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New Total English retains all the popular features of the original edition including clear CEF-related objectives which makes .. New Total English Pre- Intermediate. Students' Book. Video clips. pdf .. New Total English Upper Intermediate. New Total English - Upper-Intermediate Students' Book with activebook PDF file, 60 MB. New Total English Upper Intermediate Students' Book with Active Book Pack by Araminta Crace, , available at Book Depository with free.

Has juggling been around for a long time? Oh yes. I found references to juggling from more than 3, years ago. There are some III a 2 Cover the audioscript. Listen to a radio Egyptian tomb paintings which show jugglers programme and choose the best summary What about written records? Well, the earliest written record that we kn ow of b Listen again and write true T or false F. There's a book from the 3rd or 4th century BC which describes a juggler 1 David Stourton is a ju ggler.

D who could throw seven swords in the air. That sounds like something from one of those juggling'. D Chinese martial arts movies! Yes, juggling with swords is a well-established ancient China. D tradition in the Far East. So was juggling confined to the Midd le East museum in Berlin. D and Asia in ancient times?

Not at all. There were lots of jugglers in ancient Americas. D Rome. We even know the name of one of them - Tagatus Ursus. D Woman: Did the Romans juggle with knives, like the 7 There were probably jugglers in Ireland in Chinese?

D David: Probably not. We know that Tagatus 8 Jugglers were usually also clowns or jesters. D Ursus juggled glass balls, because they're c Now 'read the audioscript and match words specifically mentioned on his grave stone.

And, with the definitions Are there any records of juggling here in Britain? Of course, by the time of the Middle Ages, there 6 something that shows where somebody is buried are plenty of references to jugglers in Britain. I mean, is that really the case? It's hard to say with any certainty. In some cases, jugglers were also clowns or jesters, or even acrobats.

Yes, I can see how the skills might be linked. Now, can you tell us about the more recent history of juggling Grammar I overview 2: I manage a co nversation 1 David an apple when he broke a tooth.

So, have you booked your holiday yet? We're finding it hard to decide what to do. We were thinking about Florida. Yes, we've been to Miami a couple of times. I wouldn't say that exactly. I've heard the beaches are lovely. They are. And I know that's not far from Miami. I suppose it depends on the time of correct them. During the hurri cane season the waves can be pretty enormous. We went in 2 It was a lovely morning. The sun was shining and the October and I think that's when they often get hurricanes.

Where were you? He loves painting. Write T tentative or C more 4 Y is often kn own as 'the little green monster'. D than people in small towns. D when I'm trying to download shoes. Listen to the dialogues Dialogue 1 and match them with the situations a-d.

Excuse me. We're doi ng a survey on mobile phones. Could I ask you a few questions? Do you own a mobile phon e? And what do you ma in ly use it for? Send ing text messages, I su ppose. Listen again and correct the mistakes. How many would you send on an average day? Well, about fi ve or six usually. Dialogue 1 A: And are those mainly for business or social 1 The man only uses his phone to send text messages.

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Oh, just social. I can't use my phone at work - I'm an air line pilo t. Dialogue 2 Dialogue 2 3 The man en joys hearing peo ple on the phone when A: You want some peace and quiet and he's on th e t rain. It drives me mad! Yeah, and people tal k such rubbish , don't mob ile ca lls. It must cost a bom b to make all those ca lls.

Maybe they're on one of those 'cheap daytime calls'tariffs. Dialogue 3 Dialogue 4 A: Is that a new mobile, Steve? I got it on spec ial offer. It looks very sophisticated. It was really good value. It's got a came ra diffe rent ph o ne.

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So you can listen to all t he latest tracks. C Now read the audioscript. Find the words and B: But the really neat thing is that it's got phrases from the box and match them with the this special te xt-messaging service tha t gives meanings You shou ld get one, John. They had loads of them in stock. Whi ch model are yo u inte rested in, sir? Well, I'm not sure. But I want a pho ne that takes photos. Most of t hem do that now, anyway.

