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This guide finalised on 04 July Contents About AIRCOM OPTIMA 9 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA User Layer 10 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA Ribbon Apr 16, Technical Overview AIRCOM OPTIMA Technical Overview Version Author: Date: Ref: Version: Status: Sec. Class: Neil Davies 13 February. environments. AIRCOM INTEGRATION. ASSET integrates tightly with AIRCOM OPTIMA™ to utilise PM data to enhance planning such as for neighbour analysis.

The name of each Sandbox object must be unique; for example, you cannot use the same name for both a synonym and a table.

Saving a Query as a User Object in the Data Explorer In the Data Explorer, if you have Administration or Write permissions for the Sandbox as well as a space quota within the Sandbox , you can save a query as a user object a view, materialized view or table , as well as edit and delete existing user objects.

User views views or materialized views are reusable data queries that can be used in reports, modules, alarms, KPIs and other queries. They can be considered as equivalent to predefined SQL statements.

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There are two types of user view, described in the following table: Item Description Do not contain stored data, and can be used at any time to obtain the current data. Views Contain stored data, by taking a 'snapshot' of the data at a given time. Materialized Views A materialized view can be updated at any time, by right-clicking it and selecting 'Refresh Sandbox View'.

The table on which you want to base the materialized view must have a Primary Key. Users without Administration or Write permissions for the Sandbox can only create views. By default, this is you, as the user creating the object, but you can change this if required.

Setting materialized views to refresh frequently for example, every minute can impact on database performance. The user object is displayed in the Schema List pane of the Data Explorer.

Aircom Tutorial (Dinky's Note Version)

To open the Filters tab, on the Analysis tab, click the Filters button. On the Filters tab, you can create, edit and delete static and dynamic filters.

Creating Static Filters Static filters are based on fixed filter values that you specify as part of the filter definition. To create a static filter: 1 Click the Add Static Filter button.

The Static Filter Add dialog box appears. Creating Dynamic filters Dynamic filters produce a list of filter values by running a data query. Whenever the filter is applied the query is re-run to obtain the filter values. To create a dynamic filter: 1 Click the Add Dynamic Filter button.

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The Dynamic Filter Add dialog box appears. To create a hierarchy: 1 On the Analysis tab, click the Element Hierarchies button. The Element Hierarchy Add dialog box appears. The New KPI dialog box appears. When prompted, click Yes to create and view the list of tables that this KPI is valid for. You can also export and import KPIs to move them between databases.

Creating a Module Modules and Combinations enable you to directly view real-time analysis of performance data. A module comprises of a tree or hierarchy and data queries attached to each level in the tree.

To create a module: 1 On the Analysis tab, click the Modules button. The New Module dialog box appears. In order for the module to be used the Enabled option must be selected. The hierarchy can either be a pre-defined hierarchy or can be defined through an SQL query.

This customises the data displayed in a grid or graph when an item is selected from the network element tree. The following table describes how to do this: In this column Do this Description Click in the row and, in the dialog box that appears, type a description and click OK.

Query Click in the row and, in the dialog box that appears, click Edit. In the Data Explorer that appears, define the tree level query. When you have finished, close the Data Explorer and click Yes to save your changes.

Graph Type Click in the row and select the type of graph you require from the drop-down list. The graph is shown when you run a module in a combination window. X-Axis Field Click in the row and select the x-axis field you require from the drop-down list.

Plot Data Click in the row and, in the dialog box that appears, choose how you want to plot data by selecting the appropriate radio button and clicking OK. In these combinations you can set the date ranges, element filters and aggregation level time and element , along with drilling down, up and across between linked modules.

A combination window is made up of a number of panes.

The following table describes how you can customise the window using these panes. This Pane Enables you to Modules Add and remove modules that customise the data that is to be displayed in the window.

You can run one module, or a combination of modules. Filters Select, create and edit custom filters. You can hide or display this pane by clicking on the title bar.

Date Range Set the date range for the data to be displayed. Grid Display the data. You can modify the order of the data as well as search for specific information. Series List Select what data appears in the graph pane. Graphs Display the data in a graph format. To create a new combination window: 1 On the Analysis tab, click the Module Combinations button.

These links allow element selections to be applied across multiple modules and define drill down, up and across functionality between modules.

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The work area allows switching between these items and refreshing to be configured. Defining Switching and Refreshing Data Intervals You can set up refresh times for the data, so that after a specified interval the query will be executed again and the data updated.

You can also set a switching interval, which specifies how long each page is shown. Refresh and switching intervals can be set per page.

To specify the interval for data refresh or switching for a page: 1 In the New Work Area dialog box, select the page for which you want to set the refresh and switching intervals. These settings can be applied to all tabs. To export a work area that you have created: 1 Select the required work area, and then click the Export Work Area button. The work area is saved as an INI file.

The selected work area INI file is loaded, and the work area is opened. These reports can be produced in several different file formats or sent to a printer or by email. Reports can have certain parameters defined that can be set at runtime. To create a report: 1 On the Analysis tab, click the Reports button.

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