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It's just another ebook be someone will like. I didn't have The Macross Saga Sourcebook, The New Generation Sourcebook, or Genesis. ROBOTECH 2 The Sentinels: La insurreccin de los descontentos 1 1 Robotech, One of the biggest torrents indexer with more then robotech new generation. Robotech book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

This is a different kind of war, one with no rules, no laws, and an enemy that is truly, in every sense of the word, alien. The players are fighting not only the Invid, but in many cases, are in just as much danger from Invid sympathizers, roving gangs of bandits, and the elements themselves. There is no SDF-1 to return to for more missiles, and no Southern Cross depot to refuel their mecha and patch the holes in their armor. They are lucky if they have clean water to drink and bandages for their wounds.

They and their particular group of freedom fighters are entirely on their own. That means that there is also no official war strategy. There are no generals leading the charge and coordinating the attacks. Each group does what it thinks is best. Sometimes, that means they'll even be at odds with other resistance groups. Intelligence on the enemy is spotty, at best. Rumor and superstition, wild guesses and speculation often play as much a part in fighting the Invid as hard intelligence.

The survivors of the failed UEEF invasions have tried to spread the word on the Invid's weaknesses, but, in truth, even they do not know the Invid well. The Zentraedi and the remaining Robotech Master clones have joined the war against the Invid, but beyond how to fight them, they know almost nothing about this mysterious alien race or its ultimate goals.

That was information jealously guarded by their creators, if even they knew. Along with the countless legions of Invid Shock Troopers, our heroes must face survival, starvation, disease, betrayal, ignorance and despair - enemies that cannot be killed with a laser rifle, regardless of how well you aim. It is, quite simply, the most difficult struggle ever faced by the human race.

Yet, the human spirit prevails. The fires of liberation have been stoked. Cries of freedom ring at across the globe as brave people rise up to fight the Invid.

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They were wrong. In truth, the war had just begun. They knew the UEEF would return with a much larger "eration force, and when that day carne, the freedom fighters.. Alld be ready to join the battle. Moreover, there was an irn-. Thanks to the sacrifice of the lOth '. Welcome to the resistance. Your character is one of human. You may be ,o[dier of the beleaguered Armies of the Southern Cross who - never given up, or a patriotic freedom fighter unwilling to lay n your arms and surrender to an alien conqueror.

You may a tenacious scrounger whose survival skills are vital to the tance, or you may be an ordinary citizen of Earth who has en up arms and joined the resistance because you have seen. JI home world devastated one time too many, and enough is gh. The spores of the Invid Flower of Life are spread across the globe by the explosion and begin to take root.

As a soldier or a resistance fighter, you know that each small -tory brings humanity one step closer to freedom. You are re:. You refuse to give Jntil Earth is again free and you take heart in the fact that the 'id cannot understand the human spirit or why you continue to. The lnvid Invasion begins with a sudden and unforgiving global invasion of countless lnvid arriving from the depths of space.

The majority of the tattered Army of the Southern Cross and the stranded remnants of the Robotech Masters' armada are obliterated in a matter of days.

Likewise, major Earth cities are bombarded and razed to the ground. Civilization, as humanity 7 Lt. Lancer adopts the persona of the singer Yellow Dancer and works as an undercover operative for the resistance movement. He gathers military intelligence and builds a network of informants stretching from New York City to Norristown. The fleet is intercepted in orbit and most of the force is destroyed either in orbit or caught during the vulnerable atmospheric re-entry phase of their assault.

Commander Scott Bernard is one of the few survivors, crashing in South America. He joins up with Lancer, Lunk and several other freedom fighters and forms a resistance cell, heading north toward Reflex Point. The Genesis Pit they discover is destroyed by an earthquake, but the Regess determines that the human form is the form most suited for the Invid's next evolutionary step.

