Download You're Trending in my Dreams - Sudeep Sudeep Nagarkar is a popular contemporary Indian writer and has authored four Sudeep, you can visit or get in touch with Sudeep. Sudeep Nagarkar has authored nine bestselling novels-Few Things Left Unsaid, That's the Way We Met, It Started with a Friend Request, Sorry You're Not My.

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Sudeep Nagarkar. An IBD Release - Secret Desi Community for E-Book releases . SKYPE: willcontainer (Blob Bolb) to join IBD now. Only members will be. Sudeep Nagarkar - That's the Way We Met - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Must read novel by Sudeep Nagarkar. Our Story Needs No Filter by Sudeep Nagarkar pdf ebook. Book explores the dark side of relationships, the pursuit of power and the hypocrisy of the powerful.

His second book, That's the way we met , was published on 1 July Soon after the release of his second book, he quit his job at an IT company in to fully devote his time to writing. Sudeep was in the habit of penning a diary which consisted of his college experiences and memories. His debut novel Few Things Left Unsaid is likely going to be adopted for Marathi feature film in Works[ edit ] Sudeep's literary works produced so far have been of the romance genre. His writings have the theme of friendship, true love and trust in a relationship.

All his books are based on real life and true stories. It was published on 10 July It is a story of engineering college mates Aditya and Riya who fell in deep love with each other. Finally, a break-up takes place between them, but they get back together again. But something happens once again which changes lives of both the lovers. This unpredictable story with lots of twist and turns is completed in his second novel That's the way we met.

It was published just a year later on 1 June by Random House Publishers. With regular chatting, both fell in love with each other. As, they start taking relation seriously and plan to take it to next level, a sudden misfortune strikes in their lives. An accident, a death, a phone call which shakes the world of Aleesha and Akash. Then, Aditya, a stranger comes into their lives which changes the course of their lives in ways they could have never imagined. This is sweet story of love, romance, drama, betrayal, hatred and friendship.

Although they have totally different personalities and interests, they are best friends. Aditya is the narrator of the story. The story is all about how friendship is put to test when an unforeseen incident comes in their life and how they overcome it. The novel is based on Sudeep's cousin's life.

I slept with a smile on my face that night. I reached Malad at 1 pm sharp and spotted Sonam sitting near the water fountain.

She was wearing a white halter-neck top with dark blue slim-fit jeans. Mohit and Riya were yet to arrive. I greeted her with a casual hello. After a few minutes, Riya arrived. I was amazed at how she could take my breath away every time I glanced at her.

She was suitably dressed for the hot weather in a blue tube top and shorts which showed off her perfectly toned legs. She was wearing the blue bracelet that I had gifted her on her last birthday on her right wrist.

She came close to me and gave me a slight peck on my cheek. I whispered to her how beautiful she looked.

Before she could get a chance to reply, we saw Mohit enter from the malls main gate. Riya introduced Mohit to Sonam. We chilled out in the mall for a while, after which we decided to start our Mumbai tour from Bandra. We hopped into my car, with Riya sitting in the front with me while Mohit and Sonam sat in the backseat.

Sonam, even you have never explored the city or so I hear from Riya? I was under the impression that it has been quite a while since you came to Mumbai, I asked her. Not really. In my line of work, we hardly get weekends off and when we do, I prefer to stay at home and get some rest, said Sonam. Your job must suck then! So listen up guyswhat I propose is that we go to Bandstand first and then head off to the Gateway of India.

Does that sound good? Everyone seemed to like the idea. We reached Bandstand within an hour. I parked my car near Taj Lands End hotel. Mohits excitement on seeing the sea was visible on his face.

We walked towards the seashore. The girls were walking ahead of us, deep in conversation like teenage school girls who had lots to gossip about. I observed Mohit glancing at Sonam. It made me smile. This is Bandstand, the most famous lovers point in Mumbai. Mannat adds to its charm, said Riya. Mannat is Shahrukh Khans house, right? Sonam asked curiously. Its on that side of the road.

Lets walk and see if we can click some snaps, I said as we walked towards Mannat. Maybe we can spot Shahrukh too, said Riya Sonam and Mohit turned out to be huge Shahrukh Khan fans and were equally excited to click snaps in front of the now world-famous bungalow.

