Headstrong Casey Straton inherited her mother's beautiful eyes and her father's stubborn temperament. So when she is denied the responsibility of running her. Johanna Lindsey′s enchanting romantic adventure All I Need Is You is the sequel to her immensely popular A Heart So Wild. Lovely and tempestuous Casey. (c) >>> page 1 of 8 PDF File: 73b6e All I Need Is You By Johanna Lindsey PDF EBOOK EPUB site. Access All I.

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Download All I Need Is You PDF Book by Johanna Lindsey - I have read historical romances before, but usually the medevil, victorian, dukes, etc.[PDF] All I. Johanna Lindsey. All I Need Is You Straton Family Saga - 2. Angel Wyoming Series - 3. 1. Brave the Wild Wind Wyoming Series.1 Captive Bride 2. 8 Defy Not . If you need a all i need is you straton family 2 johanna lindsey, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that can be downloaded.

Company was the socialite to whom he was engaged. Damian II was our Damian's father.

ہمارے بلاگرز

Henry Curruthers was Rutledge Import's accountant. Billybob and Vince are the hapless stagecoach robbers. Melton is a horse trader. Judge Roy Bean is quite arbitrary and more interested in a buck than justice.

In one of his … decisions, he ruled that the victim shouldn't have gotten in front of the gun his friend was firing. Larissa Amery is the schoolmarm who doesn't like Curruthers. Sanderson John Wescot is a dentist. Bucky Alcott is a range cook for a local ranch. Pete Drummond is a tenderfoot who now sells firearms. Chicago Milton Lewis ' brother is a mine of information.

Margaret Henslowe is a rich widow. The Cover and Title The cover is a soft gradation from a cold yellow at the bottom up to a soft orange at top.

The author's name is the largest text and at the top while the title is smaller and at the bottom.

Both use a gold embossed font in all-caps. Separating the text is a deep red, embossed and stylized sun. Maybe Lindsey needs us to accept this story as is. I was disappointed with this book for a few different reasons: For a book that was full of gun fights, train robberies and murder I expected it to be exciting but it was just A lot of we are too different or I'm not good enough.

I get that in YA fiction but in Adult Fiction? Casey seemed so sure of herself in the beginning but that changed pretty quick. Casey pretends to be male to do her job and Damien find himself attracted to this 'boy' he has hired.

Damien doesn't understand his attraction and questions it. I thought this could have lead to a really interesting point but it wasn't until Casey explained her actual gender that he understood his attraction.

I wanted this to have a different ending. Maybe because this book was written in the '90s? Aug 01, S. Tyson rated it really liked it. I stepped outside of my element with this book.

Western historical fiction is definitely not a genre that I like; contemporary is more my speed. But I did enjoy this book, even though I'd never read the first book regarding the Straton family which I might possibly do now. The story was not a particularly exciting one, but it moved along nicely, and the Kid's identity reveal was somewhat unexpected. A little more communication between the two main characters would have sped things up a little, I stepped outside of my element with this book.

A little more communication between the two main characters would have sped things up a little, but it also might have resulted in a short story instead of a novel. Waiting for the two of them to get on the same page emotionally was starting to get a little irritating, but overall it's a story that will be appreciated by readers of western historical romance fiction, and even some who aren't. Feb 11, Pravana rated it really liked it Shelves: This is her review - https: The forced marriage literally at gunpoint and the equally abrupt way they were "unmarried" was very hilarious.

Nov 09, Shannon rated it it was ok. I almost didn't finish this book because it had such a slow and unoriginal beginning for me. The second half was much better but the characters really never fleshed themselves out for me. Mar 08, Shelly Knight rated it liked it. Not one of her better ones. Sep 11, Beth rated it really liked it. Enjoyed the first one and enjoyed this.

Jul 27, Keila Aruni rated it really liked it. A mix of cowboys, danger, passion and love story. Feb 04, Pam rated it liked it. Typical romance book - one you can read in an afternoon sitting by the pool and not care if you skipped a paragraph or so. Bintang 4 Buku ke2 seri Straton Family "Like father, like daughter Sama sama keras kepala. Perbedaan pandangan dan keinginan mereka akan nasib peternakan yg diwariskan ayah Chandos pada cucu cucunya membuat Cassie minggat dari rumah untuk membuktikan pada ayahnya kalau seorang wanita dapat melakukan pekerjaan yg dilakukan pria dan seorang wanita tak perlu menikah untuk menopang hidupnya.

