The EPUB format is an open digital book (eBook) standard from the You can create a book using any Pages template, or you can use. Choose from a variety of predesigned book templates to create an interactive EPUB book that can be viewed in Apple Books. Pages includes two categories of templates specially designed for creating EPUB books. In the document manager in Pages on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or on. Pages includes four reflowable templates: Blank Book, Basic, . Exporting to EPUB works the same here as with reflowable documents.

Pages Epub Template

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The formatting looks pretty much the same in your EPUB as it does in for books with lots of images; Pages' templates here include a textbook. If you are going to create a basic book, an EPUB is the standard format. walks you through ho to use an EPUB template in Apple Pages. Did you know that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than ten? But landing pages don't.

It plays the video embedded in the document. However, in Pages for iOS, a placeholder image appears instead of video.

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When exporting a file to ePub, remember that the following items are deleted: smart fields, remarks, image effects. Large pictures are reduced to 4-megapixel size, and footers are transformed to endnotes. Designs If you want the content to be suitable for different gadgets and orientations, select a Reflowable.

Create an EPUB book in Pages

This type of document is best suited for text files. For a single layout to be applied to all pages in a document, regardless of device and orientation, select a Fixed one. It allows to zoom in and out and is the best choice for documents with a large number of images.

Preparations You can export any document with a page layout to a fixed one, as well as any text document in both types of design.

A table of contents can be inserted into a book as well. If it has not been inserted, one will be generated automatically based on paragraph styles. Use a template or a sample file to see how the result will look like after exporting to ePub.

Having read recommendations and instructions, use it as a template for creating your document. Pages for iCloud and iOS. Download the sample document — Open it in Pages and use it for own workbook — Save the copy before changing the file — Use the duplicate for creation your book.

Choose your format

Pages for Mac. Book cover While exporting a book, you can select the cover type for it. It is displayed in the iBooks library of the user or as an icon on the computer. If you select the absence of a book cover, the iBooks library for the book will use a common icon. Table of contents If it has not been inserted into a Pages document prior to exporting it to ePub, it will be created automatically based on the paragraph styles used.

To make the customized table of contents displayed in the text, follow these steps to create it: In the Insert menu, choose Table of Contents — Document. After selecting, go to the Format inspector. In the Table of Contents zone, select all paragraph styles to display items in the table of contents.

Add or remove items by selecting or deselecting paragraph designs in the Table of Contents area. Chapters and text sizes Pages automatically performs chapter splitting according to the paragraph styles. To start, select the title of the very first chapter in the book.

Create an EPUB book in Pages

To add pages to a Landscape template on an iPhone or iPod touch: Tap the page numbers at the bottom of the screen. Touch and hold the thumbnail for the page you want the new page to follow, then tap Add Page at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, a blank page is automatically added.

To close the page thumbnail view, tap the handle above the thumbnails.

Pages for iOS Open your document in Pages. Tap the More button.

Tap Export. Tap EPUB. Tap Send.

How to Create ePub Files Using the Pages App?

To view your book in the Books app on your device, choose Copy to Books. To share your book, tap an app such as Mail or Messages.

Pages for Mac Open your document in Pages. Click Next.

Select a location for your book, then click Export. To view your book in the Books app on your Mac, double-click the book file.

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Pages for iCloud Open your document in Pages. Click Download. To view your book in the Books app on a Mac, double-click the book file.

Learn more Use advanced options to create a book. Published Date:For example, a 6x9" trim template, requires a 6x9" paper size. The layout is maintained in the exported EPUB book.

This has been fixed, which means you can purposefully force your ebook to have certain text on certain pages. Fixed layout is best for image-heavy or multi-column documents. Updated at 6PM ET to note that you can use a table of contents to partially map header tags, and to fix a mention of list tags being used.

I would much rather have all images in the book shrunk to lower resolution than have them disappear entirely. Large pictures are reduced to 4-megapixel size, and footers are transformed to endnotes.

Is your Mac compatible?

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