The Invid destroy Point K, the designated rendezvous point for survivors of the two fai led Mars Division invasion fleets. The human-looking lnvid simulagent, Ariel, is left at the battle site to infiltrate the human resistance, but she is damaged during insertion and suffers amnesia.

She is adopted by Scott Bernard's group and given the name "Marlene. They are also made to work at Protoculture factories and warehouses. Invid "Hives," massive fortresses inhabited by the aliens, are constructed across the planet. Each functions as an Invid city and military base. The survivors of the Southern Cross, some free-thinking Robotech Master clones, and a few rogue Zentraedi begin forming a resistance movement against the Invid, but they are terribly overmatched, ill-equipped, and under-supplied.

Earth slips into barbarism. The SDF-3 fails to rendezvous after an accident in which the Haydonites' Neutron-S missile causes a black hole to open, damaging the ship. Ariel discovers she is an Invid and confronts the Regess, eventually escorting Scott Bernard' s rebel band into the central hive itself. The Regess, hearing the humans' plea and recognizing the Haydonite technology being used by the UEEF, decides that the only outcome of the war would be mutual destruction for both species.

The Regess transmutes almost all of the Invid into pure energy and consumes the planet' s entire Protoculture stores, destroying the Neutron-S missiles on the way off-world.

She is believed to be headed for another planet that she believes suitable for growing the Flower of Life. The location of this world is unknown to all but the Regess.

Ariel and the lnvid Princess Sera are the only lnvid believed to be left behind on Earth. The fleet suffers horrible losses when it arrives. Survivors make it to the surface, but are scattered and leaderless. The alien Invid follow crashed UEEF spacecraft, and destroy any humans they find at the crash sites, and leave. To their alien minds and arrogance , once a spacecraft is shot down and the human crew slain, their job is done and the danger is over. The lnvid do not salvage the human vessels nor anything inside of them.

This works to the freedom fighters' advantage for locked inside the holds of these vessels are the latest UEEF Robotechnology, weapons and mecha; much of which winds up in the hands of freedom fighters. Such val uable resources, combined with the Invid-fighting expertise of the lOth Mars Division survivors, breathes new life is into the resistance movement. Your character needs an alignment, the moral code and compass that dictates his or her actions. As heroes of the resistance movement, most characters should be a good alignment.

Your character will also have Hit Points life points and S. These are important, but against the powerful forces of the Invid, there will be times when mecha and body armor are even more important.

Of all the story arcs of Robotech, the New Generation has probably the most "out-of-the-cockpit" action and adventure. So it may be possible that you choose a character that does not even use mecha, but is still an integral member of the player group and can be effective in combat, depending on how you play him or her, and what circumstances dictate. What mecha and weapons are available to your character will be determined by the Occupational Character Class O.

Playing the There are a number of different ways to play the Robotech "ew Generation saga, and it is up to you and your Game Master :o decide how you'd like to do that. The biggest factor is when. Your campaign could parallel the adventures of Scort Bernard. An ongoing Robotech Masters ga campaign could be rolled right into a New Generation cam-:llgn, with the player characters witnessing the subjugation of Earth and going underground to continue the war. Also, keep in mind that you do NOT have to follow the story :te of the Robotech anime.

Maybe you haven' t even seen it hich, of course, you should rectify immediately. We are buHd-g this playpen for you. Please feel free to move the toys around. Take m out and make your player characters the heart of the resisce. Think the Southern Cross would have kept fighting until dm. Go for it. Don't want the Invid Regess leave during the battle for Reflex Point? Then keep her on E.. Role-playing games are limited only by your imagination.

The Robotech continuity police are not going to come and take.. Feel free to go completely off the. As long as everyone is ing a good time, everything else is secondary. Of course, every war has a million stories, especially a global. Tends to be intolerant, short-tempered and gruff with everyone.

Shows no mercy to the enemy. The carnage of war and the sight of the dead have no obvious impact on this "war is hell, suck it up," soldier. Always against breaking the rules, and hates bending the :ules except under exceptional circumstances.