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Ingat masa lalu Chandos yg lari dari rumah karena diatur oleh a Bintang 4 Buku ke2 seri Straton Family "Like father, like daughter Ingat masa lalu Chandos yg lari dari rumah karena diatur oleh ayahnya? Nah kejadian yg hampir mirip terjadi lagi. Saat melarikan diri dari rumah, untuk membuktikan kemampuan dirinya Cassie memilih pekerjaan yg tak lazim yaitu pemburu bayaran. Cassie memilih itu karena mengingat kecakapannya dalam melacak orang serta kecepatan dan ketepatannya dalam menembakkan pistol.

Telah enam bulan berlalu setelah melarikan diri, Cassie menerima tawaran dari Damien Ruthledge III untuk melacak keberadaan pembunuh ayah Damien. Interaksi mereka berdua sungguh kocak, bikin penasaran kapan Damien akhirnya menyadari kalau Cassie itu sebenarnya seorang gadis. Yg lebih lucu lagi karena Damien ini orang timur yg berasal dari New York kota yg beradab, serba instan dan selalu memperoleh kemudahan, sangat sulit beradaptasi dengan daerah barat yg liar.

Bayangkan saat Damien harus menunggangi seekor kuda padahal sepanjang hidupnya Damien tak pernah melakukannya. Banyaknya kekurangan Damien membuat Cassie awalnya memandang rendah Damien. Bayangkan bagaimana perasaan Damien yg dikira tidak dapat menembakkan senapan miliknya dengan akurat.

Namun walau begitu ada perasaan yg timbul dihati keduanya. Bayangkan lagi bagaimana perasaan mereka setelah menyadari ketertarikan satu sama lain ketika dinikahkan paksa oleh seorang hakim yg tak kompeten karena ingin mengambil keuntungan dari Damien. Dan lagi lagi mereka dibuat kesal dan frustrasi karena dalam perjalanan pulang setelah berhasil menangkap pembunuh ayah Damien, mereka bertemu lagi dengan hakim tersebut untuk kemudian pernikahan mereka dibatalkan oleh si hakim dengan biaya yg sama saat menikahkan mereka sial!

Rasa tak percaya diri akan kemampuan masing masing untuk mempengaruhi satu sama lain membuat Cassie meninggalkan Damien setelah tugasnya selesai. Cassie kembali kerumah orangtuanya dan oh ternyata selama ini sang ayah selalu mendampinginya dalam setiap aksinya memburu penjahat. Walaupun begitu akhirnya Chandos menyetujui keinginan Cassie setelah melihat tekad Cassie untuk menjalankan peternakan warisan kakeknya.

Namun Curuther yg melarikan diri menjadi alasan Damien untuk menemui Cassie dan meminta Cassie sekali lagi membantu Damien mencari pembunuh ayah Damien itu.

Tak hanya itu Cassie bahkan menjembatani hubungan yg dingin antara Damien dan ibunya yg telah lama terpisah. Dan berkat ayah Cassie yg memberikan sedikit petunjuk walau sebelumnya Damien sempat kena kepalan tinju dan perasaan antipati dari Chandos , Damien akhirnya memberanikan diri untuk menyatakan perasaannya pada Cassie. I read this last week but forgot to put up a review, so that means I don't remember too many details.

However, I don't recall being miffed, so I must have enjoyed it. Casey Straton is the daughter of Chandos and Courtney of the first Straton book, the name of which I cannot recall for the life of me.

Casey is just like her dad - strong willed and fearless. Her grandfather has died and left her a share of his ranch. She wants to take over the running of the ranch but her dad disagrees because a I read this last week but forgot to put up a review, so that means I don't remember too many details.

She wants to take over the running of the ranch but her dad disagrees because a it's a man's job and b she's only Frustrated from her purpose, Casey runs off to do a "man's job", which to her, means becoming a bounty hunter.

While camping out one night, this random easterner, Damien, stumbles into her camp. He had been robbed and was left for dead in the middle of nowhere. It turns out Damien is out west hunting down his father's murderer. He's super rich and spoiled and has basically zero survival and tracking skills. He asks Casey, who he thinks is a boy because she stinks, has short hair, and wears a baggy clothes, to help him track down the murderer.

She agrees because he offers to pay her an exorbitant sum of money and off they go on their wild adventure. Casey thinks that Damien is completely helpless, but to her surprise and delight, he is not and actually saves her life a couple of times.

