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The Naruto Hiden series is followed by the Naruto Shinden series, which will Novels: 1. Kakashi Hiden – Lightning in the Icy Sky 2. Shikamaru Hiden – A. Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky, written by Akira Higashiyama, is set shortly after Sasuke's departure from the Hidden Leaf. Kakashi is in no hurry to. OrganicDinosaur on is translating the novel! She authorized to spread the word, but not to repost her full translation elsewhere.

You're annoying. That was a bit of a shock. But I was the one to blame then. Getting all carried away in front of him, going on about things that would have been better left unsaid. I really was annoying.

Mm-hmm, it just makes sense. You really This when Sasuke was leaving the village.

naruto hiden novels

It was a shock to me then, too. But then he followed it with this: Thank you. And that really saved me. Just that "thank you. But that "thank you" gave me the strength to believe in Sasuke.

There was a fight that nearly destroyed the world, and that's when Sasuke came back to us. And once the battle was over, he left on a journey. I told him I wanted to go with him, and he said, You have nothing to do with my sins. But then he continued: I'll see you soon. And he poked my forehead. Along with the remembered sensation of that poke. We started at "You're annoying," and we've made it all the way to "I'll see you soon.

Where are you now? Right now, I'm Chapter t 1 A female medical ninja, perhaps two years younger than Sakura, explained the papers Sakura held in her hands. Her cheeks were a little red, maybe because of nerves. Just because there's no improvement after talk therapy doesn't mean we should immediately move to treat the patient with medication. The first thing is to listen very carefully to what the children have to say.

That's why the children's therapy center was established in the first place, after all. Sakura and Ino left the Konoha Hospital conference room together. Maybe she's not used to it yet. Standing in front of people and talking, I mean. You're a medical ninja, but a strong fighter.

And on top of that, you're great at your job and beautiful. All that, you're bound to be popular. Ino's smile shouted. They chatted in friend mode for a while before Ino brought the conversation back toward work. The children's therapy center. That had been about six months after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, which brought together the shinobi of the world to stop the resurrection of Otsutsuki Kaguya.

In the face of such a powerful enemy the shinobi had been pushed to the brink of despair any number of times, but the ninja alliance, centered on Naruto, had still fought—never once breaking or yielding—to shatter Kaguya's ambitions. When peace came, the people rejoiced. The world was saved. Reconstruction eventually began, with repairs starting in regions and on structures damaged in the massive conflict.

As a medical ninja, Sakura had been busy treating the many injured shinobi. There were few with grave injuries, and the people who came for treatment all looked peaceful and content, thanks to a sense of security that came from the war finally being over.

What about the children? That thought suddenly crossed her mind when she happened to see Kurenai cradling her baby in the hospital. The children, who hadn't taken part directly in the war, might have been uninjured physically.

But what about their minds? Wouldn't the fighting and its unforeseeable end have placed a huge stress on their young minds? They saw their country in ruins around them, they learned of the deaths of people close to them—wouldn't this have scarred their souls?

Sakura began collecting data on the people coming to the hospital and found that a large number of children who came in after the war complained of poor health, but nothing could be found physically wrong with them. I can't just leave them like this.

Children were the village's treasures, as the third Hokage Hiruzen often used to say. Older ninja carved these words into their hearts as a kind of collective understanding.

Sakura first discussed the idea of setting up a specialized organization within the hospital and creating a structure to provide care for children's mental health with her mentor, Tsunade. There were far too many things for Sakura to do them all by herself, but her old classmate Yamanaka Ino brought help. You try to carry it all on your own, and it's just sad when you pop.

They soon started to see steady and strong results. The presentation they had attended that day was the numerical representation of these results.

Sakura erupted into laughter. Sakura clapped her hands together apologetically in front of her face. I have some papers I want to sort through today. Next time, all right? Her eyes were asking if Sakura wasn't working too hard. Sakura pretended she hadn't seen this and waved her hand. Although it was early in the afternoon, the town was bustling. The piled-up snow had completely melted away; all of a sudden, it was spring. The people hurrying to and fro were free of their heavy coats.

A voice she knew well. A date? For once, we're both off duty," Naruto said. Aah, that, whaddyacallit, children's Um, something center? It's nothing. Nothing at all!

