Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms. Dozens of kingdoms, nations, and empires rule the Inner Sea Region, from the expansionistic. Qadiran satrapy to. Lost Kingdoms is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Non-Mint: Unavailable. This product is non-mint. PDF: $ Series, Pathfinder Campaign Setting Lost Kingdoms provides a detailed overview of six of Golarion's most famous and.

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[PDF]Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms - Free Lost Kingdoms is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder. tales bound in these oft-traded volumes tell of lost gods and sunken continents, of Azlant, first of the great human kingdoms of antiquity. In the early days of. Pathfinder Campaign Setting Lost Kingdoms. This is fantastic, Jeff. I'm in the process of building a campaign setting for D&D /Pathfinder (and.

Covering from the lonely plains of the Haunted Steppe to the arid savannas of central Libynos in the Lost Lands or for any plains region in your own campaign setting, Fields of Blood provides Pathfinder rules for players and GMs alike including new spells, feats, monsters, archetypes, and environmental hazards.

It also includes three new official Lost Lands plains adventures that can easily be ported to any plains setting in your home game while still capturing the unique personality and mystery of the Haunted Steppe and wide wilderness of the Libynos serengeti.

The Lost Lands Return!

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Now for the first time hear some of the actual stories of the Lost Lands told in these short fiction pieces.

Each of the short fiction pieces in these Tales of the Lost Lands looks at some character or location specifically located within the Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms book to give the story behind the adventure. As a GM you can use them as plot hooks to bring in your PCs, as snapshots of the campaign to pique the interest of your players, or as seeds for your imagination as you develop your own campaign within the Lost Lands.

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Written as a travelogue of sorts, let your players see what it is like to brave the lonely roads and sudden violence of the oft-troubled Sundered Kingdoms in a spoiler-free format. So let us know what you think of these! We hope you like them as much as we do. Add Ons The Add Ons for this project are pretty simple.

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If you're getting the new environment book Fields of Blood with this Kickstarter, then don't miss the chance to start with the complete collection and get Dunes of Desolation now. It is a realm of dark chaos — for these creatures of the echoing deeps count each other as rivals and enemies. It is a place without peace, a place without virtues, a place where every countenance of evil is to be found in sluggish torpor, stirring restlessly in dreams of cruelty and hatred.

These dark and deadly provinces are known as the Under Realms. Most named regions in the Under Realms are quite distinct from each other, whether by geological formation or by the types of inhabitants that have established themselves in strategically important areas. The Vaults of the Sunless Sea, located to the north of the Cyclopean Deeps, might fit that description, but the Cyclopean Deeps are a different and decidedly more unpleasant area into which the denizens of the Vaults seldom venture.

This series of adventures forms a mini-campaign in the depths of the earth, for higher-level characters. Heart of the Jungle was one of the earliest Pathfinder RPG releases after the Core Book came out, and focused on two elements: adventuring in the Jungle wilderness and the region Mwangi in Golarion. As with most Chronicles books, the content here is going to be about as useful as you are willing to make of it, with a mix of general content that can be applied to any game mixed with campaign-specific content that you can cut and paste from or just mine for ideas; the most use will be gained from a GM who needs lots of rules and setting material, and uses Golarion, of course.

The first chapter looks at Life in Mwangi, with some useful general content that anyone can take advantage of. A discussion of natural hazards, plant life, useful diseases and infections and other dangers from insects swarms and weather to quicksand and humidity are all useful to any jungle campaign you might want to run.

The material is not so rooted in Golarion that it would be at all problematic lifting this content for your own campaign.

Denizens of the Expanse continues this chapter with a more Golarion-specific discussion of the many monstrous, demihumand and human races of the region. It's worth reading and you could easily lift some ideas for your own setting here without much difficulty.

Kingdom Building

Not sure what your jungle elves would look like? Borrow a few ideas on this elven culture descended from a great ancient kingdom now lost in the untracked wilderness. About the only problem with this section right now is it includes no ideas for additional races and monsters after This chapter wraps up on a section about village life and religion in the region.

There's barely anything on village life outside of basic organizational stuff; no one who wrote this book went and did any extensive research on any period of any particular African culture from which to model Mwangi civilizations, best as I can tell. Likewise, the religion section is really just a way to frame the ur-patheon of Golarion in the context of local belief systems and rituals.

It includes no folklore or mythology specific to or derived from traditional African belief systems. The next chapter is Mwangi Campaigns.Your responsibility to the sponsor usually falls into one of the following categories, based on the loan arrangement.

Other Tabletop Games. It's the problem of making a copy of a copy.

Tekritanin League: Caught between the Jistka Imperium and Ancient Osirion, this federation of semi-independent city-states banded together, forming the Tekritanin League. They are also quick to point out the obvious advantages of light armor and weaponry when fighting in a hot climate.

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