for these. But an explanation ofthe esoteric symbolism of the magic circle is what would even be worse, he co Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical. Initiation Into Hermetics Pdf – Franz Bardon. – A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice by Franz Bardon. An incredible texts on Hermetics, Life, Energy. Franz Bardon – Initiation Into Hermetics (PDF) Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical Evocation (PDF) Franz Bardon – The Key to the True Qabala (PDF).

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FRANZ BARDON. THE PRACTICE OF. MAGICAL EVOCATION. Instructions for Invoking Spirit Beings from the Spheres surrounding us. Provided to you by. physical environment. The Practice of Magical Evocation. The Practice of Magical Evocation is Franz Bardon's sec- ond volume of The Holy Mysteries. Franz Bardon. Publisher: Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal, West Germany. Edition; First Ed. by Verlag H. Bauer, Freiburg, Breisgau, W. Germany.

That is why a true magician would never think of drawing a magic circle, performing rituals and following instructions regarding ceremonial magic with which he cannot identify. A similar situation would arise if an Occidental were to wear Oriental clothes in the Occident. The design of a magic circle should contain that which corresponds totally with the magician's point of view and which is on the same level as his individual maturity; that would be the best choice.

A magician who is completely conversant with the harmony of the universe and knows the hierarchy of the universe exactly can also consider these facts when he designs and draws the magic circle.

The Universal Master Key - Franz Bardon

In accordance with the possibilities the diagram has to offer, a magician who is conversant with these matters can include the entire hierarchy of the universe in his circle, and thereby more easily raise his consciousness and more easily establish contact with the universe.

It is entirely at the magician's discretion to draw several circles at certain intervals in which he records the hierarchy of the universe in the form of divine names, genii, princes, rulers, angels and all the other powers. When the magician draws the magic circle, it must be understood that he must meditate accordingly and must also take into consideration the concept of the particular divine aspect.

A true magician must know 25 that divine names are symbolic descriptions of divine attributes and powers. It goes without saying that, when the magician draws the magic circle and records the divine names and the particular powers, he must also take into consideration the appropriate analogy.

The analogies include the corresponding colors, numbers, and geographic directions. If a magician does not represent the universe in a completely analogous manner, he allows a gap to occur in his consciousness.

Every magic circle serves its purpose, regardless of whether its design is drawn in a simple or complicated manner, so long as the magician possesses the ability to bring his own consciousness into harmony with the universal consciousness, under which the cosmic consciousness is to be understood. In an emergency, even a barrel hoop could serve the same purpose, provided it is used with the proper attitude and with the complete conviction that this circle represents the universe upon which the magician has to act when standing in the center of this circle.

The magician will conclude that the greater his knowledge in literature, the greater his intellect and the greater his knowledge in any given field, the more complex the rituals and more complicated magical circles will he require in order to have sufficient points of reference. This will enable him to establish contact with the microcosm and macrocosm more easily when he stands in the center of the magic circle.

Magic circles by themselves, whether they are drawn in a simple or complex manner, can be designed in various ways to suit the circumstances, the situation, and the possibilities that exist.

Therefore they can be very complex magic circles which are based on the hierarchy of the universe, or they can be very simple. The magician can also work outside in the open air.

Pdf A Bardon Companion Commentary Upon Franz Bardons Books

If that is the case, the magic circle can be drawn on the ground with a magical weapon, such as a dagger or a magic sword. Should the magician work in a room, a magic circle can be drawn with chalk on the floor. A magic circle can also be drawn on a large piece of paper.

However, the most practical magic circle is one that is either sewn or embroidered on a flannel or silk cloth. A magic circle prepared in this manner can be used in a room as well as outside in the open air, whereas magic circles drawn on paper tear easily and they can also be damaged in many different ways, especially when used frequently.

