny's comment entirely misses Zampano's irony, as well as the fact that Europeans are typically fluent in multiple languages. Johnny's footnote laments, ' "An honorable political solution"--and as usual, pretentious as all fuck. Why French? Why not English. It also doesn't make much sense. Nothing about Holloway's choice or Jed's request seems even remotely political'. Another example are footnotes through on page Truant says Zampano's got the wrong verse from Genesis, then the editor says that Truant has also got the wrong verse!

The book is filled with these layers of commentary upon commentary, much of it ironic or making fun of academia. There is also the whole tedious list of Johnny's sexual exploits and one night stands, which I began to wonder if Johnny had made up entirely, until he reports that one of his lovers, Heather interesting correspondance to his mother's name was on the radio talking about him, although of course he could have made this up too.

There's a whole episode in the footnotes where he goes and stays with doctor friends who nurse him back to health, and then claims he has no such friends and then contradicts himself about this later.

Johnny repudiates the Zampano book project, and even leaves LA to hit the road, but the book seems to have taken on a life of its own. Curiosities and Unanswered Questions There are all kinds of curiosities and unanswered questions.

Why is there a groove in the floor where Zampano died? Why did Zampano cross out all of his multiple references to the Minotaur? Presumably Karen's House is the Labyrinth, but who or what is the Minotaur? Is Zampano Johnny Truant's father as he claims somewhere or is this just metaphorical?

Is Johnny a fictional invention of Zampano seems unlikely, but who knows? On the other hand, did Johnny invent Zampano entirely possible. In any case there is an uncanny resemblance between the two.

The Pelican poems in Appendix II. B presumably written when Johnny was touring Europe with only a Pelican pen in his pocket, well before he even met Zampano bear a curious resemblance to Zampano's writings. Theories There are all kinds of theories out there. Female Characters One reviewer calls the book pretentious and misogynistic.

It is true that the female characters are not the greatest. Most are male sexual fantasies rather than actual characters. Makes me appreciate Seveneves all the more, for its rarity, three dimensional female characters written by a male author. The best female character is Karen. She is, of course, a beautiful ex-fashion model. She is also crippled by anxiety and depression and utterly dependent on Navidson.

She does grow stronger towards the end of the book, when she creates her own films and becomes more independent. The other women are the lunatic although also highly intelligent Pelafina Johnny's mother , and various whores, strippers, and promiscuous one night stands of Johnny or his buddy Lude sounds like "Lewd" but aso sounds like "Lude" as in the drug Quaaluude or Methaqualone, a muscle relaxant.

There are also Zampano's multiple female care givers and readers, many of whom become Johnny's one time sexual partners. Conclusion I could go on and on about this book many have. It probably needs multiple readings and many have written essays, dissertations, or even books about it. But I'll be relatively brief. It's fascinating and enigmatic and definitely worth at least one read, if not more.

View all 19 comments. D is for Danielewski Read a book that is over pages long. I go wild, 'cause you break me open Wild 'cause you left me here I go wild 'cause your promises are broken. This book. I mean, how even do you classify this book? Or review this book? Or even begin to comprehend what it's trying to say? Or do? Or be? Wild because the chips are down. Wild because there isn't anybody else around.

Wild when the waves start to break.

Astm d3654 pdf

And God knows they're breaking in me now. I go wild because it do D is for Danielewski Read a book that is over pages long. I go wild because it doesn't make sense. For me to cry out in my own defense. And wild because I would do anything to tear you off your precious fence. Johnny Truant stole my phone when I was reading this book.

Not sure if this is relevant to this book review or not, but I think it is. I'm talking vanished. Gone without explanation. Into thin air. I had it when I left my house. It was nowhere in sight when I got to my theatre. I tore apart the room I was in at the theatre as well as my car looking for my damn phone. I tore the carpets up, searched every single crevasse and nook and cranny with no luck. My phone got sucked into a black hole. Two weeks later, I got in my car and my fucking phone was sitting in the front seat.

True story. These two weeks took place as I was reading this book. Like I said, Johnny Truant stole my phone. And he stole it through some kind of vortex created by this book.

And then when I was finished, he returned it. So this is what it's like living in limbo. First I'm high then I'm so low. I go wild 'cause you break me open. Wild 'cause you left me here. I go wild 'cause your promises are broken. Wild when I know you're near. I go wild And this house of theirs makes this one look like Cinderella's fucking castle: It starts with something small. The inside of the house is larger than the outside by a quarter inch. Then a door appears.