Oh, ri ght. In t hat case, you need a 't riband' pho ne then. Well, what abo ut this Mi nirola? Write S same 7 In those days people could drive a car without meaning or D different meaning. D 8 Is it true that you can seeing the Great Wall of 2 a I've lost touch w ith my schoolfriends. China from space? D 3 a We can touch base tomorrow. D Pronunciation I connected speech 1 b Let's spend the day together tomo rro w. I the weak forms.

Total English Upper-Intermediate

Dialogue 1 5 a Will you get in touch with the plumber? Do you own a mobile phone? Grammar I obligation and ability Dialogue 2 a Choose the correct words in both are correct.

In two cases A: It's got a camera and it 2 can play MP3 files. So you 3 can listen to all the latest tracks? Could you give me some advice? Of course I 4 can. Do you think I should 5 have spoken to Laura 4 The service was excellent; I think you yesterday? I don't know. But you'll have 6! What happened at the shop? Oh, it was fine. I 7 was able 8!

Q get a refund. Did you have 9! Q show them the receipt. No, luckily I didn't have 10! Then didn't have to pay extra for seats in the front row. The present and future Obligation and ability. Complete the dialogue with forms of words from the box. BII Read all the sentence endings and choose possible. I or not possible ask be get live meet repair she stay ta ke X for each. Think about meaning and you catc h you leave grammar.


You've only just arrived! D Luis: I know, but I 2 Helen a at one o'clock. D Ana: How 3 she? Not too bad. D in a plaster cast! How long 5 in plaste r?

D next week or two. That's not too bad, I suppose. Is there anything I can do c he was able to repair it for me. D for her? Like what? I know she 7 a long way from the shops - a we didn't have to stand up. D I cou ld he lp her w ith the shopping. That's a nice idea. I 8 her when I see her later. Well, it was lovely to see you again. No, I've got my motorbike. My uncle offered us a lift so Well make sure you take the by-pass on your way a we didn't have to get a taxi.

D back. They 10 the bridge so the main road is b we should have ca ught the bus. D closed at the moment. D 5 Th is is a food preparat ion area so The past a you mustn't smoke in here.

D g Complete the sentences using suitable forms of th e words in b you don't have to smoke here. D brackets. How to And then w hat happened? But it was great to 4 We miss the train because when we meet you. S Henry's having a rel ationsh ip with on e of t he girls in his office.

C " - 1 I , a Four of the wo rds are not needed. I come from quite a large family. I'm a graphic designer. My twin brother, Martin, is the practica l one. Phrasal verbs relationships He's a carpenter and he can do a Complete th e second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first , using the correct forms of phrasal verbs from the box. It's a 4 I really admire. But my young er Sister, Kate , is the brin g up fall out get on go out with look up to most 5 of us all - she's show off split up take after the managing director of a huge company.

She has the ultimate 1 Brend a and Lucy have a good rela tion ship. Of course, she earns an 2 I've always ad mi red my grand mother. The 3 It can't be easy rai sing th ree children on yo ur own. Write the questions for these answers. From the beaches of the Mediterranean to the castles of Scotland.

Europe has something for every kind of holidaymaker to enjoy. This year more than The answer is simple - speed. More than 8. Few Europeans realise that Germany 's superb roads have an almost mythical reputation in Asia. But the Chinese drivers are undeterred. I which ones would be said with a wea k Present Perfect Simple or Continuous forms of the form.

You may need to use negati ve A: Q Paris? Yes, I 4 have. What 5 was it like? It 6 was expensive l A: I'm surpr ised 8!. Q hear that l a Make responses from the prompts using b Listen and check your an swers. Then appropriate forms of the Present Perfect Simple or repeat the sentences. Continuous and any other necessary words. Why are you so red? Daniel's behaviour made me very angry. I thought the exhibition was incredibly interesting. That was the scariest film I've ever seen.

I know the job is quite difficult , but that experienced. Write true T or false F. D the headings a- g with the paragraphs Two headings 2 People in Jukkasjarvi don't spea k Swedish. D are not needed. D 4 The hotel is mainly built of ice.

D b Re servation s D 6 Gu ests sometimes worry about the cold temp erature s. D c Loca tio n D 7 Guests can watch film s. D d Lapl and D 8 Visitors can hunt reind ee r in th e dayti me. Underline one more example in each paragraph. But there can There was an exhibition of ice art in the loca l village be fe w places stranger than the Ice Hotel in and a cylinder- shaped igloo made of ice was built for Sweden , which is visited by almost 37, the exhibition by well known French artist Jannot Derid.