The Zentraedi say the Robotech Masters started this mess and now we're paying for their mistakes. Sure, they're scary now, but can you blame them after being attacked by the Robotech Masters and the Zentraedi?

I'd hate anything that looked human too. If we were more like them, they would not have been able to conquer us. They are a godsend and will remake the planet. We need to learn how to be more like them and then we'll all be accepted into the hive as brothers. Note: If the character is Zentraedi or Tirolian, roll again, ignoring this result.

Have you seen what an Alpha Fighter can do to a whole squadron of Invid Scouts? They can't even be bothered to put guns on half of their mecha.

The only reason they won is because we were off our game after the Robotech Masters war. They know all the secrets of Protoculture. We don't need to just beat them. We need to conquer them and make them tell us everything. We need to finish the job the Robotech Masters started and then we'll not only rebuild and protect Earth, we'll begin conquering the stars as well. They have orders to fight the lnvid wherever and however they can, and to help pave the way for the eventual return of Admiral Rick Hunter and the UEEF.

They also often feel a personal duty to avenge their fallen comrades and free humanity from the tyranny of the Invid. Spaceborn humans view Earthborn humans far too often as unsophisticated and hickish. They believe many people on Earth tend to miss the "big picture. Humans born with the Expeditionary Force know what they know about the Invid from intelligence briefings, contacts with alien races, and fighting them world-to-world in deep space.

But they have never faced the Invid as determined as they are on Earth, and there are many mysteries about the alien invaders that have long gone unanswered. Earthborn characters, on average, are survivors of the war with the Robotech Masters and the early stages of the Invid occupation. They have tasted defeat, witnessed first-hand mankind succumbing to the will of the Invid. They watched their cities burn, their homes destroyed.

They watched much of mankind spiral into lawlessness and savagery and, in some cases, they too became lawless and brutal or ruthless. Very few expect to win against the Invid in their lifetime and see the Earth free again.

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Some believe the Earth will never be free. A hard life on Earth, alien invasion, and watching the fleets sent to rescue humanity supposedly by Hunter get blown out of the sky have left little room for belief in mythical heroes who will swoop in and save the day. Characters born on Earth know what they know from up close and personal observations of the Invid.

Their knowledge and experience comes from hiding every day under the clawed feet of Invid Shocktroopers. These are the last days. Our time's up and we're just too stubborn to roll over and die yet. You can either choose to go down fighting or choose to go down living the best way you can. Don't waste time pretending that this will end well. We can win this if we all stick together and keep fighting.

Everybody just needs to get on the same page. The Invid are not invulnerable. We just need to get to Reflex Point and take it out anyway possible; that will happen if we all do our best and refuse to quit.

Look, things are pretty bad. Let's not pretend they're not. I fight, but I don't expect to win in my lifetime. Maybe my son, or my grandson will see Earth free, but nobody will see that day if we just quit. I just need to take as many of the Invid as possible with me when I go, so there are less of them for our children to fight. Why are we even talking about this?

We want to fight for Earth? Have you looked around lately? When Admiral Hunter shows up, the first thing I'm asking him for is a way off this rock before the next invasion hits. We've kept all our eggs in one basket, and we might pay for it for good this time. We need to get the heck off this dustball and spread out among the stars, so we can't be wiped out in one blow ever again.

I volunteer to go first! The future? Man, I'm trying to get home alive. Today is the only day that matters.

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If we haven't learned anything else, we should have learned that life is short. Enjoy it while you can, how you can. Nothing else matters. So what if we beat the Invid? There are lots more planets out there, and the next alien race will be along about 10 minutes after the Invid go down. If you get your jollies by blowing up Invid, that's fine. If you prefer to live out your last days in a bottle, that's fine too.

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If this is the end, I'm looking out for myself and I'm going to go out enjoying life to the bitter end. Bonuses and Penalties: Earthborn humans tend to be adept at surviving in a harsh world under the heel of alien invaders. They have to "make do" with whatever is at hand.