En route home with the killer, Damien loses him and decides he needs to find Casey so that she can help him find the killer again. So the story was a bit redundant, but it gave Casey and Damien another chance to admit to their feelings for one another.

Feelings, so simple, yet so complicated. It was ok, but not as exciting as the first book, which I really enjoyed! I give it 3. Feb 10, Laura V.

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Damian es todo lo contrario, un chico nacido y criado en el Este que desentona completamente con Texas y sus alrededores. No sabe manejarse bien por esos lares y Casey es la que tiene que andar cuidando de que no se mate por accidente o hagan que lo mate. Absoluta indiferencia. Jul 17, Wee! I'd have to say this book is rated probably about 3.

I honestly liked the beginning. Confusing though, but totally feels more like real life. Until it turns all corny just like every other love novel.

So Casey Starton is this tall girl who has been trained all her life in this cattle place owned by her father. She has one older and one younger brother.

And apparently her father considers the age of 18 to be an adult. Casey was like And obviously with that sexist thought of I'd have to say this book is rated probably about 3. And obviously with that sexist thought of women settling down and letting the men "be in charge" was an ideal to her father. Because she wasn't exactly some girly girl, she wanted to prove to her father that she could be just like any other man.

So she took on the job of the bounty hunter, you know, capturing those people on the WANTED posters and getting money. Damian was a guy seeking revenge on the guy who killed his father. Later on, the truth is unraveled His father was dead, and his mother had left them when he was 10 for another love.

Tender is the Storm by Johanna Lindsey

So he gets into a somewhat of a tight spot, and comes across a person who went by Kid, who had no parents or relatives, and was a bounty hunter. He was really skilled and such, and only at about the age of They continue along, and yadiyadiya.

Okay, so this is what got really confusing, at least to me: Kid is not really a guy. Well, "He" went by the initials of K. Read the initials out loud, it's easier that way.

If you don't get it yet, then you're a bit slow now. Back to the whole K. Damian was told this and decided to name the Kid "Casey".

Well of course he didn't tell the Kid that it was a girl name, and it appeared that the Kid didn't mind. D And that's all my review is. Don't really want to go into detail about that lovey dovey stuff. Sep 27, Nurliani rated it it was amazing. Apa yaa? Duhh aku speechless karena novel ini bener-bener bagus. Aku jatuh cinta sama karakter Casey dan Damian.

Sampe aku gak bisa move on: Kisah yang menarik, penuh petualangan, dibumbui humor, serta malam-malam romantis bikin aku senyum terus.

Apalagi pas mereka dinikahkan secara paksa oleh hakim Roy Bean demi lima dolar wkwkwkwk itu mungkin salah satu scene favorit aku di novel ini: Plotnya bagus gak lompat-lompat, juga Johanna L Apa yaa? Plotnya bagus gak lompat-lompat, juga Johanna Lindsey jago banget deh mendeskripsikan adegan tiap adegan jd bener2 kayak nyata. Bikin aku gak mau nutup buku berasa nonton film lol. Yaa aku fans Johana Lindsey makanya review-nya begini.

Sherisse peaces out and heads off to New York anyway. Lucas succeeds in his revenge plan and ruins Sam Newcombe financially, so he also peaces out of Arizona not broke but with a fuckton of money , and goes to Paris, where he finds a man that Sherisse had thought she was in love with.

He just made a game out of seducing virgins and then having his wife come in and find them. So Lucas rearranges his face.

He then makes his way to New York, to find Sherisse. Ridiculous is fun! But as these things go, this is just badly written. Things are told, not shown, and everyone is terrible.

Sherisse what is with that name is an idiot. Stephanie is the worst little sister since Stephanie Tanner. I mean seriously. The romance is just weak.

It's unclear what they saw in each other and Casey kept running away from him. For a brave heroine, she lacks all bravery when it comes to this. Damien is equally guilty. Their feelings are only expressed at the very end, and then in a rushed way. The side characters fell short.

All of them.

How did they keep finding the person they were hunting down?I read this purely because of the cover and it did not live up to it.

As of more than fifty-eight million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, and her work has been translated into twelve languages.

Wonderful, fun story. I honestly liked the beginning. Things are told, not shown, and everyone is terrible. Okay, so this is what got really confusing, at least to me: But this is one of the book with American history setting and still can catch my interest pretty quick.

Johanna Lindsey wrote her first book, Captive Bride in "on a whim", and the book was a success.

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