Mohit peeped inside the huge gate but could see nothing except for a couple of seemingly expensive cars. Mohit cheekily went up to the security guard and asked if Shahrukh was at home. However, the security guard shooed us away. I clicked many pictures of Mohit and Sonam near the bungalow. Then Mohit took the camera from me and forced Riya and me to pose together. After our photo session was over, we headed back towards the seashore. I rummaged for a cigarette in my pocket. Seeing me light one, Riya screamed like a possessive housewife, saying, How many times have I told you not to smoke when I am with you?

Sonam too gave me a disapproving look. I will, someday. But that someday is not today, love. Now please let me smoke, I pleaded with her. I looked at Mohit and to my surprise, he slyly put back his cigarette in his pocket.

Mohit was a heavy smoker and I had seen him openly smoke in office. So I found his action a bit odd. But then it struck mehe was trying to impress Sonam!

Maybe he was warming up to her and did not want to put her off with his smoking habit on the very first day of their meeting. We sat on a bench, feeling the cold breeze from the sea lightly kiss our faces. Riya snuggled up to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I kissed her hand and told her how beautiful she was for the umpteenth time. I could envision another love story in the making with Sonam and Mohit deeply engrossed in conversation on another bench.

Riya and I left them alone and went near the seashore. You look amazing today. Or wait, I have told that to you already, right? I get so jealous and insecure when people turn around and look at you, I said.

The look that passersby gave her clearly hadnt gone unnoticed by mecall me possessive. Oh cmon, Aadi! You know I am all yours.

No one can take me away from you. You know that very well, said Riya trying to dispel my jealousy. We walked hand in hand for a few miles, and Riya kept picking up pebbles that had been washed away by the sea waves. We walked on the beach, watching the sifting sand beneath our feet and the swirling salty water washing away a footprints. Content with spending time with each other, we went back to where we had left Mohit and Sonam before starting our little sojourn down the beach.

Both were seated in exactly the same position we had left them in, deeply rooted in conversation.

Looking at them, no one would have guessed that it was their first meeting. Their body language expressed how comfortable they were in each others company.

We chose to silently watch them from a distance. Mohit seemed to be telling Sonam a funny story since all she did was throw her head back in laughter. Then we saw a man approaching Mohit and ask for a cigarette. Hi, may I know your name? Mohit, he replied. I could tell he was feeling a little uncomfortable seeing the uninvited man barge into their private space.

I sized up the man from head to toe. He looked unsuitably dressed for an evening on the beach like he was going to a party.

He was wearing tight blue jeans with an odd-looking shirt that could easily pass off as a womans top. His hand gestures seemed unusual too. Are you from Mumbai? Was he a cop? His dressing and peculiar mannerisms certainly didnt make it seem so. I am from Ahmedabad but I work in Mumbai, Mohit answered.

If you dont mind me saying it, you are quite a good-looking guy. And I think you have a great physique too.

See a Problem?

Thats a lethal combination, he said. Oh dear Lord, where is this conversation headed? I sensed he was gay. However, I chose to keep my observations to myself for the time being. If you have a bit of time to spare, could I talk to you for a few minutes? I dont know why Mohit agreed to go with him but he did. Maybe he wanted to have a few laughs by himself or could not read into the mans overtures. We joined Sonam and all three of us tried our best to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Sonam, is Mohit gay? I whispered. Shut up! He is not. Or not that I know of till now, Sonam said. How do you know? I joked. Lets just say I have a sense about these things. Oh do you? Tell me, did he kiss you or give some sort of signal to prove that he is not gay? I said pulling her leg. I will kill you someday, Aadi! You will never change, she said, trying her best to ignore my teasing.

I laughed and looked at Riya. She glowered. I apologized and told her I was joking. Mohit came back with a blank expression on on his face. We were eager to know what had transpired between the two of them.

Was he gay or was he a cop? In my mind, the probability of the former seemed more. I couldnt wait to know and almost pounced on Mohit with my questions. That bastard, he was a gay! He asked me to give him company for the night and also said he would pay me two thousand rupees for doing so. I was dumbstruck by the revelation and by his offer. How could he think I would entertain such a baseless idea? Do I look gay from any angle?