Built of snow and ice, Some of the visitors decided to sleep on rei ndeer skins the hotel is the very opposite of the heavil y in t he igloo and found it a relaxing and stimu lating insulated , centrally heated buildings we experience.

Yngve Bergqvist, the owner of the small local normally associate wi th northern countries. But of course.

The Ice Hotel is situated in the small village local people ha ve been li vi ng in this environment for of Ju k kasjarvi, next to t he river Tornealven. The temperature is usua ll y around Arctic Circle in Saamiland the region which mi nus four degrees, and guests are provided with thick used t o be known as Lapland , the most sleeping bags and t heir beds are lined with reindeer skins.

Before the arrival To keep visitors amused in the even ings the hotel includes of the Ice Hotel the re were almost no an ' ice cinema ' and a we ll stocked ' ice bar'. During the tourists in this sparsely populated region , day the hotel company organises sports activities such as where the local people speak Saami, wh ite water-rafting , dog-sledding and fishi ng, and there not Swedish, and there is no industry or are tours of local villages and ' safaris ' to observe reindeer pollut ion.

EI The Ice Hotel is not a permanent buildi ng but is rebuilt each winter.

Construction of the 5, square metre building starts in late Octobe r when special snow cannons shoot to ns of snow onto steel sections. After two days the steel sections are removed leaving so lid snow arches five or si x metres wide.

Over the following weeks the sections are reused to make more arches. Huge ice blocks are carved from the frozen river to make walls and pillars. About 30, tons of snow and 10, tons of ice are used to create the solidly bui lt hotel. Down Can you tell me where you are from? Then repeat the sentences. Can I ask you some questions about living abroad? Have you ever con sidered moving to a foreign country? Not really. I'm quite happy with my life as it isl And I've got four kids, so it would be a bit difficult to uproot them from their schools and things, wouldn't it?

I'm doing some research on emigration. Can I talk to you for a minute? If it's quick. I'm a bit late for an appointment. Er, have you ever thought about moving abroad? I'm quite intrigued by the idea of living somewhere else. Any particular reason? The weather, I suppose. It's so grim here in the winter, isn't it? So you'd prefer somewhere hotter? Listen to five B: But I'm not really sure where Can I ask you some questions about a used to live abroad D living in a foreign co untry?

Alr ight. You don't need my name or anything, do you? No , nothing like that. I'd just like to ask you how you feel about the idea of moving abroad. I've seen those TV pro grammes about people e would like to live abroad but hasn't got any moving to Australia. It always looks tempting. Have you ever considered doing it yourself? I've not really thought about it to be honest. Could I just take a few minutes b had problems with travel documents D of your time? I'm doing some research on people emigrating, for my college course.

I lived in Canada for a year when I was d is worried about being identified D younger. Oh, but obviously you came back Match words and B: Well, I had this Canadian boyfriend. But it didn't really phrases with the definitions And it was really difficult getting the right visas and things.. Would you mind answering a few questions? It'll only take a minute or two. Of course. No prob lem. Have you ever considered emigrating? I certainly have. Well, the job opportunities, really.

At times, riders reach speed s as fast rollercoaster ride on Earth. I'm 0 4 I don't go to the gym as often tha t I used to. I can't understand you. Present Perfect Simple and Questions Continuous g There are eight incorrect questions in the dialogue. Find the mistakes and correct them. Where we nt you for you r holidays? We wen t to Florida. Who di d go on ho lid ay with you?

My girlfriend. Can I ask what is her name? Of co urse. Her name's Lucy. But recently he 'A: Could you tell me what does she for a living? She's a hotel receptionist. Do you kno w how ol d she is? She's In fa ct he "A: Can you tell me is she British? She's Australian. How long she has lived here? Prize three times - in ', " B: About six months. I'd li ke to know where did you meet.

We met at a party, get more people to under stand that continent's "A: Why did you go to Florid a? Would you tel l me how long did you stay in Florida? We stayed there for three weeks. Sometimes around th e ,,'oriel.