This has made them more resourceful and a bit tougher. However, they are much less educated as reflected in the available O. Spaceborn humans are used to the vastness of space, and fighting a war with the entire might of the UEEF on their side.

They tend to be pale, slim and fit individuals, often with unnatural hair colors, who speak with a clipped and precise accent that is immediately recognizable to most people from Earth.

They also, due to their combat training, slip into military jargon and etiquette when not paying attention. While not quite as hale as toughened Earth humans, they have received the best medical care, and were immunized to resist many common Earth illnesses in preparation for their mission.

They also have the benefit of having been raised, from childhood, with proper nutrition, clean water and comprehensive schooling. Some may be an Invid experiment. Being Earthborn or space born has a big effect on the character. Their education, outlook on life, and even aspects of their physiology can be very different. Earthborn humans are, by necessity, rugged, durable human beings who've survived cataclysms, war, and tremendous loss. Spaceborn characters tend to be much more optimistic, well-educated and formally trained, but they have little experience dealing with Earth's environment and are not used to worrying about where their next meal is going to come from, or who is going to keep their mecha running when it's damaged.

In most cases, there are no differences between making a halfbreed and making a normal human character. In the case of those with Zentraedi blood, they may be 1D4 inches 2. Many of them have skin tones that gravitate toward mauve and similar colors. Individuals with Tirolian blood typically lean toward slim and lithe builds and may have a slightly unearthly quality to their voices. In both cases, the individuals may have odd hair colors like purple, blue and green.

However, given the hair-dying trend among many UEEF personnel, that is hardly a telling trait. In a few cases where the alien heritage runs particularly strong, there may be more notable differences.

Both the Zentraedi and the Tirolians were genetically engineered into distinct castes to make them suited to their intended roles, and some of these traits may be passed on to their offspring. Both suffer from impulsiveness, mood swings and are -1D4 to M. Note: There are no known half-human offspring of an Overlord or High Lord. Typically, in nature, species cannot crossbreed even if there is the tiniest genetic difference. However, for reasons nobody has been able to explain, Tirolians and humans are virtually identical on a genetic level, possibly hinting at some kind of linked past.

Much of the interbreeding with Zentraedi occurred during the Reconstruction Era, and continued as Zentraedi were integrated into human society. The first human and Tirolian pairings began with the United Earth Expeditionary Force's time on their home world while attempting to free a number of worlds from the Invid's grip. However, a number ofTirolian and human half-breeds have also been born on Earth following the end of the war with the Robotech Masters.

Tirolians are even closer to humans than the Zentraedi, but some caste blood may dominate. Note: There are no offspring of humans and High Masters. Most freedom fighters believe the only way to force the Invid to leave is to make it too costly for them to stay, and have started a war of attrition unlike any other. On one side there are the Invid, who think little of taking massive losses to achieve their objectives. On the other side are the humans and a few Zentraedi and Robotech Master clones who choose to fight instead of surrender, and who feel they have nothing left to lose.

This is a brutal combination of enemies that gives no option for quarter and virtually no chance of any peace negotiations. They are settling in for the long haul; a war that could take decades to win. But if the Invid's plans come to fruition, the human race will be eradicated in a matter of years. The Regess and her Invid have constructed massive Genesis Pits all over the Earth to conduct evolution experiments. Those experiments seek to find the perfect life form that the lnvid can assume to dominate all life on the planet.

When that is achieved, humanity is to be annihilated, with the only survivors being the broken slaves working the Invid Protoculture farms. Time is a luxury the resistance does not have.

With the Army of the Southern Cross and the United Earth Government obliterated, and Admiral Rick Hunter and the UEEF little more than a legend, the weight of fighting for humanity's freedom has fallen on those brave men and women on Earth who have decided, against all odds, to take up arms against the Invid.

