Page 1. PDF CiX. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Batman Vol. 1 #1 – (Complete) (): One of DC’s longest running books showcasing the adventures of the Dark Knight, Batman. Notes: For more up to date digital version please go to this page Batman Vol. 1 #0 – + Annuals + Extras () (Digital). Batman - Year bestthing.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Year bestthing.info Dc Comics Graphic Novel - Batman - A Death in the Family.

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Mad Love - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. P Dini. Dc Comics Graphic Novel - Batman - A Death in the Family. Uploaded by. DC Comics - Batman - Harley bestthing.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world, featuring a wide variety of characters and genres. Renowned for the.

Furono assassinati di fronte agli occhi di Bruce a causa della loro scoperta, e Bruce divenne Batman quando fu ispirato dal cartiglio a forma di pipistrello inseguito dall'assassino.

The killing Joke Scan

In Detective Comics n. Batman riesce a sventare l'assassinio dei suoi genitori in questo mondo, ma questo atto si sposta semplicemente sui motivi che spinsero Bruce a diventare Batman.

Una volta all'anno, ci sono degli sfidanti che tentano di usurpare il ruolo di Batman, anzi, questi Bruce sono persone tolte dalla strada, trasformati in vecchi nemici di Batman completi di memoria.

Mesi dopo, i due proteggevano Gotham City come i nuovi Batman e Robin. Batman riempiva le celle di Arkham di criminali, e come Bruce Wayne, utilizzava la compassione per curarli.

In Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual n. In "The Tyrant", un Batman corrotto, sotto l'influenza di Jonathan Crane , prende il controllo di Gotham City e la trasforma in uno stato di polizia. La storia termina con una frase di Mikhail Bakunin : " Per ragioni statali nero diventa bianco e bianco diventa nero, l'orribile diventa umano e i vili e atroci crimini diventano atti meritevoli".

Quando il piccolo Bruce assistette alla loro morte, scelse da grande di divenne Batman. Ebbe un avversario in Lex Luthor , che divenne il Joker quando fu sfigurato in un incidente.

In Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty, Bruce Wayne crebbe con al fianco i suoi genitori, allenandosi duramente in quanto non sapeva bene cosa fare della sua vita. I suoi genitori furono salvati da una rapina da Vandal Savage , correntemente sotto il nome di Vincent St.

Per proteggere sua moglie, decise di travestirsi. I due si schiantarono sulla Terra , dopo essere bruciati nel rientro. In Justice League of America vol. Ma anche questo film lo intrattenne. The narrative shifts so that sometimes Flex only exists in scribbles of Wally Sage; and in others Sage is an angsty rock star, or an angry kid, or an alien abductee, or a s Greenwich Village scenester, or even Flex himself. The reality of every page alters, where it sometimes takes place in quantum subspace or a nuclear flash-fire or a fishbowl.

It questions the conventions of reality, sort of like "Animal Man," but in a much more erratic way.

Every issue of the book essentially explores a different Earth within the DC multiverse with each issue being subtly tied together. This was an extremely bold endeavor to tackle, as Morrison sought to really flesh out the extent of the DC multiverse in this series. Unlike "Final Crisis" however, it is very accessible and worth checking out even for readers who don't know much about DC Comics. Published from , "New X-Men" was written by Morrison with illustrations by longtime collaborator, Frank Quitely.

In one of the most heralded and critically acclaimed "X-Men" titles ever published, "New X-Men" is the only Marvel title on this list that Morrison published.

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The book was a very important breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale title. After decades of work, Claremont had long since left the title, and with the financial success of the first "X-Men" film, Joe Quesada tapped on Morrison's shoulder to carry the brunt of creating a meaningful title. Morrison had a myriad of new and creative ideas, such as giving Beast a second mutation, introducing Emma Frost to the team and creating a nasty love triangle between her, Cyclops and Jean Grey.

He expanded the school to feel and resemble an actual school and destroyed a mutant safe haven. Morrison had a bad falling out with Marvel toward the end of his run, which ultimately impacted his departure and the series' conclusion, but it does not ultimately take away from the books' seminal nature.

DC had tremendous success with "Justice League International" in the late '80s, but after that book lost its steam and reached its natural conclusion, DC released several spinoff books that sold poorly. Since the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event, the big seven had not been unified on one team, so Morrison tasked DC to let him bring all seven back together to create perhaps the greatest JLA run ever.

Morrison sought to make the Justice League larger-than-life mythic figures, as if they were like a pantheon of modern gods. A lot of ideas introduced here would be utilized in later DC publications such as a Watchtower in space, utilizing legacy characters and the introduction of the White Martians.

