Castle Zagyg - Class Options & Skills for, , Castle Zazyg - Vol 2 - The Upper Works - Bk 1 - Mouths of CASTLE ZAGYG•· Mooul£ SER>es, VOlUME II THE UPPER WORKS BooCastle Zagyg. Castles & Crusades - CZ2 - Castle Zagyg - The Upper Works - Book #6 - Maps & Illustrations Booklet - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. CZ2 - Castle.

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Has there been any mention of this coming out in PDF format? I think that it Castle Zagyg, Yggsburgh, and the East Mark were great products. In this review of Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works, I am going to examine this Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works is the first (and now, only) boxed set from Troll Lord the Monster Manual, so a reduced or simplified stat block would have been. zzz-Castle Zagyg Yggsburgh Expansion Moat Gate If you're curious about Castles & Crusades, this free PDF download is absolutely the best place to start.

The two best reviews speak of the entire boxed set in detail, and are the reason I decided to find a copy. When I read various sections of it, its like picking up The Keep of the Borderlands and Dungeonland, while being thrown back 30 years in time. As a veteran of two campaigns in Greyhawk, it certainly does feel like it - mostly because there are phrases that Gary included that harken back to that setting.

What I mean here is: Certain encounters have Gary written all over them. There are quirks, small little details that when you read them, the hair stands up on your arms because you've seen them in previous Gygaxian prose. What I take away from the Upper Works is this product is a rare glimpses into what I think Castle Greyhawk is and was, and while I know that not every single word came directly from the mind of Gary, there is enough here to make me smile and nod with enthusiasm.

Hopefully, that answers your questions adequately. Your review is excellent, and covers everything I hoped for. As to your site, yes indeed I visit about once a week, checking your archives and reading over certain historical details.

You should put the history into a pdf of some sort for those to download.. As to the links, thank you. I've been wanting to keep track of Rob's work and make sure I keep up on everything he's doing as it relates to Greyhawk. My little blog is now following all of your links that it can - so now I'm up to date. In many ways, I'm in a very deep melancholy state at the moment. Bittersweet and yet my eyes are wide open to the possibilities that all of this material is presenting to me.

God, I sound old. I also combined the four quadrants of each level map into one and printed them on tabloid-size paper, though the scale is small.

Here's my cover just changed some type : Joe and Richard, thank you for making these available to the community! Here, Zagyg gathered great store of supplies, built cellars and made room for the host of his minions.

Castles & Crusades - CZ2 - Castle Zagyg - The Upper Works - Book #6 - Maps & Illustrations Booklet

Too, he built a great Arena for his evil sport and opened the gate to the dread depths of the Ebon Well. More than a Campaign Setting! This third installment of the Castle Zagyg series brings the adventuring party beneath the ruins of the dread castle itself.

And ever his minions carted creatures great and small, proud and downtrodden to the rooms of the menagerie and these fed the vile experiments of his temper. The remains of tortures peopled his museum which led to the great ramp of the Inclined Way and the Catacombs beyond.

This fourth installment of the Castle Zagyg series brings the adventuring party into the labyrinthine corridors of the midlevels of the castle.

In these parts of the dungeons even his minions dreaded to go and they called these places the "Lairs" and the "Chambers of Stone". Here were the lesser and greater Crypts, the Warrens and the nightmare of the Endless Rooms.

This fifth installment of the Castle Zagyg series brings the adventuring party into the caves of the underdark. Snaking from their deeps were a host of caverns, networks of tunnels that led to countless pits and the deep places of the earth.

Here, all manner of evil came to dwell.

This sixth installment of the Castle Zagyg series brings the adventuring party into the magical worlds of Zagyg's making and the heart of his dark realm. Zagyg himself tread those halls with caution, and even then, only when girded in his greatest sorceries. For there, if the legends are believed, were the gates to other worlds. This seventh and final installment of the Castle Zagyg series brings the adventuring party to the point of no return. I am wondering.

It would make sense and would be a selling point with us grognards She may get what she thinks it is worth.

Just me rambling. I'm not sure if they would go down that route, but on the surface it makes sense. Adamant is, of course, a super-powered ant with a Capt Video helmet. From there they discovered an animated Guardian glove, that gave open slaps that paralyzed it's prey.

