This numerical reasoning test comprises 30 questions, and you will have 30 minutes in which automatically be submitted with the answers you have selected. This numerical reasoning test comprises 12 questions, and you will have 12 minutes in automatically be submitted with the answers you have selected. Numerical reasoning tests often form part of an employer's assessment process, most commonly as an online test given after your initial job.

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For these example questions you can check your answers with the solutions given at the end of this document. Make sure that you understand the solution to . Level One Numerical Reasoning Exercise consists of three Tests. Which of the suggested answers has two numbers that are both whole number multiples of 4. The term 'numerical reasoning test' is often used interchangeably with This means that the result depends on the number of correct answers made in the.

What is the difference in minutes between their arrival times? Preparing for a Numerical Reasoning Test Numerical reasoning tests are an increasingly popular way of assessing candidates during the job selection process. These are primarily tests of reasoning ability and the math needed is invariably straightforward.

Although you may need to get back up to speed with percentages, ratios, proportions, fractions and decimals. You will usually be allowed to use a calculator for these types of question and investing in one which can handle fractions and percentages is a good idea. You should also try to work through a few numerical computation practice papers to get back into swing of these types of calculation.

These sample question papers each contain 22 questions and have a suggested time limit of 20 minutes.

Psychometric Tests. Mechanical Reasoning Tests.

Personality Tests. Aptitude Tests. Numerical Ability Tests.

Verbal Reasoning Tests. Abstract Reasoning Tests. Always check before you take your test.

Watch Out for Different Types of Numerical Test Broadly speaking numerical tests fall into one of two categories: tests of speed and tests of power. Both aim to put candidates under pressure to see how well they perform but the way in which they do so is different.

Tests of speed are relatively straightforward, they assess how many questions the candidate can correctly answer in the given time period.

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If you had unlimited time you could probably get through all of them, but within the time limit your calculations must be performed extremely quickly to be able to complete the test.

In fact, these tests are designed so that even the ablest person would be unlikely to answer all the questions. Tests of power are more complex; they assess the level of question difficulty a person can cope with. Such tests typically have an ample time limit and questions that increase in difficulty throughout the test.

These questions will range from fairly straightforward to so difficult that no candidate could realistically be expected to get them right.

And of course some tests use elements of both speed and power; they have questions of rising difficulty within a challenging time period. You can focus on accuracy and spend time checking that your answer is correct before moving on to the next question. So… Which strategy is best? The main problem with this quick approach to answering questions comes with tests of power where accuracy is essential and getting an answer wrong can end the test.

This means that the questions rapidly get harder and harder until the person gives a wrong answer. In some particularly brutal tests getting a single wrong answer can mean not progressing any further with the test.

Numerical reasoning online.

Choosing your strategy is dependent on correctly identifying whether you are completing a test of speed, power, or a hybrid of both. So… How can you tell? Take a look too at our own extended expert guide on Psychometric Tests. Tests with very short time periods for completion are typically speed tests.

By using your own calculator you will be familiar with the button layout and functions so you will save a few vital seconds during your test.

If your test is online, obviously you get to use your own calculator. Q: Will I get marked down for incorrect answers? This is a frequently-asked question by candidates is "will negative marking be used? The answer is that negative marking is unlikely to be used, but accuracy will be assessed so don't just frantically click answers in hope.

Some online tests have software which tries to detect guessing and will flag this up to the assessor. Even if they don't know that you're guessing, you are risking a low accuracy score, which might reflect badly on your attitude to work. Few assessors will reveal whether negative marking will be used, they will just say "try to answer correctly as many as you can". The test results will tell the assessor what percentage of attempted questions you got right.

Some companies will be looking to select candidates with accurate and consistent results, while others will be more interested in quantity of correct results and speed. Have a think about what sort of person they are looking to recruit.

Q: Should I get my friends to help with my online test - surely they'll never know?

Application processes that require the candidate to sit an online numerical reasoning test and then subsequently another follow-up test at the assessment centre often use candidate verification methods. This is an automatic system which tries to verify that the online test was indeed completed by the same candidate that attends the assessment centre.

So don't get your friends to help with your online test because they will probably work it out when you attend the assessment centre! The most common numerical reasoning tests used by employers When you are invited by an employer to take a numerical reasoning test, try asking which test publisher they are using.

You can then go to that test publisher's website to get more information and possibly example test questions. Some HR staff are surprisingly helpful with this.

If you are taking a numerical reasoning test in the UK, the chances are it will be written by one of these companies: 1. Their numerical tests have a time limit of between 17 and 25 minutes so you will need to work quickly and accurately to perform well. Their numerical tests look to the candidate very similar to those from SHL. So if you practice for a Kenexa numerical test, you will be well prepared for an SHL test, and vice versa. Kenexa typically allow candidates 20 minutes to answer 24 questions.

Talent Q Elements Numerical Ability - the big difference with these tests is that they are adaptive.

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That is to say the difficulty of each question is automatically determined by your performance in the previous question. So the questions become more difficult as you progress in order to quickly find your level of numerical ability.

A typical time limit is 90 seconds for questions with a fresh set of information and 75 seconds per question after that. Also the number of multiple choice options is a lot greater compared with what you might be used to from SHL, making it more difficult to make a best guess. Criterion Partnership Utopia numerical critical-reasoning test - these tests have an environmental theme.

There are 30 questions with a time limit of 45 minutes but beware the questions get progressively more difficult. Cubiks Reasoning for Business - designed to test candidates' business-orientated numerical reasoning skills.

You usually get less than a minute per question.

Arithmetic aptitude / Numerical reasoning tests for online practice

Time limit 20 minutes. Contains 21 questions and has a time limit of 30 minutes.Instead, they provide a similar testing experience, in terms of question types and formats, of the tests you will be asked to complete.

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The main problem with this quick approach to answering questions comes with tests of power where accuracy is essential and getting an answer wrong can end the test.

For example candidates with disabilities are sometimes entitled to extra time to complete their test this can include dyslexia. How many minutes does it take for the whole train to pass through the tunnel?

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