Day after day these valiant heroes not only try to survive in a world that has fallen to chaos, but they try to fight back against the Invid invaders that threaten to exterminate humanity. They fight with the Invid in front of them, while keeping an eye over their shoulders for a knife in the back from sympathizers. To win seems impossible to many, but to lose means slavery or death for all mankind. The resistance movement was born almost before the dust settled from the Invid's invasion of Earth.

Brave men and women, seeing the Southern Cross fall before the invaders, began picking up the weapons left behind on the battlefield and aiming them at this new enemy, with little more knowledge than how to pull the trigger. Most of them died. A few of them lived, learned, and taught others. They joined forces with survivors of the Army of the Southern Cross and became the resistance movement. Command structure.

There is no centralized command, very little in the way of logistics and infrastructure, and nobody is getting paid on a regular basis.

In fact, there's not even a unified plan on what should be done to defeat the Invid. Uniforms and designations. Resistance groups may or may not have a common uniform or unit patch, but they frequently have symbols, flags or standards that they paint on their combat armor or on the sides of their vehicles, and they usually have a name indicating where they are from and what they do best, such as the Hoboken Hive Busters and the Phoenix Firemen who specialize in burning down fields oflnvid Flowers of Life.

Ranks are haphazard and vary from unit to unit.

The only rank that is usually clear is who's in charge, and sometimes even that is in question. Supplies are often whatever the resistance can steal from the enemy, cobble together, trade for or salvage.

Communications between groups are spotty, often fraught with distrust, and complex codes delay the transmission and sharing of information. Resistence communications are often word of mouth, and are prone to rumor, superstition, and even purposeful misinformation from sympathizers and other resistance groups who may be temporarily working at cross purposes.

Still, there is a global network to plug into, with information relayed through short-wave radio, couriers and messengers, and even messages scrawled on the bottoms of rocks, the walls of buildings and carved into tree stumps if necessary.

Resistance groups can be anywhere from a couple armed people working on their own to organized military forces operating at regimental strength. Each group has its own goals, methodology and style. Quite often this is largely determined by where the leaders are from and how they were trained.

They are the New Generation of heroes. Patcher O. Pathfinder O. Commander Harrelson checked his watch one more time, comparing it to the setting Sun. Taking one last look at the Protoculturefarm through his binoculars to check the position of the guards, he took a breath and then double clicked his radio: the signal for the operation to begin.

He knew all three squads were moving toward the open field between the forest and the perimeter, but he couldn't see them, and that was a good thing. Stealth was their bread and butter. Stealth and misdirection were what had kept them alive all these years. Moments after he had given the signal to begin moving in, some of that misdirection made itself known as Bailey and Carson flew into the perimeter with their two Logans and began 16 "Sappers, move in!

Third Squad, bring up the APC for transport of the civilian slaves. Flamethrower unit, get ready to roast some Flowers of Life and give these metal monsters something else to worry about besides a few escaped slaves. Time and teamwork were of the essence. It was a good plan, if they could set the fires fast enough to give the Invid something else to worry about and not get overwhelmed by the Invid Fighter Scouts that would be swooping in any minute in response to their attack. Of course, very few plans survived prolonged contact with the enemy.

They needed to strike fast and get out. Hit and run was the best tactic against a foe like the Invid if one expected to survive to fight another day. The New Generation Freedom Fighter is not an academy graduate, never served in anything more than a local militia before the war, and carries no real rank.

They are everyday people who have taught themselves and others how to fight the Invid, usually because, in their view, there's no. These patriots are tough, determined, and take the prospect of overwhelming odds and certain death as "just another day at the office.

Not for glory or power, but for freedom. Most Freedom Fighters are divided into independent cells of fewer than a dozen members, but they make up a broad network that loosely connects entire continents. In some cases, particularly in the dense Invid Hivelands of North America, there are entire regiments hiding and training in the mountains and forests. What drives these heroes more than anything else is their sense of patriotism and raw courage.