And as the two of them smiled at each other, Sakura felt a broad grin spread across her own lips. It had been a few months since Naruto and Hinata became an official couple. Sakura had fretted more than a little at the new relationship between late bloomer Hinata and purehearted Naruto, since she was so close to them, but now that they were so happily joined even that fretting was a fond memory.

It was that winter when it had all started. The final Otsutsuki descendant living on the moon, Otsutsuki Toneri, kidnapped Hinata's little sister Hanabi, took her byakugan, and plotted to destroy the world.

Naruto was severely wounded in the fight with Toneri, and Hinata was also carried off, but once he recovered from his injuries Naruto crushed Toneri, and the world escaped destruction. Through that mission, had Naruto realized he couldn't imagine life without Hinata and told her how he felt. And so, Naruto saved the world and came back with Hinata as his girlfriend. The news spread like wildfire through the village.

Their former classmates and the older ninja teased them for a while, but that period was over now. The other day, she had gotten an invitation. Their wedding was not far off. Why don't you come for ramen with us, Sakura? You're both off duty together finally. Go and date yourselves silly. She watched as they walked off down the market street.

Naruto made some joke and Hinata laughed. They looked so happy. Lucky , she thought unconsciously. But she couldn't not think it. The feelings she couldn't share built up in her heart and turned into sighs. At times like this, her brain invariably turned to work. The papers she had to go through, the reports she should take a look at.

Noticing that she had slipped into work mode without even realizing it, she grinned wryly. This is why I no's worried Kakashi grinned. She's helped you out on this a fair bit, hasn't she? She had previously asked Kakashi if they could talk to Sunagakure, a member of the alliance, about how things were going with the children's therapy center.

After all, there had to be children mentally scarred by the stress of the war in places other than Konoha. In which case, creating something along the lines of the therapy center that was getting results in Konoha would benefit other villages as well. Go and teach them everything you know. You've really helped so much with this. And with the budget too—you've accommodated us in so many ways.

When a former student works this hard, I want to do whatever I can to help. And, well I understand how much of a burden mental scars like that can be. Go and do what you have to. It would take four days to reach Sunagakure.

She would have to sort through all those papers one more time while she thought about the ninja tools and equipment they'd need.

She exited the Hokage's Residence and was thinking about this and that as she walked along, when she spotted Sai a little way ahead of her, carrying a large scroll on his back. What'd you need with the Hokage? You better be careful about getting enough water then.

It's pretty dry over there. I'll bring moisturizer. I mean, I have at least that much femininity to me.

See a Problem?

You seem like you got more strength than femininity, though, so don't go crushing that jar," Sai said, grinning, and Sakura smiled along with him. Sakura grinned. But a personal request for me Is it a mission of some kind? Well, it's like a mission, but not anything official. But I want you to move alone.

You know about this? I heard a single kunai shoot out and hit very close to where the daimyo was sitting in the water. The daimyo was also uninjured. But the Anbu set up a strict watch around the onsen the daimyo went to that day.

A single kunai—they should have easily taken care of that. Well, I don't know if it stops at two, or if there's a third, or if the same person's responsible for both. Or maybe they're totally separate," Kakashi said. But I want to set a thread of investigation going personally. And that's you. I'll get moving right away. The investigation would be more efficient that way Actually, Naruto's not so great at this sort of thing.

And Sakura has other work she needs to be doing right now. I ran into her on my way over here. Said she's going on a work trip to Suna. Which is why, for the time being at least, you move alone, Sai.

And I think you'll be less conspicuous that way too. It's right surprisingly often. But you please take care as well. It wouldn't be at all strange if the Hokage were assaulted next. I'll be careful. Just as she let out a contented sigh, Sakura was summoned by Tsunade to the bar where her mentor was a regular. I heard you were off on a trip tomorrow, and, well, I suppose this is a bit of a send-off. And Tsunade also thought Sakura was working too hard lately, so she had likely decided to drag her out to let off some steam.

It had been Tsunade, after all, who pushed Sakura to set up the children's therapy center. Maybe she felt a bit responsible for how much Sakura was working now. I mean, setting up a therapy center for children. I can certainly hold my head high as your teacher. She had hurried through dinner to start drinking at a brisk pace. The ones actually working with the children are specialists. A lot of children have mental issues that they can't really put into words.

So it builds up and makes things hard for them in all kinds of ways. It's very reassuring at a time like that to have someone reaching out a helping hand.

