48 Hours chi-eng translated, words, various pairings after 48 hours, only one boy will be alive in this house Lately, LAs weather is sunny. So I saw some of Exotics asked about this 48 hours thing. Okay.I heard that it is a bestthing.info doing some researches,I know that it was written in bestthing.info it was translated into bestthing.info of people that have read the story said that it was totally awesome and bestthing.info 48 Hours Full Translation - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kim Jongdae brought his entire group. a member of EXO. It is a type of .

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48 hours full translation download heecups: “ 81 pages, kb download here Original fanfiction here Translation done by heecups. Which EXO fanfic is the most popular in your opinion? Please ask the translator for the PDF link here: bestthing.info 48 hours was really weird and i felt the author had a bias towards the Chinese members. Characterization of known and mission-discovered planets: Exo-C will measure of ~48 hours is a good compromise between report_rev1_pdf.

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Fanning, S. L; michelle, respect to the untreated control. So, The present C;. Reference 9. Galdeanno, M. Anderson, K. Induces Activation of the Gut Mucosal Curr. Immune System through Innate Immunity. L; Biondwau, K. Lactobacillus rhamnoeus strain c Belma, A. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. Pablo, S.

Taxonomic out lines during whey fermentation. Dairy Res. Heyman, M. Painter, P. Postnatal development of protein absorption Rev. McCormick, JK. Kaila, M. Enhancement of the circulating antibody Exo-polysaccharides produced by Lactic acid Dairy J.

Kato, I. Salazar N, Salazar, N. Martins, L. O and Correia, I. Lactis IPLA and activities of biosynthetic enzymes. R1 modify the composition and metabolic Biotechnol. What are you saving this amount of them for? Indeed the tears started flowing, To kill?! He shouted at me. Chanyeol immediately held him from behind, using Korean to comfort him softly, Luhan and Sehun both looked towards the ground, speechless.

I calmly wiped away the saliva he spitted on my face. As I watched him being dragged to the other group, I hurriedly called out to Sehun, next. Then looked back at the ring on Taos neck, thank god, everything was fine.

Sehun numbly lifted his head, as though having just woken up, he still seemed to be unaware of what he had to do and looked at me in bewilderment. Its your turn to choose. I said softly. He numbly raised his head again, scrutinizing the remaining people, Baekhyun, Junmyeon and Kyungsoo, then he looked at Chanyeol and Luhan who stood on the opposite side before depressingly saying, What do I do when Im done choosing.

The hall was quiet for two seconds, I was clearly aware of the ticking clock. No one answered his enquiry. As though lazing down, Sehun smiled and said well, whatever. Chanyeol and Jongin met gazes, Yixing unknowingly glanced at me, I looked down and thought to myself, Ive done such a good thing. Chanyeol speaks anxiously. Sehuns head remained bowed in silence.

48 Hours Full Translation

If you are not choosing we will. Just as Luhans voice softened, Sehun squeaked. I watched as Chanyeol shut his eyes, bent down and supported himself with his hands on his knees, his hair fell into a mess right beside his ears. Jongin acted as though he was scalded by something, using his hands to cover his forehead as he turned behind.

Baekhyun stood beside Sehun with droopy eyes, Yixing then again looked at me with unknowing intentions, I estimated that he probably regretted selecting me. Its your turn. I said to Tao, his eyes reflected a pond of deadwater which obviously showed the loss of passion to bother about an organism like myself.

Kyungsoo and Junmyeon looked at each other helplessly and seemed to whisper a plan. Its all identical, Junmyeon faked a laugh, It is not as though we would become enemies instantly, we could think of alternatives He looked at me, acquiring my advice. Of course, no problem. I nodded immediately, then, him and Kyungsoo walked to stand beside Tao and Baekhyun respectively. The green and blue carpet, stood 5 people respectively.

I watched Luhan and Taos abrupt upsetting emotions, lowered my head and wished I hadnt revealed anything. Luhans eyes were glued to the ground, he was probably unable to withstand the gaze coming from both Yixing and Sehun. Tao looked at the door with his reddish eyes, he probably thought that once he was out of that door, he would never ever pay attention to me anymore.

However Tao, if you were to make it out of that door, you would forgive me. This was probably it, my memory seemed to have deleted many others Luhan seemed to have seen but did not walk over. If I knew that at that very moment, my eyes were the sole recorder of this entire episode, the only precious and exclusive memory, I would have insisted on keeping it wide open to observe every single person.