Bono li ws in Dublin but spend s more than one is possibl e. But " 'ith th eir a mu ch further than b a bit further than latest CD high in th e charts, thi s can hardly be c just as further as th e case. I'm off! Complete each sentence with one word. I never go on a promise. Is there something wrong with her? Listen to an a One of the most remarkable developments in the extract from a radio programme about epic films.

To explain tha t. This film had all the classic ingredients of the Ben Hur. The film wa s re leas ed in but its director, William Wyler. SIS million - makin g it the most expensive film ever made at the time. But it went on to gain 11 Oscars and Lawrence of Arabia. Peter' OToole. The next year, Char lton Heston. Which film s is the speake r pe rso na l favou rite. Dav id Lean's Lawrence of Arabia.

The end of this short golde n age came in with the 2 Ridle y Scot t's inspiration for Gladiato r re lease of Cleopatra. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and starring Elizabeth Tay lor. Match words and ima gi ng. For years. This all changed in the late s.

I engage your listener Complete the sentences using Past Perfect Simple or Continuous forms of the g The speaker uses a range of tenses and time verbs from the box. Use the continuous expressions. Match the ways to make what you're whenever possible.

Then listen again and check your answers. Use the Past Perfect Simple or Continuous. One is not needed. In fact, they often seem to be staffed by 4 people from various parts of Asia. Their nationalities often reflect the history of immigration to the country concerned, and they frequently come from nations with a reputation for successful trade and shop-keeping.

But what are the economics of such places? How can tiny shops make any profit when employees V isitors to London, New York and Los Angeles often remark on how easy it is to download have to be paid to work 5 hours? When 7 Asian family owns a Americans call 'convenience stores' and the British shop everyone gets involved - brothers, sisters, call 'corner shops'.

They may not always be situated uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and children - on corners, but they are certainly convenient for everybody is expected to work behind the counter. And rather than being hours the availability of late-night shopping has paid salaries, the members of the family simply become a necessity rather than a luxury.

It is a recipe that has brought wealth to many surprise is that these shops are rarely owned or immigrant families and made life a lot easier for staffed by local people. The English-sounding names those of us who run out of milk at 11 o'clock on a of 'Super Saver', 'Bargain Supplies' or 'Mini-market' Sunday evening!

Down 1 comes from trees 13 I love looking at a moon at night. I reach an agreement ma -: Which do you think is the most important 1 invention, planes or cars?

They just do the same thing that 4 horses used to do. They can only take 5 us over land. In planes you can fly all over the world. Did you miss A: Right, so we agree 5 fori on planes.

I the correct column. Nestle Coca-Cola lara Shell Gap 1 the youngest company 2 the oldest company 3 has the most shops 4 has the highest value of sales 5 based in Switzerland 6 founded in London 7 employs the most people 8 employs the fewest people 9 famous for its advertisements 10 owns businesses in countries b Match words in the factfile with the definitions It is part of the Inditex group, based in La Coruna, Spain. The first Zara shop Factfile opened in La Coruna in The group now owns 2, stores in 81 countries.

Its sales are 6. I I Nestle was founded by Henri Nestle in Its headquarters are in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle employs , people all Holland. Shell operates in 90 countries and employs around over the world. Famous for its clothes stores and imaginative advertising campaigns, Gap is one of the world's most recognisable clothing brands. The first Gap store opened in San Francisco, California, in , and the company is still based in this city.

There are now over 3, Gap stores, employing , people. Three of the phrases are not needed. The clients will expect to get a discount. Match the sentence starters with the sentence endings a or b.

He achieved this in with the 'Great Britain'. Listen to four people talking about their jobs. Match the speakers 1- 4 with the jobs from the box. Four of the jobs are not needed. Then match the expressions with the definitions a-h. Even as a kid I loved Speaker 2 I performing in front of other people. There's a 5 But I'm so basically In fact, I 1 on Speaker 3 stage again next month, which should make a nice Speaker 4 2 7 I had space ships and futuristic I It all happened by accident, really.