The magic circle must be large enough for the magician to move about quite freely. It is of great importance that the magician maintains the appropriate attitude and concentration when drawing the magic circle. If the magician draws a magic circle without the proper simultaneous concentration, he will have a circle but it will not be a magic one. When the magician has a magic circle that is sewn or embroidered on flannel or silk, the circle has to be retraced with his finger, his magic wand or magic weapon with the necessary concentration, meditation and proper attitude.

When the magician retraces the magic circle, he must focus his attention magically on the fact that it is not the magical instrument that he uses to retrace the circle, but rather it is the divine ability which is symbolized by the particular magical instrument.

Furthermore, while he is in the particular meditative state required for this operation, the magician must be mindful that it is not he who draws the magic circle but that it is the divine Spirit which, through the magician's hand and through the magical instrument, actually forms the circle.

It is therefore absolutely necessary that a connection between the magician's consciousness and the omnipotence, the Infinite, has to be established through meditation and influence each and every time before the magic circle is drawn or traced. A trained magician who has successfully completed the practical exercises of the first Tarot card in accordance with Initiation into Hermetics has learned, in one of the steps contained therein, how to become conscious of one's spirit and how to act consciously as a spirit.

It is not difficult for a person who has successfully completed the aforementioned prac- tical exercises to imagine that not he but the divine Spirit in all His highest aspects is drawing the magic circle which he desires. It is obvious to the magician that when two human beings perform the same task, the effects in the invisible world are not the same.

For example: a sorcerer or a dabbler in magic who does not possess the required maturity will never be able to draw a circle in the true magical manner. A magician who is well-versed in the Kabbalah can draw a second circle in the shape of a serpent inside the first circle. This inner circle should be divided into seventy-two sections, and the name of the relevant genius must be inscribed on each of the seventy-two sections.

The names of the genii together with their analogies are to be drawn magically while 27 pronouncing these names correctly and in the proper manner.

Should a magician be working with a flannel or silk cloth, the names must be sewn on or embroidered in Latin or Hebrew. In my third book The Key to the True Kabbalah, the genii, their analogies, effects and how they can be employed are explained in detail in the practical part of that work. An embroidered magic circle has the advantage that it can easily be placed on the floor or ground and folded up without drawing and charging it each time it is used.

The serpent that represents the inner circle is not merely a replica of a circle, but, most importantly, it represents the symbol of wisdom.

In addition, the symbol of the serpent has several other meanings, as, for example, the strength of the serpent also represents the powers of the imagination, etc.

It would, however, exceed the scope of this book to fully describe all its aspects. A Buddhist initiate who draws his mandala by placing his five deities in the form of figurines or in the form of diagrams on their appropriate emanations meditates on each individual deity and thereby influences himself.

This, too, is a magical ceremony which actually is a true prayer to the Buddhist deities, and from our point of view it can be con- sidered a magic circle. However, it is not necessary to go into this matter any further, because enough information has been published in the Oriental literature about this practice of magic, some of which is available in exoteric publications, while other information is available in more secret manuscripts. The magic circle offers many possible uses.

It serves for the evocation of beings or entities, but also as protection against invisible influences. At times a magic circle does not have to be drawn on the ground or floor or placed on the floor in the form of paper, a flannel or silk cloth. It can occasionally be drawn in the air around oneself with a magic weapon, a magic wand or magic sword, with the firm conviction that this releases the particular universal attribute of protection which is desired.

Should there for some reason be no magic weapon available, a magic circle can be drawn with the finger or the hand with the proper attitude and conviction, which means in connection with God. The possibility also exists that a magic circle can be drawn merely with one's imagination. In accordance with the power and the effect of the 28 imagination, the magic circle expresses itself either on the mental or astral plane and indirectly also on the physical plane.

The binding power of the magic circle is commonly known in magnetic magic. A magic circle can also be produced with the help of the accumulation of the elements or with the help of the accumulation of light.