If time could rewind to that very moment, I would definitely be willing to pay for it at all cost. Jongin and Chanyeols team occupied the entire 2nd floor so we were naturally left with the first. Although there was a limited amount of bedrooms on the ground floor; just one, but fortunately, there was a separate bathroom and kitchen. Clearly under such a situation, everyone had no mood to sleep.

We were facing a larger problem, the absence of water. Drinking water was not found and even the toilets flush was sealed, water that gushed out was purified alongside cleansing wash, the blue foamed water seemed to be really unreliable.

Fortunately, there was enough sandwich and bread in the fridge to feed the entire population on this level for two days. Naturally, we were unaware of the stock and facilities equipped on the 2nd floor. Although we had not made the boundaries of the two teams clear, imposing of a disturbance on the other group was definitely not a good idea.

If the entire building only had one kitchen, all I could say was goodluck. Sharing of food was naturally something we used to do but now I wasnt exactly sure. At half past dawn, 5 people were lying or seated in that 20 metre or so bedroom, exhaustion filled the air but no one went to sleep.

Should we be doing something? Kyungsoo said.

So why did you suggest the splitting of groups then. He said, looking at me. I maintained, Baekhyun tugged on his shirt, it was leader Junmyeon who initiated it. No, Kyungsoo looked at the ground, it was him, Junmyeon simply complied. I know, I was the culprit behind the groupings, listening to some lecture was definitely something unavoidable.

What is the use of saying anything now, Sehun rolled his eyes, if you had your opinions, why didnt you voice them then. Kyungsoo looked at Sehun, Since you dont have opinions, I dare not voice mine either. Can the both of you stop bickering.. Yixing said wearily, it is already this bad, can we not have any internal mess ups. Kyungsoo looked at Yixing and said, You are the leader, well listen to you.

EXO Handheld Display

Listen to me? Yixing faked a smile, I just happened to be near the door then. Sehun looked at Yixing, then back at me and said, Im fine with anything. Baekhyun hid behind Sehun, leaning against the bed, Kris is the oldest here and has been the leader of M for a really long time, well listen to you. For a moment, no one spoke. To be honest I was the least bit interested in such a leading job. But Yixing nudged me, I turned and saw his disheveled hair and the anticipation in his eyes for me to voice something.

That felt just like when the person you had trusted the most blindfolded you, bringing you to the edge of the cliff, only to say in overwhelming anticipation, Open the door quickly, were home.

I turned my head helplessly and looked at the rest, weve debuted together for such a long time, although there isnt much time left to spend together but working together isnt impossible, its just like how we did in the past, isnt it. In the past we cooperated for the sake of stardom, now. I said with a smile. I see that your drive for fame is really huge, Sehun looked at me, support of the interactions between leader Kris and members.

I paused for a moment and said, I seldom interact this intimately with people. You havent? I adjusted my sitting posture with a little interest, I admit, at times.

But at this point, I smiled and looked at him do you even have authority to comment? Or should I say, you are actually unaware of people filming you when you interact intimately with others? Sehun stared at me in puzzlement, of course its because there are people watching, have you seen me interact intimately in private? That was a rhetorical question, the other three people rolled their eyes. Im not even a gay.

What do you say they are doing? Yixing adjusted his head and looked out the window, pointing at the ceiling. Perhaps the leader is having a meeting with them. Kyungsoo said confusedly. Chanyeol is probably fussing along with the leader, Baekhyun adds, Jongin probably dozed off because of the boring discussion.

In short, Yixing said, they are discussing ways to deal with us. Maybe not, I said, perhaps their topic is as juvenile as ours. You say, what if I happened to select Luhan instead of you then, what would be the situation now?

Yixing watched me with slanted eyes and sent me a nudged. I would be on their team, plotting ways to kill you well. Why me? Yixing suddenly spoke in Chinese. Because I enjoy doing the challenging tasks first. He froze for two seconds and then shoved me, expressing his delightful protest.

Im thirsty. Sehun looked at us, standing up, indicating his wish to leave the room. There is no water, Ive checked, I said, even the bathroom and kitchen lacks it. Unless you would like to go upstairs and ask if they have any. Does the vase in the living room contain water? Baekhyun asked. Are you crazy? Yixing said.

Ive been driven out of my mind by thirst. Baekhyun said, If a flower can consume that essential substance, so can I. Then you go take a look, I said to Baekhyun, dont switch the lights on to alarm them, if there is, bring back the entire vase. He struggled to get on his feet and walked towards the door. Within a minute, all our drowsiness vanished with the shouts of Baekhyun, his high pitched screams travelled all the way from the living room, who are you!