I mean - I never cities for some reason. In fact, when I was The fashion shoots are the ones I enjoy most. But I'm freelance so basically I 2 any c an obsession with assignment that's on offer. Even weddings! Not that they are all nice g feeling of excitement - some of the guests are a real handful! But however h self-employed bad they are, you always know that they'll be leaving in a few days, so that makes it bearable.

And of course, I c Complete the audioscript using appropriate often get the chance to use my languages. Then listen 4 and check. Even when I was quite small I loved drawing. I had appear take live a thing for space ships and futuristic cities for some reason!

Well, of course, I don't really do any actual drawing now - the computers do it all for us! But designing is something that's in the blood, and the great thing about my job is that it's not just theoretical, because you know real people 3 and work in the things you've designed D a Amanda's driving test is tomorrow.

Two are not needed. D a I've just decided to get a salad. D a We hope to get the tickets next week. You're going to slip. D 8 The company hasn't made any decision on a He's probably going to leave his job next year. D a I've just seen the weather forecast. Baxter's going to win the race. D a Baxter is the fastest runner. Reading C Match words or phrases in the art icle with th e meanings T he a rti st has ingeni ously created the head fro m a combin ation o f surp risin g element s. The teeth a re in fac t computer mice.

The RS A hopes that th e sculpture will enco urage recycl ing by d ramat ica lly re mindin g us of the sheer qu a ntit y of products we throwaway unnecessa ril y. C it izen s of the Europea n Union curre ntly prod uce 6.

A mere 10';1" is recycled. Is Deirdre coming to the party on her own? She her boyfriend. Use appropriate forms of the B: Don't worry. I'm sure jan by Future Perfect or Future Continuous. Will you have finished work by 5. Will you be going on holiday next july? GIl Find the mistakes in five of these sentences and B: Do you think Henry will have finished the project by the time I get back? Can we start work on the building site next january? Will the children be joining you for the 8 My grandmother passes the time by doing crossword summer?

September How to I make your point in a confident way 6 A: Can we meet in the office tomorrow? How are you getting on with the decorating? Pretty well. By the end of next month we important part of my life. Will Gabriella's report be ready for the husband and kids. Pronunciation I stress: Underline the words you verbs in brackets. Can I watch the cartoons now, Mum? You can wait until after dinner. Do you think we'll get there in time?

No, I don't. By the time we get there, the train. Then repeat 3 A: Next week's going to be really busy. Not for me! Modern uniforms often in different variations for 'home' and 'away' are worn by armed forces and paramil itary games.

In Britain, the terms kit or strip as in rugby organ isations such as the police, emergency kit are more common than uniform. Supporters services, security guards, in some workplaces of teams can often download themselves versions of and schools and by inmates in prisons. In some sports kit to wear and the sale of these items is an countries, other officials such as customs and important source of income for many teams. For certain which indicate the precise role and rank of the groups which have particular powers over wearer.

In fact, the use of uniforms probably members of the public, such as the police, it is originates with the need for soldiers to identify their illegal for non - members to wear the uniform.

Military uniforms are divided 2 As part of their attempt to project a commercial into two types: This includes the ceremonies. Dress uniform can be very elaborate employees of banks, supermarkets, hea lth clubs, and varies greatly from country to country. Uniforms are 6 Across the world, particularly common for workers who need to uniforms are worn exercise some form of authority over the pub lic, in many educational such as security guards and flight attendants.

Unifo rms vary from a standard issue T-shirt to rigorous requirements for many items of formal wear at private and some state schools.

Countries with mandatory school uniforms include Japan, India, Australia and many schools in Britain and China. Teachers 3 Workers in institutions such as hospitals often at some schools wear uniforms. The 'white coat' has become an and universities international symbol for doctors. Nursing staff can also wear a often have special uniforms which indicate their uniform for special particular role.

Patients in hospital are also occasions, often a frequently made to wear particular clothes. As black 'gown' which well as indicating the wearer's role, hospital is worn on top of uniforms also fulfill an important function in ordinary clothes. Grammar I verb patterns: I the best option a or b to complete each and infinitives sentence. Use the pronoun you if necessary. I the best explanation a or b. I think one of the most important things in life is 14 He enjoys his work.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons 2 I'm going to take a year between jobs. I got the job. I suppose I'm quite lucky because not 3 only do I love my work, I also get on really well with It wasn't just a job, it was a of love. I work for a big advertising 8 Ana's very sympathetic. It's a very busy and competitive business. Work How to I'm thinking 1 applying for a job abroad. Where exactly? Is that realistic? That's true for most people. D 'newspaper'.

