Overview. The bestthing.info WebView control displays HTML and other web content in an app. Unlike bestthing.infoi, which takes the user to the web. Lets say I saved a PDF file to my local project. How can I have a button in Xamarin Forms open the PDF in the devices default viewer? I dont want to make a custom PDF webview, I just want it to open in some default viewer or browser if possible. You can also download individual chapters as PDF files. Links to all the samples in the xamarin-forms-book-samples GitHub repository.

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bestthing.info PDF Viewer lets users load, view, and review PDF files with support for copying and searching text, freehand drawing, and hyperlink navigation. Xamarin PDF library to create, read, and edit PDF files in bestthing.info applications. bestthing.info provides the ability to build fully native Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platforms apps using C#. In this article, you will.

After clicking ok, you have successfully created a solution which contains portable project pdfViewer and android project pdfViewer. Step 2 Now, design a page in portable project pdfViewer using xaml, for that you can see by default one page has been created; that is MainPage. Open that and add some labels and buttons as given in the below code.

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For this, download some support files from here. And unzip that, now you can see two folders, build and web.

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Create one folder and give a name as pdfjs and copy those two folders into this pdfjs folder as shown in the below figure. After that copy this pdfjs folder into the Android project pdfViewer. Droid by right-clicking this project.

Discover what you can build with the PDFTron SDK

Add a class and give a name as PdfViewRenderer and make this class public and add the following namespaces. And we have to write functionality for pdf view inside this class, before that we have to create a property in the portable project pdfViewer to access to PdfViewRenderer class, for this create one class in portable project pdfViewer and give a name as PdfView and inherit this from WebView and make the class public.

To give a connection between these two classes from different projects you have to export this PdfView into that PdfViewRenderer by adding the below code above the namespace of pdfViewer. Create one more class for printing and give name as FilePrintDocumentAdapter and inhert this class from PrintDocumentAdapter and add functionality into it as shown below:.

First call this pdf viewer inside this page, for this first add the reference in the above xaml page. Before this we need to install one plug in for selecting a file so right click in solution and select Manage NuGet Packages for solution and search for File Picker and install as shown in fig. After installation success, just write the following code to pick a file from the device in button click.

Create one interface in portable project pdfViewer for getting the path as shown below.

Create one dependency class and inherit that from the above interface in pdfViewer. Droid project for creating a file and returning that path back. The code-behind for this page is a bit more extensive. Another thing that you will also notice is that there is a distinction between Android and the rest.

Depending on what platforms you will implement you need smarter if-statements or just a better approach altogether, but this will give you the general idea. Before we move on to the platform code, notice that at the end of the constructor, for Android we set a special URL, while for iOS we just set the WebView source to the local file path.

More on that later.

As I said; I have implemented some code to download the file first. So basically, what happens is I provide the downloaded stream already together with a filename, this gets saved and gives me back the local file path and I load that into the WebView. To provide the correct local path, we will need some DependencyService code.

Underneath you see the code to do all this. For iOS there is one thing we need to add. To overcome this there are several routes to take.

I have chosen to incorporate the pdf. There even is a mobile optimized view incorporated. Make sure the build action for all files is set to AndroidAsset.

Have a look at the screenshot below for my project structure. It actually looks very similar to the iOS code, but the difference is that variables which retrieve path names produce different values on each platform.

That is the main reason why we need a implementation on each platform we want to do this. Now with this in place, the rest is basically the same idea. If you refer back to the pdfjsPage. Update Jan A small update on this.After that we can assign this path to a pdf viewer, so rewrite the button code as shown.

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The code assumes that the file is stored in the Content folder of the project. Forms applications. AbsolutePath ; System.

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View PDF Files within Your Xamarin.Forms Apps Using the Syncfusion PDF Viewer

Ah, ok. It will show nicely. Create one interface in portable project pdfViewer for getting the path as shown below. FromFile extFile , mime ; MainApplication.

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