Computer Science questions and answers with explanation for interview, download Computer Science quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. CS: COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Questions not attempted will result in zero mark and wrong answers will result in NEGATIVE . One can practice these Computer Science interview questions and answer to download Computer Science multiple Choice Questions, MCQs, Quiz, PDF files.

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Here we are providing “Computer Q&A ”, a set of important questions from various topics of Computer. It will help you to score more. Question Bank & Answer Key. 1. Who is the father of Computer science? a. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called a. Questions marked with an asterisk are also representative of AB Exam questions. The answer key for the Computer Science A multiple-choice questions is on.

The data relates to what the object represents, while the instructions define how this object relates to other objects and itself. What is a message?

A message is a signal from one object to another requesting that a computation take place. It is roughly equivalent to a function call in other languages. What is a class? A class defines the characteristics of a certain type of object. It defines what its members will remember, the messages to which they will respond, and what form the response will take.

What is an instance? An individual object that is a member of some class. What is a super-class? Given a class, a super-class is the basis of the class under consideration. The given class is defined as a subset in some respects of the super-class. Objects of the given class potentially posses all the characteristics belonging to objects of the super-class. CSE Interview Questions 6. What is inheritance? Inheritance is property such that a parent or super class passes the characteristics of itself to children or sub classes that are derived from it.

The sub-class has the option of modifying these characteristics in order to make a different but fundamentally related class from the super-class. To what does message protocol refer? What is polymorphism? Polymorphism refers to the ability of an object to respond in a logically identical fashion to messages of the same protocol, containing differing types of objects. The form of the message its protocol is identical in both cases.


What differs is the type of object on the right-hand side of these messages. The former is an integer object 5 while the later is a floating point object 5.

The receiver 1 appears to other objects to respond in the same way to both messages. Internally, however, it knows that it must treat the two types of objects differently in order to obtain the same overall response.

What are instance variables? What are class variables?

What is a method? It is like the definition of a procedure in other languages.

A destructor? A constructors and destructors are methods defined in a class that are invoked automatically when an object is created or destroyed. They are used to initialize a newly allocated object and to cleanup behind an object about to be removed. It allows variables to be defined where they are used. It allows the definition of real semantically significant constants.

It allows for automatic pointer dereferencing. It supports call-by-reference in addition to call-by-value in functions. It supports tentative variable declarations when the type and location of a variable cannot be known before hand. What is operator overloading? What is cin and cout? Contrast procedural and object oriented programming.

Introduction to Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

The procedural paradigm performs computation through a step-by-step manipulation of data items. Solving problems this way is akin to writing a recipe. Next a series of enumerated steps statements are defined to transform the raw ingredients into a finished meal. The object oriented model, in contrast, combines related data and procedural information into a single package called an object.

Objects are meant to represent logically separate entities like real world objects. Objects are grouped together and defined by classes. This is analogous to user defined data types in procedural languages. In this way, Objects that are of a similar yet different nature need not be defined from scratch. Computation occurs though the intercommunication of objects. Programming this way is like writing a play.

First the characters are defined with their attributes and personalities. Next the dialog is written so that the personalities interact. The sum total constitutes a drama. You should know about mangled function names and type-safe linkages. We never had to do that.

Technical interview

Explain the scope resolution operator. The scope resolution operator permits a program to reference an identifier in the global scope that has been hidden by another identifier with the same name in the local scope. The answer can get complicated.

You should know the formal names of such things so that you can understand all communication about them. If you claim to be well into the design or use of classes that employ inheritance, you tend to address overriding virtual function overrides to explicitly call a function higher in the hierarchy.

The default member and base class access specifiers are different.

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The only differences are that a struct defaults to public member access and public base class inheritance, and a class defaults to the private access specifier and private base class inheritance. Getting this question wrong does not necessarily disqualify you because you will be in plenty of good company. Getting it right is a definite plus.

How many ways are there to initialize an int with a constant? Example 1 a uses the traditional C notation, while Example 1 b uses constructor notation. Many programmers do not know about the notation in Example 1 b , although they should certainly know about the first one. A reader wrote to tell me of two other ways, as shown in Examples 2 a and 2 b , which made me think that maybe the answer could be extended even further to include the initialization of an int function parameter with a constant argument from the caller.

Microprocessor, memory, peripheral equipment.

A personal computer operating system from Microsoft. A system in which computers are connected to share information and resources. The operating system and all the utilities that enable the computer to function. A process of treatment through communication technologies.

OCR Optical Character Recognition is a computer software designed to translate image of type written test. One kind of program, which is harmful to computer operation. What is the elaboration of VOIP? Voice Over Internet Protocol. E-mail stands for? Electronic mail Question: Write some common output devices of computer.

Monitor, Printer and Speaker.

Give some Example of programming language. What is YouTube? YouTube is a famous video sharing site. What is WiMax? WiMax is Wireless Internet Technology. What is Cyber Super Weapon? Cyber Super Weapon is a computer virus. What is Palmtop? Palmtop is a kind of small computer.

What is XO? Tablet Pc 1. Oracle is a Data Base Program 6. Microsoft Excel is a database program 7.

Computer Science Questions and Answers

Scanner is an Input Device 8. Processing speed of computer is measured in Nano Second 9. The computer uses in operations of mathematics- Binary The latest version of MS Windows — Windows-7 Submarine Cable is the term used in — Information Technology 3.

Goojje is a Chinese Search Engine 4. Function of Modem is to convert digital signal to analog signal and also analog signal to digital signal 5. Low level language which is written in binary Question: What is the meaning of URL? Uniform resource locator. When Microprocessor was invented? In Question: What is UNIX? Operating System Question: What is the meaning of Fat? File allocation table Question: What is Adobe Photoshop?Interpreter A small or intelligent device is so called because?

Download pdf. Mass memory. C Interview Questions? We never had to do that.

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