People 2 He loved news and current affairs, even as a have called Drudge child. D the ultimate blogger 3 He was a journalist for The Washington Star.

D but he doesn't accept 4 The Internet didn't exist when Drudge was a the description. He considers the Drudge Report child. D to be a proper newspaper, very different from 5 Drudge got his news from talking to people. D the thousands of web logs which have sprung up 6 He interviewed Monica Lewinsky in D on the Internet. D m Drudge's fascination for news and gossip stems from a childhood job delivering papers 8 Matt Drudge doesn't think the Internet will for The Washington Star.

It gave him plenty of take over from newspapers in the future. D time and opportunity to catch up with the latest C Find the phrases from the box in the article news. Uninterested in school work or sport, and match them with the meanings Drudge developed a fanatical obsession with rumours and political gossip.

At school his only sprung up stems from fanatical obsession good grades were for current affairs. Following dead-end jobs sifting through inside stories a series of dead-end jobs, Drudge ended up in juiciest gossip breaking news Los Angeles in the s, just in time for the a 'must-see' resource news junkie beginning of what was to become the Internet.

He spent hours sifting through the newsgroups and rudimentary 2 someone who wants to know the latest news all websites that then existed, searching for the time rumours and inside stories from the political and entertainment worlds. He launched the 3 looking very carefully at all the details to find Drudge Report website in , a daily 'rumour something bulletin' containing his version of the latest and juiciest gossip from Hollywood and Washington.

The website became 6 very useful or valuable place to find things so popular that in , Drudge was named one of the most influential people in the world 7 information from people who are involved in by Time magazine. But will the ever-increasing availability of news appeared from nowhere on the Internet mean the end for its older rival, 9 the conventional newspaper?

Drudge doesn't 10 exciting or shocking scandal think so. He sees the two working together. As far as the news junkie Drudge is concerned, there can never be too much news Be careful with modal verbs.

First Conditional I hope he asks me to marry him because I'd accept. If he asks me to marry him, I'll accept. The government wants to build more roads but they Officer: Of course, madam. Let me take some don't have enough money. Your name? If the government had more money, it would build Ann: Mrs Ann Kendall.

And where and when did this happen? At Denham's department store, about 20 minutes ago. I put my bag down while I was 5 Terry would like to travel around the world but paying at the register And someone took your bag?

If I'd been paying attention, it 6 Celia's dream is to join a choir but unfortunately 2 not happen. Any idea who did it?

Third Conditional Officer: Are there any security cameras in that store? I met him because I went to the party. I don't think so. If there were any cameras If I hadn't gone to the party, I wouldn't have met the staff 4 tell me. And what was in the bag? My mobile phone, keys Any credit cards? Yes, one. The thief might try to use it.

Well, if you 5 phone your credit card company now, you 9 Malik might have got a promotion but his sales 6 be able to cancel the figures were disappointing. But what about my keys? The thief 10 We had to queue up for tickets so we missed the might be able to get into my house. Was there anything in your bag that had your address on it, like a driving licence? Mixed conditionals Ann: No, I don't think so. If the thief 7 not have 11 Malcolm isn't at university now because he didn't your address, he 8 not get good marks in his exams.

No, I suppose not. Do you think there's any 12 My parents aren't rich so they didn't download me chance of me getting the bag back? It's hard to say, but if anybody 9 find the bag, we 10 contact you. Reading C Match words or phrases in the advertisement with the meanings.

Who is it mainly aimed at? Join us for National Extreme Sports Weekend and find out! Well, now is your chance to turn fantasy into thrilling reality Get class feedback by asking a few 5s to read out each message and briefly compare each one. Jackie and Steve can't come. You stili want to SO to the Him? Please call Keith on mobile. Encourage them to justify their opinions. Get feedback from the class and establish which of the statements most 5s agree with. Focus 5s briefly on the photo of two friends, Harry and Fiona.