And you created a structure for that. There's plenty of meaning in that. I ran into them the other day, just as they were on their way out for a date. It looks like things are going really well. If he were in a relationship with someone more willful and determined, Naruto would probably be butting heads with her all the time.

But I doubt anything like that will happen with Hinata. That this smile soon turned into a sigh was almost certainly because her own romantic situation popped into her head once more.

I can't. Maybe a heart-to-heart conversation? In a totally different tone, Sakura started speaking hurriedly, "Master, I'm just going to be totally honest and ask you.

How do you get a guy to turn around and look at you? The answer is breasts.

I knew it. I was kidding," Tsunade was quick to add. That's what I want to think I suppose this is the one thing I can't lend a hand with, hm? Your bets are often wrong, right? I'll do that.

After leaving Konoha, travelers had to pass through the plains and dense woodlands to reach Sunagakure on the other side. If Sakura and Ino pushed themselves they could arrive in three days, but this was no emergency. They had no intention of moving at high speeds. They had told their contact in Sunagakure that they planned to arrive four days later. The weather was calm, and the trip was an easy one.

Dressed in their mission uniforms, the two women chatted as they ran through the plains at a comfortable pace. Sakura looked over at her friend and saw a playful smile dancing on her lips. Her beautiful waist-length hair was tied back. I mean, they're definitely dating. For work. Shikamaru and Temari walking together. And they might have been talking about work. Sakura herself had seen him walking around the village with Temari any number of times.

But it's just, they have this look like they're involved somehow. It's not like they're holding hands or anything. It's maybe the looks on their faces and just the general mood? When I saw them the other day, it was totally like that. Normally, I would've called out to them, but I dunno, I wasn't sure if I should. I didn't actually end up saying anything to them. Temari and Shikamaru, huh? Those two had some kind of connection. They had faced off as opponents during the chunin selection exams.

And during the mission to recover Sasuke, Temari was the one who showed up to help Shikamaru as he fought Tayuya from Otogakure. Even after all that, they spent time together for various reasons, established as comrades from different villages. That their feelings might have shifted from simple friendship into something deeper through missions and work and the Great War wasn't at all strange. She'll beat you with that giant fan. She would too! But even if Shikamaru's involved with Temari, Choji at least is still more interested in eating than love, right?

Lately, right? Choji's been making up all kinds of excuses to go to Kumogakure. Which I thought was pretty suspicious. So I grilled him on it. And then he was all mumbling and stammering this stuff about how he had dinner plans with Karui. It was really just a matter of time. A thought suddenly struck her. What's going on in your love life lately? Sakura wanted to know who Ino was crushing on now, or if she was even interested in anyone. Well, there's someone," Ino replied, embarrassed.

You have a boyfriend? Not a boyfriend. But I have someone I think it'd be nice to be with. So what? Tell me! Give me a hint. Just a hint. Sai, huh? Ino had shown an interest in Sai right from the start, when he took Sasuke's place on Team Seven.

She said he was cool and kind of looked like Sasuke. Now I'm completely swept away—wait, what?! I am totally saying the most embarrassing stuff. She had an image of Ino being relatively smooth with the opposite sex and acting decisively on her thoughts, but things were apparently different this time.

In the language of flowers, lavender means 'I'm waiting for you,' and dogwood is 'Accept my feelings. I'm trying to decide which is better. Ino nodded. Like, in terms of my personality. Aah, I can't decide. If it were me, Sakura suddenly thought. Lavender maybe?

That sounds right Even if she did try to tell him to accept her feelings, Sasuke was out there somewhere far away, traveling. All she could do was wait. But, she thought. How long do I have to wait Behind the man in the vest were dozens of his companions, but the man in the coat was alone.

Several tents had been pitched nearby. A hideout, surrounded by rocky mountains and sand. The tents were the color of sand and would have been hard to spot from above.

That you'll join up with us and commit acts of terrorism in Konohagakure? The man in the coat nodded. Don't make me say it a million times. Didn't you give up your hatred of the village and actually fight for it? I thought it had for a minute there, but I was wrong. I intend to move again to crush that place.

Today was the second time they had met. The first time they had quickly chased him off. The story he had told them was simply too fishy.

