soldier, put them at a table together - what do you get} The sum of their fears. lT ]he two contenders met, with all their troops, on the field of Camlan to negotiate. THE SUM OF. ALL FEARS. Only Tom Clancy could create an international scenario so real, so dramatic, so brilliantly intense as the epic crisis portrayed in The. The Sum of All Fears. Home · The Sum of All Fears Author: Tom Clancy. 15 downloads Views KB Sum Of All Fears · Read more · Sum of All Fears.

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Uploaded by: DENA The Sum of All Fears (A Jack Ryan Novel) (): Tom Clancy: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. Once again, Tom Clancy manages to add new twists to the alternate U.S. history he initiated in The Hunt for Red. The Sum of All Fears book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How do you save the United States President from himself? Wha.

A convoluted plot with numerous sub-plots that I just knew would come to a logical conclusion, instead came together in a contrived conclusion. They had a small part too. Have I missed anyone?

No, I don't think there were any mentioned.

Russian names? I soon lost interest in keeping up with them not just the Russians. Who cares? An entire chapter was devoted to describing the inner workings of a bomb which fizzled.

While the political bickering in the White House does get tiresome, it does play a critical role in showing why there was such mistrust between the several characters in the end and a breakdown of communication--when the bomb does eventually detonate. This book does not provide any memorable Jack Ryan scenes.

It is during these last pages where all the plots seemingly come together--but unfortunately, the story is now drawn out to one long action-scene. At the very least, the action is exciting and easy to follow.

Tom Clancy does get very technical in this novel; so avoid it if you do not like that sort of thing.

However, for those who decide to read this extraordinarily long novel--over pages, paperback--the explosive ending covering the last pages is well worth the wait. Side note: The film adaptation and the novel are so far apart, it is not worth comparing.

The terrorists then reveal that Iran was not involved, and that their deceit was meant to discredit the United States and destroy the peace process, allowing the campaign against Israel to continue. Elliot is hospitalized after suffering a nervous breakdown , while Fowler leaves office and is succeeded by his Vice President, Roger Durling it is implied that Fowler was removed from office through the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution , but a later novel clarifies that Fowler resigned in disgrace, while Elliott was forcibly removed.

The terrorists are executed by beheading in Riyadh by the commander of the Saudi Arabian special forces using an ancient sword owned by the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Later, the sword is presented to Ryan as a gift. In the sequels, the gift combined with his origins as a Marine inspires Ryan's Secret Service codename of "Swordsman". Written under the working title The Field of Camlan , which was based on King Arthur 's final battle, The Sum of All Fears explores nuclear fears that humans endured during the Cold War , with Clancy warning that complacency regarding such threats is dangerous.

The book was said to be inspired by the thriller film Black Sunday , which depicts a blimp being used as a weapon to blow up on a football stadium during the Super Bowl; the movie was referenced three times.

The novel also explores the danger of "electing someone who covets power for all the wrong reasons and who is totally inept at managing it", according to Marc Cerasini's essay on the book. The title is a reference to nuclear war and to the plot by the novel's antagonists to reconstruct a lost nuclear weapon.

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It comes from a Winston Churchill quote serving as the first of the novel's two epigraphs:. The title also makes a subtle but clever reference to Jerusalem, where much of the action takes place. The word "fear" also refers to religious beliefs, and Jerusalem is a city important to three major world religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam , hence Jerusalem itself is the sum of several "fears.

The Vatican-like solution for Jerusalem, which was implemented in the book, is ultimately derived from the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine , which indeed provided for making Jerusalem such a " Corpus separatum " Latin for " separated body ". The course which the Palestine war took prevented implementation of this plan.

The Sum of All Fears (Movie Tie-In)

In later years, various peace plans and diplomatic initiatives sought to revive the idea, but in reality it has never come close to implementation. The plan is known for being popular outside the Middle East, but unpopular among the actual residents of Jerusalem, who would prefer that their "side" should rule entirely rather than submit to a neutral administration.

A database file with certain limited details about John Clark is included as background information within the first Rainbow Six game , and moreover, the same database entry is also found in many of the sequels. If it is canonical, though, this means that the book is not set in the same year it was published.

Clancy started working on the novel in , setting the first chapter during the Yom Kippur War. Then he abandoned his idea for other novels until he wrote The Cardinal of the Kremlin , where Ryan first meets Russian premier Narmonov.

The sum of all fears

Speaking of the consistency, Clancy said: The book received positive reviews. Publishers Weekly praised the novel as "a nonstop roller-coaster ride to a nail-biting finish", adding: Whether terrorists or statesmen, Clancy's characters face a common challenge--situations that break down pretensions of rank, power and ideology.

Their responses, carefully and empathetically constructed, make this book compelling instead of merely ingenious. The book was adapted as a feature film , which was released on May 31, The film is a reboot that departs from all previous Ryan films, and as a result, there were significant changes from the book, such as the antagonists being neo-Nazis instead of Palestinian terrorists, Ryan becoming a low-level CIA analyst, and the time period changed to Nevertheless, he complained about technical inaccuracies throughout the film in the commentary.

In turn, the film had its video game adaptation , which is a tactical first-person shooter game that is similar to the Rainbow Six series of games. It was developed by Red Storm Entertainment and released by Ubisoft in Publishers Weekly praised the novel as "a nonstop roller-coaster ride to a nail-biting finish", adding: The terrorists enlist the help of disaffected East German physicist Manfred Fromm, who agrees to the plot to exact revenge for his former communist country's reunification as a capitalist democratic state.

Jack Ryan is in the middle of it of course.

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