New friends will replace old friends. Get 5s to check their answers in pairs then get feedback from the class. Harry talks to Get feedback from each group and find out if most of the class identifies with Harry's or Fiona's situation. Lifelong learning.. Read the questions with the class. In pairs 5s share strategies that have helped them Improve their English. For homework, 5s ask these people for advice on improving their English. You like football, don't you?

Elicit that you are using question tags to check information that you think you know but are not sure about. Get Ss to check their answers in pairs then get whole class feedback. Active grammar 1 1. Isn't II? Read Rule A in the Active grammar box to the class.

Then ask 5s to work in pairs and match Rule B and Rule C to examples in the box. Get whole class feedback. Rule B-3 and 4; Rute C-1 and: Get 5s to work in pairs. So, Simon, you'Ve been with the company for nearty a vear now, Explain that Active grammar box 1 contains the basic rules but that there are some more difficult cases which you will look at in Active grammar box 2.

Get 5s to work in pairs a,! Active grammar 2 Get class reedback. Get 5s to complete the sentences with the correct question tags. They then check their answers in pairs. Elicit or read out the list of reasons.

Ask them to write one or two racts they think they know about three other 5s.

Encourage them to write some facts they are quite certain about and others they are less certain aboul. Get Ss to check Iheir facts by asking the other Ss using appropriate question tags. Get Ss moving around the class to talk to different 5s. They have been performing to audiences with their varied juggling, gymnastics and unicycling skills for over a decade. In recent years, there has been a lot of research into 'birth order' and how your position in your family and your relationships with your siblings can affect your personality.

In this lesson, Ss listen to part of a radio programme about the Boehmer family and then focus on the grammar connected with the words any, every, no and some. They also read an article and discuss their own opinions about 'birth order', position in a family and personality. Ask them these questions. Have you ever been to a circus? If not, would you like to go? Why not? What different types of circus skills can you name?

Which are your favourites to watch? Can you do any of them? How do you think circuses have changed over the years? Do you think the changes have been a good thing or not? The main way most circuses have changed is that many are not allowed to use animals in their acts anymore. Listening '. Get Ss to look at the photo and tell them that all the people are members of the same family and they all work together as jugglers.

Ask 5s to discuss the questions in pairs or small groups.

Encourage them to give reasons for their answers. Get feedback. Get them to check their answers in pairs briefly and then get whole class feedback. Get 5s to read the questions. Then play recording 1. Get 5s to check their answers in pairs and then get whole class feedback. Tell 5s that they are going to look at some expressions from the radio programme.

Remind them to use the context and the sentences around the expressions to help them. Get 5s to work in pairs and to summarise what they heard on the radio programme using the phrases in Ex. Encourage them not to include every detail but just to give a summary of the most important points. Remind Ss not to include every detail and that they should write a maximum of seventy-five words. Everyone stand up, someone in the front row turn around, write any letter ofthe alphabet.

Grammar 5a. Tell 5s to work in pairs and decide together whether the example sentences in the Active grammar box are correct or not. Get whole class feedback but do not explain the difference in meaning at this stage. Ask 5s to work in pairs and choose the correct alternative for each of the rules in the Active grammar box.

Then they should check their answers in pairs. Ss could also add questions of their own. Do you know anybody who has a speclal talent? Do you ever feel that you have nothing to do? Is there anything you have always wanted to do? Do you think that anybody can learn to juggle? Write these questions on the board and check Ss know age gap and sibling. Get 5s to walk around the classroom and ask as many other Ss as possible, noting down the answers.

How many brothers and sisters have you got? Are you the first, middle or the last In your family? What is the age gap between you and your nearest sibling? Get 5s to collate their resuits In pairs and report the most interesting facts back to the class.Teacher's Book. After his death in the 19th century but it was only in Sotheby's brand of Cigarette. Clear objectives for every lesson give students a That's true for most people.

Use the Past Perfect Simple or Continuous. Get Ss to read the notes and messages A-E quickly and match each one with one of the reasons. What about swimming? BII Read all the sentence endings and choose possible.

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