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We were successful. By exploiting the customer service procedures employed by Apple and site, hackers were able to get into iCloud and take over all of Mat Honan's digital devices — and data. My Google account was nuked, my Twitter account was suspended, my phone was in a useless state of restore, and for obvious reasons I was highly paranoid about using my Apple email account for communication.

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I decided to set up a new Twitter account until my old one could be restored, just to let people know what was happening. I logged into Tumblr and posted an account of how I thought the takedown occurred. At this point, I was assuming that my seven-digit alphanumeric AppleID password had been hacked by brute force.

In the comments and, oh, the comments others guessed that hackers had used some sort of keystroke logger.

At the end of the post, I linked to my new Twitter account. And then, one of my hackers messaged me. He would later identify himself as Phobia. I followed him. He followed me back.

We started a dialogue via Twitter direct messaging that later continued via e-mail and AIM. Phobia was able to reveal enough detail about the hack and my compromised accounts that it became clear he was, at the very least, a party to how it went down.

I agreed not to press charges, and in return he laid out exactly how the hack worked.

Was I targeted specifically? He said the hack was simply a grab for my three-character Twitter handle. They just wanted to take it, and fuck shit up, and watch it burn. After coming across my account, the hackers did some background research.

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My Twitter account linked to my personal website, where they found my Gmail address. This was just a recon mission. This was how the hack progressed. If I had some other account aside from an Apple e-mail address, or had used two-factor authentication for Gmail, everything would have stopped here.

But using that Apple-run me.

site Finally Added a Long-Needed Feature to the site

Be careful with your site account — or someone might download merchandise on your credit card, but send it to their home. And while it's work, that seems to be largely true. Since he already had the e-mail, all he needed was my billing address and the last four digits of my credit card number to have Apple's tech support issue him the keys to my account.

So how did he get this vital information? He began with the easy one. He got the billing address by doing a whois search on my personal web domain. Phobia says that a partner performed this part of the hack, but described the technique to us, which we were able to verify via our own tech support phone calls.

First you call site and tell them you are the account holder, and want to add a credit card number to the account. All you need is the name on the account, an associated e-mail address, and the billing address. site then allows you to input a new credit card.

Wired used a bogus credit card number from a website that generates fake card numbers that conform with the industry's published self-check algorithm.

Then you hang up. Next you call back, and tell site that you've lost access to your account.

Upon providing a name, billing address, and the new credit card number you gave the company on the prior call, site will allow you to add a new e-mail address to the account. From here, you go to the site website, and send a password reset to the new e-mail account. This allows you to see all the credit cards on file for the account — not the complete numbers, just the last four digits. But, as we know, Apple only needs those last four digits. We asked site to comment on its security policy, but didn't have anything to share by press time.

Your pizza guy could do the same thing, for example. And so, with my name, address, and the last four digits of my credit card number in hand, Phobia called AppleCare, and my digital life was laid waste. Yet still I was actually quite fortunate.

They could have used my e-mail accounts to gain access to my online banking, or financial services. They could have used them to contact other people, and socially engineer them as well. They could have been victimized too. Instead, the hackers just wanted to embarrass me, have some fun at my expense, and enrage my followers on Twitter by trolling.

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I had done some pretty stupid things. I should have been regularly backing up my MacBook. I shouldn't have daisy-chained two such vital accounts — my Google and my iCloud account — together. I shouldn't have used the same e-mail prefix across multiple accounts — mhonan gmail.

And I should have had a recovery address that's only used for recovery without being tied to core services. Find My iPhone has been a brilliant Apple service.

If you lose your iPhone, or have it stolen, the service lets you see where it is on a map. After all, as a reporter, often on the go, my laptop is my most important tool. But as a friend pointed out to me, while that service makes sense for phones which are quite likely to be lost it makes less sense for computers.

You are almost certainly more likely to have your computer accessed remotely than physically. And even worse is the way Find My Mac is implemented. When you perform a remote hard drive wipe on Find my Mac, the system asks you to create a four-digit PIN so that the process can be reversed.

A better way to have this set up would be to require a second method of authentication when Find My Mac is initially set up. If this were the case, someone who was able to get into an iCloud account wouldn't be able to remotely wipe devices with malicious intent.

It would also mean that you could potentially have a way to stop a remote wipe in progress. And Apple would not comment as to whether stronger authentification is being considered. As of Monday, both of these exploits used by the hackers were still functioning. Wired was able to duplicate them. Apple says its internal tech support processes weren't followed, and this is how my account was compromised.

However, this contradicts what AppleCare told me twice that weekend. If that is, in fact, the case — that I was the victim of Apple not following its own internal processes — then the problem is widespread.

I asked Phobia why he did this to me. He says he likes to publicize security exploits, so companies will fix them. He says it's the same reason he told me how it was done. Is your copyright page setup the right way and is protecting your rights? Find out there.

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