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We don't base our recommendations on industry sales incentives or bonus gifts. If we know of a better room or experience that will enhance our client's family vacation, we'll suggest. We just want our clients to make the best informed decisions to get the most value for their vacation dollars.

These are probably the same folks who like putting together IKEA furniture. No matter, make yourself happy find your best price and email us all the details. Your travel agent will either be able to match it or tell you why you're setting yourself up for a scam. I even had clients who will make their own reservations directly with a cruise line or tour company then call and transfer their booking to our agency.

It's a win-win. They get and do exactly what they want while having us do all the follow up, follow thru while making suggestions to enhance their enjoyment. Travel Agents Have Rates That You Don't - Travel agents are privy to special flight prices, special hotel and cruise cabin rates that consumers will never find online themselves.

This feature alone will save you money. Beyond pricing, good travel agents have the downloading power to get extra amenities like ship board credits or insider tours that can also enhance your family's vacation.

Travel Agents Save You Time - Time in our most precious commodity and yet so many people are willing to waste it. HOURS can be spent properly researching a vacation.

Make the World Your Workplace

With the amount of conflicting information available online, it's easy to quickly get overwhelmed and confused. Many times, the questions perplexing travelers are one that agents can answer right off the top of our heads thanks to our years of experience.

If you have detailed questions or need to plan a complicated itinerary, we do all the work for you. We can make the international phone calls to get your questions answered. We know who and how to reach out to in order to get the job done, saving you hours of frustration. Travel Agents Understand The Fine Print- Most people don't bother reading any of the fine print terms and conditions of their travel documents until it's too late. This is what "trips" them up pun intended and costs them big bucks in the long term.

Even if folks do stop to read it, they fully understand all the implications.

Travel Agents are well versed in these rules, terms and conditions. We can help navigate and protect your family and investment. Travel Agents Protect You - Most DIY vacation planners don't realize that medical insurance usually does not cover your family while on vacation out of area or especially overseas.

Many foreign countries will take your passport if you are admitted to a hospital and will expect payment in full for any treatment or surgery prior to discharge. A good travel agent will make sure you have the proper peace of mind with the right travel insurance to keep your family safe and protected. Travel Agents Have Contacts - Travel agents do not get "free" trips. We invest our own money and especially our time to travel and visit the destinations we recommend.

Sure we experience new travel options and learn about destinations.

Top destinations around the world

The most important reason why we make this professional investment is for the opportunity to meet face to face with the right important industry contacts. These important connections truly benefits the vacation experience our clients ultimately enjoy. We know exactly who to speak to in order to make special requests for our clients. This could mean things like connecting rooms, welcome gifts or advanced restaurant reservations.

These relationships have proved priceless in emergency situations. In a former lifetime, I was a pediatric nurse so I often use those skills to help my clients. I will often share and collaborate with other travel industry professionals to help clients enjoy vacations that exceed their expectations. Even within our agency, we have agents who are Disney experts while others have experience creating customized tours in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Book Your Travel Responsive Widget Template

If we don't have an in house person who can best serve our clients, we collaborate with other professionals who can. Travel Agents Have Priceless Advice - First hand experience and knowledge are what will change a typical vacation into a real memorable experience.

Even though good travel agents professionally invest in their own travel to gain this experience, not every Travel Agent can humanly know every destination in the world. That said, good travel agents have a "golden network" and know exactly who to call to get the answers their clients need. For example, you may pay a really low price for your family's flight but that doesn't mean you'll make your connecting flight.

This could result in an unexpected camp out at the airport terminal and the out of pocket loss for the vacation days you're missing.

A good travel agent know certain airport require longer connection times than others to prevent problems. This is just one of many examples that "trips" up online travel shoppers and may explain so many of the unnecessary rants on travel review websites. Travel Agents Babysit Your Reservations - Many folks have commitment issues when it comes to pulling the trigger and confirming their reservations. They always think they will get a cheaper last minute rate.

Often they wait too long, forfeit availability and end up paying much more for their vacation.

Most people don't realize that if their trip goes on sale, they can get a lower rate. A good travel agent will babysit your reservation and have any lower prices or sales applied to your reservation, even after you've made your initial deposit has been made. This is true for many cruises or Disney vacations. The flat image background of the form makes it look attractive and clean. Try this for your web design. Source Files included: HTML files. Free Responsive Template, free responsive templates download, free responsive mobile templates, free html5 css3 templates, free fluid responsive themes, single flat Responsive web template, cross-browser compatible web template, best responsive template.

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TravelSite Modern and stylish site template specially designer for travel agencies or travel affiliate for booking reservation of flights, hotels and holidays.

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