I wanted to run away at once, but instead excused myself by making up some petty excuse and came here. What did you say? Riya asked. Does that really matter when the guy almost had half his mind of taking me to bed and raping me?

How did you tear away from his arms? I laughed. Ill kick your ass, Aditya. I swear. I wish you were in my place to realize how humiliated I feel, he continued, I told him I was impotent. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Mohit glared at us for sometime, but finally gave in and joined in the laughter.

The four of us laughed all through our way to the Gateway of India. We had drinks and lunch at Caf Mondegar, a restro bar famous for its waffles, pancakes, and a jukebox that belts out jazz music.

We were having a ball and in all the revelry, it was easier to forget that Mohit was my team leader. Riya seemed to be in a perky mood as she kept tickling my feet under the table all through lunch.

We teased Mohit and Sonam for most part of the meal. Doing that reminded me of how my friends would tease Riya and me the same way during our first few dates. On an impulse, I broke into a song, Tujhe dekh dekh sona, tujhe dekh kar hai jagnaa, maine ye zindagani sang tere bitaani, tujhme basi hai meri jaan haaye, Jiya dhadak dhadak, dhadak dhadak jaaye.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time. After a splendid lunch, we decided to go for a short walk near the Taj Hotel. It was indeed a black day! You know, I had a close brush with death that day.

I was in Caf Mondegar with Sameer at around 7 pm the day the terrorists struck the city. I had received my first paycheck and we had decided to go to the cafe to celebrate. A couple of beers down, I suggested we eat dinner at the Taj since I wanted to blow my first paycheck in style.

You're Trending in my Dreams - Sudeep Nagarkar.pdf

But we eventually dropped the plan and went to Koylas instead, which is a nice eatery near Mondegar. Suddenly, we saw a group of police officers enter the restaurant. They told us the hotel was under siege due to a terrorist threat and warned us not to leave the restaurant without permission.

We could hear the deafening sound of gun blasts all around us but the cops did not allow us to move out. That day we saw death with our very eyes. It was just terrible. My God, Aditya! That must have been quite an ordeal. I can understand how you must have felt at that moment. I got goosebumps simply by hearing you talk about it, said Mohit. It angers me to see our government taking things so lightly.

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Even though a terrorist has been captured, the bastard is yet to be legally punished. The government just makes a fool of us. Who knows how far they are telling the truth? We simply follow what media covers. The inside story is always shrouded in mystery, said Sonam. All we can do on our part is pray for the ones who lost their lives, I continued.

I feel sad for for the foreigners who were specifically targeted. Its just such a cheap act and our cops were totally helpless about it, Riya added. But we must not forget that they tried their best to counter the terrorists. Heck, our three officers even lost their lives in the process. We can just pray for the victims and their bereaved families and keep our fingers crossed that the terrorists wont attack us now, I said trying to lighten up the situation.

We took pictures of the Taj and then walked towards the Gateway of India where we chanced upon an astrologer sitting at one corner. Even though I didnt believe in superstitions, I gave in, thinking it would be fun to have our future predicted as all of us were together.

Riya went ahead and showed him her palm. You will get married to someone wealthy and someone who is a distant member of your family, he said looking at my hand. Riya looked at me and smiled. He then continued with his predictions and said, It will be an arranged marriage. Riya didnt say anything to him and got up. Mohit was up next. Your wife will be from the northern part of India. You will be extremely happy with her and will most likely get engaged this year, he said.

I looked at Mohit who in turn looked at Sonam. She blushed in embarrassment. They didnt say anything to each other. Riya got angry at me for having brought us to this fake astrologer. She believed it was a complete waste of time on our part. We paid the astrologer and moved away. Mohit and Sonam went to devour a plate of pani puri while Riya and I chose to sit by the edge of the rocks, holding hands and watching the fading sunset together.

Meeting you was pure destiny. You and I were always meant to be together. Sitting here and watching the sun go down with you for company, what more could I ask for?

All I desire is to be able to watch every sunset with you till death does us apart, I told Riya earnestly, giving her one last kiss before the sun faded away for the day.