Leading to a hallway. A hallway that takes up space that is outside the house. Exploration leads to discovery which leads to more exploration and discovery and finally a whole new world is discovered inside this small house in Virginia. But don't go singing this song just yet: Because this whole new world is sinister. The darkness drives people mad. Tell me what you've come for. Moving like a hunter through my backdoor.

Leaving the perfume of all you adore to die nameless on my floor. Yeah, well we both know that you don't play fair. I guess you really think that you get me there. Let's be honest, perhaps it's alright. It's too much for even you to bear. You've got some nerve to come back here. You're not the only one who can smell fear. Johnny Truant finds a manuscript in the trunk of a deceased neighbor. It's a manuscript for a screenplay called "The Navidson Record," a documentary about a couple and their kids who explore their new house to find it contains a whole new world within it.

The madness that overtakes Johnny while he is studying this manuscript describing the madness of Navidson and Green is one of the most disturbing events about which I've read and the part that truly terrified me. You've got a lot of nerve to come back. Plan your attack and I am still waiting.

Did you want something? You wrote the rules to try and contain me. You broke them now, you haven't tamed me. And I'm wild. What is the nature of fear?

casa di foglie danielewski ebook login

The unknown? Why are we so afraid of what we cannot see? Or define? Or understand? Because the darkness and the unknown are terrifying.

Whether it is thinking about the future or exploring an anomaly in your own house. Parts of this book scared the ever-living daylights out of me. And parts of it just dragged on for miles without a light at the end of the tunnel. It is an odd book. I guarantee you will never read anything else like it. But it is a book that changed the way I read. And think. And understand abstract concepts such as rationality and irrationality. Darkness and light. Weakness and strength. The nature of humans to be.

Tell me what you've come here for. What is it you adore?

Won't you tell me? What would you cry for? Swallow your pride for? What would you, oh, go wild for? I think everyone should read this book. Whether you love it or hate it. It is a book that needs to be read and an author who needs to be heard.

I admit, I don't totally understand everything that is supposed to be understood. And I think that's part of the idea.

Humans are not meant to uncover and unlock every single secret of the universe. Sometimes the most irrational thing we can do is try to understand things that have no understanding. Who has never killed an hour? Not casually or without thought but carefully.

A premeditated murder of minutes. The violence comes from a combination of giving up, not caring, and a resignation that getting past it is all you can hope to accomplish. So you kill the hour. You do not work. You do not read. You do not daydream. If you sleep it is not because you need to sleep.

And when at last it is over, there is no evidence. No weapon, no blood, and no body. The only clue might be the shadows beneath your eyes or a terribly thin line near the corner of your mouth, indicating that something has been suffered, that in the privacy of your life you have lost something and the loss is too empty to share. Everyone who reads this book knows about the experimental writing style with the various fonts and colors, footnotes, and other untraditional text blocking.

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I know a lot of people who find this gimmicky, but I disagree. The chapter on labyrinths is written in a twisty-turvy back and forth puzzling style which reminded me of And actually, I thought reading it in this way immersed me in the story all the more. Another writing device that really worked was towards the middle when the action was written out on several pages with fewer and fewer words per page until the action climaxed with one word per page.

This was effective by drawing out the anticipation. The reader is forced to read one word at a time. It was so creepy and added to my fear factor. As through a glass darkly you seek yourself. But the light grows deep under Yggdrasil. A basket of eggs may you count your days.

Though your gut lies filled only shells remain. This book will have you questioning everything. You will be frustrated, engaged, detached, enlightened, puzzled. But it's all part of the fun. And all my friends who will read this book because if you are my friend, I will expect you all to read this book , please read until the end.

Everything starts to make sense when the whole book is examined as a whole. This includes all the appendices. I can tell you've been drinking by the scent of your breath.

Another little sip, a bit deeper in debt. You can rest your head in your wrinkled hands. For when you awake, you're in another land. This book is an interactive experience. The photos and quotes and lyrics and footnotes all run together but every single piece of book that is contained herein is somehow important.

