Lyrics to Book Of Life by Nathaniel Bassey. Written by: Nathaniel nice song, its toughing, is your name in the book life THINK ABOUT IT. Like · Reply · Mark as. Music Mp3 Download: Nathaniel Bassey – Book of Life. Download Book of life by Nathaniel Bassey. You can also check out and download other song by. Free Download of the Week Book of Life by Nathaniel Bassey File and from an early age he developed a love for both music and the gospel.

Gospel Song Book Of Life

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Is God is busily writing new names in the Book of Life on a regular basis, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other Have you heard or sung the song, "There's a New Name Written Down in . Lyrics to "Book Of Life" song by Nathaniel Bassey: This is the story of a brother Who slept and woke up in Foreverland He looked around, nothing's fami. Lyrics of IS YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE by Nathaniel Bassey: This is the story of This song was submitted on August 15th, and last modified on.

Brother Don Pratt is seated behind him in a blue shirt and tie.

Great Gospel Hymns - Songbook

The hymns of the Old Regular Baptist Church are sung in the so-called "lined-out" style brought to America by British colonists. It can be heard in the town of Sassafras, Ky.

On a Saturday morning in September, several hundred men and women — many solidly built, with square faces — have gathered in a Depression-era building to worship and sing. They settle into green-cushioned pews in a large, well-lit sanctuary.

One of the men sitting behind the pulpit, under the picture of a kneeling Jesus, feels moved to start a song. Once the congregation recognizes it, it repeats the line in unison, its voices swelling in a minor mode. This is what's called lined-out hymnody.

People listen, and they sing.

The tradition began when churches didn't have songbooks. This footage was captured by musicologist Alan Lomax in I thought they were too sad. But now I love 'em.

Church members say they don't consider this music sorrowful. He walked into the room and saw a man in white Must be an angel so he said: "Mr. Angel I'm a stranger, don't know what's going on, The last thing I remember was I slept last night".

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This is a border town that takes you where you get a crown. Must have heard of Heaven where you came from. Only those whose name I find Written in this book of life, Will forever be in paradise.

Is your name in this book of life? Is your name in this book of life here? Flipping the pages of this great book, This brother gave a cursory gaze. He saw the names of prophets, saints and martyrs Who kept the faith and won the race.

But he said "Mr. Angel, where is my name? Is my name in this book of life here?

"Is Your Name In The Book Of Life" Lyrics

Tell me is my name in this book of life? Unforgiveness lurks within your heart.

Some folks that you will never let go.So there are no new names being written down at all! Is your name in this book of life here?

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This is the story of a brother Who slept and woke up in Foreverland. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Loved it from the first day I heard it.

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