The instructions in books that describe the magic circle always warn that during evocations or invocations the magician should never step out of the magic circle. The significance of this warning is that a magician should never interrupt the contact or the bonding consciousness with the Absolute or with the macrocosm. Whenever a magic circle is employed or when the summoned being stands in front of the circle during a magical procedure, it should be a matter of fact that the magician should not physically step out of the magic circle until the being has been dismissed and not until he is finished with the magical operation.

It should be obvious by what has been said thus far that, when working with ceremonial magic, a true magic circle cannot be replaced with anything else. A magician will always see the magic circle as the highest symbol in every respect. At this point, it would be superfluous to draw an actual diagram of a magic circle, because, on the basis of the information given here, every magician will know what to do.

All that is to be done now is to put the information given here into practice.

Initiation Into Hermetics By Franz Bardon Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:hc2azua dkel

The magician should never forget what matters most: his entire attitude in respect to the magic circle. Only when he has achieved within himself the cosmic contact through meditation and imagination, i.

The triangle represents the symbol of manifestation, the symbol of everything created, in short, of everything that has come into being. It would be impossible to do any ritual or ceremonial work without the proper knowledge of the symbolism of the magic triangle as well as all the other magical aids. In all the books on ritual invocation or in the grimoires you will find a general statement that the particular spirit, being or power summoned is to manifest in the triangle.

However, the manifestation of a being in a triangle is only one aspect of ritualistic magic, because a being cannot completely manifest itself if the magician does not understand the entire symbolism of the magic triangle. In order to understand this symbolism properly, one must be fairly well conversant with the Kabbalah and have complete knowledge of the secret of the number three.

The more that is known about the analogies of the mystical number three, the more profoundly can one penetrate into the symbolism of the triangle and what it represents, and hence the summoned power may manifest more easily. It would exceed the scope this work were I to detail the entire symbolism of the number three and all its correspondences. However, I shall offer some encouragement that may serve the magician as a guiding principle.

Above all, the triangle is a diagram of the three-dimensional world, by which we understand the mental, astral and the physical or material worlds.

Any power that is summoned and that is projected outside into the physical plane must pass through the three planes mentioned above. And it gives us to understand, when looking at the triangle from above, that from one point two powers diverge sideways in two directions and each power ends up in a line that has its restriction.

The two lines are then united by the base line. This symbolizes the manifested causal world, which, from an astrological point of view, characterizes itself as Saturn, as the number three.


On the mental plane the number three symbolizes the will, the intellect, and feelings. On the astral plane it symbolizes power, lawfulness and life, and on the physical plane, as already mentioned, the plus and minus and the neutral. Therefore, the triangle with its lawfulness reflects itself in all things and in every respect, because it is the beginning of everything created, and the primary cause of everything comprehensible. The number three, the symbolism of the triangle, plays one of the most important roles in all religions.

Hundreds more of these symbolic analogies could be listed. But in this case it has to be left to the magician's own discretion to penetrate more deeply into this symbolism and all the relevant analogies.

For the magician the equilateral triangle always remains a most important and worthwhile thing to know, because the equilateral triangle represents a universal symbol in magic, next to the magic circle.

A magician could never summon a particular power or being into a circle — it must be in a triangle — because the circle represents the symbol of infinity, not the symbol of manifestation.

A magician should never ignore this basic concept. However, he could summon a being or a power into a form or design other than a triangle, which is often the case with lower beings. But when it comes to higher powers and higher beings a magician will never omit to have the proper diagram drawn, in this case the triangle, right next to the circle. The aspiring magician now knows that a circle is the diagram without limits, whereas the triangle is the first diagram that is limited by space, into which a being or a power, etc.

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At that point, the magician is a consummate magical authority and all powers and beings must be absolutely obedient to this consummate authority. He must treat them with an almost religious awe, because the more carefully, the more precisely, and the more attentively they are handled, the more effective they will be. It is therefore completely logical from the point of view of true magic for the magician to stand in the center of a magic circle with the awareness of being at One with his universal divinity.

Sacred Magick Edition.

All that is to be done now is to put the information given here into practice.

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