Degenesis/ A list of changes from the original document can be found at: The Trove is the biggest open directory of RPG PDFs on the Internet! Degenesis - In Thy Blood [oef_].pdf, , MB. Degenesis. The pen & paper rpg DEGENESIS combines dystopic, post apocalyptic and transhuman elements. The + pages core rules set contain everything needed to.

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DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! PDF. $ . 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (18 ratings). The "Degenesis. The publisher Sigh Press has released the core rule book as a at the time of the hardcover release. Since Degenesis sadly has no. The PDF for the Degenesis Rebirth Edition (Premium Edition) · 2 PDFs with pages, full RPG Item Version Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

Sometimes a Cult structure provides for two different Ranks at the same level. For example, a Rank 2 Scourger could be either a Hondo, an intimidating warrior, or a Damu, a shrewd scout. Characters also have access to Potentials, which can be either Common accessible to anyone or Cult-specific. These are legendary maneuvers, extraordinary special skills, and feats of Willpower or Faith. Each character starts with one Potential at Rank 1.

After filling in a few more details and gearing up, your character is ready to go. But be wary as you go out into the world of Degenesis.

Combat is deadly and healing from serious wounds can take weeks. As the book puts it: When two enemies attack each other, anything is possible: a marksman is dropped by a sword blow; a legendary pit fighter is killed by a pack of farmers with pikes.

If you fight, you can die. If you fight without any tactic or act thoughtlessly, you most certainly will. In the KatharSys, weapons are violent tools that kill with hits. Honorable combat is dangerous and seldom rewarded. If you want to survive, hit as hard as you can—or run. Characters advance by way of Experience Points, which are earned for accomplishing goals and surviving difficult situations.

XP can be used to improve Attributes and Skills.

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This eventually leads to increased Cult Rank and with it increased responsibilities as well as access to greater resources. Building a Campaign The game mastering section of Degenesis is a useful collection of ideas and suggestions to help get a campaign rolling.

In a world as expansive as Degenesis it can be difficult to think of a starting point. But the suggested technique for mixing themes, people, locations, items, and events is a good one.

From the short idea lists provided, a game master can come up with a number of quick adventure outlines. For example: A Hybrispanian slave has escaped a brutal Neolibyan slaver and found his way to an ancient fortress where Khari and his Scourger compatriots are conducting a training mission. Khari is duty-bound to take the slave back. As a Traditionalist he believes he must return the slave.

But his closest colleague is set against this path. Sekai the Scrapper is a Protector, and she knows what will happen to the slave should he be returned. To make matters worse, the locals have had enough, and a band of Guerreros are heading to the fortress to free the slave, by force if necessary.

So for example an Anubian, a Jehammedan, and an Anabaptist could all be found in the same group, but there needs to be a strong, believable reason why members of three Cults that often find each other at odds would be together.

Degenesis includes an adventure, Embargo, that can be placed with minimal modification in a variety of locales. In published Degenesis adventures there is always a story, and the world is always in motion. The backstory, motivation, and actions of NPCs are examined in detail.

The adventure is written essentially as a linear narrative with predefined scenes. Each incorporates a meticulously-detailed adventure and serves as a guide to a particular region, with information about the geography, factions, and key NPCs in the area.

Taken together, they also lay out a densely-woven metaplot that stretches across all three books. These adventures follow the same underlying structure as Embargo — the PCs are essentially along for the ride. The locales and NPCs are complex and compelling, and the metaplot is tremendously inventive and engaging. There are also countless hooks a GM can use to weave in their own adventures. Active, engaged players will feel railroaded if you do.

So the best approach is probably the one advised by Erwan Roudaut in The Codex , his useful collection of Degenesis tips: The metaplot should be used like a spice. You use it to give a little extra something to your campaign and make it a bit more exciting at some points. Each features a wealth of detail, from geography to NPCs to secrets about the inner workings of the world.

Black Atlantic in particular provides a dizzying quantity of material. Adult Themes One of the things that most clearly distinguishes Degenesis from most other post-apocalypse games is its treatment of mysticism and religion. In Degenesis the old religions were not eradicated, nor were they replaced by the tired trope of worship of the ancients. Instead they were reborn as new faiths. This reworking provides thoughtful players a way to engage with questions of belief.

It also provides a useful counterpoint to the horrors of the Primer. Degenesis evidences a European sensibility about sexuality. Out of dozens of character portraits in the core books, there are a few images featuring half-naked men and women, and a handful showing full nudity. Because this is a game that takes place in our world, no matter how far in the future or how fantastical, the authors placed a disclaimer at the front matter of both of the core books: Degenesis advocates tolerance and international understanding.

