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download the Kobo ebook Book The Fionavar Tapestry Trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay at, Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over $25!. Five men and women from our world face a battle with an evil beyond imagining in the deeply moving conclusion to Guy Gavriel Kay's acclaimed Fionavar. 1. The Summer Tree 2. The Wandering Fire 3. The Darkest Road Kind of obscure fantasy series that came to my attention and I just wanted to.

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Strange Dogs. James S. Part Four. Just bought the site version so I don't have to lug the whole book around when I travel! Great series. A lovely mix of classic Arthurian mythos and dungeons and dragons archetypes.

I love this trilogy so much, I reread it every year! Putting a word requirement on a review is ridiculous. There is a strange dichotomy to writing a review to this series.

There are so many things one could say that can be construed as negative. The dialogue, for example. Many statements made by the main characters are simply groaners. Then there is the eventual conversion where everyone from Earth talks like a Fionavarian. They change, just like that?

Another complaint will be how so much in this series is a complete rip off from older ones. Lord Of The Rings?

Cover reveal: The Fionavar Tapestry Trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay

From elves, dwarves, goblins and an all powerful evil one, this book uses everything Tolkien invented and more. Everything fantasy is in there - dragons, gods, magic, swords and more. There's even a flying pink unicorn for gosh sake.

Okay, not pink, blood red, but close enough. It's still a unicorn that flies. And then there is just about every cliche ever written. Colored eyes multi-colored ones too , undefeatable swordsmen who vanquish a horde of enemies in seconds, altruistic characters who willingly go to their death for the Light, almost everyone is either totally evil or totally good, and so many more.

If it's a high fantasy cliche, it's in there. Then there's the writing. Written in some wild mix of omniscient and third person limited with more head hopping than a jackrabbit on the run it has moments where you get lost on who the POV belongs to.

The one dimensional aspect of almost every character. All of these things should make me hate this series. And yet I liked it. I've just listed a whole host of reasons not to. Introspection was needed to delve into how I enjoyed the series.

Ir came down to two things - pace and plot lines. Not including the first couple of chapters, the pace is almost frenetic. So many things happen so quickly, and in such a way as to keep a reader glued to the pages.

This intensity runs right to almost the end with, like LOTR, a couple of cool down chapters to close things off. As to plot lines, never before in high fantasy have I seen so many plot lines so expertly woven throughout the story.

Every one foreshadowed well and tied in at the right time - the separate tale of each of the five from Earth, the war, the exiled king, the romantic prince, the son of the dark god, the Camelot factor with Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot, the longest road, the darkest road, and a host of other smaller ones, all which left me amazed at how the author managed to squeeze so many into one series.

As I read this series, I managed to ignore all the negatives and focus on the story, and in doing so, became immersed in the complexity of it all. I cannot totally forgive all the transgressions so my review is 4. The Fionavar Tapestry is a story of love, loss, adventure, triumph, and the interwoven lives of 5 Canadian university students who must all discover their path in a world larger than they thought possible. The complex characters and impressive settings of Fionavar are colorful, unique, and alive.

Rumour has it they'll be making a show of it soon, so now's the time to start reading. Titles in Order Sort by: Latest to First First to Latest. Read an Excerpt. The Darkest Road. For that one has been born of both Darkness and Light, and he alone must walk the darkest road as the fate of worlds hangs in the balance….

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The Wandering Fire. His terrible vengeance has begun to take its toll on mortals and demi-gods, mages and priestesses, dwarves and the Children of Light. The five brought from Earth across the tapestry of worlds must act to wake the allies Fionavar desperately needs.Eden Robinson. Conversely, you probably shouldn't judge this series by other books of Kay's you may already have read.

Not Enabled. Visit him online at brightweavings. The Broken Eye. site Music Stream millions of songs. Lost Souls.

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