I even own the album "Haunted" by the author's sister that is a musical companion to this book. Her lyrics add such an interesting dynamic and I am so happy that I had her songs to use as reference when I would read something familiar. My mind is still blown by the connections I made. In fields of green growing on endlessly, you find a fallen nest where there is no tree. Mark the brown furred hound tied to the mandrake root. Dare you carve a face in that virtue food? Ok, so this review isn't worth much.

But I don't think any review can even begin to scratch this book's surface. It is just so full of bizarrelandia and mindfuckery that words can't do it justice.

So Just do yourselves a favor. Just read the damn book. I can tell what you're thinking. I see it everyday. I'll help you with your coat, see you on your way. Sure you want to go walking on a night like this?

Look, there goes another one now. One day they will not miss. This picture is all you need to know. Not really. But the light grows weak under Yggdrasil. A basket of eggs may you count your days.. Though your gut lies filled, only shells remain. This is me after reading this book. Do yourselves a favor and watch these videos to accompany the songs listed in this review.

And if you thought this review was completely all over the place, try reading this book. Oh yeah, I already told you that. View all 58 comments.

What resonates for me in Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves? It's the fear of the unknown on many levels, including the metafictional level of what seems like infinite rabbit holes of digression. It's like you're constantly looking over your shoulder while reading it, just catching the last wisp of some phantom that you realized had been watching you for a long, long time.

View all 5 comments. The confusion and disorientation experienced by the reader and paralleled by the characters seems essential in successfully traversing Danielewski's semiotic Rubic's Cube of a novel. It's an interesting, quirky experiment in ergodic literature, and while I admit I did not find it completely successful as a story, there is plenty of meat to satisfy genre readers, assuming one can identify th At times HOUSE OF LEAVES made my head and my wrists hurt, but I admit to enjoying the former sensation.

It's an interesting, quirky experiment in ergodic literature, and while I admit I did not find it completely successful as a story, there is plenty of meat to satisfy genre readers, assuming one can identify the genre at all. A love story? A satire? Or all three? Whatever the case, I'm glad I read it and for the most part enjoyed the experience, but it is not one I'm in any hurry to repeat. When you find yourself for the tenth time spinning the book around like a DJ at a rave in order to read the upside down or sideways text, it's easy to get distracted by the gimmick, even when the crazy layout serves a very obvious purpose.

And yet, despite my problems with the book, when the story worked, it did so fabulously. Danielewski is a remarkable and remarkably intelligent - which might go some way toward explaining his compulsion for non-traditional narrative writer, and the story, when indeed it works, is astonishing. It's a tough book to recommend, and I doubt there will be much middle ground here among readers.

You'll either laud it as a masterpiece, or loathe it as an overhyped, gimmicky, and frustrating exercise in self-indulgence. With this book, it's hard to argue against both verdicts, which only adds to its mystery. I would at least recommend giving it a try.

As a reading experience, it's certainly an unusual one, and that in itself warrants a look. View all 18 comments. I feel like this book is the long hallway.

I read. And read. And never progress. I think it may be a bit of both. Took me almost 4 months to get through. It is an exhausting read. I could only take it for about 30 minutes at a time before I had to put it down.

Sometimes for a week or two. I had to use a magnifying glass just to read parts of it, as well, which was interesting and perhaps even added t I feel like this book is the long hallway. I had to use a magnifying glass just to read parts of it, as well, which was interesting and perhaps even added to the fucked-up, unsettling experience.

I honestly have no idea how to rate this one. Stampato in Italia da Mondadori e subito sparito. In tanti ne hanno sentito parlare, in pochi sono riusciti a leggerlo. Fiction, Danielewski, edito un tempo da Mondadori per la collana Strade blu ho deciso di approfondire la conoscenza di questa collana a un prezzo un po' proibitivo: 22 euro.

Casa di foglie - Danielewski Mark Z.

Spedizione con corriere a solo 1 euro. Acquistalo su libreriauniversitaria. Pubblicato da Mondadori, collana Strade blu. Fiction, data pubblicazione novembre , Danielewski Foglie usato vedi tutte i 3 prezzi!The boyfriend becomes obsessed with exploring the deep terrains of the house. I guess it's possible that they might sell a PDF version some day but I think you'd still be better off with having it in paper.

I am planning on reading the expanded color edition next. House of Leaves by Mark Z. This was one excellent headache. Visualizza o modifica i tuoi ordini alla pagina Il mio account. House of Leaves 1 23 Mar 06,

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