These are men and women unwilling to accept alien domination, so they fight. Not just for themselves, but for all of humanity. They liberate human slaves, rescue prisoners, scavenge new supplies weapons, Protoculture cells, etc. Freedom Fighters refuse to give up and surrender, so they fight and fight. Every slave they free and every dent they can hammer into an Invid is a triumph. Special Freedom Fighter O.

Abilities: 1. Using the Freedom Fighter Networking: This skill enables the Freedom Fighter to find resistance contacts in the various communities across the planet. Remember that there is no centralized command for the resistance and there are no factories making weapons and equipment, so the group will almost never be given something like a new Cyclone or an Alpha Fighter or even a used one , but the local contact could direct them to hidden Protoculture caches, or provide them with some explosives or an Energy Clip, or body armor, or a place where they can get their mecha and vehicles repaired.

Likewise, fellow resistance fighters are happy to provide blazing away at the nearest Invid patrol. The effect was immediate, as a number of Invid took off in that direction, and the echoes of explosions and plasma cannons drifted back across the valley.

After another minute, the "probes" went in on their Cyclones, cutting across the open field at high speed and then turning back to the forest. As if on cue, several lnvid Shocktroopers burst from the ground to ambush the Cyclone riders. But it was the Invid who were in for an ambush.

Harrelson and his men had known they were present, but they didn't know exactly where, and couldn't know until the Shocktroopers revealed themselves. Now that the Invid were drawn out in the open, three squads of Freedom Fighters popped up and began to fire - all gunning for the fragile sensor eyes of the massive lnvid Shocktroopers.

They quickly dropped the Shocktroopers and began to move in toward the fence. They may also provide local maps, basic supplies, and a helping hand or diversion. A group that is well known for giving the Invid a black eye is going to get more cooperation than an unknown group of characters, especially if the group's objective doesn't have a clear benefit for the rest of the resistance movement or the local community.

It is customary for Freedom Fighters to help supply the Resistence and put things into the resistance network, like weapons, ammunition, mecha, vehicles, and supplies they cannot carry or use. Freedom Fighters who have a reputation of doing so, or whose actions have a direct and positive influence on the local communities or Resistence network, will get a lot more help from these people in the present and in the future.

Likewise, vital information and news about enemy movements and operations are expected to be shared. Again, data that helps the local resistance and civilian communities will be remembered and earn the heroes the player characters? The better the Freedom Fighters' reputation, the more cooperation they ' ll get from those who have heard of them. The resistance network is more robust in large communities than smaller ones, despite the fact that the big communities are most likely to be run by the Invid or their lackeys.

Invid Fighting: All Freedom Fighters know the basics about lnvid and their combat operations, such as the makeup of their standard squads and patrols, common combat procedures, strategies and tactics, the Invid' s attitudes toward humans, and so on. They also know. Turning off any weapon, device or vehicle powered by Protoculture conceals it from the aliens' senses.

Turn it on and the Invid can feel the energy and track it. Likewise, since Invid have little concern about humans, even Freedom Fighters, they give up searches for fugitives and fighters on the run after a short time; which is perfect for hit and run attacks by the resistance. This skill should help Freedom Fighters identify Invid base camps, Protoculture factories and farms, and when the Invid are acting out of the norm. While this skill makes the character aware of the different types of lnvid combat mecha Scout, Fighter Scout, Trooper, etc.

This attack goes by a number of names, simply the "Eye Shot" being the most common. Remember that the "Called Shot" counts as two melee attacks and must completely deplete the M. Alignment: Any, but most are dedicated to freeing humanity from the grip of the Invid. They tend to be Scrupulous, Unprincipled, or in some cases, Aberrant. Anarchists are the rarest alignment, more rare even than evil, as they are generally too selfish and self-focused to accept the sacrifices Freedom Fighters make in their selfless war against the enemy.

