Send them a link to bestthing.info so they can download it “Unleashing the Ideavirus” is a book of powerful and practical advice for. Unleashing the Ideavirus 1 bestthing.info - Seth Godin Here's what you can do to spread the word about Unleashing the Ideavirus: 1. First, the marketer. FREE. file. PDF — kb. Download the PDF file now. Unleashing the Ideavirus for your Palm. comments. Ideas Are Contagious If you don't have time to read.

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Download Unleashing the Ideavirus from Seth Godin, author of Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us and a featured speaker from Catalyst. Unleashing the Ideavirus and millions of other books are available for instant .. I have one of the very first downloads of the free PDF Seth made available. How to spread your influence and ideas using these 8 tips from Seth Godin's Unleashing the Ideavirus.

Let users market your product for you. This is the era of ideas.

Unleashing the Ideavirus 1 www.ideavirus.com - Seth Godin

But just having an idea is not enough — the idea needs to spread, since it becomes more powerful, the more people hear about it. The real problem is finding your niche and targeting your audience correctly, so your information does not get lost in the overabundance of data on the Internet.

So, target a specific demographic, psychographic or geographic group, and create a user experience which will make their lives better, or is entirely new.

Also, be careful of competitors. There are more competitors than ever now that companies do not need to spend as much money to reach a worldwide audience , as before. So, make sure to create lock-in for your existing customers, so it is costly for them to switch to your competitors.

Another thing to note is that if you succeeded in starting the ideavirus, your job is not done. Hence, if you do not see any results some time into the idea, give up on it and move on.

Okay, we told you what an idea virus is and how it spread s, but what is it based on exactly?


Usually, ideaviruses are based on experience or a lifestyle. If you think of your idea as a virus, says he, you can "infect" the marketplace by motivating customers to talk about your product.

He stretches this metaphor to explain how to captivate powerful "sneezers" so they will spread the word. Not a pretty picture, if you are a literal type of person, but you get the concept.

For the right product or service, this is an alternative to advertising or, as Godin calls it, "interruption marketing". Though he builds on multi-level marketing concepts, Godin distances himself from their negative image.

He writes in a breezy, easy style, with examples, charts and illustrations. He cites his experience with his previous bestseller as teaching him an important marketing lesson.

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By going from giving away just a third to sharing the entire thing, I hope to show that digital media wants to be free, and that those who contribute their ideas — and throw up the fewest barriers — are the ones who benefit the most. Martin's Press are now allowing online users to read content directly on the Internet at www.

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Bookface's streaming text technology allows online users to read books directly from their browsers, for free and with no special software or hardware. Last year, science fiction writer Douglas Clegg gave away his novel, Naomi, free via e-mailed installments.

Clegg said the advance interest and readership helped the hardcover and paperback rights to sell for more than he'd gotten for a novel in years.

Most Popular.Or make it easy for powerful sneezers to recommend your idea e.

Angela Watercutter Angela Watercutter. The growth of online social networks gave a new impetus to viral marketing.

Bazaarvoice is an American internet marketing company specializing User-generated content in the form of customer reviews. The concept that a writer will get paid for writing may soon be a thing of the past, Godin said.

Godin believes that traditional, interruptive marketing is no longer working and that it needs to be replaced with this concept.

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