Does anyone have the XenApp administration guide or other XenApp / download// A Citrix XenApp Client Settings item in Administration > Client Settings, with Integrating Local User Applications in XenApp guide. [#] This PDF document is available for download through the Citrix Service. Citrix XenServer ® Service Pack 1 Administrator's Guide Citrix Systems, Inc ., the Citrix logo, Citrix XenServer and Citrix XenCenter, are.

Citrix Xenapp 6.5 Administration Guide Pdf

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Possess experience in a system administration or technical reviewer role. 3. previous versions, such as XenApp , unified architecture in XenApp has a . Citrix XenApp Administration training course provides the foundation necessary for administrators to effectively Learners will receive training for installing and configuring Citrix XenApp for Manual Installation and Configuration. Learners will receive training for installing and configuring Citrix XenApp , the License Administration Console Installing Licensing: Manual Installation and .

Based on the requirements of an environment, determine which plug-ins should be implemented on endpoint devices. Given a scenario depicting the need for users to reconnect to disconnected sessions, determine how to configure Logon Control to meet this requirement.

Determine how to ascertain the resultant policy behavior for a specific user or user group. The Citrix Print Manager Service cpsvc.

Given requirements, determine which HDX optimization setting s to configure it to meet those requirements.

Given a scenario, determine when to configure a policy to randomize server reboots and disable logons for a period of time.

Based on stated requirements, determine how a policy should be filtered. Given a description of an environment including applications, determine how to publish an installed application.

Installing and Configuring Citrix Xenserver 6.5 – Part 1

Given a scenario, determine how to publish a streaming application to a Client. Given a scenario and list of requirements, determine how to publish a streaming application so that it is streamed to the server to meet those requirements.

Determine when to configure server to client and client to server content re-direction. Based on a given scenario or requirements, determine which command to use. Given a scenario, determine when to use default, advanced or custom load evaluator.

Given a scenario, determine when to assign a load evaluator to an application or server using Worker Groups. Determine when to configure load balancing policies to meet the reqs of a given scenario. Determine how to configure load balancing policies to meet the requirements of a given scenario.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration

Based on a scenario, determine which driver to use UPD, native, other. Given specific requirements, determine how to configure session printing. Determine how to configure printing policies based on a given scenario. Determine the appropriate failover options to configure within the WI console to meet requirements.

Determine how to configure secure access based on stated requirements. Determine how to troubleshoot both Citrix and Microsoft licensing issue. Determine how session issues can negatively affect an XA implementation.

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Given a scenario describing a common print issue, determine how to troubleshoot the issue. Given a scenario describing an issue with performance, determine what to do to troubleshoot the issue. Resource Guide , XenApp 6. Rohrer - All Rights Reserved.

1Y0-A20 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration Resource Guide

Understanding the Citrix Architecture 1. Given stated requirements, determine how to create and elect a dedicated controller Source: Event Log Error: An error occurred when processing incoming CGP downstream data http: Determine why to configure Worker Groups Source: Given a description of WI architecture in a specific environment, determine why the WI s are located where they are or why they should be placed in a specific location Source: Licensing and Installing XenApp 2.

Determine where to go and how to license your XenApp farm. Determine what happens when smooth roaming is enabled Source: Given a scenario, determine why to configure session sharing Source: Please read the product documentation for detailed instructions. The instructions in this guide are meant to provide you with an evaluation method.

Not every component, feature or configuration is addressed.

The example scenario is to deliver applications and a desktop published from Windows Server , and one pooled desktop based on Windows 10 operating system. After you download and install the software, publishing desktops and apps is a three-step process, driven through a user friendlyuser-friendly wizard in Citrix Studio.

One task needs to be performed outside of the wizard-based Studio console: creation of the master images. This involves setting up Windows machines with the required OS and other applications, then installing Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent on them to enable communication with the delivery controller. At the end, apps will be launched using the Citrix Workspace app client from any device, such as a Windows laptop, MacBook, thin client, mobile device, or tablet. Citrix Workspace app is available as a free download from Citrix.

During this evaluation, the server-side activity flowchart will look something like this. This section describes the process for installing various components of XenApp and XenDesktop and configuring Studio.

The default option will be selected for most of the configuration settings. Step 1. Slide: elulm Insert the XenDesktop 7. XenApp and XenDesktop are available in the same installation media.

Click Start for the relevant product to enter the Installation Wizard. Accept the default values and click Next. Accept the default value and click Next. For this non-production exercise, manually disable any non-Windows Firewall or security apps.It ain't here: Given a scenario, determine when to use default, advanced or custom load evaluator Source: Administrators should disable and lock Protected Mode. Systems engineers, sales engineers, analysts, consultants and architects also are also appropriate candidates for this course.

Citrix EdgeSight Administrator s Guide.

Primary Optional: Choose Published Application.

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