We got back to Mohit and Sonam who seemed to be enjoying each others company thoroughly. Then we took off from the Gateway of India and drove towards Marine Drive, which is believed to be the most romantic place in Mumbai, especially after sunset. We went for a buggi ride and feasted on chaat and chuskis.

Riya had a particular favourite food joint in Marine Drive called Bachelors Snacks Corner which was famous for its chilli ice-cream. It was the perfect way to mark the end of a grand day. We drove our car near Marine Drive, playing music on full blast.

Sonam and Riya grooved to the sound of the music. When I sneaked a glance at Riya, she gave me a wink and kept her hand on my palm which was changing gears. I was caught completely unawares and the tingle of her touch made it difficult for me to drive. Not that I wanted her to remove her hand. Since it was a beautiful night, we made a spontaneous decision of walking on foot for a few kilometres.

I parked the car in one corner before we got down. We walked on the edge of the road watching the waves disappear. Sonam and Mohit walked ahead of us. Riya and I could tell that they were getting increasingly close to each other, but were refraining from expressing their feelings.

When Mohit and Riya were at quite a distance from us, Riya whispered to me, I want to get naughty with you. I will kill you! Stop it! We are in a public place, I retorted. She came close to me. I played with a few loose strands of her hair and inhaled her scent.

We broke into a close hug as the powerful waves crashed against the rocks. Out of the blue, a sudden downpour broke our hug. Just as I was getting up to run for cover, Riya pulled me back and brought me close to herstopping me from taking shelter.

We were completely drenched within a few minutes. Riya, its raining heavily. You will fall ill. Lets move from here, I pleaded. It is getting romantic and you want to leave? How unromantic!

Stop behaving like a kid and enjoy the rain with me, she said, wrapping her hands around me. I took the cue and came and sat right next to her.

I wanted to feel this magical moment together. The grey sea and the long black land, the yellow half-moon and the startled waves added to the romance. As the moon shone upon us, bathing us in its glowing light, I glanced at Riyas eyes and kissed them. Then we engaged in a long, passionate kiss.

If you get a chance to go back and change one thing in our relationship, what will that be? There is nothing Id want to change, except realize my dream to dance with you in the rain. We never got a chance to do that, but today we can. Will you dance with me? Here, by the road? I cant, she said shyly. There is no one around, not even Mohit and Sonam. Lets make our dream come true. I pulled Riya in my arms and we started dancing. I held her waist and she put her head on my shoulder.

We hummed softly and slowly moved our feet to the song playing on my mobile phone. Neither of us had any sort of formal training in dance, but who gave a damn about training when the person you loved was dancing in your arms?

The wind blew our hair and the sound of the waves added rhythm to our dance. Riya closed her eyes and told me how much she was enjoying herself. Ahem, ahemguys, time to break the party. My God, you both seem fully drenched in the rain, said Mohit interrupting us. Where were you both? I thought you had completely forgotten that we existed, I exaggerated a little to save my ass. Sonam could have killed me there itself. But to my surprise, she smiled. We wanted to give you guys some privacy.

So we chose to go for a long walk, said Sonam. I knew you would come up with a silly excuse for being alone with Sonam. Try something new. Its perfectly okay if you wanted some alone time with him, you dont need to hide your emotions for that, I said cheekily. I loved irritating Sonam. Mohit started speaking in Sonams defence and I could sense they liked each other. We got in the car to leave as it was getting increasingly late. I dropped Riya off first, in an effort to get her home before her curfew, followed by Sonam and Mohit.

Not just for making my day memorable by hanging out with me, but also for fixing me up with Sonam, even though I was not too sure of it at first. I think I really like her. Please dont mention any of this to her yet, since I want to be positively sure about it myself. And I also dont know if she likes me or not. I dont want to force her into liking me or getting into a relationship with me. I dont even know if she is committed to someone else. Dont know if I am making any sense to you.

Lets talk about this on Monday. I instantly sent him a reply: Sure. I think Sonam likes you too. See you on Monday. The second was a message from Riya: After a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I loved the way you danced with me. You have a real romantic side to you and I love you for that.