Dont come near! What is going on! Sehun sat up abruptly. Before it even opened, another cry came and was followed by sounds of shuffling. I opened the door, it was pitch dark. Baekhyuns yet another scream informed me of his whereabouts.

I saw someone holding something which pierced through the other, all of us did. People from the 2nd level shuffled their way down the stairs, the lights lit, and beside the switch stood Jongin. My gaze immediately shifted to the shattered piece of glass and the collapsed Baekhyun, beside him lay a bloodstained man with a piece of glass having pierced through his chest.

That person, was Junmyeon. Chapter 5 Leader!! Chanyeols mouth agape, as he rushed over from the stairs, kneeled on the ground and watched Junymeon helplessly.

Jongin dashed over too and lifted leaders head to rest on his thighs and attempted to stop the blood from escaping his chest using his palm, a piece of shattered glass was pierced into Junymeons right ribs while all he did was pant heavily without a word. Leader you cant die!

Chanyeol cried and said as he watched Junmyeons breath grew weaker. Baekhyun was rendered speechless. Jongin silently lifted his head to look at Baekhyun, then at us, Chanyeol gave Baekhyun a strong push as his tears fell, What have you done!

In that instant, Baekhyun started sobbing too and shook his head continuously. Yixing squatted down and held Baekhyuns shoulders, Take your time to speak, what happened.

I came out in search for water He looked helplessly at Yixing. I know, subsequently? Yixing asked. I walked to the sides of the sofa and discovered a person Baekhyun stuttered ceaselessly. He looked at me, held the knife beside his face and approached me. Baekhyun spoke and started crying. And you proceeded to murder him? Tao asked No! I didnt want to!

No one uttered a single word, subsequent events were all crystal clear to them, Baekhyun had picked up a piece of the shattered mirror and slashed him all over. Sehun and Kyungsoo crowded over, we didnt move forward, giving them their space. However, Junmyeons breaths became more rapid, he had long lost the ability to speak and just continued shaking his head.

He scanned and searched through the crowd and suddenly grabbed onto Jongins hands, as though wanting to utter something.


Eventually, a tear drop fell, and the breathing stopped. Those were probably reluctant tears because as I observed, there was no knife on the ground, just a screwdriver.

Luhan picked up the screwdriver and a screw which had fallen from the broken mirror, he looked at Baekhyun, the knife you were talking about was probably this. Before heading upstairs today, Junmyeon told me his suspicions about a hearing device from beneath this mirror.

Luhan continued, he didnt inform us and came down to check alone. And why didnt you inform us? Jongin lifted his vengeance filled eyes, Luhan was lost for words. How would Luhan know he was coming down, you cant simply push the blame to someone else! Taos tone was still that of someone who did not think before speaking. It was himself who suggested not turning on the lights, which led to the misunderstanding by Baekhyun!

Hey, bro! Tao said as he fidgeted with his sleeves, everything was caused by Baekhyun, there is no point in blaming us, in the end its just Baekhyun who doesnt trust us, he thinks that we would be out to kill in the middle of the night! Thats not it.. Baekhyun said as he sobbed, I thought that was the psychotic man Baekhyuns innocence and flaws is nothing worth your judgements Chanyeol looked at the ground instead of Tao, leader would forgive him, as long as it wasnt intentional.

Of course it isnt of my authority, Taos eyes reddened again, all of you never wanted to be on the same team as me. Huang Zitao stop speaking! Luhan hollered in Chinese. If you were this reluctant to be on the team, you could have said so, Jongin commented as he walked up front, We dont need you.

You think I never voiced it? Taos eyes reflected an alluring gaze as he took a few steps in front. Are you picking a fight? Jongins eyes were in fury. You think you would win? Tao slanted his head and stared at him. I spoke coldly. Kyungsoo helped Baekhyun up, with his face covered in tears, he turned back to take another glance at Junmyeon, Yixing walked over to tug Tao backwards a little.

Tao grievingly looked at Yixing while Yixing shook his head. Chanyeols gaze never left Baekhyun while Jongin just stood rooted to the ground, with no intention to move. This is also a segment of the game. I said to Jongin.

Luhan watched the both of us before coming forward to pull Jongin, lets move leader down to the basement. Leaving us an expression of rivalry, Jongin turned his back and lifted Junmyeon to the basement with Chanyeol.

Luhan rushed over to help open the basement doors. Kyungsoo bent down to clean up the traces of blood, and the few pieces of of glass still left against the wall, perfectly depicting our faces of segregation. Everything returned to the calm and clarity from before. Chanyeol and the rest scrambled back upstairs, I grabbed hold of Luhan.

