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Daemon (Daemon Series series) by Daniel Suarez. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Writes high-tech / sci-fi thrillers: Daemon, Freedom™, Kill Decision, Influx, Change Agent. DELTA-V out *∆v (delta-vee). Los Angeles. daniel- suarez. Daniel Suarez books include: the Daemon series (Daemon & Freedom™), Kill Decision, Influx, Change Agent, in hard cover, ebook, and audio book formats.

As these things usually go, you expect his face eventually to appear on a giant screen at the UN Security Council, announcing the nuclear destruction of New York and St. Petersburg and delivering his ultimatum. These recruits—thousands of them, and disproportionately disaffected misfits and sociopaths—are set to work building the Darknet and the initial human infrastructure associated with it.

Every individual has a ranking within a range of two hundred levels, much like the ranking system of players in a game, that regulates his powers in the Darknet.

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Philips nodded. Their primary order of business at first is modifying SUVs and motorcycles into automated combat vehicles—essentially a more sophisticated generation of armed predator drones using automobiles as platforms. As the story progresses, especially in Freedom, the Darknet becomes the nucleus of a human social organization, its overall makeup shifting as the initial thousands of sociopaths and misfits recruited are followed by the millions of normal people attracted by an idealistic vision of a better life.

As the networked production facilities continue to expand, economies built around meeting real human needs—instead of building cool fighting vehicles—become the primary focus. The Darknet evolves into a network of resilient local communities holons with micromanufacturing facilities, sustainable farming methods, and renewable energy sources.

We put in a good blend of natural prairie grasses. Big bluestem, foxtail, needlegrass, switchgrass. And we rotate animals through the fields. Chickens follow the cows out to pasture, picking the bug larvae out of the manure and eating bugs and worms from the broken turf left behind by the cattle.

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The chicken dung, in turn, makes the field fertile for crops. Every other darknet farm in this holon is working for the same thing. Regional energy and food independence.

We rely on Greeley for our critical manufactured goods—printed electronics, micromanufactured precision equipment, tools, software.

They, in turn, rely on us, along with other farms, to provide their food and raw materials. Main Street was lined with recently renovated brick storefronts and micro-manufacturing shops with their roll-top doors opened to reveal machinists and customers poking at D-Space objects, negotiating and ordering 3-D plans off the darknet.

CNC milling machines hummed in the workshops beyond.

The story, as you might suspect, heads toward a climactic confrontation between the new society built around the Darknet and the increasingly desperate old corporate order. Toward the middle of Daemon, elements within the intelligence community begin to suspect and then conclude for a certainty that Sebeck was framed and that the Daemon is real.

In the meantime, the Daemon begins showing its hand, using the threat of wiping out their finances to exercise strategic control over the thousands of corporations infested with its worms. Its control of IT functions is backed by recruitment of internal defectors within the firms—a very easy task, considering the number of disgruntled employees in a time of continued downsizings and benefit cuts.

Your business will operate as before, and no one will suspect that there is anything unusual going on—except that perhaps your systems will run better than they did when you were responsible for them. Later, at the beginning of Freedom, the Daemon targets dozens of financial executives and hedge fund managers. The modern elite warrior is much the same—they can mow down mass conscripted armies with superior technology. So what happens when small elite forces can overwhelm citizen forces of almost any size?

We return to feudalism—landless serfs and a permanent ruling class. Just look at the fortified upscale neighborhoods now being built with their own private security forces.

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His thirty-odd year career as a foot soldier for the national security state includes extensive involvement as a liaison to the global network of drug funded death squads, U. The first life he ever took was that of a trade unionist in Central America. Slavery existed everywhere—even in the United States.

We were all slaves in one way or another. Slavery was just control, and control kept things running in an orderly fashion. It was what made progress possible. People need order…. They need to be told what to think, what to do, what to believe, or everything will fall apart.

It requires careful management by professionals willing to do whatever is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

You let me torture a thousand people, and I can keep five million working obediently with their heads down. The more innocent the victims, the better. As the conflict escalates, the global plutocracy shows its hand, taking control of the government on a scale greater than that of the Gilded Age. Global financial interests present a united front to the U.

And as we are all connected, there is no escape Explosive, action-packed, terrifyingly relevant, Daemon redefines the high-concept thriller for the information age. Meer lezen Minder lezen. Klanten die dit item hebben gekocht, kochten ook. Pagina 1 van 1 Opnieuw beginnen Pagina 1 van 1. Freedom English Edition. EUR 5, Influx English Edition. EUR 3, Productbeschrijving Productbeschrijving A man is found brutally murdered - and the only possible perpetrator happens to be dead. Productgegevens Editie: site-editie Bestandsgrootte: Quercus 7 januari Verkocht door: site Media EU S.

Engels ASIN: Ingeschakeld X-Ray: No customer reviews. Deel je gedachten met andere klanten. Klantenrecensie schrijven. Nuttigste klantenrecensies op site. Geverifieerde aankoop. Five stars are really not enough for a book like this.

The plot and character development are not outstanding, but the story idea is so original that it alone is worthy of a Hugo or Nebula award. There are plenty of science fiction scenarios about a computer taking over the world; this story explores the more realistic and plausible scenario of not an actual computer, not an actual artificial intelligence, but simply a cleverly written program that can infect the world's computers and take them over.

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It's also a story that makes you stop and think about how every aspect of our lives is now impacted by computerized technology, and how easy it is for rogue actors to control that technology and thus control us. If that happens, will we resist, or will we submit to the Daemon? Before you answer, consider the technology that controls your bank account, your medical and employment records, your very identity.

You might be surprised at how quickly you surrender to the Beast. The technical details are very well researched, thought out, and realistic, but the characters are very flat and remind me a bit of the type of characters in a 70s cop TV show. Unfortunately I could not care about them, with the laudable exception of Agent Roy "Tripwire" Merritt during his ill-fated stay at the mansion. I stuck with the book for quite a while, and then one day I realized I hadn't opened it for longer than a month The billionaire CEO of an online game company is dead.

Brain cancer.

His obituary triggers programs that have infiltrated every corner of our society. Some are merely plot devices, engineers added to give a real sense of the distributed work the Daemon requests of its human servants.

Those working for the government run the gambit from idealist to special forces to spook. Each character is well-developed with their own reasons and beliefs.Deals and Shenanigans. There are many points when I was shocked. Page Flip: Avogadro Corp. They make our networked world possible.

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