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Mo Hayder 2-Book Bundle: Birdman / The Treatment

He pulled Rizlas and tobacco from the dashboard. Just what I was hoping to hear. Bang in the middle of the wasteland. Divisional CID briefed me. When he turned back his voice was low. The old Y zipper.

How about you? When would I ever be? The only light was the weak sodium yellow of the scattered streetlamps, the occasional white flash of the forensic camera crew floods sweep- ing across the wasteland.

A mile beyond, dominating the northern skyline, the luminous Millennium Dome, its red aircraft lights blinking against the stars. See the Merc? A heavy-backed man in a camel overcoat hunched over in the front seat, speaking intently to a CID officer.

A lot of tarting up going on around here, what with the Millennium thing. Says last week he took on a team to clear the place up.

Mo Hayder Five-Book Bundle

Maddox did the introductions. Fiona — my new DI, Jack Caffery. Things are not very lovely in there. Not very lovely at all.

In the half-light Caffery could see the glint of amalgam fillings. I think you should wait until daylight to drag the pathologist out of bed.

Right, then. They hovered in the mist like inquisitive ghosts, faint green outlines of bottles, crumpled cans, something shapeless which might have been a T-shirt or a towel.

This is not a whodunit. The author identifies who and why they are doing what they have and that's the disturbing bit. This is not a book for the faint hearted.

There is rape, murder, torture and necrophilia all laid out. It never feels prurient though. Everything that's done has a reason, however twisted it may be, and conforms to the logic of the book.

The story gallops along at a fair pace, and if times Jack seems like a less than sympathetic character, the position he's put in makes it understandable.

Still didn't see the ending coming though. I was wondering how she would top that, so the second novel swiftly proved it was possible.

A family is kept prisoner for a weekend in their own home. When the intruder leaves, he does so with their 8 year old son.

This time we are dealing with murder, paedophilia and incest.

Not exactly light reading. Unlike the first book, there is less of being inside the culprits head, and more of the investigation.


This does make it slightly less psychological than the first book, but does leave more room for some interesting twists and turns. Given the subject matter, Jack's dead brother becomes a large part of the secondary storyline.When I say it took me 3 days to finish them,it should give you some idea of just how gripping they are. He lay blinking in the dark, collecting his thoughts, fighting the impulse to tilt back into sleep.

When would I ever be?

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