But the man didn't learn; he had come to see them again. Let's hear your reasons," the man in the vest demanded. That you, the leader, in particular, are fairly good with Wind Style. I'm counting on that power. Do you know what kind of organization we are? You're a terrorist group of rogue ninja from Suna who are dissatisfied with Suna's current structure.

We do want to reform the current structure of Suna. And it's a fact that we're looking for strong ninja to that end. But we don't have any grudge against Konoha. Why should we join with you and attack them? With it, you'll have no trouble staging a coup d'etat in Suna. And I'm saying that in exchange, you need to help me bring Konoha down. Once Konoha is destroyed, I'll lend my support to your terrorism in Suna.

You'll lend us your support.

NOVEL: Naruto Hiden Series

I think you might have the wrong idea here. Where do you get off talking down to us? You're the ones who have the wrong idea here. I'm not making you my comrades—you're my subordinates. That way's better for you too, so that's the way it should be. He opened them again, and said, "We have a breakdown in communication here. There's no talking to you. Just get out of here already. Then I will indeed disappear. Wind Style!

Wind Slosh I The slicing wind trampled down his opponent and severed all four limbs from his body. It had appeared as though he had struck the final blow with his Wind Style, but that had merely been a genjutsu show. Ninja rushed in from all directions. The feeling of something foreign stuck in his stomach disappeared, and the man in the vest toppled over. His field of view now horizontal, he watched the man in the coat leap a great distance away from them. The crashing sound of angry roars and ninja tools—the Anbu were fighting.

In the midst of the sandstorm, the vision of the man in the vest grew dark. Chapter 2 1 "So I just have to check these guys out? His shaved head and eyebrows made it hard to tell exactly how old he was.

In fact, Sai had no idea how old the other man was. They were in the woods just outside of the village. The sunlight filtering through the trees dappled the ground around them. They're basically impossible to find," the informer noted. His voice didn't carry far, perhaps covered up by the sound of water flowing in the nearby stream.

See if they're up to anything. I want any scrap of information you dig up, no matter how trivial. Sai wove a simple sign with one hand, and the characters on the note the informer held disappeared, evaporating into thin air. They had been written in Sai's own special ink. So you suspect one of these guys for it? Til keep that in mind. Anyway, these people being who they are, it might take a while to hunt them down," he noted before leaving.

Sai also left the forest and set out along the road back to the village. He had set his pet informer to work on the case, but he had a feeling the man would come back empty-handed.

The informer might bring him some dirt on the three big-shot criminals, but whatever information he brought, it wasn't very likely that it would be connected with the recent attacks. But he set the man in motion just in case. A recuperating daimyo and an observing advisor had been assaulted. Kakashi said that he didn't think it was simple thuggery, and Sai was inclined to agree.

The day Kakashi gave the order for this secret investigation, Sai had headed for the Anbu reference room and checked into both incidents. The daimyo was under the powerful protection of the Anbu, both while he was traveling in the palanquin and after he arrived at the onsen.

A kunai had shot in through some tiny opening in that guard and nearly hit the daimyo in the onsen. He couldn't ignore the significance of this lone kunai. If it had been attached to an explosive tag, the damage could have been enormous. When he was assaulted, the advisor Homura also had two shinobi standing watch—although they were not Anbu—as he made his observations. His attackers were three masked men. One of them sliced the advisor with a ninja sword, giving him a shallow wound on his arm.

The trio had quickly fled, and the guards had given chase but failed to catch them or learn who they were. The guards said the fleeing villains had been cloaked in light purple chakra. Given that they evaded the security that went in pursuit of them, and managed to injure an old veteran like Homura—however slightly—these men were strong ninja.

The aim and scope of the enemy was unclear, but Sai was glad to see that in terms of ninja skill at least he was up against a worthwhile enemy.

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And if powerful ninja were dirtying their hands with criminal activity, then his eyes naturally turned to the most wanted, most malicious criminals of the Bingo Book. Which was why Sai decided to get in touch with the informer and have him hunt down the top-level people in it.

Naturally, he couldn't have the informer track down every single one of those criminals, so he excluded the ones he could be sure had nothing to do with the attacks. But the Anbu were probably already investigating at this level at least.

Given that Kakashi had given him a secret order to start a separate investigation, Sai was sure that Kakashi had a hunch that someone much more mysterious was behind the incidents. Sai considered his next move. He could go to the onsen and the maneuvering ground where the attacks had taken place, or he could go through the Bingo Book again.

Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him and stopped in his tracks.

He was a distance from the forest, already in a block of town, but it wasn't a busy part of the village. The concrete wall behind the factory ran alongside the road. There was no one else on the road. The enemy may have concealed their auras and waited until he had come this far before revealing themselves. The fight came quickly enough. A shuriken flew at him from behind. He knocked it to one side and whirled around to see how many people he was up against. Two people, twenty meters or so away, in black masks.

Probably the masked thugs—the ones who had attacked the advisor. He didn't know if there were others still concealing themselves. Then came the follow-up attack. One threw a kunai. The other one moved at the same time, a kunai held in an underhand grip. Clearly, he planned to attack Sai when his guard was down after dodging the flying kunai.

Their coordination was impeccable. Sai dodged the kunai and leapt backward to avoid the attack of the other man pressing in on him. As he flew, he pulled out his scroll and brush. Art of Cartoon Beast Mimicry! The two tigers outlined in his black ink drew life and charged toward his enemies. That's probably the end of that, he thought, but his hope was betrayed.

A kunai pierced the forehead of one ferocious attacking tiger, turning it into a spray of black ink, while the target of the other tiger deftly evaded the beast's jaws, leapt onto its back, plunged a kunai into its throat and returned it to ink. Sai gasped. They were stronger than he thought. Having defeated his tigers, the enemies came at him again without dropping into any kind of defensive posture.

One of them launched kunai and shuriken, and when Sai dodged these, the other jumped at him. It was a simple combination play, but because the attack was so on point, Sai couldn't even find the thread of a counterattack.

He threw a smoke bomb at the ground. Smoke billowed out accompanied by an explosive pop. He hurriedly stepped out of the smoke and started drawing a new picture on his scroll. As the smoke gradually cleared away, the enemy readied their kunai and braced themselves for his attack. The first tigers Sai had drawn rushed toward the enemy. These tigers were smaller than the other two.

But he had increased their number to six. Some ran with heads low, some leapt up into the air; the unpredictable movement confused his enemies. Now that there were more tigers, his opponents seemed to lose the initiative. All right! Kunai in hand, Sai flew into the maelstrom of battle. First , this guy He went after the closer man with his kunai.

But in the next instant, his enemy's chakra doubled, swelling up like a sudden flame to envelop his entire body like a robe. The explosion of chakra turned two tigers to ink with the sheer force of the change. Sai's eyes flew open. These two weren't just fairly decent ninja. Given the amount of chakra on display, they could easily be jonin class. But what surprised him more than the sudden burst of chakra were the chakra robes blanketing their bodies.

Is that The light purple chakra cloak had grown a tail about thirty centimeters long. But that was as much observing as he got to do. Slipping through the attack of the tigers, one of the ninja closed the distance between him and Sai. Before Sai even had the chance to blink, he was tangled up in some close-range martial arts fighting. He exchanged punches and kicks and kunai with his enemy. The other man abruptly bent over and swept his legs out.

On the receiving end of the sweeping kick, Sai tumbled to the ground. The enemy was on top of him immediately, plunging his kunai downward. Unable to dodge, Sai watched the tip pierce his chest. Instantly, his body turned back into ink. Having used his ink self as a pawn, the real Sai appeared and threw himself into a counterattack. He danced through the air to land a solid kick on the back of an enemy still bewildered by the abrupt disappearance of his clone. A perfect hit.

His enemy went flying, tumbling to the ground several meters away. He then pulled himself to his feet, but didn't move to counterattack. Instead, he leapt backward and started to run away. The chakra increase gave him swift feet. Go after him, or Sai's eyes flew to his other opponent. Apparently, being left alone to take on four tigers was no easy ride.

His enemy appeared to have defeated two of the inked beasts, but the remaining two had him pinned to the ground. The chakra robe had disappeared. Sai gave up on the fleeing man and walked over to the man pinned to the ground. Belly to the earth, the man turned his face to the side and let out a pained groan. Beneath the mask, Sai could see eyes glaring at him. But those eyes also contained a hint of fear. The man didn't answer. Sai had no authority alone to decide what to do with the man.

Which was followed immediately by a strange cry of "Oh! The man's entire body was quickly racked with convulsions, so strong as to almost break free of the tigers pressing him down. His breathing was shallow and growing distant. He was trying to say something, but his voice didn't quite become a voice; it was simply a creaking sound in his throat. On the nape of the man's neck, a pattern like Sanskrit characters popped up.