Is there water upstairs? I asked him. He shook his head impatiently, I checked, there isnt even water in the bathroom, there are lots of alcohol, a wide range of liquor. Getting drunk was not a really bad choice but if I were to sober up thereafter, the countdown block would have reached 0.

Oh really. Luhan bent his head, and remained silent. Are you hungry? Yixing widened his eyes and asked Luhan in a deeply pressured voice. Just a few years ago, Yixing was required to lose weight in preparation for debut and Luhan had stolen a packet of instant noodles, back then, he said You must be hungry, in the exact same tone. Certain things, have subconsciously become habits. Luhan lifted his head to gaze at Yixing while he grasped Luhans hand and dashed to the kitchen, I followed suit, watching him conveniently open the refrigerator to retrieve a sandwich, There are only chilled ones, consume it quickly, consume it here.

Luhan looked at Yixing, grabbed the sandwich and started devouring. He forced himself to chew and swallow at an increased pace, revealing a smile which hadnt been seen in a long, long time. That foolish, frowned-brow smile. Do you want another?

Yixing pointed at the fridge. Im good, Luhan wiped his mouth, If I dont go up soon they would start with the suspicions. Luhan turned his head to look at me, thank you. After all he was slightly distant from me, though it was just a sandwich, I found the thanks unnecessary, I still owe you an N number of meals. Do you want to bring Tao one. He maintained his gaze on me. Forget it, thats too risky. I pondered for awhile before speaking, moreover, he often starves himself.

As I recalled his yearns for chips every night at the dorms in the past.

Then Im leaving, Luhan gave Yixing a pat on his shoulders, acknowledging his leave by nodding at me before hopping his way up, leaving me and Yixing in the kitchen. In the dark night, reliant on the borrowed glimmer of moonlight, I seemed to have returned to the winter 5 years ago, lunar spring festival.

Back then, Yixing stood in the exact same way in the kitchen, reliant on that dim lit moonlight, he boasted about the expectations and hopes he had brought with him to Korea and how many people were present to send him off. My principal mentioned during assembly that I came to Korea and that I have my own tieba now!

He said satisfactorily and confidently with those dimples of his, I will definitely become somebody, if I dont, Im definitely not returning!

The former him was full of blabbers, unlike the silent and calm person now. Im unlike you, grown to be this dashing and Im unlike the others who can manage things well, he lowered his head, I must be successful in one aspect, no, the best to be exact.

How many people are attracted by you? He placed his fingers beneath his chin and recalled, Dad, Mum, Grandfather, Grandmother, people from the liberal arts society in school and people from my class came too, my homeroom teacher, teacher Oh who thought me to sing and a few other juniors How many people do you think are fans of me?

I smiled at him.

Are you implying there is more than mine? I lowered my head, smiled and shook it. To be honest, I did not want to make myself look that pathetic, I had the initial attention to pull a lame joke.

Yixing practised dancing like mad, being the earliest to reach daily and the latest to leave. He danced even when others were sleeping or even reuniting for lunch, when people relaxed and enjoyed entertainment, he was dancing too. People who neglected him had no choice but to start noticing, watching as a China trainee like himself trained and sweated like rain in the dance studio with his disheveled hair, experiencing the subconscious amount of pressure posted.

Yixing senior really loves dancing, said Chanyeol who attended the same class as me.

He is really desperate to debut Kyungsoo whispered to Junymeon, as I accidentally eavesdropped while passing by. In winter , certain things changed, he seemed to become calmer and silent, I walked into the bathroom to see a bottle of wine, along with a sober him.

He used to be really cautious, avoiding the violation of rules. Lifting his head to see me, he laughed, Do you think we are being foolish? I took the wine bottle from him, sat myself down and started drinking. I broke up with her. He said capriciously. It is just a break up, something which was bound to happen anyway.

I have been dancing to the extent Will I still be able to debut? I retained the silence, looking at him whose faced remained as pale even after being drunk. If I am unable to debut. What do I do He laughed slightly, I havent even graduated from high school. There would be no regrets, its the same for me. I stared at that bottle of wine. Five years, he raised his fingers, Im giving myself five years If I dont debut in five years time, Im returning home. Returning home for what?

To search for a job, to feed myself. He smiled, Look at my face I looked at him and shook my head in ignorance, This is my business If you would like to compete, you need to do some plastic surgery.

Hey, he too shakes his fingers ignorantly, You as a bar dancer? This business would not pass I smiled and shook my head while dragging him up from the toilet floor and out the door to see drizzles which did not pose much of a hindrance. Do you have a cigarette? He asked me with his reddish eyes.