With "Doom Patrol," Morrison wanted them to face the strangest threats, but with "JLA," they only faced the most earth-shattering threats such as a malfunctioning war machine from the future or a horde or renegade angels. Morrison and Porter's run with the team is perhaps the greatest run ever on the League. Morrison is very good at taking a concept, reducing it into its abstract, and making a statement. In his "Fatman on Batman" interview, Morrison explained that Justice League exists to take on the universe's greatest challenges, but the Doom Patrol exist to take on the world's most bizarre and unusual.

To create the book, Morrison was heavily influenced by Dada and surrealist art, literature and film to help synthesize such an unusual work of art. The book featured a range of weirdos and misfits married together to face threats like the scissor-men who cut the very fabrics of time from the page. The team featured characters like Crazy Jane who had 64 distinct personalities, Negative Man who became Rebis - a hermaphroditic individual who struggles with both normalized genders, Dorothy Spinner who can make imaginary friends comes to life and Robot Man who struggles to feel anything at all.

Morrison and Case induced comics with "high art" ideas like merging heroes with Borgesian post-modernism and drilled home the central tenant of Dada: Perhaps no other character in comic book history has had a more critically acclaimed titled than Batman. However, Morrison perhaps created the most significant run in the company's crown jewel's history.

That being said, it is remarkable DC hasn't released an omnibus or two for all of this yet.

Grant Morrison's Bat-Epic breaks down the something-year history of Batman and basically tries to make it all fit into continuity. His days as a solo vigilante of the '30s, adopting Robin and being a big brother figure, to things getting weird in the '50s and '60s with the pulp aspect of "Batman" stories, Batman becoming a James Bond-like figure in the '70s, to everything going wrong with Jason Todd and "No Man's Land" in the '80s and '90s.

Morrison makes all of this part of Batman's history, and its absolutely incredible. An absolute-must read for any Batman fan.

Published in , "Batman: Teaming up with surrealist artist, Dave McKean, the book was a smash critical and financial success, helping to finance Grant Morrison's global travels that would inspire "The Invisibles. Morrison says that he still receives very handsome royalty checks for the book to this day. The book is a staple in the essential reading for Batman.

It explores the idea of what Batman probably sees in his dreams, as Batman explores the dwellings of Arkham Asylum confronting the neurosis's of each of the inmates inside.

The book is very abstract and draws from a lot of European Gothic imagery, the book is inspired by the popular deconstruction of the genre that took place in many books of the s. Morrison explores the Joker's obsession with Batman, wanting to equate the character with Madonna.

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In addition to this, Morrison explores the psychological dimensions of much of the rogues gallery and Batman himself, throughout the book. The series had a very wide array of artists working on the book with almost a different artist working on every issue of the series. The book was Morrison's first major creator-owned title and drew from his "Zenith" strip.

Morrison saw s culture as being largely negative and wanted to fuel a more positive culture by creating a hypersigil of positive energy.

This is the book where Morrison encouraged his readers to have a "wankathon" t0 magically help the series sales numbers improve, which ultimately prevented the book from getting cancelled. The book acted as a sigil for things happening to Morrison in real life. If he wrote King Mob encountering comparably looking women, it happened to Morrison as well. Most of the story is derivative of his alien abduction experience in Kathmandu. Morrison's first real lengthy ongoing title since he came to DC, "Animal Man," is a issue masterpiece.

The book was a huge critical success, and was extremely influential.

The series contains many nuanced and esoteric references to the DC canon which would become a staple to Morrison's DC work. Did I mention "Animal Man" is a masterpiece? Because it is.

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The book deals with issues that were important in the late '80s and early '90s that are still important and pertinent now such as animal rights, veganism and eco-terrorism. Such social themes permeate throughout the issue series, but the real significance is in dealing with the nature of "what is reality?

Dan Didio wanted to create a line of books about DC's top characters written by the industry's greatest talent. While people fondly look back at the s for producing industry defining books like "Watchmen" and "The Dark Knight Returns," the s helped produced a comparably industry-defining title in "All-Star Superman.

The book is only issues long and essentially boils down something years of Superman into one book. It truly encapsulates everything that embodies the character and is a love-letter to everything that is comic books.

The story is essentially about Superman becoming mythic and completing 12 trials as he slowly succumbs to death. It is moving, imaginative, whimsical and represents everything about the comic book industry.

This is truly Morrison's magnum opus. And that's our list! Did we leave any Morrison books off the list that should be here?Most of the story is derivative of his alien abduction experience in Kathmandu. But covertly, he is part of a secret society called The Hand whose mission statement is to keep society on the path to "Status Q.

Account Options Sign in. So to have to compete against such quality origin stories while still having a bold, innovative take is a rather arduous and daunting task. However, he received his own miniseries under Morrison and Quitely in Io non uccido.

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