You are the best boyfriend and if I may add so, an awesome kisser as well. I loved each moment with you today. Can we go out again tomorrow? The place doesnt matter as long as I am with you. I want to spend this Sunday with you before my boring work beckons. I want to bring back the memories of our past when we would spend the entire day together.

Let me know if you are game for it? I replied: Hey, now thats a coincidence. I was just about to ask you to go out on a date with me tomorrow when I saw your message. Lets make tomorrows date even more special than todays. By the way, Mohit messaged me saying he likes Sonam. But he has told me to not tell Sonam about it, so you dont either. As I lay my head on the pillow, I could still feel her body close to mine when we danced together in the rain.

I slept thinking of hermy angel. A Splashful Day fter a good nights sleep, I woke up feeling perky. The plan was to meet at Water Kingdom, Asias largest water park. Once there, we obtained rented swimsuits from one of the shops. Riya looked smouldering hot in her swimming outfit which clung to her curves in all the right spots.

Once out of our respective changing rooms, I planted a kiss on her forehead. Pulling her close to me, I said, I will never leave you. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life, Aditya. We held hands and walked together to the wave pool.

Come jaan! I called Riya over to join me while she was still at the shallow end of the pool. She refused to budge saying that she feared swimming in the deep end. But I assured her that she was safe in my arms and gestured her to come to me. No, she said panicking and tried to push my hands away. But I was a bit too strong for her lean body. Just as she managed to escape through my clutches, the waves hit us, toppling her over me.

I grabbed her waist and gripped it tightly so that she had no room to escape. The waves carried us high in the air and dropped us back with a splash, spraying water on our faces and causing us to choke. Lets get back to the shallow end, said Riya trying to break free from my grip. If I let go, you will drown.

I removed my hands from her waist and she was about to drift away with the waves when I rescued her just in time. I started laughing loudly. Realizing that she had been fooled, she started splashing water on me. I knew that I had taken the joke too far, so I went close to her and gave her a tight hug.

She hit me slightly on the chest as a punishment for my act. I squeezed cheeks lightly, apologizing profusely for having taken advantage of her fear. Then we enjoyed a few dry rides and grabbed a quick bite at Mc Donalds. While Riya waited in line to place her order, I got a call from Mohit who updated me on his heart state of affairs.

What did Mohit say? He told me he really likes Sonam and that he has never felt like this about anyone before. It seems like they got talking yesterday and really hit it off.

He doesnt know for sure whether Sonam likes him or not, but he is willing to take this forward and give it a shot. And if my hunch is correct, I think Sonam likes him too. The fact that she willingly gave Mohit her number before leaving last night clearly hints at the fact that she is interested.

I couldnt agree more. Come to think of it, Sonam did ask me many questions about him last night. I think they will really make a cute couple. I hope it works out between them, Riya prayed. We finished our meal and when we came out, I gave Riya a surprise gift wrapped in coloured paper.

What is it? It was a greeting card on the envelope of which I had meticulously stuck rose petals. Oh my God, Aditya. Its beautiful, she said hugging me. Wait till you see whats on the inside, I told her. She carefully opened the envelope and brought out the card.

There she saw a small collage of our photographs pasted on the front cover with an accompanying note inside which said: I am so lucky to have found you, Riya. I feel such joy when we sit on the couch and talk.

My heart is at peace when we lie down on the floor and cuddle. I get immense pleasure from gently touching your face and feel tremendous passion when I touch your lips.

I love holding your hand across the table at a restaurant or while walking together. Our love has been assaulted many times and I am convinced that it is true because the longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning to be with you once again.

You are my enchanted Princess, and I am your devoted Prince. You honour the man I am, rather than trying to make me someone I am not. I love you because you appreciate me, complete me. She stood there stunned for a while, trying to take it all in.

But her eyes said everything. Then she gave me a big hug. The crowd was gawking at our public display of affection but we couldnt have bothered less. Today, she didnt care at all. Why are you staring at me? Kiss me, you fool, said Riya puckering up in full public view. And what a kiss it was! We stood there embarrassed afterwards, feeling a bit tipsy from the long kiss. My mind raced back to the time when I had first proposed to her. I asked her if she had any memory of it. How can I forget that, Aadi?