I thought you dont smoke? Give me one. He said as he reached into my pocket for the half filled cigarette box, retrieved a stick and place it in his mouth then reached back in for the lighter. It took him forever to lit it. Give it to me.

I snatched lighter and lit the cigarette for him as I watched him cough and choke. I reached for one too and lit it. In that night where our future seemed blatantly unpredictable, we both knew however, it was the best night ever. From the kitchen, Yixings eyes contact followed Luhan up the stairs and back to the bedroom.

Leaning against the kitchen table top, I watched Luhan leap rapidly up to the 2nd floor, greeting Chanyeol and then patting Jongins hands. In that darkness, Chanyeol and Luhan flailed their arms and turned around, using the voice they thought was soft to continue with their chatting topic. Baekhyun would never do such a thing, I am unable to believe this. He shook his head, commenting in a really assuring voice. He would never, but someone would make him, Jongins voice was mildy soft.

Chanyeol froze for seconds and opened his mouth huge, Are you saying Jongin stared at him and turned to glance around, Would you please lower volume! Chanyeol covered his mouth and blanked out for a moment, Kris This moved me for a moment, indeed someone who has trained with me for so many years, he had probably witnessed me receiving scoldings in class all too often, it was unbelievable to malign me for having the intellectual ability to send someone off committing a murder.

Then who would it be, it cant be Kyungsoo or Sehun who ordered Baekhyun to kill leader, I wouldnt believe that even if they were crazy.. Jongin whispered. I imagined his retarded expression, lowered my head and held in my laughter. Oh right, there is Yixing! Then it enters into parenchymatous cell of liver to escape the phagocytic action of leucocytes through blood circulation by secreting lytic enzymes from the apical cap.

Sporozoites in liver cell grow in size and become spherical in shape called schizonts. The nucleus of schizont multiply asexually multiple fission and forms thousands of merozoites. These gives pressure to the wall of liver cell and liberated out in the form of cryptozoites or cryptomerozoites through ruptured liver cell. It is completed in days. The process of formation of many cryptozoites from single sporozoites in liver cell is called pre-erythrocytic schizogony.

Exo-erythrocytic schizogony The cryptozoites are ready to infect the fresh liver cell where they grow and become schizont. The same process is repeated several times. The liberated merozoites in this phase is called metacryptozoites.

The process of formation of many metacryptozoites from the cryptozoites in liver cell is called exo-erythrocytic schizogony. Some metacryptozoites are smaller in size called micro metacryptozoites and some are larger in size called macro metacryptozoites. The micro metacryptozoites enter the red blood cells to start the erythrocytic phase while the macro metacryptozoites infects the fresh liver cells to continue exo-erythrocytic phase.

Erythrocytic cycle This cycle starts when the micro metacryptozoites enter into erythrocytes. Single metacryptozoite enters into single RBC and passes through trophozoite stage, signet ring stage, amoeboid stage and schizont stage. When metacryptozoites invade the RBC it becomes rounded with large nucleus and grows in size by ingesting hemoglobin of corpusles.

This stage of parasite is called trophozoite stage. Inside the trophozoite, a large non-contractile vacuole appears which pushes the nucleus towards periphery and forms a ring like structure known as signet ring stage. Trophozoites enlarges and vacuole starts disappearing and develops pseudopodial processes in the cytoplasm and changed into amoeboid stage.

This stage is called amoeboid stage. The amoeboid feeds completely the component of corpuscles in the form of hemoglobin. During feeding the hemoglobin breakdown into hematin and globin. The globin is absorbed by the cell and hematin is deposited in the form of hemozoin toxic malarial pigment.

The amoeboid trophozoites after feeding, becomes rounded, grows in size and becomes erythrocytic schizont. Asexual multiplication takes place in schizont and forms merozoites which give pressure to the wall of weak RBC and liberated out in the form of erythrocytic merozoites.

The merozoites are arranged towards the periphery due to the presence of hemozoin at the center. The arrangement is just like the arrangement of petals in rose flowers. So this stage is called rosette stage.Mike picks up a photo of the bathroom, the cause of death seems to be a piece of shattered glass from the mirror, it all has Kris fingerprints.

Why is Zhang Yixing gone again? Everything returned to the calm and clarity from before. Yixing desperately wanted the brass ring over his neck to be removed, I went over and patted his hands, motioning him to stop.

The ones who get picked will choose the next members. Feel free to suggest any popular ones. When did you wake up?

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