Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Why do so many time management books take so much scheduling and goal-setting tips I've gleaned over the years into one easy-to-read, easy-to-implement, straightforward, no-nonsense ebook. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Robert E. Dittmer, APR, has spent 30 years in business Would you like to tell us about a lower price?. Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule so You Can Live Free will help you Word with all the colors so it would be easier to decipher in the ebook.

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Has my book Tell Your Time been helpful to you? Have you found the Knowtbook or my time management ebook, Tell Your Time, useful?. Free productivity eBook, “It's your Time”. Real People. Real Productivity. Download for free and get inspired! We've put together a collection of productivity tips. Get recommendations for free and discounted ebooks from our expert editorial team, from bestsellers to BookBub ebook deal experience. Real-time updates from your favorite authors "I would tell anyone to just sign up without reservation.

In Step 3: Place, you will categorize each of the activities you listed in Part 2 by determining whether they are negotiable or nonnegotiable and fixed or flexible. Step 4: Schedule Click image to download. Please note: This download is not editable but meant to be printed out and completed. I created mine below in Microsoft Word with all the colors so it would be easier to decipher in the ebook.

I actually find that pencil and paper work splendidly for this, as you can erase and rearrange your blocks as needed. Want to become an affiliate? Currently, there is not an individual affiliate program for Tell Your Time.

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I'm a big fan of Amy and subscribe to her Useletter and Knowtbook. She's the queen of "just the facts, ma'am. So this book offers some practical suggestions, some good tips and a game plan to follow, if you want to try it out. Some of her suggestions I already followed and I'll admit to not trying out everything, but she makes good, brief points about how we need to let time work for us, because get this point - once that moment is gone, it's gone.

It's not coming back. Not that every moment of every day has to be rigidly scheduled - that's not her point at all.

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But if you want to be productive - right, who doesn't? So - quick and to the point, no long chapters, not a long book. download it. Utilize it. I think that I can "make sence" of life now!!! I have struggled almost all of my adult 33 yr. I can't put a simple thought together most days, much less run my day even halfway productively I just struggle for many reasons and had prayed that God would send me an answer, simple or complex, to the question that I pose, and that is, "How on Earth do pepole do it?!?!

How do people get their lives to run smoothly and continue to stay on top of things and seem so "pulled together"!?!?!? It is all about our roles and goals! What comes first, what comes second and what will just have to wait! Some things can't be manipulated and others HAVE to be manipulated!

This book gives you clear ways to identify and take inventory of your life, roles and goals and actually make it possible for the "organization-ally challenged" to set goals and follow threw with them by being real and using a simple "plug and go" sort of help guide!

There are links to some very helpful printables available to go along with this book and its theory! My husband has always reminded me "your time is worth something, don't forget to figure it in That always seemed funny to me, I am a list maker and goal setter, my sweet hubby is "a fly by the seat of your pants, spur of the moment" kind of guy.

Yes, this makes accomplishing goals, planning vacations, etc. We will celebrate 30 years of marriage in March of this year. I have been trying to get him to sit down and do some serious goal setting for several years.

Tell Your Time Ebook – Free 11/26 and 11/27!

He just isn't wired that way. I make a goal list every year and I cross off, date, and thank God when each goal is reached. I show my hubby and he enjoys celebrating our accomplishments.

I always wanted to be more focused on the goals for each area of life, but never really knew how. Then I found this book! Amy has done an awesome job! In approximately 30 pages you will conquer your time with goal setting.

I was amazed at the step by step instructions. I used to stare at a blank page for a long time or at a page filled with too many to do's for anyone's day. I never thought to start with my "roles" in life!

This was a life changing way of thinking. Amy then helps you set goals for each of your roles, by having you ask yourself some very good questions. You will learn how to break down your goals in small attainable chunks of time.

She will teach you how to block them into your daily routine.

This is not a fill in the blank schedule book. This is a life changing learning experience that will make you a better person. You will eliminate wasted time flandering around and not having anything to show for it. My hubby is right, our time is very valuable. We all have the same 24 hours each day. I would highly recommend this book. Don't you want less stress, more accomplished, and to own your time?

Thanks so much Amy for writing this book! God bless you!

This is the first time a book on organization has moved me to action every day since I read it. As I tend to collect clutter and spread myself too thin with my time, the author, Amy, has new information on how people tick and very specific ways to think about the deep structure of organization.

I'm Jewish, so the references to Christianity were a bit off-topic to me, but I admire Amy's reverence to her religion and her discipline in practicing it.

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