That was one of the best moments of my life and Ill cherish it forever, said Riya.

We then decided to go to the rain dance section. They had a professional DJ who was belting out the latest hits, perfect for us to dance on. We got onto the dance floor as the lights dimmed and added to the romantic ambience. Riya took my hands and locked them around her tiny waist.

As we swirled, I lifted her up from the groundliberating two souls in love. The DJ was now entertaining requests for specific songs, so I climbed onto the dais to dedicate one to Riya. Taking the mic from his hand, I said, I love you Riya and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

I want to apologize for all the times that I have hurt you. Trust me, it wasnt done intentionally. What I love about you the most is your spirit of generosity and forgiveness. You never take offence at anything that I say or do and I love you for that. It will take me a lifetime just to tell you how much you mean to me.

Your eyes speak volumes. They have so much depth in them. In fact, I find everything admirable about you and thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. Sorry guys for holding up the party here. Coming to the point, Riya I wish to dedicate a song to you to let you know that I will need you till my last dying breath. The DJ played the track I had requested and I started singing the song along with the rest of the crowd. Soniyo, O Soniyo, Tumhe dekhta hun toh sochta hun bas yahi, Tu de de mera saath, tham le haath, chahe jo bhi baat, Tu bas, de de mera saath.

And all this while, I was thinking you were a bathroom singer. Those were some pretty decent vocals, Aditya. I must say Im impressed, said Riya. My voice is pathetic! Dont tell me I can sing well, I replied.

Shut up. I know you better than you do. So dont argue with me. If I say youre a good singer, then you are.

No further discussions on it, said Riya. Point taken, Madam, I replied. Once the song ended, everyone cheered for us and gave us a resounding applause. Riya told me I was being particularly mushy that day and checked if I was fine. Holding her hand in mine, I said, Riya, what is life without passion? The feeling of a shared experienceof waiting to be caressed, wanting to explodelike a wild sensation of fulfilment. When you look into my eyes, it is a feeling that I cant ignore.

You give me all the reasons in the world to believe that you wont hurt me in anyway. If I ever lose you, I dont know what I would do. You probably think that I am crazy, but its my love for you that makes me behave like one.

With that, our day at the water park came to an end. While returning home, I was once again preoccupied with thoughts of Mohit and Sonam. I told Riya about my wish to set them up together so that they could get an opportunity to come close.

Even if Sonam did love Mohit, she wont speak her heart out. Mohit should instead take the initiative and speak to her. Since Mohit doesnt have any other friends in Mumbai, the onus of setting them up lies on us too. I will talk to him tomorrow about this in office. You do the same with Sonam and well take it from there, I said. Yes, thats a good idea. Riya seemed quite excited about the whole thing.

We reached Riyas apartment. It had been a great weekend. Riya got down and gave me one last tight hug before retiring for the day. Once home, I gave Mohit a call. He told me he had added Sonam on Facebook and that they had been incessantly chatting for the last two hours. I asked him if the conversation drifted towards their feelings for each other.

But he told me he didnt want to risk his friendship with Sonam by expressing his feelings for her since he wasnt sure she would respond with equal zeal.

I decided to have a long talk with Mohit tomorrow in the office. Next morning, I called up Riya to remind her that she had to discuss things over with Sonam. I reached the office and went straight to Mohits cabin, but he wasnt in. So I turned on my system and went to the cafeteria for a quick snack.

Sudeep Nagarkar

Mohit called me and said he would reach in ten minutes. I completed all my pending work and once Mohit arrived, we went to the smoking zone to talk. I lit a cigarette and asked Mohit, Whatever you told me yesterday, was it true or were you kidding? I mean are you serious about her? Of course I am.

Why do you think I have been spending so much time with her since the past couple of days? I am trying to build a base here, my friend. You think I am faking it or that my intentions are bad? I could have a million girls queued up outside my house, but it is only Sonam that I have truly lost my heart to. I have fallen in love with her, goddammit! I had never seen him like this before. He seemed totally smitten by Sonam! What kind of questions did you ask her? Does she have a boyfriend? I asked curiously.