The game world of Degenesis has evolved from ours and distorts it into an imaginary future. Conflicts within the game world are, of course, not real — and we do not wish for them to be, either.

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Although we know this kind of conflict from films, we urge you to use them with caution. None of the seven Cultures mentioned in Degenesis is better than any of the others. All of those Cultures have an equal right to exist in the game world of Degenesis. We strictly oppose violence and racism. The cultures, along with a short description and a rough real world equivalent are as follows:.


Fighting is an expansion of the basic rules of the game by which the characters are "action points". The action points are modifiers within the game that either set initiative or other actions within the battle scenario. Players do damage by rolling a number of d10 under a specified number defined by the weapon stats. There are also experience points that can be collected via battles or free experience points that can be freely distributed amongst the players.

Noted points of departure from the first edition include the whole revamping of the game system, and lore-wise, a more lax and intertwined relationship between the cults. The revamped Katharsys game system uses a d6 pool system where players roll a number of d6 equal to the sum of the relevant Attribute and the specific Skill, plus or minus circumstancial modifiers.

Character's stats consist of 6 primary attributes and each one of these has six specific skills. Primal and Focus, Faith and Willpower, Secondary stats and backgrounds. The Degenesis: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Five centuries later, the remaining population will have a clear understanding that the meteors have slaughtered human beings but also their humanity. The swarm has indeed brought with it an alien substance: the Primer.

The substance is able to alter the DNA and can reshape life on earth in order to create a new man, Homo Degenesis. THE GAME Degenesis: Rebirth Edition is divided into two large volumes for a total of well over pages of game material where settings and mechanics are integrated and developed in unison.

The first volume Primal Punk pages contains the setting. It presents the event that originated the cataclysm in and tells the situation of the world at the time when game is set, around It tells the apocalypse that swept the known civilization from the planet almost in one day, as well as the drastic climate changes that have made the few remaining habitable lands even less hospitable.

Degenesis: The Rebirth

Players are called to live and fight in an entirely new continent, a union of Europe and North Africa that presents a new morphology, new cultures, new cults, new threats. The second, KatharSys pages , presents the system and the game mechanics, with Action Number and Trigger, creation of the character introducing Concepts and Backgrounds, Ranks and Potentials for each individual Cult, and indicates the procedures for the acquisition of Experience Points.

You will discover how combat works even with vehicles and the many, many ways to die. Then, you'll read a very extensive section on equipment and everything related to trade in the world.

A substantial section is necessarily reserved for sepsis and spores, as well as their marketable form: the Burn. The manual also contains a special bestiary that not only presents deadly wildlife altered by the spore, but also Psiconauts with various levels of power and a wide range of abilities given by Primers, human antagonists and aberrations.

The manual concludes with a section for the Game Master, which helps him in the creation of his campaigns, with suggestions, tips, secrets, and an introductory adventure. The two tomes are not separable, due to the precise choice of the original publisher, and together constitute the form and substance of the RPG.

It is no longer the world we know, but it is a new continent generated by the Eshaton events and shaped by the five centuries that followed. Centuries of settlement and reconstruction have followed the catastrophe. Cults have arisen. But if the Cults dominated the social structure of the post-apocalyptic world, with their enormous economic, political and religious power, their struggles have undermined the union of the young reborn settlements.

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Their visions of how to revive civilization differ, often at a fundamental level, and make collaboration for the common purpose impossible. Furthermore, for the first time, absolute domination of cults is tested.

The old clans rise from the desolate lands. United by hatred, they wage war under new banners, shattering the power that once held them at the edge of the new world.Sekai the Scrapper is a Protector, and she knows what will happen to the slave should he be returned.

The manual concludes with a section for the Game Master, which helps him in the creation of his campaigns, with suggestions, tips, secrets, and an introductory adventure. In caso la vostra spedizione preveda credito o un pagamento aggiuntivo per aree speciali o servizi accessori, vi contatteremo sempre prima di spedire.

Europe is suffering and in bad shape after the meteors, wars and is struggling to rebuild. For example: A Hybrispanian slave has escaped a brutal Neolibyan slaver and found his way to an ancient fortress where Khari and his Scourger compatriots are conducting a training mission.

We essentially digitally re-master the book. So the best approach is probably the one advised by Erwan Roudaut in The Codex , his useful collection of Degenesis tips: The metaplot should be used like a spice. Keeping disagreements between Cults from turning into serious conflicts requires a unique combination of unbending determination and diplomatic flexibility. Common Questions FAQ.

You have 10 points to spend on attributes and 28 points to spend on skills and how you spend these points determines at what rank your character starts.

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