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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Rifleman Dodd by C. S. Forrester Rifleman Dodd (Nautical & Aviation Pub Co of Amer (February 1. Book: Rifleman Dodd Formats: pdf, text, ebook, audio, epub, ipad, android. Size: MB Date added: Аthor: C. S. Forester Rifleman Dodd book. An English rifleman from the 95th rifle brigade is separated from his unit during the Napoleonic ePub (iPad, Nook, most readers);.pdf (other devices) Rifleman Dodd is a British private cut off from his regiment who only seeks to return to his.

After two months of guerrilla fighting, Dodd hears artillery fire from about ten miles away. He can tell by the sound that it is neither a battle nor a siege.

Rifleman Dodd

He knows that anyone exchanging artillery fire with the French is an ally of his, so he takes his friend Bernardino and sets out to see what is happening. They meet another Portuguese guerrilla, whose name they never learn, who leads them to the site of the firing.

Dodd deduces that there must be something in the town that the British want to set on fire; furthermore, it must be something near the river. From this he can guess what the target must be: the French are trying to construct a pontoon bridge across the Tagus, and the British are firing the rockets to try to burn the pontoon boats, rope, timber, and paint that are warehoused by the river.

Unable to dislodge the British rocketeers from their entrenchments on the far side of the river, the French gather up all the bridge-building supplies and move them farther up the river, to a position where the British can neither see them nor fire on them.

Dodd determines to destroy the bridge material himself. He, Bernardino, and the unnamed guerrilla return to their band's headquarters, only to find that while they were gone the French had discovered and destroyed the whole band, hanging the men on trees and taking away the women and the food.

The three have nothing to eat, so the unnamed guerrilla visits the French encampment that night, kills a sentry and steals a pack mule. He was just happy to find his regiment.

The novel is a study of one man's commitment to duty taking precedence over his own personal survival. It shows how one man with ability, courage, and initiative can make a difference to the outcome of a war.

Rifleman Dodd is placed at the turning of the tide. Other readers might like to know what you think of this book. Write a review.

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I chose this book because I was undergoing a challenging and difficult time in my life and in my Marine Corps career. Another Marine recommended this book to seek inspiration and motivation to continue doing positive things in my career and to devote myself to duty and ensure whatever tasks that are assigned to me are carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

A brief description about the book: Rifleman Dodd is a story from the book Death to the French by C. Forester about a British rifleman by the name of Pvt.

Death to the French (Rifleman Dodd)

Matthew Dodd who fought in the Peninsular which took place in Portugal against an overwhelming force of French soldiers lead by Napoleon.One person found this helpful. Throughout the book Dodd implements plans to ensure his own survival.

Forrester draws a rather marked comparison between the Portuguese rebels Dodd is aided by. Fellow military leaders, journalists, academics, and even a Ukranian offered up suggestions.

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That while their attacks may be insignificant by themselves, when they occur again and again and day after day they begin to take their toll. An excellent thriller for teenaged boys. The Good Shepherd: First, as others have noted it is a military story about partisan warfare, spirit and dedication.

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