Troll Lord Games

I hadn't fully read up in advance for this encounter and the party was truly strained to the last. A couple players had single HP remaining after the battle.

Thus, this is where our intrepid foolish band of players are at this time. Hell-- those spiral booklets look better than the 3-ring binder version I have! I hope you'll share the adventures as time goes on.

Greyhawk Collectors Guide part 2

Nothing better than hearing about these things in actual play. Joe I created something that looks just like those spirals on LulU for my own needs. Great stuff and FREE! Thanks for the hard work. Then, one of the clerics in the party decided to examine the golden pentagram to the North, and decided to sprinkle some of the black salt laying on the floor. Instantly, a swarm of ravenous rats popped into being, wisps of black smoke rolling off their boil-covered, larvae encased bodies.

The party was quickly covered by the small sharp-toothed vermin, and 5 five members of the party were diseased in the ensuing combat.


After discovering not 1, but 3 serpent wrapped, silver filigree mirrors hidden in a secret alcove. Saxon, a fighter of epic mutton-eating proportion decided to solve the issue by swinging with a downward strike into the mirror holding the elf. His blade stuck in the mirror for a moment, then a fine hairline crack began to expand outward.

In an instant the mirror exploded with hundreds of tiny shards, and the elf - Lorien Otolui lay at the party's feet. When the party looked back up, the mirror was once again intact.

The same tactic was used on the goblin-holding mirror, the promise being big treasure for the goblin chief's rescue. The chief kept his promise, tossing a alembic into the air and yelling catch at the same time while running away.

1E Upper Works/Castle of the Mad Archmage - long post/pics

The party has yet to fully investigate the alembic which was caught by the alchemist, Azcalaban. After solving a riddle with the crypts to the NE, each with its own color scheme, and matching votive candles - the party was rewarded with a heart shaped pendant - found in the tomb of one of the ex-owners of the chateau. From there, one not-so-smart elf decided to take off down the southern passageway - only to come face to face with the illusion of a hydra.

The 9 heads all spoke at once - warning that only family or one whom has been granted access may pass. Never has an elf turned and hightailed it back through an archway faster in the annuls of Isolde-Delta history.

The chosen one wearing pendant was able to search the room that contained 9 alembics in a perfect circle each with it's own color liquid that surrounded a wooden inlaid sarcophagus. A small niche was discovered - opened only when the stone was placed in the recess of the properly-colored alembic.

In this case, a ancient magical parchment that needed to be covered with wisps of smoke from the matching color led to deciphering it - and a treasure was discovered, a word of safe passage, written on the parchment also showed in vibrant detail a cave entrance at the Mouths of Madness. When last our party saw daylight, they had left the Dark Chateau, traveled North-West to the Castle of Zagyg, and found the opening that matched the gnome illusionists memories. The doors swung wide when the command word was spoken, and into the darkness they traversed.

More to come as they begin their descent into the Storeroom levels - and deeper if they are found to be fortunate and lucky into the Castle of the Mad Archmage's dungeon levels. Unsubstantiated reports in various Inns and Taverns speak of lower levels closed for years, and a few lost to the ravages of time that have been rediscovered.

Few surviving party's have made it back, and with little to show for their troubles when they have. Many - as is the case when Zagyg comes into play - have not returned and are feared lost.

A roving Bard, one Tovral Achingheart reported seeing a ragtag party near the abandoned Dark Chateau two weeks ago. His opinion of the group made up of monks, druid, obese fighter, and alchemist to name a few were as he put it " The Outs wager on any of them surviving is to 1, and no ones fool enough to take that bet " Honorus Talbot's reward for the seven missing cattle has not been claimed.

They disappeared over the last three weeks, with little explanation. Ranger Denarius Nightbird discovered a sink hole in a neighboring field, after finding and tracking sets of ghastly footprints which led from and back into the hole. A group of clerics and mages explored the deep hole originally found by Ranger Denarius Nightbird in a neighboring field, and discovered a large collection of Field Gobbers numbering in the hundreds.Most suspect that Gary Gygax's wife was given some bad advice.

This is where the GM will have to do some work.

His opinion of the group made up of monks, druid, obese fighter, and alchemist to name a few were as he put it " First entrance is a shaft, second is a door. Turns out the dwarven clerics had caught a wild boar that had fallen into the sinkhole and were having a feast, complete with Morningmyst Wine.

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