She is single. Her last relationship was in college three years back. She told me that the reason she broke up with her boyfriend was owing to the fact that he was getting increasingly possessive about her and it was getting difficult for her to handle that.

She says she has moved on in life and doesnt think too much about her failed relationshipI really admire her for that, Aadi. I admit I know very little about her, but I also know that if I were to get married one day, Id want a life partner like Sonam, said Mohit with an honesty that is hard to define.

That says a lot, my boy. One date and you are thinking of marriage? You seem to know quite a lot about her. I just hope she likes you as much as you do, I replied. I think she does. She seemed very eager to get acquainted with me and I can tell she was looking for excuses to call me up, said Mohit.

Dumbass, then why didnt you propose to her? You should have at least given her a hint that you like her. Do it before she finds someone else, I said. I fear rejection, Aadi. You dont understand.

I dont want to lose her even as a friend. Only time will tell what course our friendship takes, said Mohit with a tinge of sadness in his voice. Soon after, I called Riya and told her about my conversation with Mohit.

She told me she had spoken to Sonam who sort of gave her a hint that she too liked Mohit. However, she is waiting for Mohit to take the first step, said Riya. Lets meet today after our respective shifts are over. Well chalk out a plan of action to bring them closer, I told her.

I met Riya after the shift as decided. Sonam had left for home by the time I reached. Riya sat on my bike and we cruised comfortably on the road, discussing mission Mohit-Sonam. I think we should all meet after our shift tomorrow and go out somewhere. If they spend some more time together, sooner or later they are bound to express their feelings for each other. I asked Riya.

Yes, that may work. Tomorrow, there is a wonderful play being staged in Navi Mumbai. My friend gave me for free passes of the same as she handles the stage equipment.

She was highly recommending it. The play is a romantic drama and Ive heard that it is definitely worth watching. I hope it works. However, let them sit separately from us and watch the act. That way, they can have a bit of privacy.

Remember when we went to watch our first movie together? Even though the movie was horrible, we failed to notice it since we were so engrossed in each other, I smiled. I remember very well. You were all over the place. I mean over me, she winked. So tomorrow it is then, said Riya. When you fall in love, nothing can change the way you feel.

Your heart starts beating like a train on a track. You fail to notice anything around you except for your loved ones face that keeps looming large over your head. Things like food and sleep become secondary. You dont even realize that you havent eaten all day. You cant sleep thinking about them and when you are with them, you can barely speak. Mohit was going through the same ordeal. I dont remember him eating anything during lunch break. If his behaviour for the past two days is anything to go by, love is definitely in the air.

Hooked and Booked e met outside the theatre in Navi Mumbai. The play was called Love is a Losing Game. Various posters had been put up on the bulletin board and walls of the theatre right upto the first floor where the play was going to be staged. We took our tickets and went inside. Once in, we saw that a few people were already seated, patiently waiting for the show to begin. It was a mixed crowd of people across all age groups. But it wasnt as crowded as I had expected it to be.

Riya and I didnt speak much as we were busy observing Mohit and Sonam who had settled down on their seats two rows ahead of us.

The seemed to be having a good time even before the play had started! Riya poked my arm and looked at me in disdain for peeping into their seats.

We settled into our seats and the play commenced. The narrators voice boomed out describing the initial plot to the audience. The two lead characters Aman and Ananyahad been close friends since school, but this friendship never culminated into anything more.

As the curtains drew open, the first scene enfolded. It was that of a class trip and showed the lead characters sitting together in a garden gazing into the sky.

Ananya expresses her frustration and boredom to Aman, wishing she had a boyfriend with whom she could spend her time. Aman tells her that he feels the same way and thinks they are the only ones in their friend circle who are without a partner. Everbody else seems to have found their perfect other.Ahana saw Garima and Malvika in the rear-view mirror.

She knew how to deal with tough situations on her own. Doing this graduation is worse than a Roadies task and you are talking about postgraduation.

Riyas Mom explained to him that I was her friend who had simply come to enquire about her well-being. Sometimes they fought and sometimes they persuaded each other into doing silly things.

Are you fine? Again a guy picked up in a sleepy tone.

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