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If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document. You can. IMM () E. This form is made available by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants. (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS. I am not able to get Form IMM (Application for a Study Permit Made Outside of

Imm 1294 Pdf

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Related Content - imm pdf. Study Permit Extension Form - I already acquired the IMME and the document check list and fill out the. Fill Imm Apply Online, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable Application Forms - IOM: Most of the forms are available in PDF format. CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION CANADA. CITOYENNETÉ ET IMMIGRATION CANADA. IMM () E. APPLICATION FOR STUDY MADE OUTSIDE.

Find out more about inadmissibility.

Apply online for a study permit. Once you have read the guide, you can prepare your application package. Everyone must fill out and sign their own form, including those travelling as a family.

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign your form. To make sure you submit all the pages of the form with your application package, follow these steps:. Validating the form before printing makes sure that you have answered all the questions.

Study Permit Application Information for International Students

This will help you to avoid delays in processing your application. Find out more about the barcode form. You must include the fee with your application. Find out how to pay your fees.

Hm... Are You a Human?

To use the form, you need to:. Leave the signature section empty.

You need to give your biometrics In most cases, you now need to give your fingerprints and photo biometrics after you apply. Otherwise you may experience delays. We process your application After we get your biometrics, we start processing your application.

If your application is refused, we send you a letter that tells you why. We check your identity when you arrive in Canada When you arrive, we check your identity to make sure that you are the same person who was approved to travel to Canada.

You must meet some basic requirements to enter Canada. You must: You can be inadmissible for several reasons, including being involved in: To use the form, you need to: Use your computer Mac or PC. Save the file in a place you can remember.

Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open the form. Sometimes if you try to open the form directly, it will use your Internet browser to try to open it.


What can I do? Why is this happening? If so, you will need to apply for a new passport before submitting your Study Permit Application.

If your Study Permit expires before your studies are complete, you can apply to renew it in Canada, but you will have to pay an additional application fee. If you also require a physical copy of these documents, please contact your Admissions Counsellor for support.

Make sure that all of the information on the documents is correct before submitting an application, and save a copy for your records. If you experience issues opening this checklist, please try using a different browser — Internet Explorer has worked for us in the past. These may cost an additional fee and may delay your Study Permit application processing time.

The conditions related to your eligibility to work needs to be printed on your study permit.


However, many border agents are still printing incorrect conditions on study permits. Must cease working if no longer meeting these criteria.

US Students Students holding a U. You can apply for your study permit online.Step 2: Print your "Document Checklist" and take note of your personal reference code found on the first line as you will need it to start your online application.

If you experience issues opening this checklist, please try using a different browser — Internet Explorer has worked for us in the past. If you do not get a personal checklist code from the questionnaire, you must submit a paper application to the nearest VAC. Use your computer Mac or PC. Make sure children under 18 travel with the right documents.

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