What is Hoshin Kanri? Kanri: Control logic. Hoshin Kanri is a X-‐Matrix. 3. Catchball. 4. Baldridge, Shingo. Revisit, brainstorm, Gap and Free PDF version of this tool and information about SWOT analysis methods are available at. Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix Drives Engineering Leadership Program Success. Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Bruce DeRuntz, PhD, is a. A new design of the traditional hoshin kanri x-matrix aims to make it easier version by Martien van Steenbergen; click to obtain PDF version).

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Hoshin Kanri And the X- Matrix What is Hoshin Kanri? Hoshin: Direc6on needle Kanri: Control logic Hoshin Kanri is a method for controlling the direc6on in. X- Matrix. Best Practice. 20th Jan Strategy Deployment using X Matrix A. P. D. C. A. P. D. C. A. Hoshin Kanri Overview. Relationship between contents. X. Task force brainstorms educational possibilities, and recommend the most important new projects. X. X X. X. Hold planning meeting in July to plan for the.

Scan the environment to define the most important challenges for strategy to address — using financial projections, Value Stream Maps , and Lean Assessments , and other strategic planning tools.

Mid-term Strategic Initiatives yrs Identify, analyze, and prioritize no more than 5 breakthrough Objectives to eliminate gaps between vision and current capabilities. Create intermediate state value stream maps. Create the Hoshin Team Charter. Annual Hoshin Do everything you did for the mid-term Hoshin, but this time narrowing your focus to Objectives that can be accomplished in 6—18 months. Each Tactical Team must be led by a Hoshin Team member. Tactics to develop competitive capabilities specified by the Annual Hoshin Each team goes through a round of catchball to involve all managers to improve the Annual Hoshin and negotiate the terms of agreed-upon Tactical Team Charters.


Operations month projects — defined by the Annual Hoshin and the Tactical X Matrices Each team goes through a round of catchball to involve all supervisors and team leaders to improve the higher-level X Matrix and negotiate the terms of agreed-upon Operational Team Project Charters.

Action Teams Chartered by any of the above teams to implement specific improvement events and daily continuous improvement. If your team isn't involved in the creation and deployment of an X-Matrix, then your team is an Action Team.

An Action Team simply means "next step is implementation; no more planning". Kaikaku and Kaizen Events Clearly defined projects that can be completed in weeks to apply new tools and methods to daily standard work. This is where you will use most of your lean tools , and templates for your lean management system.


Catchball The most essential difference between hoshin strategic planning and traditional strategic planning is catchball.

Your hoshin team designs your catchball process to fit your organizational structure. Small organizations with few hierarchical layers will play few rounds of catchball, while larger organizations might play a round of catchball between each of the optional Tactical and Operational phases.

Organizations new to Hoshin Kanri might start out with only 1 round of catchball with mid-level managers, while mature lean organizations might involve every single employee in some level of hoshin planning.

Advanced organizations might add additional rounds of catchball to seek the insights of their board of directors, customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders. If your team is creating a lower-level Hoshin Plan Tactical or Operational Follow the online instructions for how to prepare for and conduct a round of catchball. Create a proposed Team Charter and perhaps more detailed project plans for each Action Item that your team commits to accomplish. You find more and more of your time is spent developing processes to help preserve the customer relationship, and less time is spent focusing on improvement objectives related to PD.

Play a sample… Learn More… Like many things, policy deployment has both an upside and a downside for frontline employees. The downside is that there is a lot more scrutiny on the operation, and there are far more metrics that will be monitored. The upside, though, is very large. And in study after study communication rates as one of the most important factors for job satisfaction.

While metrics present a target to you, it also acts as a limit to what your leadership can ask of you.

When organization operates with effective metrics, it is uncommon to see leaders asking for employees to move the earth. They have a much clearer understanding of what is possible and recognize the problems associated with asking people to work outside of the normal processes.

Weigh the benefits of policy deployment against the costs before passing judgment. Because it likely represents a significant shift in the way your organization does business, it can be scary. But in truth, the communication and trust that comes with a structured leadership approach created a much more satisfying work environment than one run by unpredictable, disorganized leadership.

For example, if you are told to prepare to double production, and you are not seeing sales to support it, you may not make that a priority.

What is Hoshin Kanri X-matrix?

But if you seen a policy deployment matrix and you know that the company strategy involves an increased emphasis on sales in Asia, and that others are working on developing a sales channel, then the urgency is more pronounced. While policy deployment is a great tool for improving an organization, it can also point out problems in a strategy.

You may find that your strategy is simply too big of a stretch with your current resources and team capabilities. In those cases, resist the urge to simply try to squeeze more out of teams. It defeats the purpose of PD.

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix ASQ

There should be no use of hope as a method of achieving targets. I will end this section with one final caution for senior leaders.

Even though this term is called policy deployment, it should not be done in the dictatorial fashion. There should be plenty of back-and-forth communication as goals are set and tasks are assigned. Be demanding and challenge your team but you have to be reasonable order policy deployment will be ineffective. If junior leaders are not committed to the goals, they will be hard pressed to achieve them.

Policy Deployment Words of Warning Use a mentor for your first attempt at policy deployment. Use the catchball process to make sure that the goals that cascade down are not overly aggressive.

Make sure that meeting all of the frontline goals will result in achieving the corporate goals. Policy deployment requires a larger degree of openness than you are probably used to. For subordinate organizations to get on board with a decision, they must thoroughly understand the rationale behind it. Policy deployment should be a the result of a back-and-forth conversation between leaders and their subordinates.

The greatest benefit of policy deployment is the communication that it requires both vertically and laterally.While policy deployment is a great tool for improving an organization, it can also point out problems in a strategy.

And replace it often enough to keep it fresh. This means monitoring misses on those metrics you established and developing a team that is capable of adjusting its course. There should be plenty of back-and-forth communication as goals are set and tasks are assigned.

You find more and more of your time is spent developing processes to help preserve the customer relationship, and less time is spent focusing on improvement objectives related to PD. Each of the improvement opportunities should align with an annual objective and each annual objective should align with a year breakthrough objective.

This will get frontline teams used to operating with very clearly defined goals. Once in a year, the X-matrix and its contents are revisited by the leadership team. MNASQ Underlying Contradictions Communication Challenges Succession Planning not documented Under-utilized partnersip alliances Do we have members with expertise in the new Steep learning curve for incoming Committee and Expand offerings to our members via social networking tools?

User-Defined Training You can optionally use the 'User-Defined Training' section at the bottom of the Help sheet of any Systems2win template — to supplement Systems2win's already excellent online training with your own supplemental training.

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