Attribute Requirements: None; anyone can become a Freedom Fighter. A high I. Starting S. Energy Pistol W. Energy Rifle W. Hand to Hand: As per M. Military Operational Specialty : Each M. Pick one of the following. A list of skills and bonuses appears under each M. Read them all and select the one you feel best fits your character's personality and goals.

Remember, these M.

Robotech: New Generation Sourcebook

There is no simple infantry in the Freedom Fighters. Everybody pulls double-duty as grunt and specialist. Related Skills: These are additional skill choices related to the character's Freedom Fighter occupation and back18 ground. Select three at level one, plus one additional skill at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and Domestic: Any.

Mechanical: Basic and Automotive Mechanics only. Medical: First Aid and Paramedic only. Physical: Any. Pilot Related: Any. Science: Mathematics only. Wilderness: Any. These are additional areas of knowledge and do not get any bonuses, other than possible bonuses for having a high I. All Secondary Skills start at the base skill level. Starting vehicle: As per M. Mechanized Combat Specialist M. Mecha Piloting: One skill of choice.

Selections Available to the Freedom Fighter O. Medic M. Note: Exclusive to the Freedom Fighter O. Cell Leader M. Covert Ops M. With those plasma cannons the repairs would have cost you everything you took, assuming you made it back alive. They are self-taught or informally trained in both repairing and modifying high-tech war machines, and making the most of the rusted hulks of fallen spacecraft and mecha that litter battlefields across the planet.

They are aided in this with the fact that Invid tend to leave the shattered husks of mecha and ships where they fall. Patchers are valued both for their skills and their trade goods, and they are essential to the war efforts of the resistance. They get their name from the fact that they tend to patch things up with whatever is available and often with little regard to how it looks. Patchers are all about getting mecha and vehicles operational and able to fight rather than a snazzy appearance.

There are no formal schools anymore for training highly technical occupations like mecha engineers, but without mecha and a way to fix them, there would be no war against the Invid; at least not one that was worth talking about. Without Patchers, the only mechanics the resistance could rely on would be the survivors of the two failed expeditions to Earth, and the resistance is just too pragmatic to wait for mechanics to literally fall out of the sky.

Originally, the only qualified mecha technicians were Southern Cross engineers and motor pool mechanics. They were not front line troops, and if they managed to escape the destruction of their bases during the Invid invasion, they were usually not targeted by the Invid.

Soon, it became obvious that no one targeted a good mechanic. Even bandit gangs avoid killing them, because they are too valuable. However, war is war, and their numbers dwindled. This inspired many to take on apprentices, and even set up underground trade schools with a focus on teaching the necessary skills of patching, repairing and maintaining mecha for field combat to keep the resistance in the fight.

This means a lot of thinking on your feet and jury-rigging to keep mecha and combat vehicles operational, especially in a pinch. Some call this "in the trenches" mechanics. This means parts of the Patcher' s education are very thorough and parts are rather spotty. Painting, detailing, finishing and aesthetics are a luxury, not a requirement. The non-essential parts of theory and development are gone.

All that's left is how to fix things, how to modify them and how to keep them running one more day using whatever is at hand. Actual mecha theory, design and development are not part of the Patcher' s resume, but putting together a jumble of parts and jury-rigging it to hold together for a fight is what the Patcher lives for.

In addition to fixing mecha and vehicles, Patchers are the best salvagers on the planet. Most people can dig around in a crashed starship and pull out a Cyclone or energy rifle, but a Patcher with a few hours and a big enough truck can strip the spaceship down to the frame and try to cart away everything he can, from the hull metal and the wiring to electronic components and bits and pieces.

In fact, quite a few Patchers wait until scroungers and Patcher O. Coleson clicked on the headlamp on his old mining helmet and stepped under the Alpha Fighter, looking at the gashes ripped into the undercarriage. Super-alloy was peeled back like tinfoil, exposing the reinforced frame of the cockpit.

That Invid Trooper was ready to pluck you right out of there, wasn't he? He he! Let me guess, you were in Guardian Mode hoping for a quick dustoff after you and your buds nabbed some 'culture, and he popped right outta the ground under you, didn't he?

