35 Frozen printable coloring pages for kids. Find on coloring-book thousands of coloring pages. Here is our collection of frozen coloring pages depicting characters & scenes The frozen coloring sheets shows Anna, Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff. Shop Disney Frozen Mega Colouring Book. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more.

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Select from printable Coloring pages of cartoons, animals, nature, Bible and many more. Elsa from The Frozen from The Frozen Jungle Book (71). Check out our frozen coloring book selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our coloring books shops. When I received these I felt the books were a little small in size, but when I gave them to the little girl they were downloadd for, she was very happy and thrilled.

There are 8 pages of Olaf in this book.

There is waaaaaaay to much rosemaling in this book. That is my main criticism of this book. Nearly half of this book is rosemaling. I would really only recommend this book to hardcore adult fans of frozen. You have to be super patient because of all the fine details. If you're looking for princesses, I'd suggest the Art Therapy with Disney Princess book, just because you get more variety. I am not sure how I intend to finish this book. I don't know if I'll try doing all the "real" colouring pages first, or if I'll start with the rosemaling to try to finish it off.

I don't know if I'll ever finish this book. It looks like it would take a lot of time and patience and concentration. I work for the Disney Store, so I know that the images you'll find here are really the exact same stock image colouring page outlines used in Disney store merchandise.

So she orders the end of the party and closure of the gates. But Anna immediately cries in protest, saying that she no longer wants to spend her remaining life trapped inside the castle. The confrontation between Anna and Elsa goes out of control. An enraged Elsa shoots ice spikes from her hand that nearly hurt her royal guests, and causes an uproar. Invite your child to have fun with Olaf, the enchanted snowman from the film.

He is having a great time dreaming about a beautiful sunny day. Olaf comes to life due to the magical powers of Elsa. He adds comic relief to the dramatic plot.

Tinker Bell Coloring Pages ]. Kristoff is the mountain man who helps Anna find her sister and eventually falls in love with her. As Kristoff is a loner as he spends most of his time in the mountains. As you can see, he is a tall, rugged and handsome young man.

Sven is no ordinary reindeer. Sven loves eating carrots, as you can see here. He has a strong moral character as he urges Kristoff to do the right thing throughout the film. Here is a frozen coloring page of Sven and Kristoff, the two great buddies together.

They are going to the kingdom of Arendelle to sell ice at the coronation ceremony. Kristoff and Sven run the ice harvesting business together. They share a very special relationship. Kristoff puts Sven above anyone else. The stunning Scandinavian backdrop looks incredibly beautiful.

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The coloring page shows Anna on her way to find her sister. After revealing her secret powers to the dignitaries accidentally, Elsa escapes the castle grounds to retreat into the mountains.

While escaping, she unintentionally places a curse upon the kingdom, trapping it in an eternal winter. The Duke of Weselton exclaims that the guards have to stop Elsa, and orders his men to go after her. But Anna stops him, volunteering to go and look for her sister instead. She exclaims that her sister is not a monster and whatever happened was purely accidental.

She asks Hans to take care of the kingdom when she is away. Princess Jasmine Coloring Pages ]. Do you know how Anna met Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf on her journey to bring back her sister? Anna aimlessly travels through the winter woods searching for her sister. She loses her horse and ruins her clothes in the process. She comes to a clothes shop to download a new outfit when she meets Kristoff and Sven. Kristoff tells Anna about a magical phenomenon occurring in the mountains.

Anna is confident that Kristoff can help her find Elsa. The trio then arrives in a snow-covered forest.

There, suddenly an enchanted snowman makes an appearance. The snowman is none other than the adorable Olaf who leads Anna to her sister! Marshmallow is a giant snow monster created by Elsa. His eye sockets light up demonically when he is angry. He also acts as the security guard to North Mountain and keeps the intruders away from her ice palace. He is incredibly aggressive towards the intruders.

Marshmallow is extremely loyal to Elsa and continues to protect her despite his injury. Fairy Coloring Pages ]. Here is a coloring page of the Duke of Weselton with Hans and his guards.

The Duke of Weselton is a dignitary from a neighboring kingdom. The Duke holds great power in his kingdom. He is the second most important figure in Weselton, after the ruler. The Duke controls the trade between the two kingdoms. He is an ignorant, pompous and greedy person.

He wears several badges and medals that denote his significant accomplishments. Two burly bodyguards accompany the Duke though they rarely speak. The cute creature you see here is Grand Pabbie, one of the supporting characters in the film.

Pabbie is a wise and elderly troll ruling the Valley of the Living Rock, a mystical area inhabited by a dozen trolls. The trolls have the ability to morph into rock and hide themselves from people they wish to keep away. Pabbie possesses magical powers.

He can alter memories and can even conjure up images using the rays of light. His most important power is his healing ability. But he cannot heal or undo every magical curse or spell. Pabbie dons a green cloak of moss. He has a lion-like mane that makes him stand out from the other trolls. Elsa created the palace using her magical snow powers. She lives in the palace in complete isolation so that her subjects and especially her sister are safe from her.


Here, she is free to use her magical power. A stunningly beautiful, hexagonal snowflake surrounds the palace. The floor and walls of the palace change their colors to match the moods and emotions of Elsa. The walls and floors turn amber when she is angry, purple when she is sad, blue when she is happy and red when she is afraid.

Elsa later gifts the castle to Marshmallow. The large man you see here is Oaken, one of the minor characters from the film.

His trading post is in the forest just outside the kingdom of Arendelle. Anna comes to his office looking for a cloak, boot, and dresses for her trip to the mountains. Oaken offers her the objects at half the price.

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Anna also meets Kristoff in his trading room. Oaken is a good-natured and helpful fellow. He is a burly and fair man with a pink nose, blonde hair and light blue eyes. Here is a coloring page of Hans with his horse Sitron. He is a Fjord horse with a stout and healthy body.

He is a dun-colored horse with black and off white mane. Sitron is a very loyal horse of Hans. He even assists Hans in his evil deeds.

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The duo goes to fetch Elsa from her snow castle, but Marshmallow chases them away. The free frozen coloring page shows Kristoff ready to attack Hans, but Anna stops him.

She confronts Hans for his betrayal and punches him in the face. Hans then falls off the ship, into the icy water. Snow White Coloring Pages ]. Anna and Kristoff cannot believe their eyes seeing the ice palace. Elsa is jubilant to see her sister but is afraid of harming her again.

She orders everyone to leave for their safety. Anna assures that she does not have to be afraid, but Elsa refuses to listen and directs her to go back to Arendelle. Anna then reveals to her about the accidental curse she put on the kingdom. Disappointed, Elsa loses the control over her powers again and strikes Anna, this time in the heart. She realizes she has put an accidental curse on Anna yet again when her hair starts turning white.

Frozen coloring pages

Kristoff takes Anna to the trolls, but Pabbie informs him that she is in grave danger, and only a true act of love can save her. So Kristoff heads back to Arendelle to unite Hans and Anna.

Anna tells Hans that his kiss can thaw her frozen heart, but he refuses to save her revealing that his true intention was to become the king of Arendelle by marrying her. Anna freezes while trying to save Elsa from Hans.Oaken offers her the objects at half the price. He is an ignorant, pompous and greedy person.

Much as we'd love to throw these extras into your trolley, unfortunately they're only serving suggestions and aren't part of the product you're downloading. But he cannot heal or undo every magical curse or spell. Sven loves eating carrots, as you can see here. He wears several badges and medals that denote his significant accomplishments.

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