Microsoft Word can be used to create documents, brochures, leaflets, outlines, .. To save your document in the PDF file format, go to File > Save As. The saving. Microsoft Office Word allows you to create and edit personal and business documents, such in this tutorial, please notify us at [email protected] . Word Tutorial in PDF - Learn Microsoft Office in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Explore Window.

Microsoft Word Tutorial Pdf

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Learning Goals: • Identify the various benefits of using word processing software. • Identify the main parts of the Microsoft Word window. • Identify the purpose of. From All Programs, click on Microsoft Office → Word “Welcome to Microsoft Word ” 3. Merging letters to Adobe PDF is also available. 9. Microsoft Word is a popular word-processing program used for creating documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities, tests, quizzes and students'.

Extra features, such as tables, images and advanced formatting give users more options to customize their documents. Over the past three decades, there have been a number of updates and additions to Microsoft Word.

Today it is one of the most widely used word processors available for Macs and PCs. It is often taught to students in schools and required as part of the basic computer requirements for many office jobs.

In this guide, new users will learn the basic functions of Microsoft Word and how to use them. Alignment — The alignment options dictate whether the left and right edges of the text in a document adhere to the right side, left, center or justified. Clipboard — The clipboard acts as a type of storage area when a piece of text is temporarily removed and stored for later use within the same session.

Using the Cut or Copy commands will place the text in the clipboard. Copy — Copying text simply means making a replica of any text that is currently selecting and saving it to the clipboard. Cut — Cutting text removes the text entirely from the viewable document and stores it in the clipboard.

The Cut function can also be found under the Edit menu or the toolbar.

Document — Each document in Microsoft Word is essentially a new file. Each document can be several pages long. Edit — The edit menu or toolbar in Microsoft Word allows users to perform basic editing functions in their document such as copying, cutting and pasting.

Font — A font is a type of design for text and typically incorporates this design into each letter, number and symbol found on a keyboard. Fonts can range from formal to whimsical.

What is Explore Window in Word 2010?

Microsoft Word comes with a series of provided fonts and additional ones can also be downloaded if needed. To change the font used in a document, select the text and either click on the main Font menu, the Font drop-down menu in the formatting toolbar or hit Control-D or Command D.

Footer — The footer is the text that consistently appears on every page of a document, at the bottom of each page. Format — The Format menu or toolbar goes one step further than the Edit menu. Users can make stylistic changes by changing the look of the text itself, paragraphs, lists and more.


Header — The header is similar to a footer except that it sits at the very top of every page in a document. Headers often contain page numbers, the document name or sub-titles within a document.

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A person with a cognitive disability could prefer a hierarchy which enables a rapid overview of the document instead of having to read the entire document and scroll through all the pages.

It is also a conventional way of navigating through the document which will be beneficial to all users. These bookmarks can be generated in Microsoft Word. A table of contents which follows the hierarchal order of the headings used in the document must first be generated in Word.

Then choose the desired automatic table the only difference between the two automatic tables is the heading. If the document contains a glossary or an index; these sections must include headings which will appear in the table of contents and therefore as bookmarks in the PDF document.

Word Tutorial in PDF

Columns The advantage of Microsoft Word is that it makes it possible to create documents containing several columns directly, which assistive technologies will read in the correct order.

Paragraphs In terms of accessibility, paragraphs do not present any particular problems.

This, in particular, makes it possible to always use the same formatting for every paragraph that will be created in the document. To adjust the line spacing between several paragraphs, one must first select them. The dialogue box contains alignment, indentation, spacing and outline level options.

For better readability, it is also recommended: To avoid centered text alignment To avoid justified alignment of the text, which would result in the gap between characters being too small It is also important to highlight all upper case letters to make it easy to read but also for screen readers which will transcribe the words as they are written.

They are floating objects in the document, which can contain text, images, tables, etc.

However, these floating zones raise serious problems regarding accessibility: When they will be converted to PDF format, the reading order may be entirely erroneous and can even prevent assistive technology users from accessing these zones. It is therefore recommended to avoid using text boxes; otherwise, the logical reading order of tags in Acrobat Pro will have to be redefined.

Use of lists Able-body users can recognise lists visually and rapidly estimate the number of elements present in these lists.

This is also the case for those using assistive technologies such as screen readers: the beginning and the end of the lists are indicated and the number of elements present in these lists are enumerated. Assistive technology users can also navigate from one list to another and from one list item to another, via specific keyboard shortcuts.Left justify makes only the left side of the text aligned, while the right side remains ragged.

Convert or save to PDF

Robert Seifert and Pamela Williams Downloads: This affords fine tutorial on diverse subjects associated with the word. Let us know the various important parts of this window.. Help The help Icon can be used to get word associated help anytime you want.

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