If the G. Secondary Skills: Select one Secondary Skill at levels 1, 3, 6, 9 and Standard Equipment: Two sets of coveralls, traveling clothes, heavy work boots, two weapons of choice, two spare clips each for any ranged weapons, goggles, welding mask, extensive mechanical and electrician's tool kits, portable computer, flashlight, laser distancer, pencils, several notepads, portable tool box, utility knife, mining helmet 10 M.

The character also starts with 1D4xl00 M. Vehicle: One non-military vehicle of choice, usually a flatbed truck or something else capable of carrying a lot of cargo and the winch and crane. A high P. Blunt Hand to Hand combat must be selected as an O.

Related Skill. Basic costs one skill, Expert costs two O. Related Skills, and Martial Arts or Assassin costs three skills. Related Skills: These are additional skill choices related to the character's background and occupation.

Select five at level one, plus one additional skill at levels 2, 6, 10 and Espionage: None. Medical: First Aid only. Military: Any.

Physical: Any except Acrobatics and Gymnastics. Pilot: Any non-military. Science: None. Wilderness: None. Special O. Related Skills "Alternative" optional : Instead of selecting the O. Related Skills above including new skills at future levels , the character can choose this M. This character is a "Mech Head" who loves robots, power armor and mecha.

Not only can he repair and modify mecha, but he can pilot Battloids or Ground Veritechs Cyclones and has the following other skills instead of selecting the O.

After three intergalactic wars, ruinous planetary assaults that have devastated the surface of the Earth and occupation by unfathomably alien beings bent on enslaving and possibly exterminating the human race, it should be no surprise that some people have elevated the ability to survive to an art form. Pathfinders have, for the most part, written off the concept of society as a bad idea, and believe the best way to make it in this very dangerous and violent world is by going back to the land, never staying long in one place, and not having more friends than you can count on your hands.

They also prefer to stay as far away from the Invid as possible. Make no mistake, Pathfinders hate the Invid. Surrendering or selling out to a bunch of inhuman aliens and retiring to an Invid slave colony is anathema to all they believe. However, they do not consider themselves freedom fighters, at least not in the sense that most people think. If they're fighting for anyone' s freedom, it's their own.

Pathfinders claim they feel beholden to no one, and they are tied to no cause but living to see another day, something they've gotten very good at. So why is it they keep ending up on the business end of an Invid Shocktrooper's plasma cannons?

Because most Pathfinders are really good guys who wish they could be the callous tough guys they pretend to be. Instead, they know in their hearts that if you have no compassion for the rest of humanity, you're not really surviving.

They know that despite their pragmatic and self-serving facade, people need to pull together against a common foe, or die or be enslaved. To do otherwise makes you no better than the Invid plundering the land and using people for their own insidious purpose.

The Pathfinders' pretense to be pragmatic and cold-hearted rogues who don't care is how they cope with a hard life under lnvid domination, never letting themselves get too optimistic or starry-eyed, yet never truly losing hope. Pathfinders are hearty, resourceful and independent people. Many are nomadic and wander the Earth looking for salvage, supplies and a safe harbor while enjoying the freedom of the open road. They answer to no one but themselves and, to a point, do what they please.

They can be rough around the edges and are suspicious of any place claiming to be civilized or safe from the Invid. They refuse to fall into the trap of becoming attached to any one place or the belief that civilization can be rebuilt before the Invid are driven away. They despise Invid sympathizers and are happy to undermine their plots.This solo role playing adventure is a new take on the fantasy adventure books.

JI home world devastated one time too many, and enough is gh. Select three at level one, plus one additional skill at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and Vehicle: One non-military vehicle of choice, usually a flatbed truck or something else capable of carrying a lot of cargo and the winch and crane.

Using the Quick Character Creation tables enables players and G. That means that there is also no official war strategy.

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