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Okeke, P. N and Anyakoha, M. W () Senior Secondary New School. Pyhsics okeke pdf physics college download - Senior secondary school physics. P.N. Senior Secondary Physics By Pius N. Okeke;MW - HOME · Senior Secondary Physics By . Download PDF. 44KB Sizes Downloads Hello guys Please I have been trying to download some textbooks online but still I intended downloading is Physics for secondary schools by P N Okeke.

Senior Secondary Physics By Pius N. Okeke;MW -

To that effect, such books needs to be evaluated in order to ascertain their learning activities and chapter summaries.

Research Questions The following research questions guided the study. Hypothesis The following null hypothesis was tested at the alpha level of 0. Evaluation study according to Ali is the type of design that makes value judgment on programme or projects based on certain pre-determined criteria.

The researcher found this design very useful because it involves making value judgment about physics textbooks in Ebonyi state secondary schools. Eighteen secondary schools were drawn from the three education zones through simple random sampling.

Eighteen teachers were drawn from eighteen 18 sampled schools through stratified random sampling. A 5 -point quantitative approach for content evaluation of science textbooks QACEST was used as the instrument for data collection. The instrument was developed by Nworgu It adopts a set of 5 criteria which includes topic coverage, learning activities, study questions, illustration and chapter summary.

The researcher did not find it necessary to subject the model to any other validation procedure. QACEST formula was used to answer the two 2 research questions, while the hypothesis was tested at 0.

New school physics for senior secondary schools by 1 29 0.

download pn okeke physics pdf PDF Download | pn okeke physics textbook

Anyakoha 2 32 0. Farinde, H. Basic physics for senior secondary schools by P. Senior secondary physics by P.

Okeke, F. Akande 2 3 but worked example The data on the table 1 showed LAI for the four 4 physics textbooks evaluated. For new school physics for senior secondary schools by M.

Anyakoha, the learning activity index LAI was 0. Ehimetalor and S. Dada had no learning activity index but worked examples.

Pn okeke physics textbook PDF

For basic physics for senior secondary schools by P. Odume, had learning activity index but worked examples.

For senior secondary physics by P. Okeke and S. Akande, had no learning activity index but worked examples.

New school physics for senior secondary 1 56 12 0. Anyakoha 2 42 10 0. Dada 3 3. Basic physics for senior secondary schools by 1 50 12 0.

Odume 2 48 15 0. Akande 2 43 11 0. Dada, The chapter summaries index was O, ie no summary index at all. Odume, the CSI was 0. The frequencies were subjected to a chi-square test of goodness-of-fit. The summary is presented in the table 3 below. Index Copernicus Value: 3. Based on the rule, the researcher rejects the null hypothesis and concludes that the learning activities of new school physics textbook significantly depend on the specification of the core-curriculum. The other three physic textbooks had no learning activities on the books.

The result of these findings is not in line with Omebe Her work revealed the eight integrated science textbooks she evaluated, had high learning activity index LAI.

The data collected and the results in the tables 4, 5 and 6 showed that out of four 4 physic textbook evaluated, only one had learning activity index, other three do not have learning activity index at all.

It should be recalled that Eze seem to have agreed with the above finding in his study, he found out that topical coverage and study questions were lacking in the different textbooks studied. For you to be successful in life, you must have an inner drive in you that will always push you beyond the horizon to achieve your goals.

By now you should have known why I asked that you should not be discourage. I understand that our circumstance are not the same as students. Some students are from a poor home and their families might not afford to download some of the books for them and some may give up because there is no way to get access to these books.

5 Textbooks Every Secondary School Science Student Must Read in Nigeria

In addition, many schools do not have a functional library where students can borrow or even spend time read some books that they could not afford to download. Even our state and federal library might not help in some cases to provide you with the textbooks you need.

Chemistry New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Osei Yaw Ababio Chemistry subject is a must for all science students and chemistry might be in the heart of your future studies in higher education. Many students dislike chemistry for different reasons but if you take your time and read this chemistry book chapter by chapter you will end up falling in love with chemistry.

Written in a simple and easy to understand English, Each chapter invites you as a reader to familiarized yourself with different concept and methodologies in chemistry. The photos in the textbooks are colored and each chapter builds on the previous chapters and are chronologically arranged.

This book is among the best books I used in my chemistry class in senior secondary. Okeke P.

Okeke is a house hold name in senior secondary physics. Before you will get to advance physics concepts, you must have gotten a good foundation that will make it easy to understand the advance topics. There are other good physics textbooks out there now but P. Okeke still holds the mantle in senior secondary physics and it is one of my must read textbooks in physics.

Biology is not so abstract.Anyakoha is Senior Secondary Physics.

Eze, D. Eighteen secondary schools and eighteen teacher were drawn from the three education zone through simple random sampling and stratified random sampling respectively.

This is will make you think in maths and help you overcome the fear of mathematics as a hard subject. The reasons for such gap in science textbooks are understandable.

Thus the physics textbooks in Ebonyi State secondary schools do not have adequate learning activity index. Pius X High School Senior Secondary laboratories sreepuram english medium school - The school has four modern laboratories.

Okeke;MW - sozebesi.

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