Crop , this guy's— Sai leapt backward as if shoved by an invisible giant as the man's body exploded, blood and flesh and bone scattering. Sai quietly let out his breath in the place where he landed. It wasn't at all unusual for a ninja who had fallen at the hand of an enemy to end their own life to avoid having their information stolen by the enemy through torture or visual jutsu.

There were also some who feared dissection after death and chose to die in an explosion instead. Of course, Sai thought resignedly. Doesn't look like this is going to be on easy cose. Coincidences do happen , though. Or maybe it wasn't a coincidence, but the power of Sakura's feelings bringing about an inevitable reunion. For a moment, she was concerned that Ino wasn't there, but her joy at seeing him again was greater and she quickly forgot all about it.

How's your arm? I'm getting used to it. It's working pretty well. I'll take a look at it. The gesture alone made her so happy, she very nearly stopped breathing.

She wondered again where Ino was. After all, Sasuke was finally here with them. Doing all this stuff to take care of kids' minds. I just wondered what you were up to while I was gone from the village. I had another reason. Their eyes met; he held her gaze. She was surprisingly calm. I'm not o child anymore. I don't get so worked up anymore. I've been waiting for this moment for so long There was no wind.

If the wind was blowing, then the sand around them would be moving, but it was not. And yet Sakura felt a breeze. She soon understood the cause of this strange sensation.

Sakura's mind was attempting to pull itself back to reality from a dream. Standing face-to-face with Sasuke at the entrance to Sunagakure was a dream; the real Sakura was napping in the woods, not yet arrived in the sandy village. And the wind was caressing her cheeks while she slept. On the border between dream and reality, Sakura panicked. I don't want to wake up.

I want to stay with Sasuke. I want to hear what he's going to say next. Sasuke's— Sakura opened her eyes. It was night. She was in the woods. Thanks to the light of the moon, it wasn't totally dark. Ino was napping nearby.

Today was the third day since they had left Konohagakure. It was only a little farther to Sunagakure once they made it through this forest, and since the sun was setting they had decided not to push themselves. When they entered the woods in the evening, they made a simple meal of their rations, and quickly decided to rest for a while. If they had been in a war zone they would have taken turns napping as a precaution, but now they only set barrier-type tags around them to detect any enemies.

Fortunately, the tags had not reacted even once during their journey. Inside her head, the echoes of her dream lingered. The fact that Sasuke had shown up in her dream made her happy and sad all at once. The sadness was the greater part, the way she felt his absence all the more keenly when she woke up. The sigh slipped out naturally. A dream like that , she thought. I guess I am panicking a little, maybe. While they traveled, Ino had told her about Shikamaru and Temari.

And about Choji and Karui. And about how Ino herself liked Sai now. All these different loves were sprouting and growing around her. Sakura knew it was pointless to think about it happening sooner or later for whoever. Finding love wasn't a winner-takes-all competition. But still, in her heart, she felt a frustration that resembled panic. I hope it's a dream that comes true , Sakura thought, suddenly. The dream I just had comes true , and Sasuke is there when we arrive in Sunagakure tomorrow or something.

Her sigh was carried off by the wind. Coming to meet them were the senior members of the Sunagakure medical team. We're looking forward to it," Sakura replied, and the man with the beard led them to the village hospital. They were shown to a large multipurpose room.

After they had relaxed for a short time, the meeting attendees, apparently medical personnel, started trickling in. Sakura spoke first to the twenty or so people gathered there about the children's therapy center in Konohagakure, the problem points in setting it up, and the current results. No matter how many times she did it, she could never quite get used to speaking in front of a large group, but thanks to Ino stepping in from time to time to offer additional information, the talk went very smoothly.

When she was finished, it was time for the group to exchange opinions and ideas. Because of differences in village cultures and administrative systems, Sunagakure couldn't simply adopt Konoha's methods as they were, but the senior-level ninja remarked that if they made some adjustments before introducing the system, they would likely see significant results in Suna as well.

The entire meeting, including the exchange of opinions, was over in about two hours. Once the attendees left, the bearded man who had shown them to the room in the first place came over. He says he wishes to speak with you. Lady Temari is also with him. His expression was hard somehow, which made Sakura curious. They left the hospital and headed toward the center of the village until they came across a spherical building, the character for "wind" inscribed on one wall.

