In this section you can learn and practice Mechanical Engineering Questions Engineering Automobile Engineering quiz questions with answers as PDF files and Automobile Engineering Interview Questions and Answers (objective type, . Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers - Set 16 Practice Test: Question Set - 16 The advantage of a tubeless tyre over tube type tyre is. Automobile Engineering MCQ Book pdf free download Related Test Series. Multiple Choice Questions and Answers about Indian Railways for Railway.

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automobile engineering Multiple Choice questions and answers & interview questions with answers,lab viva questions,online bits quiz test pdf. Automobile Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams Automobile Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Home» Automobile Engineering Multiple Choice Questions» TOP MOST . IC Engine Objective Questions and answer by S K

Some failures are part of the normal wear-and-tear of components in a system.


A basic principle in troubleshooting is to start from the simplest and most probable possible problems first. This is illustrated by the old saying "When you see hoof prints, look for horses, not zebras", or to use another maxim , use the KISS principle. This principle results in the common complaint about help desks or manuals, that they sometimes first ask: "Is it plugged in and does that receptacle have power? A troubleshooter could check each component in a system one by one, substituting known good components for each potentially suspect one.

However, this process of "serial substitution" can be considered degenerate when components are substituted without regard to a hypothesis concerning how their failure could result in the symptoms being diagnosed.

Simple and intermediate systems are characterized by lists or trees of dependencies among their components or subsystems. More complex systems contain cyclical dependencies or interactions feedback loops. Such systems are less amenable to "bisection" troubleshooting techniques. It also helps to start from a known good state, the best example being a computer reboot.

A cognitive walkthrough is also a good thing to try. Comprehensive documentation produced by proficient technical writers is very helpful, especially if it provides a theory of operation for the subject device or system.

Automobile Engineering MCQ Questions & Answers | Mechanical Engineering

A common cause of problems is bad design , for example bad human factors design, where a device could be inserted backward or upside down due to the lack of an appropriate forcing function behavior-shaping constraint , or a lack of error-tolerant design. This is especially bad if accompanied by habituation , where the user just doesn't notice the incorrect usage, for instance if two parts have different functions but share a common case so that it is not apparent on a casual inspection which part is being used.

Troubleshooting can also take the form of a systematic checklist , troubleshooting procedure , flowchart or table that is made before a problem occurs. Developing troubleshooting procedures in advance allows sufficient thought about the steps to take in troubleshooting and organizing the troubleshooting into the most efficient troubleshooting process. Troubleshooting tables can be computerized to make them more efficient for users.

Some computerized troubleshooting services such as Primefax, later renamed MaxServ , immediately show the top 10 solutions with the highest probability of fixing the underlying problem. With the help of injector pressure we can calculate the amount of fuel needed, through the following formula: Est. Horsepower x B.

Answer : In case of cars the torque is applied to the rear wheels, thus limiting accelerator due to front wheel drive due to weight transfer. This drive is bolted to the chassis of the car. Modern manufacturers therefore design rear wheel drive to have similar handling to front wheel drive wherever possible via suspension tuning.

Question 6.

Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers - Set 16

In a tractor the pressure is same, so the force given by the liquid to the surrounding is equal to the pressure X area. Question 7. Answer : Tyres colour is black due to the proportion of carbon mixed in it during the vulcanization of the rubber, to make the tyre shear resistant.

Without vulcanization tyres won't be able to bear the friction heat and stress of the road. Thus carbon is responsible for giving tyres the prominent black colour. Adding of carbon prevents tyres from rapidly deteriorating because when ozone combines with the ultraviolet light from the sun. It attacks the polymer of the tyre. Question 8.

What Is Bhp? How Can You Measure Bhp? It reflects the powerfulness of the brakes of the vehicles. BHP stands for how much power will be required to make the engine stop working i. Pi is 3.

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Diesel cycle d. Rankine cycle Ans: During suction stroke the pressure inside the cylinder is a.

Equal to atmospheric pressure b. Above atmospheric pressure c. Above or below atmospheric pressure d. Below atmospheric pressure Ans: During compression stroke the air is compressed according to a. Isothermal process b. Hyperbolic process c.

Adiabatic process d. Constant pressure process Ans: The heat is added in the cycle at a. Constant pressure b. Constant volume c. Approximately constant pressure and constant volume Ans: The fuel injected when pressure in the cylinder reaches the point ……….. The crankcase scavenging the the crankcase or underside of the piston acts as a. An air compressor b.

A blower c. A ventilator d. A breather Ans: The two-stroke engine has valve ports in the a.

Pistons b. Cylinder walls c. Piston rings Ans: The temperature of the piston will be more at a. The piston walls b. The crown of the piston c. The skirt of the piston d.

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The piston pin Ans: Connecting rods are generally of the following from a. Forged round section steel b.

Cast steel triangular section c. Forged square section steel d.

Forged I section steel Ans: For petrol engines the nominal compression ratio will vary between a. For diesel engines the nominal compression ratio is from a. One of the major causes of FHP in an engine is a. High speed b. High volumetric efficiency c. Piston-ring friction Ans: Engine torque is highest at a. Low speed b. Intermediate speed c. High speed Ans: The maximum pressure of air fuel mixture at the end of compression in petrol engines varies from a. When we lift a 10 kg weight, 3 metre we would be doing a.

The characteristic of an object which makes it resist any tendency to change its direction of motion is called a. Inertia b. Power c. Internal energy Ans: The maximum pressure of air at the end of compression in diesel engines is about a.

As the number of cylinders in multi cylinder engines increases the power to weight ratio ……… a.

Remains the same b. Increases c. Becomes zero d. Decreases Ans: The type of friction generally present in an automotive engine is a. Viscous friction b. Greasy friction c. Dry friction Ans: The fit of the piston to the cylinder is measured at the a.

Piston skirt b. Piston head c. Point of minimum diameter Ans: Vibration damper ………. In a six cylinder engine there is balance of a. Primary forces only b. Secondary forces only c.

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Both primary and secondary forces Ans: If the connecting rod longer, the side thrust of the piston is a.High speed jets b. The power used in overcoming friction in the engine is called a. Its size is small d. It is easy to control Ans: Knowing the speed at which an engine is running and the torque it is developing, we can calculate a.

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