Sakura and Ino were shown inside. In the center of the large room was a round table, before which Gaara sat. Temari stood beside him. Temari simply replied, "Good. Gaara was basically always wearing his poker face, but his countenance that day had a faint hint of severity to it. After exchanging a glance with Temari, Gaara turned back to Ino and Sakura. That dream. It can't actually be coming true? For a moment, a smile very nearly floated up onto her lips, but from Gaara's tone and expression, she assumed that this situation was not all smooth sailing and kept her grin in check.

Gaara clasped his hands together on top of the round table and let out a deep breath. I suppose it would be best to simply tell you what happened as it happened," he said. Why would Sasuke talk to terrorists—" "Ino. Save your questions for after.

Normally, the leader of the village would not directly accompany such missions, but the situation being what it is For a long time, Gaara hadn't been able to pin down their location, but a month or so earlier one of the Anbu had discovered their base, and the group had been placed under Anbu monitoring. The group had made a move about a week earlier. A lone man visited their base to talk with the terrorist leader.

The member of the Anbu on monitoring duty had reported that the man visiting the base soon exited the tent and disappeared. The meeting had been so short that the Anbu hadn't been able to eavesdrop on their conversation. But a concerning report from one of the Anbu was brought to Gaara. But her questions would have to wait. He finds himself in the midst of a crisis at the top-secret unveiling of a new technology in the Land of Waves. Just dropping some of my thoughts here, I think it's safe to say that anyone who loved "Copycat Ninja" Kakashi may be dissapointed, that guy no longer exists.

He also comes to terms with being the 6th even though he no longer has the abilities he once had. There's some nice insight into some the history of the Hidden Mist village for any Kiri fangirls and it's "social structure" I'd say and the impact of the 5 Great Nations waging the fourth shinobi war.

This story has a Zabuza-arc feel to it, which is great. Gaara Hiden The war to save the shinobi world may have ended in victory, but the war to save Sunagakure from it's financial situation has just begun. Temari is set to marry into Konoha's Nara Clan whilst Kankuro is raising the young shinobi of Suna's special units. Gaara has to come to terms with the fact that the days where the three-siblings were always together are long gone. On a mission to ascertain Suna's standing, he finds himself in the middle of a vicious plot meant to ruin Suna's influence and destabilize the village itself.

My favourite novel thus far, anything Gaara is involved in is guaranteed to be good. In part 1 of Naruto Kishimoto was doing a decent job with the world building, but that fell apart in part 2 when he decided to focus a lot more on the history of the Uchiha and origins of Ninjutsu instead. So it was really interesting diving into Sunagakure It's politics and seeing the significance of Gaara's lineage to the village. Especially the political implications of Temari's marriage. I think its kinda funny but I'm sure anyone can guess the name of Gaara's "clan" or family lineage at least.

I think that the novel also focuses on Gaara's ninja way and what it means for him to be the Kazekage, which was nice. For anyone wondering, believe it or not he doesn't use a single sand tsunami so the antagonists do pose quite a challenge.

Shikamaru Hiden Next on my list when I get the time, the plot goes something along the line: "Two years after the great shinobi war, Shikamaru is a busy and important figure in the village. Reflecting on the fact that he stopped thinking of things as 'troublesome' he is given the mission of investigating into the disappearance of a large number of shinobi, including Sai, in the Land of Silence. What kind of enemy is awaiting for him there? A battle between Shikamaru and the shadow of a new era.

I don't think the novel has been fully translated but if it is and this is your cup of tea, then have at it.The idea of more expansion to the Naruto universe is something every fan would welcome. Although some are battered and bruised — Sakura Haruno heals those who are — nobody died in the crash. However, Kakashi is willing to reduce her sentence to life-imprisonment if she will agree to be the new warden of the Blood Prison, dedicating the rest of her life to keeping those imprisoned there within its walls.

Shikamaru approves of this, believing it will be in all the villages' best interests. Although he and the other Kage have actually known about it for some time, they've trusted Konoha to keep its own affairs. Look at my Tsukuyomi! The duct dislodges and he falls into a restroom, where he finds the woman he met earlier hiding. Naruto Secret Chronicles is a light novel series which explores the stories of various characters after the conclusion of the original manga.

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